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Top Customer Reviews: 3m 3434 Blue Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5 Shenita
Has has tried Hundreds,Literally partorisca try and partorisca take Loss or Drips running down some sides of mine Alive Slab the tables of forests that attractive a tape was , HE SO ONLY PEEand collecting like this drips down. The nightmare.

This product is FANTASTIC!!, it Is an only a that this focus among a forest and tape, but more importantly, when you
coming for PEEL WAS!!.

No Drips! Perfect flange without drips, Any residue has left on a tape in a forest.

The one who the Brilliant finds. Calm will not be disapointed.

Go my picture, Epoxy Resin coated Spalted Beech Table, Good-looking Arrival with this tape
4 / 5 Pearly
uses these tapes to cover on part of then external of my car when treating recovery of surface: headlights, polishing of car paintwork, etc. Can be teared on manually when that dipping on, is quite durable and a lot especially, does not leave residue with which transfer. Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Hassie
Really happy has bought this. It Finalising that it use a whole circle in mine VW project of van. So many uses for him. So only the very balanced tape - no too sticky, but resists a lot well. It exits any good and easy material. Rasga The sections a lot well. I will be to buy more.
4 / 5 Nona
Used it to protect my car whilst clearing on an opaque headlight this has meant one transports has failed is WORD, so it has had the fair has bitten of sandpapering and the chemicals have used. No the alone macula in mine car how is work a lot well.
4 / 5 Leisha
Dread to use tape partorisca mask or other tapes in my car when im that tries to protect a zone. Other tapes tend to leave residue and horrible frames. A 3m the car tape is perfect! Upper quality, sticks to a car and does not leave any frames or residue.
4 / 5 Coretta
Has bought this with my Philips healight cleaner to protect a work to paint in my car when sanding some flanges of a plastic light coverage this sticks really well and of the stays on although wet and when pealing was is easy to take.
Like this easy of rasgar also but like this strong with him.
5 / 5 Jayna
Brilliant tape needs to do a lot of work in your car, is very strong and claves well to a surface of your car without breaking produced etc on scrolling. I have had to use the buffing tool to take touched of of some frames in mine bodywork and this was excellent in masking of a zone has affected, and was uneffected when I am gone in with my buffing tool, strong material!
5 / 5 Betsey
Of the cost of summer is exited in some attractive. Spent the averages an hour that scrapes few bits were with my fingernail. So only be in an hour and the half. It will not buy again.
4 / 5 Percy
Be wary, this produced pulled of the mine plásticoes. It was well in a product-on-metal. But have the line of there is ruined paintwork where has been in plásticoes.
4 / 5 Leida
Has used partorisca mask mine headlights whilst in his restaurant.
That can say ? Claves well, exits easily and quite wide to protect if you sloppy like me 😀
5 / 5 Jaclyn
It is the very easy to apply and flexible tape with good adhesion, but is slightly difficult to take and tends partorisca rasgar
4 / 5 Cassey
has Purchased this partorisca headlamp recovery in Deep civic, sticks well and the rests have stuck during a same work when it has wetted.. Then easy to take without leaving and sticky residue
4 / 5 Kathrine
has not left any glue behind in my car when the peeled was - the enormous improvement in regulating DIY tape.
5 / 5 Micki
Utmost durable tape - still when wet. Be patient when take and will be a lot
4 / 5 Donnie
A crucial consumable in a workshop, partorisca protect of pieces partorisca do when grinding, finishing, marking was, also partorisca personal, the mock paper ups, fast reparations, like this duct tape without a gummyness when left partorisca the few days, the only desires was more economic...
4 / 5 Gwyneth
Has used this tape partorisca mask my car while cleaning a headlights.
4 / 5 Joan
Has done adequately and as it has expected. Bought the to protect work of car organism while I sanded my headlights partorisca use the restore box.
5 / 5 Nelle
The tape does not leave any residue in your automobile/anything with which use. It would recommend
4 / 5 Sharen
Looks partorisca do a good work. Of the one who Be fearful to dip more on as you go has required .
Marks sure have the clean surface before calm apply it, and give it the polish with which partorisca do the sure volume rid of a sticky residue.
4 / 5 Abraham
This has a lot of the good adhesive capacities, in fact like this a lot that took TWO DAYS for The TAKE after, longer that to do a cleaner of a lenses. Any COST loves the fast work.
5 / 5 Marica
Wide well, good big circle. They are A lot PROTECTIVE of my car of project of / new recovery..... So I am leaving this tape approaches my car, am sure will be absolutely well for your hips!
5 / 5 Darnell
Has done well for a recovery of the mine car headlights.
5 / 5 Mi
Uses to mask the daily tape in my work, this material is a better there fences in any one. It does not squander your time with anything more, really will not be disappointed
5 / 5 Versie
does not leave residue like an original tape. Works a lot well for an use dipped it to, does not know in other uses. I have used he with the headlamp box of the recovery where has taken to wet all a time in some last two phases and a tape of paste of old type separate residue and accident.
5 / 5 Alesia
The tape adds pay that takings stops. Utilisation partorisca the automobile that details.
5 / 5 Bryanna
Expensive, but is very material . You take as it pays stops.
5 / 5 Evelin
This there is pulled ache was around the mine headlight... This was of a plastic poster has looked for to protect of light scratches while they restore my headlights
Buyer beware using in plastic poster!!
4 / 5 Kristyn
Utilisation this box partorisca take very on spray in any localised bodywork in a zone of reparation, he that loves it to do.
4 / 5 Glynis
He a work has feigned. Good claves and averts clean.
4 / 5 Steve
Material strong that shines his quite long to cover my car when the clean my headlights. Excellent and fast service of amazon
4 / 5 Daine
HAS the coefficient of adhesion very same when a tape is applied to the surface of cold painted metal.
4 / 5 Randolph
Very effective. Claves where and when it has to that, but the monde were without pulling that it is down was!

Top Customer Reviews: 3 M ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Jeremy
Bought this partorisca use spraying solvent predominantly, with which previously doing with disposable masks of powder. With some masks of powder, has not felt never very protected and could still strongly odorare some dissolvent and senses as it breathed him in. No such questions with this mask - can you any dissolvent of same smell at all when spraying. Also easy to dip up and go in the comfortable place.

Highly would recommend.
4 / 5 Meghann
Comfortable, light & been due to a hule inner gaiter seals perfectly for a bearded has dipped once on some the straps.

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Top Customer Reviews: 3M P600 Wetordry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Shawnda
I have been spent up using wet and dry sandpaper partorisca all my needs partorisca decorate. My dad coached (to the equal that has loved the boy) but wants to decorate and although they call it paper of the sand does not look sandy. All some doors in my house that use 1.5 discharges (has not required heavy use) the material adds would recommend
4 / 5 Hilary
First compraventa of these, has revised 4 discharges release of P600 sandpaper without a 3M logo in a backside. According to compraventa was a real shot this in spite of. Although one first weaves was clearly any 3M, he still done a lot well so only very happy in that I has received.
4 / 5 Ewa
Omg!!! This sandpaper has changed my life. Reason took it me up to now to find this? It is pieces of paper with fine grains of sand. During lockdown has not been able to travel to a beach like alive in a midlands, but this sandpaper was to to the the bit likes having of the bit of a beach in my house. It is done quarantine so easier that give support. Have to that buy this!!
5 / 5 Burl
Has used he to take the flat joints to resist small pieces of the cloth the mark was.
4 / 5 Bruce
Adds sandpaper spent, no your usual economic rubbishes that disintegrates interior 5 seconds to take wet!
4 / 5 Kera
That says - fantastically a lot sanding uses to touch on flanges of frames of picture - I are the framer. Works really well, good product.
5 / 5 Verena
His sandpaper. His economic. Work. It has arrived quickly
4 / 5 Milton
The works & add well the just desire there was more than propiciadas by band.
4 / 5 Camille
Has used this fines grit paper of sand to prep some plastic partorisca produced - easy to use, minimum powder during the use and an arrival is fantastic partorisca your prime minister the grip partorisca loan to paint.
4 / 5 Gerda
Has taken this so that it could plastic of sand so that it could paint in a surface with the acrylic products and he have done really well.
5 / 5 Danielle
Used partorisca finalise sanding the wheel of ships partorisca varnishing. It has done an excellent work.
5 / 5 Anisa
Quality very good. Very better that a unbranded material.
5 / 5 Lourdes
But be careful that finally rasgará, especially yes used with the sanding blockade. I add partorisca very good sanding
5 / 5 Isabella
This really is a subject when it comes to sandpaper. I have used to plot on some last 2 years dulcemente doing on mobiles partorisca knots around a house and has learnt a hard way that you really take that paid partorisca, and a perfect arrival is addicted in an use of ultra fine paper partorisca a perfect surface.

Wear of the most economic papers in your toes or the tear averts with use and certainly clag on easily and quickly with a residue/of powder. This paper is not strong and hard and resists near, neither takes filled with powdering like this quickly and when he he quickly rinse under a tap and calm is good to go again. This really is revelation after struggling with more economic DIY frames of the tent and I can say well of the money like material more economic is the value fails like this use more than you of an expensive product.

In general ossia perfect to finalise your project to the equal that in our chance upcycling mobiles, uses it partorisca take a perfect surface with painting of chalk (does not like me one looks of anguished) but also extracted the surface of spray has painted partorisca take unsightly specks or bubbles partorisca a final discharge.
5 / 5 Melia
Has learnt an art of sanding while restoring old of forest Norfolk Broads cruising the yachts where had, and still is, the big zone of forest of mahogany the sand and varnish. Partorisca Achieve the shiny and robust arrival a lot often thins down a Varnish of Yacht with 50 thinners like your varnish to a better forest. We slightly varnished a pre-sanded forest, then with which a varnish was dry knots sanded again when until plans. With which each one that like this of roughly 11 cover sanded again. Prendemos To dip spent of varnish on when it was obvious a forest did not drench a lot of a mix in. When That the varnish thinned is dipped on, an usually shouted forest slightly that does a surface bit it rougher. Working in this way he credit almost arrived of the mirror could be achieved. I have had some spare mahogany and has tried that technician with this paper of sand. A paper has done a lot well, both wet and dry, although when it was dry, as expected, has taken more than a surface was. A paper has done well using it cut to third to return some trams sander at the beginning, then as I have progressed has used a paper around the blockade of forest, and finally I so only rubbed down the concrete zones that resists a paper. If the cure has been taken any to be too rough with a paper any rasgó at all, and yes surprised so only that is to exit of a paper when it has been washed under the tap.

Has tried also use a paper to clean on some work of pipe has had, has done well 0n metal although rasgó in lager protruding burs, included has done then an impression. My favourite use for a paper was with sanding small bits of the big plastic biplane has done. Some good papers gauge do ideal for this use. In general this paper to the joy to use and is trying the lovely help to all the classes of sanding fulfilled.
4 / 5 Wendie
This band comprises four, a lot sized, discharges of sandpaper. These can be used dry, or wet (to reduce powder). I have used these to help sand down the chair of forest of the boy, which have loved king produced. It is easy to use, does not hurt your hands or the fall averts and is obviously good quality.

Can use this for the variety of purpose, and in several different surfaces – to take painting of forest, metal or plaster. If you want to paint anything of doors, skirting together, mobile or radiators, this can helps a work an easy and more fast plus. It is surprising that it differentiates the better quality of sandpaper can do; the leading type has tried has fallen literally averts in my hands, as this certainly is interesting.
4 / 5 Bennie
Ossia An excellent fine paper for sanding the surfaces to the arrival kill soft, for buffing the smooth surfaces, or preparing spray-has painted-surfaces. He a lot of clog like this quickly like some DIY-the papers of tent have used. He the fastest clogs on emulsion that in simple or varnished forest, and no really clog at all in hardwood (varnished or any). Used, wets work really well. I have not had any question that the products surfaces a lot well with this paper.
Last the long time before it begins for rasgar. Short to form to hand sanders. In general, I; it sees it it has had any question with this paper.

In his another use – in a world of art - are adds for sanding graphite and charcoal takes to the laws of point for detailed. As he a lot of clog easily, a powder has generated can be collected for reuse. It is also well for sanding down the poised cloth (with chalk on he), or to clean the cloth used for reuse.

In general then, is not an economic plus sandpaper there, but hard longer that an economic material, and gives the better arrival.
4 / 5 Connie
This band comprises four discharges of excellent quality sandpaper. Each hard piece for age without rasgar or spending was, and can be rinsed under one touches to clean. A longevity of some pieces means is good value also.

Give the wonderfully soften finalise which is adds for sanding among discharges to paint of the chalk yes is the restorer of mobiles and is looking for the arrival polished more than the shabby chic a. A capacity to use a paper wets is also handy yes is expecting minimises powder.

In general to less experience to frustrate that using economic low quality sandpaper!
4 / 5 Francis
Has not thought Never could be this enthused in the discharge of sandpaper but has to that say this 3M sandpaper is material excellent. It is ultra-final like this really well to finalise work, that leaves the very smooth feeling surface. Calm also can the washes was, takes any clogs and then continue the use. Using it the courses have wetted down one a lot of fine dust that these launches of product on, if you are by train for the dry use, on the forest ideally uses to need the mask of type. Really I can it does not be missing this paper and like another reviewers after using some frames of tent the most economic east has been the revelation and a lot much more expensive.
5 / 5 Brittney
TThis Is paper of extra fine sand, any plus end but more final that more peope need.. It is quality very big and will produce the very well finalises on forest and sprayed produced. A forest already will require the fine arrival beofre goes to 600 grit paper.
For sprayed the product can have the habit to spend down an arrival of orange peel to a first same surface of emotional on to 800 and 1200 grit paper.
For a ultimmate arrived before one the final polish included can go down to crocus paper/
4 / 5 Myra
Quality very good and all a good plus partorisca be useful so much like this Wet and Dry sandpaper. Note covers a lot well and perfect for use during our dollhouse recovery. Some of some bits are quite delicate and fiddly and this looks to be a perfect paper to dip commanded so much some imperfections of house and preparations in some pieces of furniture and of the accessories ready for the makeover.

Very pleased with an action, a lot small clogging and when it has used wetted has any disorder to clean on afterwards.
5 / 5 Gema
Sandpaper Usually rasga too easily to be used wet, which can be annoy he are taste and like to of sand slightly humid to reduce powder.

This sandpaper is perfect for a work: it is quite hard for wet use as well as with the sanding blockade. Some four discharges of the end of abrasive paper is perfect for smoother sanding: among discharges to paint, for example, or to give the smooth final arrival to projects of forests.
4 / 5 Shanelle
Ossia The band of two excellent quality sanding paper.
Fat paper a lot of which any rasga.
Can use wetted without questions.
Likes 600 notes really well for one for preparation sanding first to paint in an upper discharge. I have used today on some metal and the forest have painted. Fact well, very pleased. Ossia He 3 M produced fact, as such is perhaps a better in a phase. Value really good.
5 / 5 Shenita
This sandpaper is the note very end, how is perfect for delicate sanding of automobile paintwork dondequiera be extremely careful any to be to aggressive. It can be used wet or dry, my husband has preferred to use the wetted to reduce a powder, how is to declare a lot good to use, softly rinsing to take a residual powder, then drying and maintaining to use again.

5 stars.
5 / 5 Hassie
Ossia A lot strong sandpaper that reads equally very wet or dry.
Can be used in products, metal or forest so that it has spent the majority of works.
Used it the sand down my pieces of furniture of first garden of repainting and he the work adds, any rasgando and any powder ( has used the wet).
If usually you go for 'negotiate' the frames will be surprised in a difference.
4 / 5 Wesley
Ossia A lot good sandpaper in fact. They are not in an industry and can a lot really add a lot to a lot of some other descriptions another that to say that like the humble and mediocre DIY-er was very impressed.
In fact would purchase these products with which have used these covers up. It has looked to be noticeably better that an usual generic material that shabby
4 / 5 Lizbeth
This sandpaper is a lot good.

Is a lot very in fact. It can be used wet or dry - to which really like - do equally also when it is wetted.

Some discharges are the decent measure - so that it takes abundance of sandpaper in a container.

Like the work of final sand well.

Would recommend.
5 / 5 Angla
The fines of excellent quality to finalise sandpaper. Like this I last spending. I am gone through tonnes of material more economic before, but this really hard a lot and a fact can rinse of a powder this has collected means it so only continuous in and on. £M really looks for having paste a nail in a boss with his sandpapers. Amado with him.
4 / 5 Nita
Has been using this for the long time in all the chance. I usually use him wets neither first to apply the final discharge to paint or varnish, or, likes I this time, to attack for behind the first surface to polish. It does not press too hard or will stick and clog. Rinse Frequently and will add a final touch to the surface.
5 / 5 Weston
Ossia The band of four discharges of droughts or wet final sandpaper for the smooth arrival. It is drawn for sanding among discharges to paint and varnish, as well as for finals sanding of coffins forests. When being able of the use wets means a powder produced for sanding is has very reduced. To good sure would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: ScotchBlue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5 Rosario
This tape is far more expensive that a tape of the generic aim that masks simple, but partorisca the very good reason: it is simply better.

There is stuck to both forests and has painted wall. It was easy to apply, and has not begun coming of at all like an economic material. It remains where stuck refinado peel was, and when peel was easy starts without residue.

Has not had any @@subject using this with Dulux produced of wall of the emulation and Dulux produced of forest of the satin. Neither write to paint taken by means of him or has affected he in any way.

Was also handy to mark locations to drill when dipping up to the shelves likes them to them the regime without leaving the mark.

Is doing Any class the product save the plot to hurt to buy a pertinent material. It is much easier to use and arrival with the far better result. I have used an economic generic material before, never again.
4 / 5 Maxie
The tape of blue masking is a lot versatile in a workshop, any only to the mask against painted or squeeze of adhesive-was but so only to resist the together parts whilst glueing or mark the place in the together of diagrams on. I am finding more and more uses for him and I maintain several different widths in stocks.
4 / 5 Ja
Has used so only he to be the perfect 3D printing adhesive surface, but will be to take more than him simply reason when being able of rasgar he with my hands are add, coupled with him that goes in very smooth (enough of entity for impressions!) And peeling was easily (also of entity for impressions!)

To good sure the must-have tool for any 3D press setup. Probably well for painters also.
5 / 5 Rozanne
Is not well, reason is falling off . It is not sticky at all. A tape is likes the paper and he is rasgando when I do not want to .
5 / 5 Ralph
Far better that tape of Frog. Amur This tape. It is quell'has bitten expensive but a lot much more has loved that a green material.
4 / 5 Towanda
The product adds if the little pricey. Any bleed by means of a tape, likes pin acute lines. I have used the seam roller to flatten some first flanges to paint.
5 / 5 Gregorio
The quality adds likes expected, are by train to use it on paper, and no the tears at all.
5 / 5 Ping
Has used he to do yard well when I have painted a house and protect the windows and the frame of door was easy to take of and has not left any same mark with which 10days. This in spite of will recommend to take the when arrived to the equal that will do a work a plus cleaned and easy. It compares to an old yellow/aim take ossia night /of day .
5 / 5 Faustino
Been using a yellow Frogtape to decorate but has listened this material was better. It is. Continuous in easily and exits Much easier that Frogtape. It has had also Much less bleeding with that with Frogtape, neither has broken a wall down so too much.
5 / 5 Lorenzo
Tape really good to decorate and art. Claves but averts without leaving the disorder different tape of normal masking. To good sure will use this in future.
4 / 5 Loura
The tape to mask has better used, more economic that tape of frog but more in bylines as it means easier that stick down and create orderly lines. Any bleeds and the entirely cleaned scrolling of the surface kills delicate.
4 / 5 Belen
Has used focuses was when decorating. Claves well, averts easily and, that is more, animate-has used a same tape on again elsewhere when we would run was and he still treated well.
5 / 5 Nyla
There is pulled a product partorisca exist of a wall after being so only on there partorisca 30 mins, save you money and tape of just use of touch and normal masking on afterwards.
5 / 5 Sung
Has used this partorisca 3d first press to buy buildtak surfaces. Good material and has done a work, but prefer a buildtak in general.
5 / 5 Mee
At present rerouting and recaulking some coverages of teak in mine bounce - this tape has two uses partorisca me (1) like the line of the straight flange partorisca some saw circulates the yard is , and (2) lining some sides of a seams partorisca reduce sealant disorder when caulking. Harm in a prize this in spite of.
5 / 5 Angela
A work. So only it bit it expensive. P.D. This rasgará on painting if yours any careful.
4 / 5 Ezekiel
Some produced bled under a flange in the handful of places, in spite of attentively pressing down to ensure to focus good.
4 / 5 Vashti
A blue will filter was has left on too long. This past in a plastic of a frame of window
5 / 5 Hugh
take the plot of tape partorisca your money. It is very easy to apply and - mostly - is exited easily. We have had a subject with him taking on some of a product has been stuck to, but that has required so only the little dabs partorisca paint on.
4 / 5 Yoshie
This the use of Tape Adds alot. Partorisca Decorate,
also uses partorisca mine 3D printer in a Bed, Work well.
4 / 5 Shawna
Has produced of excellent quality and speedy delivery! Thank you!
5 / 5 Ila
Tape of confidence with a name of leaders of the phase-can you any gone bad.
5 / 5 Casandra
Fantastic tape, used partorisca cutting in whilst decorating, any sticky residue has left, any product there is pulled was and any leak by means of.
5 / 5 Lisha
Has used this when decorating one my room of edges today. I taped everywhere some flanges of a wall has wanted to them paint. I have been concerned in a ceiling like this ive the tape used in a past this there is pulled some of a product of ceiling was. Once masked on has painted them a wall and has takes immediately a tape. It is exited without questions, and didnt leave the mark anywhere. Really impressed with him. Apresamientos Good clean lines easily. I have bought a tape of delicate surface and any subject with him that sticks to a skirting, ceiling or window of forest sill. definately Buys again. Found the tape that in fact works and doesnt causes more work.
4 / 5 Myles
Has used this to mask of coving that had not been painted partorisca to the long of the year, still in removable so only a day later undressed a coving in several places, like the work has been supposition to save me of now has to that do
5 / 5 Luigi
that has had all our wall skimmed, properly prepped and has painted 3 weeks before I have used this to mask of a coving hardly can find some words to express my short frustration that loves swears to having looked like this east pulls a product of some wall. Has has had to that now run the thin discharge of skim where a tape to mask has been and are while his to dry I so that it can paint it. If it could give this zero I . Has thinks that that this would save me time, instead has has caused the hours of time have squandered.
4 / 5 Carlyn
Any when being any like this rich like Croesus and when being of still Yorkshire kick (sees a Darkness Satanic Mills) tries to say the bob or two to do all our own decorating. ( It sees some deep pockets and of the short arms)

has used tape to mask for years and has not been pleased with some results at all.
The look never knows the one who a quality of a tape to mask is until calm try it.

Ossia The professional product and yes laws for you like this fact partorisca is really value he.
Tape to mask leases the residue does not look never to take a flange of the yard of the diamond loves and has to that spend of the hours with the small paintbrush that continuous in some flanges.

These works of materials and work well.
A tip would be to try the bit in the surface in the place has hid FIRST.
Cela Really will be a test of acid to see if your surfaces are sealed properly and a tape will be effective.

Adds in of the windows- can remain in place for until 14 good days takes for inside and for out win wins situation.

Top Customer Reviews: 3M P36 SandBlaster ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5 Drucilla
Mark operates light of sanding. Far easier that use that normal sandpaper. It would buy/use again.
5 / 5 Chas
5m x 2m balcony railing, has painted already 5 years behind but has required partorisca do again.
So only roughly directed partorisca the arrival was partorisca the prepare ready partorisca hammerite, but to an end was basically so only adding muck, more than sanding down.
Thinks that ossia the no on the rough side of the sponge flatly, but no the in same touch economic book-sand of paper of tent.
There is disappointed.
4 / 5 Rob
Am surprised in this product. I have tried to take painting of the table with normal sandpaper but was having any regime. Using this with watering fact astonishingly. A double prize is can so only cleaned and use again and agaib
5 / 5 Heidi
Extremely coarse, obviously... He a work perfectly. So only that it wants to.
4 / 5 Sanora
Has used this the sand down some chips and scuffs in a paintwork first of repainting.
A sponge was easy to resist but with which roughly 10 minutes for the use there has not been done a lot (I varied a pressure) and there is remarked that some the abrasive accounts had begun falls off it and that sticks to a paintwork. ( It sees pictures)
in an end, has finalised a work for just that use to regulate sandpaper discharges.
4 / 5 Jerrie
Is like this easy to use that rule sandpaper. This in spite of, do not seat for the pleasure lasted the plus a lot along at all. But for an ease to use it, well of the money
5 / 5 Leoma
This sanding to the sponge feels a lot like my life:

has Achieved at all
the falls averts easily

has taken pound hace10 small and is now in a cube.
4 / 5 Annamae
Has done well but any last need to buy the little of them
4 / 5 Alfonzo
Amur This like this easy to resist and his acute closing after sanding down produced in the utmost tiles little element partorisca my box of tool x
5 / 5 Jamie
any last while it has been announced, is the result has spent a lot quickly and has required the plot partorisca try to use
5 / 5 Rozanne
Useless gimmick. Better was with the band of discharges of sandpaper.
4 / 5 Velvet
Very pocolos sanders. Really comfortable to use and has done partorisca treat it
4 / 5 Staci
3M is always be the mark to that likes me, a do one exactly to the equal that says in one has beaten.
4 / 5 Sal
The good product has used on bank of garden and spent on the treat with small endeavour
his sandpaper in an end of a day
5 / 5 Elaina
A frame in an of some external chairs have aimed some harm – the chunk had been taken out of one of ones spills of rear support partorisca leave the acute and the danger to human and vampire equally,

has suggested to another half that it could the sand of some rough bits while it has expected to see a doctor and pleasure the fact sure partorisca use again and the take fact before it has been dipped was partorisca a winter.

Creates utmost, but when I have gone back of a date 4 and the half hours more has been late seated in a garden, beer manually, complaining in this blockade of sponge. It has data too easily and has spent was too quickly. If it was the suspicious person would have asked me had annoyed to included try use it or has had has opened so only the beer and has seated is gone in a sun.

Not even another half to to the little brother likes-the this and is spending for the diy phase of intoxicated; any new gizmo in a phase has to that have and try.

Tried that and has found he very partorisca use. Yes it takes some time partorisca take use to a blockade as it gives when you apply the little pressure – but this also means that calm is not tried partorisca press too hard. I know partorisca experience that another half will try to press harder is taking more along that loves it to (also turns an oven on if a dinner is taking too long and then complains that a potato in a cottage the cake is burned).

Certainly does not think it was like this very like this old fashioned sandpaper and blockade of forest – I follow rasgado – is good but still has taken the piece of sandpaper out of a box and is gone in the with that.
5 / 5 Benton
Any time have required partorisca do a bit sanding, has has selected always 3M sandpaper and has not been never has left down still.

So much, once again, has known that this 3M Meso 150 Grit sandpaper would do exactly a work that the promised partorisca do. Whilst Does not allege partorisca be a wait in sandpaper notes, comprises that 150 Grit is the very good sandpaper and so much is suitable partorisca use in sanding coffins surfaces, but in my experience, is also useful in sanding plasterwork, in preparation partorisca repainting.

This particular band of sandpaper among a form of the sponge and as it can be used directly out of a band i.et. Any precise cutting or any consideration given to the equal that to him would have to that be bent in 2 and has used directly or wrapped around the sanding blockade etc. Of this perspective, is a lot handy.

This in spite of, a thing that would remark is that a surface of a sanding the blockade can result fraction a lot easily, particularly when a surface of a sanding the blockade results hot with a embrague or when a be to surface sanded is a lot rough, like this cut to a soft sanding sponge. To the his much less durable respect of paper of traditional sand.

@In rodeo, this sanding the blockade has his goodnesses but in mine dress, traditional sandpaper is much more flexible and loner that hard, any to mention more economic also.
5 / 5 Arlie
This inhabited deep sandpaper the blockade has the grit indication of 150, which is classed so that the half coarse. Sandpaper Going in different notes, of a lot of very and smooth, until hard and coarse. A big more a number, a coarse more a grit.

Has used my sponge in architrave of forest with which having the frames of new door am returned. Had the little produced in some coffins forest, and some plaster. This sponge buffed was all some frames and has left a clean surface and ready partorisca staining. I also found a blockade has done well on take tiny pieces of plaster in some wall where a workmen has there was splattered some. Like this ossia quite coarse, has to be the sweet in the sure or calm materials can take was too much depth of a surface.

A sponge is convenient and ready to use immediately, and has a profit to be able to take the grooves easily with just the little pressure.

Can take clogged but finds to attack the in the helps of hard surface take some of some particles to powder that collects in some grooves of a sponge.

To good sure would recommend this product - the same folds up like the blockade for my paper of regular sand!
5 / 5 Samira
A last year or like this, has been doing enough the bit of DIY is equal and house. Sandpaper Is obviously the staple of a DIY box and so much are enthusiastic to try out of this sanding sponge, like this often finds sandpaper quite difficult to use. Although you take the good mark , which does not fall aside, can feel abrasive and can be hard to resist, unless it calms it sobres around something.

Ossia The small sponge /blocks like returns comfortably your hand. It is in a same measure like the pill of soap and feels less rough that sandpaper. This in spite of, work also and is much easier to resist. Ossia Especially ideal on surfaces which are wry or delicate. It takes the little clogged, but certainly would use this again and found the easy more that spent of sandpaper.
5 / 5 Jeane
Has not used the sanding first sponge - previously finalised to wrap sandpaper around the blockade - like this this was the bit of the revelation for me! Different using the blockade, this sanding the sponge is flexible like deals very better with curves and work of detail, leaving the same plus arrived and helping to take the grooves etc.

Has think that a sponge would be uncomfortable to resist because of an abrasive surface but is in fact not nettling or painful unless I rub it on mine that resists skin/gripping is well. Raisin down with use, but he like this normal fact sandpaper, like whilst will require substitutes much more often that the sanding blockade, does not represent bad value when apresamientos to the account a lot that has to that buy a paper.

The hips looks a lot of - a colour has lived the half vivid is easy to find in a box of tool! In general it is to good sure something will be to turn to in place of sandpaper in a future.
5 / 5 Reginia
These are decent quality sanding tampons for these difficult to the outlines of sand likes them architrave. A sponge is enough in bylines, but enough exert the mussel around curves and flanges. The mine has had the habit of creates the tone for the new product in one there is rounded separates of mine newal estacas and spindles for some whole stairs and he have had even more to give when it does. I have not suffered any clogging, but sanding the varnish or the recent gloss can be a @@subject how is with all sandpapers like the material looks to take the decade to cure properly!

Would not use he for the flat zones like this of the discharges would be a better thing to use , but would do a work. When there is finally shabby, calm could use likes the sanding of blockade, but he no quite a lot of laws of the same.

A must has piece of boxes in a box to decorate
5 / 5 Alton
the addition Adds to the yours DIY box and mark sanding the much more pleasant task. Have veered Out of traditional sandpaper recently and has been using the Black and Decker Smiled, but finds this lacking of a manual detail that you often loves, particularly is wanting to be bit it more delicate in things. This blockade of sponge returns a bill amiably, and is the good committed go in consolation and control. Some chairs of blockade firmly in your hands but a springiness the very comfortable fact to use. Some results are breaking really, and some interiors woodwork has required to prepare for redecoration has come on the real. One 150 level is well to half, he doing the a lot of all-rounder. The ascent really adds of 3M and worthy alternative so much to paper and electrical.
5 / 5 Daniela
Ossia The quite decent sanding sponge- does not take like this clogged up with to to powder like them to them some do and is more than long-durable that some sponges have used. Good alternative to traditional paper with the blockade, especially partorisca sanding has has twisted surfaces and taking to corners. Half P150 grit, like this perfect partorisca prepping coffins forest and, in my chance, new plaster.... But with varnished and has painted the calm surfaces more are using the paper regulates in the first place of a sponge will tend to take blocked with residue and result redundant more quickly. Useful to use in combination with paper- possibly the little too pricey like the wholesale alternative.
5 / 5 Duncan
First time for me using it sanding sponge more than sandpaper wrapped around the bit of forest and directly was, an obvious is that it is very any in that has a sandpaper to the slip was/ around likes earth, which instantly done a work looks this has bitten easier. Also, when being in sponge and the pocolos flexible marks to calm of seat likes does more than control, especially if you are not so only sanding something directly/some levels. I am not sure that the time will last, has had the good gone of him on both sides of the contoured spends it and is the data sustains a lot enough with that and in general am very impressed and will have to that invest in some different some.
4 / 5 Maritza
To good sure roughly the, this does the good work of sanding down forest or a surface of the wall previously to paint.

The question is, is not the solid blockade like this constantly 'give' when the pressure is applied - calm so need to resist for behind the little. I have found this the bit to frustrate.

Is to good sure better that sandpaper to prepare surfaces, but is also considerably more expensive and no hard particularly long.

I for one thinks that that it is quite expensive, as although has his points besides there are also negative some to be taken the account.
5 / 5 Emelina
This blockade is really useful partorisca sanding uncomfortable forms, as one has has turned legs in the table that has been renewing. It could take to everything of a detail easily and he the very fast work. It was able to touch Some of a powder was in the aim, which has helped the hard mark longer. He clag up with sawdust finally, and after the washed has not been like this good. As it has rough flanges everywhere, which will be you gripping, tends partorisca dry and slightly chafe skin after prolonged use, gloves like this light would be useful concealed would annoy you.
4 / 5 Ed
Ossia The quite useful little sponge, so only a right measure to resist and apply pressure. It is not quite like this effective like equivalent sandpaper but is easier that apply a same quantity of abrasion to has rounded surfaces. It is of course much more expensive that sandpaper. The meeting is the good thing to have in a toolbox, like variable pressure a sponge can apply he the most useful fact then so only the discharge of sandpaper and the blockade of forest. So much, for light work, ossia the good tool to have , and has has bought of the pair more.
5 / 5 Katerine
Sanding Is cries it, as anything that life done that has bitten easier are adds. Discharges of sanding the paper are adds for flat surfaces, and can be blockades of round wrapped to be able to additions. These blockades would be excellent for forms more complex - eg the architrave where has curves or of the swipes to negotiate. A blockade is both parco but also has the bit to give. It likes him anything more will spend is gone in time and will result clogged with sure materials eg varnish or zones of recent gloss.

An useful tool in a pertinent place.
5 / 5 Marilyn
This are adds for sanding has twisted surfaces. It looks to be long that last and does not spend down quickly, likes a bit the papers of sand do. It is especially a lot in his, dry, coffins forest.

This in spite of, so only like normal, more economic sanding paper, has painted in the surfaces have found that a sanding the surface early takes clogged with powdering to paint, rendering an ineffective blockade.

Conclusion – adds for his, coffins forest; but I will stick to paper of the most economic sand for has painted surfaces.
5 / 5 Alda
Has been using this 150 and he 180 grit today in the piece of furniture of new oak to finalise some corners and I find brilliants for that. Also often do fault like the a lot of handy sanding blockade for other notes. A profit key is his flexibility and really likes them to of me for that. As you can see, of then last time has taken a 3M investigation having remarked concealed not printing a grit in a sponge is not useful and has rectified this.
4 / 5 Lula
Has been using this today to rub down spend previously the undercoating and has done for the treat. It finds that an usual sandpaper ponges' is a lot of variable and often begins well but wear out of far too quickly. No east a - is entirely different to look in and feel and enough simply - up to now - does not spend era. A 3M coating on is quite different of an usual 'grit' but, mine, work well.
5 / 5 Bette
Has taken this to help arrival any one last it-achieve corners and niches in the room with again-sanded pavings. A flexibility he easier that access the hard places and is handy that pode the rinse was. This has said, will not last for ever and is begun to degrade the bit with which some quite heavy work; but for a money represents good value, would say, has compared the discharges of sandpaper.
5 / 5 Liza
Has used these for some years now and find them to real prize when preparing zones to paint. I have used this one to soften some zone of old paintwork in the door of cochera. A hard tampon much more that spent of sandpaper. A tampon also so only takes to these difficult zones so effectively. I will continue to use this product with confidence.
5 / 5 Kecia
Excellent sanding blockade, ideal to finalise the row of materials. It is drawn obviously mainly for forest, but used it on foams and plastic with decent results. Usually it uses the blockade of forest with paper of sand of several grits, but this 150 grit the sponge of sand is really good to use in a hand. I will be to take more these.
5 / 5 Carissa
Ossia Quite good. They are not in a trade of edifice but for my light tasks has looked for to be very easy to use and of confidence.
Obviously for heavy this could not be like this useful precise flexibility ossia a pertinent tool . A quantity of sanding can do with east is a lot also.
5 / 5 Delaine
This does well. It returns easily in a hand. It is effective and does the really good work of sanding.

Has used this previously the produced (gloss) the chair of window and window sill. It was easy and quickly partorisca use and has been satisfied with a smoothness of a forest that follows use.

Would recommend.
5 / 5 Reita
This feels comfortable to resist and good sands. An only thing there is remarked with him that has any plus of bit a lot rough of forests, then a tampon is rasgando quite easily. No quite like this hardwearing to the equal that has expected was to be. It does not look the clog this in spite of and some bits that does not have rasgado is sanding well.
5 / 5 Jene
Quite easy to resist and effective that cut by means of the the paintable surface, can be rinsed was when clogged, nifty

Top Customer Reviews: 3M 20320UK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5 Exie
The cost has checked Like this for leading descriptions, spent the plot of several notes, this product is excellent & has tried more sandpapers' on 40 years & are still partorisca find the effective plus, cost effective abrasive paper.
5 / 5 Teresa
The cost checked has Bought this element that prevail uses as it arrives a next day like guaranteed and packaged a lot of (and was able to be posted by means of a letterbox), used it partorisca finalise on sanding down the burn in my office (oops!), I have not finalised still but it is doing the work adds, thought it to them could not be like this as well as it is so that I am a lot happy in general
4 / 5 Leland
The cost has verified Exactly that has required the sand my cookery worktop
5 / 5 Florine
Value partorisca Purchase checked that spends the few extra pounds partorisca take the product of good quality
5 / 5 Jewel
The cost has verified Highly versatile and effective. Sands everything of forest to plastic to perfect smoothness with just the few swipes.
5 / 5 Gilda
Spent the paper checked of Good fine sand, has used he partorisca round my snooker cue tip, a work, can not complain... (The abundance has left on partorisca paper of general sand shenanigans!)
5 / 5 Bernardo
Spent the paper checked of Good sand partorisca renew the piece of pieces of furniture of pasador - no sure which more can say
4 / 5 Mirella
As for leading descriptions, spent the plot of several notes, this product is excellent & has tried more ‘sandpapers' on 40 years & are still partorisca find the effective plus, cost effective abrasive paper.
4 / 5 Alysa
A whisper of the paintbrush against a wall and this product is fact and in a cube. Absolutely any durability will use a whole band in a wall and leaves the horrendous to the disorder likes him all a sand falls off.
5 / 5 Erin
Has bought this element that prevail uses as it arrives a next day like guaranteed and packaged a lot of (and was able to be posted by means of a letterbox), used it partorisca finalise on sanding down the burn in my office (oops!), I have not finalised still but it is doing the work adds, thought it to them could not be like this as well as it is so that I am very happy global
4 / 5 Elijah
A lot of sandpaper, does not fall to the to to bit likes him to him to them some ,has done the good work partorisca rub down among discharges to paint
5 / 5 Danielle
Paper very thin, any good so that I bought it. It has had to nip the screwfix and take another.
4 / 5 Brigitte
Used it this in spite of has some have left last the moment yes has used correctly
4 / 5 Treena
the value that spends the few extra books to take the product of quality a lot of
5 / 5 Aja
Highly versatile and effective. Sands everything of forest to plastic to perfect smoothness with just the few swipes.
5 / 5 Jarred
Paper of good fine sand, has used he partorisca round my snooker cue tip, a work, can not complain... (The abundance has left on partorisca paper of general sand shenanigans!)
5 / 5 Veda
Paper of good sand partorisca renew the piece of pieces of furniture of pasador - no sure which more can say
5 / 5 Magda
Very useful partorisca working in a oiled of forest worktop.
5 / 5 Cassondra
3m better sandpaper, reusable with the fast swipe of compressor partorisca air
5 / 5 Albertine
On first looked, this can look an expensive product, so that takings - three spent of sandpaper. I have been decorating in work and economic sandpaper so only can finalise in the ball of sludge; the meaning uses more. So much, although these can look expensive in the paper is quality very better . They do not fall partorisca avert and have the grain the plus refinadas, as they the very better work; especially you are using produced of gloss and love the most professional arrival.

This was easy to use and there is not coming averts. You can easily shaken of a product in the aim, as each layer tends to last a lot well. They are very happy to recommend 3M SandBlaster. Ossia Extremely well leave spent partorisca paint and leaving calm with the good surface partorisca paint on.
4 / 5 Dion
Ossia The really good sandpaper partorisca final sanding, this in spite of, could very really say a lot the difference among east and another a lot of sandpapers has used in a past few years of 3M. Yard down to measure to detail act really well and wrap around the sanding blockade. He a lot of clog easily and the powder has captured/debris shook just of a surface. A Sandblaster the row will do in the number of surfaces according to 3M, although it has used it so only on forest like this far some results are excellent, particularly is painting or varnishing a sanded surface. Expensive, but takings to the equal that pays for, in this this will do an excellent work has used correctly and will last and is flexible in a row of abrasive tasks in the number of different surfaces can require prepare.
5 / 5 Ethyl
This arrived in the perfect condition that contains the band of three discharges of very good grit sandpaper. This note of sandpaper is perfect partorisca sanding coffins forest in preparation to prepare and produced.

To the equal that has has had so only new skirting near in a room these were perfect for a task manually. Ossia The upper quality sandpaper for 3M, my husband has said can not believe a difference in quality in comparison to the versions the economic plus has has bought tents of discounts previously. Durable quality and like this better more along - I supposes is true that calm really volume that stops of has paid. To good sure buy again. It recommends.
4 / 5 Phyliss
Has been roughly more redecorating and this sandpaper is very gone in handy partorisca sanding my surfaces of gloss. I have been also using he partorisca soften the reparations where have used filler, and has to that say that like sandpaper goes this one is well. Some discharges are quite thin to be flexible but quite strong any partorisca rasgar too easily, and a hard surface a lot very first to require substitution especially when used with the sanding blockade. It is not economic sandpaper but like the product is certainly better that a esubject' the material has used last time, and a fact that hard so longer this the compraventa better in my opinion although it was the little there is disappointed that this band so only contains 3 discharges.
4 / 5 Wendolyn
A perfectly decent product, quell'use in the quite battered door that has required several discharges for the discharge, this sandpaper has the habit to resupply the tone for a final discharge when applying more than a discharge.

This is not absolutely essential but ensures the most professional look - or like decorators in a familiar say me.

A reason has not taken five star is a prize - when all is said and fact, a fine grained the paper is not very very different to another but ossia significantly more expensive that another.

The Of course can be cut to measure so that there is little wastage. And we use this with the sanding blockade to ensure a same application of the tone.
4 / 5 Chelsea
Ossia Very very done sandpaper. Yes, it is more expensive that some other frames and calm so only take three smallish spent, but is chances to take that stops of has paid. This particular grain is extremely well and is suitable partorisca sanding down produced among discharges to take the most professional arrival - is particularly useful to gloss. A paper any to the clog easily like him to him some abrasive layers , and is easy to shake or the tap was any build up. To good sure recommend this and will try different grains of paper in a same row in a future.
5 / 5 Saul
Ossia Of the flour' comment abrasive paper, which is a name for a finer note of andpaper'.

Ideal partorisca sanding after the work to paint like king-spraying the car. This note softens was has maintained imperfections without gouging out of scratches.
For other works, like forests, this would be an end sanding after using notes 120 and 80 (the number the low plus is rougher)

3m the papers are strong, some cockroaches of material just tears into use, which is a lot frustrating.

To use this on has said the sanding blockade, so only bend a paper behind and advance to the long of the crease for the weaken, then tear to the long of a line in a data of the table or bank.
Has produced of quality.
5 / 5 Clotilde
This sandpaper is a lot well, in that he a right note partorisca use for keying a undercoat before the yours apply the upper discharge of gloss.

Is strong and we reused ours the little time in several doors and window sills before it begins partorisca lose his efficiency. There is abundance in the band partorisca cover the surprisingly big quantity of surfaces while it folds it attentively and use the small piece of roughly 4 square thumbs partorisca take one the majority of out the each section and partorisca help takings to any uncomfortable corners or mouldings in of the doors etc.

5 stars
4 / 5 Bok
Odd although it can touch, has taken this partorisca act with! The to plot of home decor flat of pieces and signs etc - and when sticking papers or paper to the piece, yes has cut around some flanges, looks horrible. So much, a response is the sand an extra paper out of a piece, leaving the perfect flange, smooth. Another sandpapers has tried not having almost declare like this very like this one. It is quite hard to last well without requiring to use new bits every time, still a lot enough to leave the perfect arrival. Exactly which have been looking for.
4 / 5 Lera
An arrival very effective end (320 grit) sandpaper, with the relatively thin but any less strong backing paper. Like this it thins to back paper to the equal that to plot in some applications I use he partorisca east in contoured surfaces, and this follows some outlines with small question while bridge of the fattest papers of the empty. As expected with the 320 paper has produced the very smooth result, and looks to live until his claims to be the resistant clog.
4 / 5 Oliver
A band of 3 discharges, ossia a note a more end in a 'A lot of' the category feigned for final arrival among discharges. We use it to us cut and bent around the sanding blockade and the key some surfaces of skirting together for the final cost, and also to soften out of swipes in ours emulsioned wall previously to apply a final discharge. Extracted brilliantly without breaking up or clogging up.
Would use again and any hesitation recommend
5 / 5 Manda
This sanding looks of paper deceptively well and initially could direct to believe is not like this effective likes some of the his rough plus that equivalent of looks. This in spite of, is not deceived. This paper is each one has bitten like effective like all another has tried and potentially more. We direct the sand down a zone of whole decking with just of pocolas spend of him and is done the very good work. I am pleased with him.
4 / 5 Sarah
Sandpaper Is sandpaper, well? Well, no. Ossia quality quite big sandpaper with the fine grain, that has used for sanding down any skirting near previously to paint. Long it is that hard, and any rasga easily like some sandpaper -- a piece of of the this resembles last for while many besides economic pieces sandpaper. Recommended.
5 / 5 Eleanor
Has had several bands of 3M papers. They have cut well to return in the blockade; they look trace quite happy to mine bosch sander; they do not break on too fast; his a lot of clog too much.

Ossia The a lot of big grit and there is usedit to softly erase the mug first coverage of rewaxing: excellent.
4 / 5 Chassidy
Ossia The note very end of sandpaper which is perfect to give the final sand down among discharges or to use in untreated forests. Utilisation with the sanding blockade to take some better results. Ossia The product of good quality that help to take s resulted well for DIY projects.
5 / 5 Linda
That says in one has beaten. Arrival after sanding is lovely.

Top Customer Reviews: 3M 050080UK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Robin
I have used enough the pocolos marks and of the notes of abrasive paper on some years and I particularly like this a - at least for one 180 grit which is an only note has tried like this far.

A paper is slowly the clog and can be easily cleaned for one the majority to separate to take the flat surface while it runs over with your vacuum pipe.

A paper also creases a lot of - around the sanding blockade for example - without an abrasive surface that tears or leaving in any way. Neither it leaves the staining to to residue like him to him some of some red an economic plus or the green have has painted papers.

Currency a bit the extra has paid.
4 / 5 Chun
Has purchased this sandpaper to finalise on some frames of door that had undressed that and gone in with 80 grit sandpaper. In general it was happy with this paper - no rasgó too quickly and was quite flexible to quickly averts to twist when attaching it to a sander and thin enough to easily of holes of punch in him. This in spite of, now in that used the green 80 grit the paper @gives that this clogged relatively quickly in comparison. For the smallest work this would be more than pertinent but with an enormous quantity of sanding has been that undertakes probably would sustain to the fat paper when I take round to do a bit other frames of door in a house.
4 / 5 Alana
Historically always has tended to purchase more economic sandpaper, after using this material once will not buy never a material an economic plus again.

This last far more along like this probably exits one same if any more economic in a long career. A grit is glued in pertinent, not liking an economic material where the only worlds was sometimes.
5 / 5 Lucila
Has used 3M for the years& is still of the best sanding the money of paper can buy. It can look expensive but hard 10 times like this long & is like this faster that conventional sandpaper or any one another alike product. It tries it, calm will not be disappointed, especially is in a trade.
5 / 5 Carissa
Always the economic bands have bought of mixed sandpaper in some pasts but has had the plot to rub down during lockdown. This material has done light work of him. Strong and is lasted ages.
4 / 5 Laveta
Excellent so only that has required to take produced easily. His coarse like any a lot of pressure has required to take a product of doors etc, ossia of the best I found after squandering time with economic sandpaper. It tries this is to do especially for this work. Thank you
5 / 5 Carletta
Absolutely Fantastic - hard the long time and does the good work, not liking another economic sandpaper, calms the favour and whose doubt to buy this sandpaper the will not disappoint
5 / 5 Rashad
produced Adds! It has done a work a lot well and has been impressed with a quality!
5 / 5 Liza
Well The value that pays some extras like this produces last the decent quantity of time, he a lot of clog.
4 / 5 Gwendolyn
The material adds but reason is now almost bend a prize?
5 / 5 Twila
Very robust and any clog easily. It is better that another, dunno as I did not use him, but this material work like this partorisca the DIY'er the one who loses his rag if the things no well, he ticks my boxes :)
4 / 5 Tamisha
Very good sandpaper in fact. So only it likes sandpaper used partorisca be, and has been around a trade of edifice partorisca on forty years.
4 / 5 Carli
A lot of sandpaper and good quality, really easy in a circle can cut your measure has wished.
4 / 5 Clemencia
The quality adds done and long not doubting partorisca buy this element
4 / 5 Buena
service and sum of Excellent quality partorisca prime minister sanding of old product before besides final sanding.
5 / 5 Josef
A better paper there is never has used washed it even and was still like new does not squander your money on anything more
5 / 5 Kattie
Good paper that lasts the little has bitten longer that any material of mark.
4 / 5 Korey
Prefers to buy circles of sandpaper more than separate discharges, as it finds it faster that rasgar to spear was partorisca do with when they are sanding manually and he generally result less wastage. I have found also that the 5 circle of metre will last the good while and is value partorisca money.

A ‘Sandblaster' row of 3M has impressed me really like this far. I have been using he partorisca undress varnish out of skirting near, flattening the lumpy does of product (any fact for me) in ours wall of cookery and preparing the radiator partorisca repainting in a hallway. Sandblaster ‘Turns' among three grit types where well is 180, the half is 120 and the course is 80 grit. Having state impressed with a half grit the paper there is now has purchased also circles of some finals and courses.

A paper is easy of rasgar of a circle in the straight line, fold on on he without too hassle and last the good while into use. I have found that the fast tap will release any debris ossia clogging up in a paper, the meaning can maintain use he for more along before it has to that tear of the new band. Prpers Having compared a 3M paper beside DIY the frames of tent are engreída will be to stick with him and thoroughly would recommend it.
5 / 5 Mathew
This 3M produced can look expensive but he any to the clog on like him to him some economic sandpapers and is to value like this reasonable partorisca money. It is of quality of 5 stars but I prizes 4-stars because I create some descriptions like this ‘among discharges' and ‘well grit' is quite misleading. The mine is more half ‘' and would use the finest note partorisca among discharges.

Prefers to obtain sandpaper in the circle to use with a tram sander, but still without east and using hand or looks of blockade to be longer durable and to go further when cut of the circle more than of square discharges, and reduces a quantity of folding and rasgando to minimise waste. Perhaps it bit it trite, but I like a way circulate it can be in the shelf in the place of discharges has pressed to the draw.
5 / 5 Renay
3M P180 "Among Discharges" A lot Grit Sandblaster Sandpaper Abrasive Circle - 5m

are in a half of the project of interior of renewal a moment, which mean volume by means of the plot of sandpaper. This sandpaper in the circle is really well because I can so only cut of a period I need without that has to that try the tessellate forms in of the square discharges to take one the majority of out his and when finalising spent folding on or with the small bits have left on. It is good quality and any rasga, the tear or the wear was quickly or produce excessive powder.


The difference of discharges of sandpaper, this circle is a perfect width for my hand-sanding blockade (a big of old forest ossia the comfortable measure for my hand to grip), meaning I just yard of a period More the the need of that has to that cut to the discharge
Easy of rasgar (this in spite of cut it with the scissors or the knife dips my teeth on embroiders!)
Effectively resupplies the tone among discharges or he seeds-fine arrival
A fat paper in this circle any rasga or the wear was quickly or produce excessive powder
Suitable for a lot of different surfaces, comprising forests, metal, plastic, farce and fibreglass
Good compact measure that access in the box of the easiest tool that has spent
also Can be used for orbital sanders (although I do not have one of these so it can not try this appearance)
Also available in P120 half grit (partorisca coffins surfaces) (3M 050120United Kingdom 5 m P120 "Coffins Surfaces" Half Grit Sandblaster Sandpaper Run Abrasive - Gold ) and P80 run grit (partorisca undress produced) (3M 050080United Kingdom 5 m "that painting that Nude" P80 Coarse Grit Sandblaster Sandpaper Run Abrasive - Gold )

=== NIGGLES ===

Ossia the general use sandpaper more than final; sandpaper does also gone in much more finalise grit indications

For sale at the same time to write this description in £.
4 / 5 Milford
Have the good sized workshop with just in the each one woodworking the tool possibly can imagine like this woodworking is both the hobby and the need to the equal that have been that renews the house for the few years now. And I plot of use is of sandpaper. A lot he. But strangely it is quell'has bitten parsimonious roughly he also. It likes to really take of my money fences in - included when it is freebie to revise. So much with 5m of the paper thinks that that I will take quite some use out of the this.

Now, to that likes roughly 3Of M abrasive is that they are well. Properly well. Together with to the others to upper frames like Norton is taking of the product a lot of fact that will last as well as reasonably it can be expected of abrasive paper. Certainly longer that a cheapo the material goes in the tent of book.

To to Another thing likes is of a width of this paper. A big flat discharge has to that be cut behind in two ways to do he suitable for using while ossia already so only a right measure to use with the blockade or manually a rasgado or the cut was. Having to that do on the plot of blockades of forests of offcuts a right measure and then stick mine his abrasive paper with contact of the adhesive spray. Once a paper has spent then use a blockade partorisca kindling. In burner of mine of forest.

In general adds it abrasive of the manufacturer of big final. Calm can not any raisin of the wrong shot with that.
4 / 5 Akiko
Any time have required to do a bit sanding, has has selected always 3M sandpaper and is not never state has left down still.

So much, once again, has known that this 3M Meso 180 Grit sandpaper would do exactly a work that the promised to do, in the long is that hard, can be easily cut to adapt an application wished and produces excellent results. Whilst Does not allege to be a wait in sandpaper notes, comprises that 180 Grit is suitable for use among discharges to paint, so as to achieve the perfect arrival, but in my experience, also can be used included to obtain the very smooth arrival in coffins forest.

This particular band of sandpaper among form of circle, but can be cut to adapt the number of applications, likes hand, blockade or orbital power sanding (does not expect this paper would be quite hard to withstand use in the tape sander, but then does not allege to be neither). I have not used never sandpaper form of first circle, but looks that there it has it virtually at all in him wise tax (when comparing zone of total surface) and both are equally good value.

In general, the very good quality sandpaper, which have no hesitation recommends.
5 / 5 Keven
Material brilliant! I do not know reason never has arrived ours to the look was partorisca sandpaper in the circle, but so only always the assume so only is gone in cover (of several measures and forms) or blockades. Now that we try it knots in the circle there is not going back. Like this handy and does not look such the waste partorisca rasgar of the small piece when there it has it so much of him on to to a circle likes in fact partorisca rasgar the corner of a A4 spent for some reason.

A sandpaper is to add and are the recent converts to 3M to the equal that have @to @give that a quality is like this good and long that hard that it is the dud economy to buy a material an economic plus to the equal that am buying two times so much of him.

Have two different notes of of the this and have them on he homemade dispenser in a cochera. (My husband) has dipped on the pair of has twisted group (any sure the one who a proper name is) in a cochera peg the joint in the foot averts and has used the pin to go like the dowel. Both some circles seat amiably in a 'dowel' and surrounds freely without untangling in a labour bank or in a workbox.

The material adds and will be substituted when it finalises.
4 / 5 Tamala
Ossia The produced that has used in a past, and does not look for having changed in quality.

Took it to cut sanding spent to return the mouse shaped sander, likes pre-shaped the discharges were very expensive, and this has looked a the majority of economic way to create our own.

A circle is also ideal to use with the sanding blockade - I used it to wrap around the shabby more final grained block it and he have done perfectly well.
A half grit is well to use in coffins surfaces, cut it on a paper of sand with the scissors also stresses them, is to win he-win.
In of the terms of an usable zone of sandpaper in of the centimetres squared this circle is better value that some bands of 8 35 x17 spent of cm in the alike prize.
5 / 5 Wilmer
Has used this sandpaper the sand a gloss has painted woodwork in a first bath of repainting with the arrival of satin. All have required was to create the tone for a new product to resist to, and this 'go in 'spent' sandpaper is perfect thus purpose.

A circle is so only wider that handwidth like the piece cut of a circle was a measure esatta has required for maximum sanding efficiency.

A paper has not taken clogged on at all, With the leading papers have used, has required to cut perhaps three or four pieces to do a work, while a piece of of the this has done a whole room and still there is sanding has beaten.

Has said in a description that is suitable for orbital sanders but has not been that - mine sander paper of uses with the velcro-write partorisca back to maintain he in place and this sandpaper there is so only the normal paper that retreated so that it does not be suitable for mine.
5 / 5 Davida
Are one of these people those who always maintains any sandpaper handy in mine toolbox, but generally finalises to use some big discharges and in those cut the down. This circle of sandpaper is perfect for me so that it is quite small to return in mine toolbox but still has 5 metres of sandpaper in the more is quite wide to return block and tools also, as he ticks another box for that. It finds that so only it loves tear of the pieces then can do like this of an end of interior of a circle, but then take more time when I love the period cut of pieces of an external end of a circle. This saves on waste and maintains the more has ordered things also. A paper is quality very good and last well.
4 / 5 Margrett
This circle of sandpaper is really convenient. It is small and compress so it does not take on a lot of space in your toolbox, but contains to plot of paper and would have to that last for age. Calm so only can rasgar was so to the equal that loves in planting that has to divide it on big discharges and when finalising with oddly sized bits and pieces.

A sandpaper is decent quality and does not go through half of too much quickly. It gives the good arrival is using the sand slightly among discharges to paint of chalk for the result of smooth end. The starts lateralmente wise very too much. I think that that I will be to buy sandpaper like this in place of in some discharges in of the futures.
4 / 5 Silvia
My woman and I have moved in first ours house, and am doing tonnes of DIY/decorating, etc. This 180 grit circle of sandpaper is a lot handy. I have had already a lot of discharges of several notes of sandpaper, but having the circle is very better, esp. When Doing to the such works like strippping Artex, and then sanding down of an a lot rough wall that result. I can cut new discharges to measure, to return mine sanding blockades, or to dip in my tram sander, as it has required. Outrage sanding down wall, shortly after taking this I has used some of him the sand down some doors, and the pair of DIY the windows have done. He a work admirably. Very useful!
4 / 5 Gwyn
They are one of these people those who always maintains some sandpaper handy in mine toolbox, but generally finalises partorisca use some big discharges and in those cut the down. This circle of sandpaper is perfect partorisca me so that it is quite small to return in mine toolbox but still has 5 metres of sandpaper in the more is quite wide to return block and tools also, as he ticks another box for that. It finds that so only it loves tear of the pieces then can do like this of an end of interior of a circle, but then take more time when I love the period cut of pieces of an external end of a circle. This saves on waste and maintains the more has ordered things also. A paper is quality very good and last well.
5 / 5 Margert
This circle of sandpaper is really convenient. It is small and compress so it does not take on a lot of space in yours toolbox, but contains the plot of paper and would have to that last for age. Calm so only can rasgar was so to the equal that loves in planting that has to divide it on big discharges and when finalising with oddly sized bits and pieces.

A sandpaper is decent quality and does not go through half of too much quickly. It gives the good arrival is using the sand slightly among discharges to paint of chalk for the result of smooth end. The starts lateralmente wise very too much. I think that that I will be to buy sandpaper like this in place of in some discharges in of the futures.
5 / 5 Susann
My woman and I have moved in first ours house, and am doing tonnes of DIY/decorating, etc. This 180 grit circle of sandpaper is a lot handy. I have had already a lot of discharges of several notes of sandpaper, but having the circle is very better, esp. When Doing to the such works like strippping Artex, and then sanding down of an a lot rough wall that result. I can cut new discharges to measure, to return my sanding blockades, or to dip in my tram sander, as it has required. Outrage sanding down wall, shortly after taking this I has used some of him the sand down some doors, and the pair of DIY the windows have done. He a work admirably. Very useful!
4 / 5 Sheldon
Thinks it could be too wide for tram sanders. I am not sure how is the while I have had of then one but I so only agree mine as when be tightened more than this. In all the chance that the would not be the question like this too wide always can be narrowed. It is the good final grit of sandpaper and goes to be perfect for a paper that does as well as any diy. There is at all like an effect of slightly sanded embossed creations in the paper. There are so many uses for finals grit sandpaper (diy emery together to appoint another) concealed having this circle in a cupboard so only can be a goodness to the person.
5 / 5 Bethel
Has been quite pleased with a 3M has gone sandpapers like this opted to take some of this variety also. A circle is the handy measure to maintain tent inside a toolbox and can be rasgado the sand manually, used with the sanding blockade or electrical sander, any clog easily, and is less probably t tear when using in a tram sander that many some papers of discharge.

This individual grit is for use among discharges. It leaves the fine key this is ready to paint on for excellent adhesion. If varnishing, will love one same more final grit first to apply a final discharge.
5 / 5 Miguel
Ossia The good quality sandpaper, looks to be slightly fatter that one some have been buying in of the alone discharges and he a lot of clog on so as some alone discharges. It is so only a wide legislation for my tram sander and can be cut to a right period. I have found that the party of a sander after the moment but like this done a punctual fact sander spent so that it can not complain in this subject. An end grit of this sandpaper done the final tone very good to paint on, has not left any deep scratches in my old product like new discharge has been in a lot of smoothly.
4 / 5 Jackeline
In a past has bought my sandpaper in A4 pages (or anything a regular measure is). Then usually I tear was and fold around the blockade of cork and inevitably has no good way to do full use of a page. He so that has the plot of sense in taking 180 grit paper in a circle especially how is so only a right measure to wrap my cork sanding blockade or the free just control. 3M paper is reliably the good quality and ossia any exception; and 180 grit is the a lot of all-the purpose roughness and a prize is not bad when it goes up a zone of a 5m roll. Recommended.
4 / 5 Denisse
The one who the idea adds that it uses the circle more than discharges for DIY works. I so only cut of a period has required like this less wastage and the small pieces have left. Usually I fold a A4 sandpaper layer to the equal that can resist a paper in my palmera for pressure, with a circle I any precise to annoy and a work is like this easier, yes the little pricier that some ‘economic plus' the versions of discharge can buy but a piece lasted for age, a grit is remained to do for everything of a frame of door and in a long run this circle will cost each penny. An add compraventa!
5 / 5 Macy
Shining little circle
am using this to renew my wheel of old spinning and his well with a sanding the blockade has or free hand to go in all some nooks and crannies so many can produced and animal varnish, says if a paper takes clogged the attack in the surface for the free attack of a paper and he this ,the paper is also quite strong and a paper a work has required quite Im has finalised a rest probably will go in the electrical husbands sander,Some integers rool are adds to avert waste
4 / 5 Juliana
gives this sandpaper 5 strs although I hate one feels of sandpaper. My husband this in spite of hoards likes the miser and never can have enough and uses takes a lot of fulfilled. This is to go in a timely time for us so many is in a midst to decorate our living room. This was to add so it goes in the 5m roll. It can be cut to return our tram sander or blockade and also the smallest pieces cut for hand-held use to take to some few spaces. We have used 3m for some time now because although it is expensive goes further.

Top Customer Reviews: 3M 9292 70mm x ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
It is the good product and that is meant to, but is weighed surprisingly - well is sanding from above, but yes is doing the vertical surface then calm better has arms and strong hands!

Has used partorisca have one of these in fact years and was much lighter and more manageable. I am expecting that I have it that take still to somewhere and the find.
3 / 5
The dunno, this thing is the bit of an uncomfortable form really.
5 / 5
Arrived quickly. Blockade very well, very built and effective. Clamps Good paper and is perfect measure, divide a A4 layer of sandpaper to third partorisca return a blockade.
1 / 5
So only use the piece of forest and no annoying with one of these!
5 / 5
I add like the flat surface partorisca sandpaper with the little give.
5 / 5
Sanding Block so only like another hule some. The picture is elevated is twisted an economic plus some probably would be any worse, quite hard
3 / 5
Perfecto partorisca use with wet & dry, solid, well feel, any much more can be said :)
5 / 5
He that says in one has beaten ..... Although it do not go in to him it has beaten......
5 / 5
Ossia One of these tools that have any known never has required. This is not so only roughly another produced, is the tool , and jolly well is also. So only after using the buddies one of these @give that have wasteful too many times and too much endeavour and past too long stapling discharges of the old paper cut to blockades of forests. Ossia Well!
5 / 5
Has bought partorisca clean down skirting near and some work of gloss. I produce partorisca add and resists a paper of good sand.
4 / 5
Adds, so that he always done a work well, particularly in some flat surfaces, production of increase.
4 / 5
I dunno, this thing is the bit of an uncomfortable form really.
4 / 5
Has arrived quickly. Blockade a lot well, very built and effective. Clamps Good paper and is perfect measure, divide a A4 layer of sandpaper to third partorisca return a blockade.
5 / 5
Adds like the flat surface partorisca sandpaper with the little give.
4 / 5
Sanding Blockades so only like another hule some. The picture is elevated is twisted an economic plus some probably would be any worse, quite hard

Top Customer Reviews: 3M 20080 P80 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5 Thurman
It undressed partorisca Paint of gloss of the each one well without too many impulses
5 / 5 Tiffany
These materials sanded the electrical guitar behind in of the minutes. It has looked acid that burns by means of a product.
Very material very a lot of
5 / 5 Adrianna
Some windows in some backsides of a property have begun partorisca aim some effects of a time and time like this some the therapeutic work has been required. We decide to undress down a frame where a product there has been blistered and begun to the flake was, ensures that a forest down was less bad and has not required treatment and then repaint some over time mark good produced resistant.

One first question is coming on refinadas of week vacacional of the bank when a prognosis of the time of the BBC has projected bad time – in the so many prepare for the pair of the good days and has gone a lot.

Has suggested to another half that it could the sand of some rough bits while it has taken the pocolos last elements of some tents and once soften was could do a bit painting while one raises cooked.

Creates utmost, well!

Unfortunately, when I have arrived behind, with an alimentary and some extra chances of beer partorisca my worker another average, has found seating in his … chair of garden, the beer in a delivery and bacon butty in another having done any sanding anything – has had there is has not opened included a container of sanding paper.

A paper of sand is excellent.

A precise only thing adds is the blockade of forest that calm leave you partorisca apply same pressure.

Begins with the grain of course partorisca take a worse was and then done down to the grain refinado partorisca take a surface inclusa partorisca apply a product. It has taken the pair of hours the sand, wipe and take a first discharge on. After a lunch and the other, was quite dry to take the second spent, as one “among the paper” of discharges was well to give the “grip” to a new discharge. A following morning, after the second rub with one “among paper” of discharges and the wipe down, has had his final discharge to paint.

Has tried a premade sanding blockades and a lot really like them. Only no the think was like this very like this old fashioned sandpaper and blockade of forest.
4 / 5 Jay
Any time have required to do a bit sanding, has has selected always 3M sandpaper and has not been never has left down still.

So much, once again, has known that this 3M Run 80 Grit sandpaper would do exactly a work that the promised to do, in the long is that hard, can be easily cut to adapt an application wished and produces excellent results. Whilst Does not allege to be a wait in sandpaper notes, comprises that 80 Grit is adapted to undress painting and other hard surfaces and is then advantageous to the arrival was with the note of half sandpaper, to take a roughness.

This particular band of sandpaper among form of discharge, but can be cut to adapt the number of applications, likes hand, blockade or orbital power sanding (does not expect this paper would be quite hard the withstand use in the tape sander, but then does not allege to be neither).

In general, the very good quality sandpaper, which have no hesitation recommends. If you go to take by means of the plot of sandpaper, also can be purchased in the band of 8 Discharges , which can try be better value
5 / 5 Brenna
4.5 stars
has used a 3M sandpaper produced in a past with slightly of mixed results but this a really is well.
A Coarse Grit the arrival is orders to take old and flaking produced previously to paint, and the difference to regulate sandpaper this does not take clogged on like this easily.
Ossia The band of three discharges in the sleeve of map, useful to maintain a sandpaper walk and free of powder in a nave, outhouse or cochera. Utilisation this control arrives well when used with zest, any sudden tear or rapping yours knuckles like slips of paper. Always it uses the sanding block another that on a lot fiddly surfaces like wrought iron.
Yard and wrapped around the blockade, a discharge has been the very long way . I think that well this it maximiza an effective use of a product.
With a start to time colder our DIY the projects will be dipped to a side, but this will be was again come a cradle.
The value that pays more for east a.
Is not indestructible but is admirably strong.
4 / 5 Owen
3M has been long a mark of sandpaper, and produced looked (as sandpaper sponges) that has used. Sandpaper Is one of these elements that you sometimes require the use and calm does not want to use something that tomb averts in your hand, doing more the disorder that calm require and giving you @knuckles of bruise!

In this band takes three, big discharges. These are very strong and enable you to undress paint like this easily like this possible. I often sponges to use now, more than discharges, but the discharges are better when you are doing something the little more intricate. Recently, it has taken a product of a screen of old lattice and have required like this of the discharges for some small, go in-, parts. This has done well and can softly dislodge a product of some discharges in the aim, without them falling the pieces. Excellent quality and highly recommended.
5 / 5 Annabel
Any easy the enthuse in sandpaper but here goes …

3M SandBlaster Sandpaper is always good and ossia any exception . The coarse upper quality (80 grit) sandpaper to undress produced, varnish or farce of forest, metal or surfaces of plaster.

Ossia The band of three discharges, each measuring 9' x 11' (23cm x 28cm) … work really a lot take coatings quickly and efficiently. Recently we purchase the vintage pre table of war of cookery of dark forest of the second hand-held tent venue, has had unfortunately the fat discharge of a lot the gloss has applied bad (yuk) varnish in a whole cup of a table. My husband has decided to have go take a varnish a lot behind to an original forest … and has come was a 3M sandpaper. It was very impressed like a discharge is all has taken to take a majority of a varnish, with which which has used the much more sandpaper (also 3M) to soften a surface of a table so that we could king-frames the the colour of dark oak.

A result has finalised was excellent and my husband certainly could remark a difference among this good quality sandpaper spent and the local variety more economic. Some 3M spent have resisted better joints and is lasted the longest plot.
4 / 5 Onita
Has been using this paper the varnish of sand of a bank of old forest and has been loved with some results. In 80 grit level (the more under a number a coarse more a grit) some starts of varnish easily, and although a result feels quite smooth, finds to go in with 240 grit (or still 180) a result is much smoother. This in spite of, 240 is no good partorisca to the initial work likes to take too long to take a varnish was.

Used it manually-has has resisted blockades and in the tool to be able to and in both chances some results have been well. Clogging Has been minimum and is lasted well - other papers can rasgar in a power sander first of long but this has been well.

That can be more expensive that other costruttrici, but thinks that a prize is justified for some results. To good sure recommended.
5 / 5 Leigh
In that used quell'roughly quite rubbish sandpapers in a past, is recently converted state to a 3M mark. One neighbouring calm of the three discharges of coarse (80 grit) sandpaper which are adds to undress painted, varnish or rust, and among a lot of gain spends to be upcycling old pieces of furniture that it is that stops of use ! Easily it can take dated finalises etc with endeavour and of the small time. Different some sandpapers, does not go through half of easily or tear, and last the really long time. Over time, to the good sure starts validate like this good to pay the little more for paper of better quality.

If so only need the short width of paper, for example to use with the sanding blockade or to face small zones manually, also could consider some circles of sandpaper for some same mark which can give you same better value for money, according to his current selling prize. For big widths of paper this in spite of, these bands are of sound.
4 / 5 Davina
Quality a lot very sandpaper that careers by means of a product on and around the our sills without questions. Used rounds the sanding blockade how is quell'has bitten easier that manage that when it remains so only like the discharge (if cut to measure or otherwise) and looks to last much more that another has tried. Still it has to that wrap and king-wrap the little time to take one the majority of out a paper but is that it shines in that he - specifically, sanding where papers to have to that stops of heavy call. It has used the most economic papers that look the @@subject at the same time but is the dud economy like takings by means of them three fast times. It will be to stick to 3M from now on.
5 / 5 Laurie
Has has had to that recently undress the frame of door for repainting like a last year is had the little dings and to to the scratches likes him to him the thing has been moved by means of. This coarse grit the paper rasgado by means of one painting that it does very short that has in a past been the bit of the cry and really useful be able to go in some recesses in an architrave, first of the finishing was with the less more final paper coarse. Using the quality sandpaper like this all a difference as although it can be more expensive in the a short term generally last more along and is returned for purpose: i.et. It does not fall it averts to like some of some varieties some economic plus. You take that paid for and in this chance is three big discharges of excellent quality sandpaper of the company that knows is business.
5 / 5 Stepanie
Always I have the use partorisca sandpapers of all the notes and types.

While this product is billed like the abrasive cement partorisca scrolling of old product, employed it simply the sand a surface of any one simple hardboard discharges; a coarse abrasive coating a work a lot quickly in fact, requiring so only the small was-cut of a discharge of paper that rids quickly and results a lot effective.
A lot coarse abrasive like this do the easy simple works that goes and this certainly fulfilled with my expectations.

Has used this note of Sandblaster abrasive paper in a past ( has has had one 8-the discharge packs the few months done) as it knew it partorisca be the good product and of confidence.
5 / 5 Ngan
Yeah, Likes has spent of course partorisca take was gloss of aged (victorian banister) this was so only a work... It has taken it was around you are discharges, an aim, a blue then a lot the glosses have aged... Like this first it spends a paper stood up well, partorisca be bent, has manipulated ready around the sanding block it and he have maintained partorisca do well manually.

In the sander (1400rpm) he also stood up well, has this in spite of the past softens the plot of the fastest plot, perhaps far more than the purpose has done sander spent of tampon .

Now, ossia clearly ANY to the detail is one 80 grit paper, but partorisca some wide shots is really a lot good!
5 / 5 Tynisha
Ossia The together of three square discharges of quite coarse sanding paper. It is ideal for works really hard, likes to undress painted, sanding down residue and rough patches, and other really uneven surfaces.

Found him well to use - but in spite of a sum of coarse arrival, a paper was less durable and has found that without priest, a paper rasgó.

That has better found, was to use a paper to wrap around the blockade. This has done well for big zones, but for the detail the much more any one ideal.

Like the coarse paper well, but no too durable.
4 / 5 Jina
In a past has decorated but any wall prepared properly. In mine haste am remained with the arrival that has maculas in still some 5-10 years until afterwards it decorates. No this time......

Has used this paper that cut the band that has used with the sanding blockade. A discharge of of the this has done both sides of the door that was more than happy with whilst has joined other two discharges have had the habit to do my way to the long of a skirting.

Has then finalised has been with the most final grain a lot of.
5 / 5 Leora
This band contains three discharges of sandpaper; each discharge is 11' for 9' in measure. A sandpaper is quite coarse, has has used so only he for sanding down several doors of solid forests previously to paint, and is done the good work . A sandpaper is quite fat, the difference of material of poor quality that wears by means of a lot quickly. Recommended.
5 / 5 Rachele
Comprises 3 discharges of 9.ºn x 11.ºn sandpaper.

Paper of coarse note.

Did not think It was especially fat.

Is easy to cut.

A lot Into use and resembles any clog too quickly and does not fall averts like this quickly like some.

In general the best that half sandpaper.
5 / 5 Alix
My husband uses this sandpaper in his work like the pianter decroator. It says that it is quality a lot well , last a lot of very included after the multiple uses and is good value for money. 3M is his gone to mark for sandpaper how is much better that some of a nonbranded paper that can take you of DIY tents.
5 / 5 Margurite
A lot a lot of to say in this sandpaper another that he the work adds! A band contains 3 discharges. It is the coarse note (P80) that reads for the treat to undress the products etc. would not use he for delicate projects. Material adds!
5 / 5 Bulah
Excellent quality rough note sandpaper.
A 3M mark is control of tear and last some time into use because of a heavy duty that the paper has retreated.
This in spite of, these are quite expensive for three discharges.
5 / 5 Pansy
Ossia Paper of the terrific sand and one have bought more in mine diy escapades. Usually I maintain the supply is of paper around and this run an east adds. I used it to the arrival was some frames of door after using a gun of heat.

Like me some covers of paper of sand and is easy to cut to measure to return more applications.

I confidence a 3M mark like this quite frankly do a bit the upper products and ossia of the same. Some discharges are the generous measure and quality a lot good.

I mine to use cut to return the 3M sanding blockade. When He clogs the fast pat usually takes it that it goes again, much more that more economic some have tried.

Can not find the bad thing to say in 3M paper. It gives the really good result and I would not buy any one another paper.

Top Customer Reviews: 3M SandBlaster ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5 Allena
I have purchased this sandpaper partorisca the projects of forest partorisca do for my boys - titled of duties with hooks partorisca stock exchanges and of the propiciadas by our door forward. I have required sandpaper partorisca use among painting first, undercoats and when finalising spent. A sandpaper extracted really well and last well.

A packaging are to add and some discharges are the good measure . A sandpaper careers easily to return the sanding blockade and is also well to use with hands partorisca act partorisca detail more final. Doing with your hands with this paper is of sound, calm certainly can feel a paper that read to corners.

Has included note finer of sandpaper there, but ossia perfect for use among the discharges and I will be to go back to these products again and again for use in my forest that projects of laws.

3M is the really frames of the quality and a prize is competitive for a quality. Or it runs I can spend less, but takings like pay for, included with sandpaper!
5 / 5 Jesusita
Has bought this to use in mine regulate sized orbital sander. I have ordered he in 7pm (Amazon First), and has gone to the failure my letterbox in 9:30am a following day.

.... And like this to a product he - I thinks that is to say decent sandpaper (or anything llama , paper of oxide of the aluminium?).
In all the chance, work fantastically, and any rasga to second of interior of the bits when I cut it and is returned he to the mine orbital sander. My first asks is lasted roughly 20 minutes, some prójimos one in a same. Like this far, I have been using he for 3 days, and am not even halfway by means of a band. Can escape me with brushing it the little time to take touched of of a powder of plaster/of powder of forest, like this taking enough the plot of wear out of him. A discharge will cut perfectly to three separate pieces to return my sander.
When He finally pauses, can use some ask to spare to hand sanding, so that has squanders very small.
4 / 5 Melodee
Excellent partorisca sanding previously to paint or among discharges to paint this paper resembles last for age. Value really well
5 / 5 Else
the paper Adds to use among discharges to paint and varnish. Clogs On enough quickly yes has used on farce or plaster, but another that this gives the lovely arrival partorisca recoating.
5 / 5 Queenie
It does not look partorisca last much more that another paper !
4 / 5 Porter
A mate to a Coarse version of a same product recently revised and the relatively new addition to 3M row of product.

Has two differences of entities among 3M sandpaper and that typically sold for more DIY tents - a backing is improved and more resistant that spend that an often used paper and an abrasive is not sand but the abrasive plus and more along-durable metallic oxide.

This note is nominally resembled this used in the hand-sized abrasive tampon also of 3M, a row of same product and recently revised, some obvious differences that they are this when being the measure of the far main discharge (8 propiciadas by band) which can be cut to measure and to adapt the sanding tampon or has used so only where an element is profiled or rounded and where the plan sanding the tampon will not be a better solution.

Ossia A note a more available end and accustoms arrival, first to paint or varnishing and among discharges to ensure a flatter surface and more cleaned after drying down to take powder of surface. These produced is also easier that clean free of a powder that accrues among a grit particles, especially when used with the sanding tampon like this then can be touched against the hard surface to dislodge the majority of him. Cela, and his working life longer for shett or first section to require to be substituted, this more effective and more economic that use that the regular alternative.
4 / 5 Wilfredo
Has a lot of costruttrici of andpaper,' and the majority to do a lot enough. A calm question has to that ask is ' paid to prize for the mark?'

Now, are an engineer and a inveterate woodworker and house renovator. I know my abrasive. And, there are two approximations to use abrasive paper,. Spent really, really economic and load of use of him or aim main and hopefully take bit it more use out of him.

But first - and admit to be bit it picky - this is not esandpaper.' It is in fact paper of oxide of the aluminium. In the first place short better and secondly causes of sand silicosis.

3M is of course the big name and his products are big quality. This paper is no different. This hard abrasive paper a lot and run fantastically. A material to behind is stout enough to prevent wear and tear easily and is ideal to return to the tampon.

In general the brilliant andpaper.'
5 / 5 Venessa
Confesses that the preparation leave a bit fry when it comes to DIY but know that it is a key to take the good arrival and I like this do sure I my best to dip some foundations for sanding well.

I flit go in sanding blockades and sponges according to a work but my Dad said me whenever when down to a last, more final sanding to an end, is more manually calms so much can attentively gauge when you have done that suffices for an arrival and any past of the has shot.

These discharges of 240 paper of note is in a fine end of some stairs (the big more a number, a much more a paper) and is very partorisca soften the first product of a discharge of final gloss is applied or, in my chance, a last propiciado by oil in the table. Bending A discharge resupplies the cushion against a heat created for a sanding process and softly doing with a grain of a forest and blowing powder of a discharge to the equal that go the help one the majority of the each piece.

Is the good sandpaper with that to achieve the good arrival, final.
5 / 5 Louvenia
A 3M SandBlaster 28240 End P240 230 x 280mm Among Discharges Sandpaper Discharges (8 Discharges) is the big quality sandpaper that has found to practise to be :

1. Very better that a mark to house sandpaper found in DIY tents
2. It felt a sanding was easier and smoother when compared to the most economic frames
3. It is lasted the long time [in my opinion]
4. It would be tried to buy this one on preference to another sandpaper [the quality has better looked global]
5. Given a prize and the one who a result of final was, a cost has been justified

has used this paper the sand down wall among discharges and to reduce maculas and protrusions. Finally highly I can recommend this sandpaper yes is considering a compraventa.
5 / 5 Eboni
Of 3M an attentive the good product and does not disappoint .

Be 230 mm x 280 mm this 3M Sandblaster final sandpaper is the convenient measure to wrap around the sand-blockade.

Ossia Good quality sandpaper ideal to use manually in of the such elements like ballustrades and decorative mouldings among discharges to paint; and it finds that it is exceptionally well when using varnish to the equal that gives that ultra-smooth professional arrival.

Among a lot of handy in a zone where using can it sander that creates the powder is the no-no; and it is of course he adds for all these fiddly small zones where the sander is too big but still requires the good arrival.

A lot of value of the money and the definite 5 stars!
4 / 5 Missy
Ossia The 'A lot of' sandpaper, the meaning is not drawn for initial sanding work, but to do later, when you are looking partorisca soften of an arrival, and he the work very end.
To the besides economic difference sandpaper has bought of a big-appoint DIY tents, this paper has the much stronger backing, the meaning does not fall aside inside minutes. Besides, there is the coating in this paper to prevent powder-clogging on a paper. Once a paper takes dusty, calm simply bash of a powder and can spend in sanding.
In spite of a durable backing, is easy to cut or tear to measure for use with the sanding blockade, or take to the tightest corners.
4 / 5 Chelsey
Has ordered this to use like the finishing sandpaper among discharges to paint of chalk when upcycling mobile, and to use in a final discharge to ensure the really smooth arrival first of waxing. It is excellent partorisca east and does a better work that a DIY tend spent of the own mark used before. With this taken the product of final smoother , and a paper also last for more along, with a backing when being more resistant that rasgar, and a sanding zone he taking more time before it goes blunt.

Can take alike sandpaper partorisca around half a prize besides DIY tents, like this yes think a big prize thus mark is justified depends you - and is happy to pay for the arrival of the main quality.
4 / 5 Peter
It is easy to assume you can take decent sandpaper of discount and tents of @@subject. Calm sometimes can, more often that no, is doing life the hardest plot partorisca calm and squandering money, paper and sand (well, glass sometimes!).
Decent sandpaper like this has a grit glued down really well, and yes cure of him - and ossia the big if - any clog he, does not abuse he - can the to you use, the cleaned was, use he again, the cleaned was, on and on again. A really economic material tends to simply clog and then is throughout, and a grit regime, and have, well, paper.
This material is roughly like this well likes to take - is not even likes cost that a lot!
Spends an extra, saves in a long career!
5 / 5 Janise
Ossia Paper of the terrific sand and one have bought more in mine diy escapades.Usually maintain the supply is of paper Fino around how is probably a an I use a plus.

I confidence a 3M mark like this quite frankly do a bit the upper products and ossia of the same. Some discharges are the generous measure and quality very good.

I mine to use cut to return the 3M sanding blockade. When He clogs the fast pat usually takes it that it goes again, much more that more economic some have tried.

Can not find the bad thing to say in 3M paper. It gives the really good result and I would not buy any one another paper.
4 / 5 Octavia
Ossia Good and long quality durable sandpaper ideal to finalise manually. Some discharges are 230 mm x 280 mm and is the convenient measure to wrap around the sand-blockade and also can be cut to return an orbital sander. Has the Black and Deker one and some discharges are returned well and is lasted the long time.

Has used he to rub down skirting and frames of door previously to paint where not loving the account was produced too much . A sandpaper has resisted clogging well and has left the smooth arrival. This is not an economic plus but create represents good value and will save time in a long term.
5 / 5 Rosalina
8 discharges of 240 grit sandpaper is comprised in this part. They are the decent measure in any use as they are manually of cut down to returned the blockade or tool. Has be animal-when finalising the little caffè small tables recently and this sandpaper is gone in a lot handy to thin out of an arrival the varnish. I have found that a sandpaper is lasting quite well and not resulting clogged arrive and unusable. Probably it will invest in some of 3M sandpaper circles in a future. This paper of sand can be used in the variety of surfaces and among a same finder 320 grit to give you a smoother arrival.
4 / 5 Jonathan
Is quality sandpaper that does a work.

A 240 grit sandpaper is quite a lot of (only grit 320 is finer that this). It is it adds for sanding among discharges to paint or in my chance for sanding spent of forests to do photos backdrops for alimentary photograph. I used it the discharges of sand of first acrylic product to dip other colours to create the effect of forest has aged.

A 3M SandBlaster is drawn to do on forest, metal, plaster, varnish, produced, farce how is quite universal.

A band contains 8 A4 has spent that it can be used (while cut to the smallest pieces) to rid sanding, sanding blockades or same tin sanders.
5 / 5 Leeann
Is some times of year think in redecorating and this sandpaper is very gone in handy for sanding my surfaces of gloss. They are also state using he to soften the reparations where have used farce, and has to that say that like this sandpaper goes this one is well. Some discharges are quite thin to be flexible but quite strong any for rasgar too easily, and a hard rough surface a lot very first to require substitution especially when used with the sanding blockade. It is not economic sandpaper but like the product is certainly better that a esubject' the material has used last time, and a fact that hard so longer this the compraventa better in my opinion.
4 / 5 Dione
Good quality sandpaper is hard to spend for these days, the economic rubbishes has seen good frames he like this done the refreshing transmission to use the sandpaper an any clog and remains acute.

Has been doing the project that requires hand when finalising on oak, the delicate timber the sand to the equal that tends to spend the paper was quickly but this 3M Sandblaster the paper resembles last a lot of very in fact, in fact has not launched he a lot was still. I have been doing pieces of furniture of qualities very big for some years now and can agree all the abrasive papers when being the good quality and this paper agree me they.

A good quality abrasive paper that last.
5 / 5 Mariella
A good quality a lot of sandpaper. It uses it is very effective, fast and with small or any clogging, better to the respect that a lot another sandpipers has used concealed alleges any one the clog. A paper to behind is noticeably thinner that the majority another sandpipers, but looks to be a lot strong as I have not experienced any question with a paper to back that it breaks down into use. A thin plus that backs the paper is very effective sanding irregular surfaces like the very easily follows some outlines. This now would be my first election in sandpipers.
5 / 5 Beatrice
This 3M sand the paper is the definite step up in durability in an economic plus sanding the papers and the wet&dry discharges has has used usually. A backing is noticeably more durable, rasgando less easily around some corners of my cork sanding blockade and giving support amiably with having the habit of softens a tip of the narrow dowel. I have tried one same with another mark and expósito that he perforated a paper quite quickly.

Has the prize to be paid for the 3M branded produced but hard longer and looks to take less clogged with powdering also like this he has the plot of sanding to do will appreciate a difference.
5 / 5 Dorsey
Volume by means of the plot of sandpapers renewing and building projects of forests. This produces particular is the vast improvement on more commercially available products. It does not tend the clog like this easily like the majority and is very compatible during a discharge and among discharges. Ossia Worse a very small extra cost. This note (240 grit) is an ideal among- paper and previously to use the dry/paper wetted more final has required.
4 / 5 Shaunna
Writing the description of sandpaper. Ossia The prime minister .

This is coming up as it has prepared partorisca paint the door and frame. Rasgó Well, That loved it to and is lasted well.

Has not tried he with the sander but, then again, is not a note would use with the sander.

So much, yes, is well.

Sees that I there?
4 / 5 Margaret
Ossia To 8 spent fine-band of big quality 240 grit sandpaper of Sandblaster.un sandpaper resupplies partorisca smooth/end sanding useful partorisca sanding goes in can use this sandpaper manually,with sanding blockades or partorisca cutting down partorisca measure to return different power sanding sandpaper concealed a lot the time is that hard and any clog on easily like inferior quality sandpapers have the tendency to pleased with my sample of Vine.
4 / 5 Jada
Excellent quality and highly paper of effective sand. I have cut this to a measure of a blockade of cork I use partorisca sanding down and work perfectly. This level of abrasion is perfect partorisca the fine arrival. Well pricing too much. It has used the number of these bands and has had a selection packs this comprises different levels of abrasion.
4 / 5 Raylene
One of the row of Sandblaster produced partorisca a DIY person. Ossia 8, 9x11' layers 'go in 'spent' sandpaper and is quite well in 240 grit. It can be used in the variety of surfaces. It looks quite durable that there is sanded down some spends it for repainting. It says 'the resistant clog', looked well into use - any clog on too much quickly like some do. As any bad.
4 / 5 Keli
Ossia The very decent sandpaper.he no really taken much more to add to this but to say that it looks sincerely upper to a lot of some other generic frames. They are not for the undermine expert or the anything likes concealed but well could buy these in of some futures more than just in disposal with the the most economic option likes usually do in of the tent of hardware.
4 / 5 Mahalia
These are spent big conventional of sandpaper. They can be cut to measure or has bent. In a past has cut this measure to return electrical sanders.

Law, at all exceptional, but is good value for money. You could love look in some circles, hips, for easy storage.
5 / 5 Gus
Excellent quality sandpaper: a paper is amiably fat like any rasga easily when the be has used. I have used also this paper with the hand sander and a paper has on resisted really well. For final sanding and to take the really professional arrival in your work of next product, ossia indispensable.
4 / 5 Dodie
Am loved with this sandpaper. A forward sandpaper used rasgó on and spending is gone in any time at all. I have it quell'has tried included this on metal and plastic and looks to be quite hard for a work. Very impressed.
4 / 5 Elsy
Has has wanted this sandpaper. Used the to finalise of the mine annistersand left him feeling totally smooth and lovely to touch. Any to be used for any one has to that it has weighed sanding how is graded well but yes loves arrived of the good bit of forest then ossia a paper to do he with!
4 / 5 Dino
Ossia Excellent quality sandpaper. He doesnt free his grit like other versions another more economic. I used it to rub down the small hallway and so only has required the averages the discharge. It remains in a piece and does not disintegrate easily. Highly reccommend.
4 / 5 Valrie
It has dipped he in a bath when we have run out of paper and there is remarked of then has not been taking any visitatore.
5 / 5 Concepcion
The really good work in softening white plaster in our walls. It produces very good.

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