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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Works partorisca mine 15 Forester. A measure of the boss is much bigger that stock. My Forester has 100,000 miles in the and use synthetic oil that has meant volume virtually any metal in a magnet the difference of my big mile F150. Still the good investment in longevity of engine.
4 / 5
Has bought the pair of these partorisca our BMW motorcycles, mine 2012 R1200GS (Triple Black), and woman 2013 R1200R (90 Jahr Anniversary). It has not installed still.
Likes: Strong magnet, a lot machining, walk in a seating/sealing expensive, bevel in a commitment of edge (partorisca the easy edge that begins).
Aversions: diameter of the magnet is not like this big like pictured (measure 6mm, '), does not share OEM Allen objects metric tone, the boss is unnecessarily big (requires 1' hex our socket of wrench), runs over washer is also unnecessarily big (OEM uses typical 16mm).

Attractive-has tried a magnet with the Chatillon IN-15 MRP attractive-declare (any aforado 1 - 15 lb row). The magnet released in 3.5 lb., As this is likely that it wants to he of scarce earth. Strong abundance to collect ferrous debris of oil.
5 / 5
The work adds. Installed easily. I question an ENORMOUS hex measure, more than using something smaller, has said 17mm, which any one has the stops of socket. A 26mm is not the question for me personally, but have more tools that the majority.

Has dipped he to mine 2011 Mini, using of the discharges runs over coverage that comes with a filter of oil, and come from to run the difficult 100miles. 20 miles that chair in traffic, clue for 80 miles of twisty highland streets. Everything is exited, any leak. They are happy
5 / 5
Returns perfectly in mine 2015 MINI Cooper S Countryman All4. A factory a ossia a allen the ray of boss sucks.
4 / 5
Returns perfectly like the substitution in mine 2016 Subaru Forester. OEM The boss of discharges was resulted slightly sheared over time. I am interested to control a magnet to see yes accrues any filings of wear of engine.
5 / 5
Upper quality transaxile discharges of casserole of the drain of magnetic drain has attached to the Pontiac,Glorious Are,1995,4T60E transaxile after the phase resists his magnetism with big temerature and age better that a ceramic recommended for longevity of car.
4 / 5
The measure was well, but is too long and would not go to a casserole all a way.

Top Customer Reviews: Gold Plug AP-04 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5 Georgine
Mina sheared while presionando and tried partorisca be an absolute ache partorisca extract of a casserole of oil. It has dipped my torsion English tone to 20 when presionando of the discharges of drain of the factory that was a setting has used partorisca one covers of drain. I have not been the happy when I have listened these discharges snap and gone slack.
4 / 5 Neely
2013 Camaro. It looks well. Shorter That an original and filtered with a data washer. I am exited partorisca buy the nylon washer and looks partorisca be well. No very sure with him this in spite of and maintain to look to see if my oil is filtering. Emailed A company and has not taken never the response behind.
4 / 5 Yun
Can take the plot of opinions roughly having spent he of magnetic drain but consider this. Your filter of oil can so only particles partorisca capture to the sure measure of like this which that cost of filter. This takes particles of metal. Has any way to quantify the one who these helps an engine extracted or times it a hard engine but maintaining pieces of metal out of an oil so only felt. Has propiciado by use he of drain of magnetic oil with my vehicles partorisca years. Every time transmission an oil there is smug or something stuck in a magnet. This material has not spent of a filter of oil. This material has had to that be metal to stick to a magnet. I create these helps. Sincerely I can recommend that it consider this for your vehicle.
4 / 5 Adolfo
Ossia One of some better investments could do. All the metal of engines spilt during there lifetime and A lot all taking trapped in a filter of oil. A magnet of discharges he of the Gold is very strong and will take all a filter loses. Has a service of better client leaves the message will call you behind and the helps have chosen one covers of drain corrected. I buy the new one every time buys the new car or motorcycle. Included my Deep PCX the scooter has Spent he of Gold.
5 / 5 Desmond
Has used this product before on two motorcycles, how was easy election for my car. Torqued He in 18 books of feet like to be the manual is with a focuses distributed, any leak, perfect fact. If calm worry you roughly choosing on a metal that floating around your engine, then ossia the simple and easy election to help save your engine.
4 / 5 Evelin
Frigging The thing filters dipped new gm spent behind in you would think that that they would use the hule washer like stock
4 / 5 Prudence
Unbelievable that stronger this magnet is that a factory really will pull a filings in especially him him an engine an old plus.
5 / 5 Tod
Want to one covers but washer leaks. I king-torqued an aluminium resupplied washer diverse time. Still drips. Changed to discharges he of plastic drain washer of my tent of parts of the car. It covers it it is a lot very this in spite of.
4 / 5 Janna
A magnet takes all the classes of shavings of metal. Defiantly Better that stock which has not had any magnet everything. This in spite of sound that looks for the different source for a washers to the equal that are quite expensive you but one some of propiciado by gold.
5 / 5 Bryanna
Has purchased for 2007 Chevy basic of Corvette LS2. Utmost craftsmanship, machined boss of ray, the magnet pours very strong (at least two strong times like OEM spent). These discharges is the 15 mm boss.
The discharges of the main quality can take for a casserole of oil.
4 / 5 Rod
Has these on all my vehicles and crew (excepts Harley which uses the dry sump)
Excellent all-machined construction.
4 / 5 Brandy
This has done excellent and mine of turn 2019 ZR2 perfectly!
5 / 5 Arlinda
Has installed my propiciado by gold but filters. A oe discharges he of drain uses the hule washer but of the propiciado by gold uses the metal washer which is not sealing correctly
5 / 5 Queen
magnet Very strong that have sure the out will do my expectations partorisca maintain my oil of diesel cleaned! A must has if you intent on taking a better cure of your vehicles.
4 / 5 Martine
Does not take reason this has bad descriptions. The easy utmost looks partorisca install f150 5.0 7.7 chambers m1 motorcraft fl500 filter.
A lot good 15 mm the access of socket perfects also.
Sure better that oem.
4 / 5 Pia
So only that has required partorisca substitute a rounded hex in one covers of original drain. This one has the really strong magnet partorisca resist any metal and maintain he partorisca contaminate an engine. It has been rid punctually and packaged well. It returns perfect in mine 2005 GMC has sent.
4 / 5 Isa
The product adds with the magnetic tip a lot powerful to take particles of ferrous wear in proximity in a casserole of oil. It does not filter and to good sure the part of big quality.
4 / 5 Luke
Has used these on all my vehicles. Really it does not have to that never have metal in yours oil, but and when there is, this calm help to see it and also maintains out of some cylinders, the product adds partorisca any engine! This company is sum and wants to sustain him!
5 / 5 Sherron
It does not see you at all at least the import that you
4 / 5 Viola
Some magnets are súper strong as it expects that these will clear any debris of my fluids. A global constructon of a boss, the edges and seal it the surface is excellent. After buying spent he partorisca my truck have gone back and has bought a partorisca my calm also.
5 / 5 Alyssa
The law of discharges adds. A lot durable, any nude or take hanged in a casserole. I have had he partorisca 50,000 miles and still goin strong.
5 / 5 Mckinley
The product adds partorisca have! It can any gone bad with trying to take like this metal out of your engine!
4 / 5 Kelli
Has been presented to these for some fellow race of car driver. The tiny cheats particulates in an oil. Produced excellent, easy to install. Well value the life of the longest engine.
5 / 5 Emmaline
There is pulled one factory one of GM in mine last transmission of oil (Mobil 1 synthetic plenary) has situated then a two side for side while down on metal under an organism. Well A factory one could hardly clave and of the discharges of the gold sucked until a metal. It is any comparison this product is that it wants to stronger that manufactures. The desire would have done a compraventa done a lot of miles. Has 62k in mine 2003 there is had he in 30k miles.
5 / 5 Theresa
A magnet is súper has to that weighed and in fact attracts tiny fragments to the equal that has announced. An only complaint has is with a free aluminium washers. Every time an oil is changed the squishes an aluminium washer for the tight access. I need to have the supply of these washers and use the new one every time. Reason draw likes that, when all a OEM cover them of the drain has some class of hule or hule-coated permanent washer? I have thought to find a OEM hule washer to return one covers of gold, then would be perfect.
4 / 5 Alina
Produced of big quality. Substituting other discharges of frames of magnetic drain with feeble magnet. This one has the very powerful magnet. It has not changed my oil still so that it has not been will see fine metal in these discharges but a piece of alcohol is worth it. With a prize of new cars anything concealed will help the life of engine is worth it.
5 / 5 Dania
It does not return 2014 Chevrolet Silverado like Amazpn has alleged contingent. Leaks. Casserole Of the oil has not been drawn partorisca use with running over it washer. Then you want to you partorisca pay for returns partorisca ship...
5 / 5 Regan
A bit pricey but well the good quality done.

His the shame of the that has spent like this more than a factory.
4 / 5 Joey
Magnet very strong. Stuck the to a dish of metal in my boss and has had the hard time that takes era.

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Top Customer Reviews: Gold Plug Magnetic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5 Tabatha
Screwed In final, leak-free. The magnet is neodymium , how is very strong. The boss of ray is machined, any extruded likes more rays, and the look of edges partorisca be so only-signal cut, any pressed has launched the data. The big quality has done.
Has not changed an oil still in this new (mine) truck after purchasing is, but have spent he of gold in my motorcycle, and the law adds, collecting the little soyud' every time the change an oil.
5 / 5 Nicolette
Scrapes very good and the magnet is súper strong . The edges were perfect. Value of the extra money.
Update- a magnet in this thing can be small but is very strong . Taking he out of a casserole of the oil in the hot engine is the little delicate. Wanting to of discharges partorisca drain stronger there is never has used.
5 / 5 Ferne
Has bought this partorisca mine 2011 Deep Ridgeline has bought so only has used. Apt perfectly. It is quality very big and gives the little extra insurance & leak to the your oil. I have been using these in all my vehicles partorisca roughly 10yrs. The product adds & done in EUA.
5 / 5 Marchelle
pricey But still grabs things out of an engine of deep aluminium. I am not sure they are still value he but I still will use on my vehicles. More material here is less neither stuck in a filter or swimming by means of an engine.
5 / 5 Douglas
Very quickly, has protected perfectly, shipment ! Thank you !
Wants to this covers of magnetic drain for mine 2007 Acura TL-Write S casserole of oil..
A magnet is incredibly powerful and am sure will help to separate to plot of particles of metal
out of an oil. Very satisfied..
4 / 5 Gabrielle
Excellent quality for this element. It was pleasantly surprised in just which well has been done. Nizza To know that there undertaken still churning out of the good quality stuffs these days. The magnet is very strong and collects metal among transmissions of oil. Works a lot very in general.
4 / 5 Natisha
WOW A quality of this thing is surprising ! But his alittle pricey. The magnet is strong
4 / 5 Tasia
Beautiful small machined gizmo, and the turn adds!
I installed this afterwards takes casserole of mine of oil, and remarks that a period of these discharges is quell'has bitten shorter that one covers of stock drain. One covers stock protrudes slightly to a casserole. One Covers of the gold is shorter, and like the magnet is recessed to a hole of discharges. I do not create this will do difference very material his function, so only that does the note of him.

Also see my description of a AP-05 Propiciado by Gold.
Spoiler: A AP-05 is a wrong part for a MINI manual transmission - hex boss too big (at least in mine 2003).
Service of client of discharges he of gold has corrected a question to send me a MP-10 which has the smallest boss. The service of Client adds!
5 / 5 Sang
Has used in the Deep s2000 and access perfectly. Ossia The very powerful magnet and a car(quality of build) the work in these discharges is surprising.
5 / 5 Lilli
You cover better in a phase.

Covers correct partorisca the 1995 Deep the EX agreement Vtec
5 / 5 Nydia
I so only installed this in mine 2015 Acura TLX another day. It was for the half a thumb a short plus that a factory a, but He still done perfectly.
4 / 5 Vertie
Has bought this partorisca substitute one covers of shabby factory. A magnet in these discharges is one the majority of powerful has not felt never in discharges he of drain! I want to I bought it so much a partorisca my Jeep and my Deep Generator!
5 / 5 Cris
Good product, is not returned my Favours as I have been said.
5 / 5 Marlyn
5 / 5 Tonda
Too stubby and no comparable in period to the mine OEM spent of drain. It looks a mentality is some measures returns everything. Too bad, his well has done.

Top Customer Reviews: Gold Plug AP-06 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Arlyne
The fact adds in 2000 F350 Powerstroke diesel - very partorisca escape of a too thin of boss (finishing and prone partorisca slip) and plastic washer in an original. I can not see this fat boss very very when finalising never, especially the he 6 socket of the point of metric measure corrected is always of the Discharges of the gold has a magnet.

Has ordered an extra (SW-02) container of 5 extra washers also. After dipping these discharges in, think that the type could so only king-use an original steel washer comes with on and on, included although some instructions in a container of discharges he of the Gold says 'always use the new washer partorisca prevent leaks'.... I think that that it is so only he CYA statement partorisca are not organisation on dipping in the new washer for the moment I, so only will maintain an eye on he partorisca bad I kings-has used one low quality plastic washer in one covers original partorisca some last 10+ years and he no drip, as it can not see this fat steel a lot of washer this comes with one Covers of Gold that causes any subjects partorisca quite the moment, if never.

Top Customer Reviews: Gold Plug Magnetic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5 Vanessa
Element of quality really well, the extremely powerful magnet.
5 / 5 Federico
October 2017 Update: Also installed in 2011 Outback partorisca a casserole of drain of the oil. It could not be happier. I have looked a ferrous sludge in one covers of the drain shrinks of the small arrow to virtually at all. Súper Paz economic of alcohol.

No only done this record perfectly (read: better edges that spent of drain of stock oil) in my casserole of drain of the oil partorisca an OIL of ENGINE in mine 99 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport with TZ1A2 4 car of speed tranny and 2.2 phase II SOHC engine, but also returns of the DISCHARGES of DRAIN of the TRANSMISSION partorisca this casserole partorisca drain also. And perfectly, could add them. My tranny spent of the drain has not had the magnet in him (the experience used), so that it is has been.

To the equal that with a casserole of drain of the oil, some edges are cut perfectly is and an installation of the magnet done the little harder reason is like this darn strong. It requires the 24mm socket partorisca install for a AP-07. I have had one in mine 1/2' near of socket.

Can feel both discharge of the drain of the factory has the quite the bit to touch when you have begun his edges; game of zero with some Propiciado by Gold.

And, with some profits to take the stray ferrous particles that they are obvious, ossia the no brainer upgrade so that they wish to maintain his vehicles.
5 / 5 Suzette
Has substituted a stock, undressed was ray in my casserole of oil for mine 1999 Subaru Legated GT. An original gave always st when trying the loosen the, and the undressed was one a lot first transmission of oil with which was second looks has melted to a damn casserole of oil. The, of course, be 18 at the same time, has maintained to use a ray in all the chance, perhaps using some class of magic of elf to take a ray for each transmission of oil. Finally, my magic of elf has run was, and a ray has been undressed the uselessness, and has substituted he with one of these.

This product is calm like this good will think you there is súper the oil that can of transmissions, likes a bit class of very concrete and usually useless súper hero, and will be able to change your oil your fast plus, relieves there are shavings of metal (which are the question if your engine is done out of metal) and want to he a lot, much more last to fall and lose. A magnet is like the freaking +10 mana-beat-Tierra Magnet-extreme, and when I pull out of a casserole of the oil usually sticks to a side of a casserole of oil or stays in a wrench, maintaining calm to try for the find in a paving of your cochera, or that it has to go the calm deep wrist in any one is draining your old oil to. I abso-freaking-lutely recommends this produces your, especially if your old ray is looking the bit in a shabby side.
5 / 5 Alisa
Slightly delicate to install maintained that it sticks to a casserole of oil, the edges are the best records that manufactures. Amorous strong, any leak and again like me has said them the edges are more snug that manufactures, which the as better. Yes, it is a correct tone and tale of edge. 1997 subaru Legated.
5 / 5 Marianna
Good product, but factor in a cost of the socket of 1 thumbs if any already take one. Ridiculously oversized Given an application - in the Subaru substitutes the 17mm ray. Any precise 100 lb-ft of torsion.
5 / 5 Vivienne
Law perfectly in mine 2020 Subaru STi with a EJ25 engine.
5 / 5 Hettie
The product adds. It likes-me an oil transmission and really takes a powder of metal that is produced while an engine is breaking down. Highly it recommends that this is to install in the new car as soon as it is taken out of a dealership.
4 / 5 Renate
Has perfected for mine 2010 Subaru Forester. It did not like whenever it has to that buy of the new washer. My stock plugged has filtered if I have not substituted a washer every time.
4 / 5 Mariette
Good fact and filter free. Access like OEM. Has one of these on all my vehicles. It buys it and leave a canal of service installs in your transmission of next oil. Even more of entity with some intervals of transmission of widespread oil of some newer cars.
5 / 5 Emeline
Am dipping Propiciado by Gold in all I own! A magnet is SÚPER STRONG! It produces very good and sure economic for your engine against metal in yours crankcase. SPENT A NOW!
4 / 5 Karly
You will be surprised in a quantity of metal filings that these cheats of magnet. It can not be very partorisca leave this material in your casserole of oil.
5 / 5 Ethyl
Covers good and strong magnet, but with the 25mm advances the, way overkill partorisca a work... The concept adds but no partorisca the casserole of oil of the steel... It will be partorisca go in my drawer of boxes of the tool afterwards to another new mark one has looked for to use for my last Subaru with the different engine. Disappointed.

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