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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Kelvin
Absolutely I want to Orabrushes like them his work in cleaning my mouth like this well. It tries him with which having helmet during a day, or alcohol! My only niggle is that it suspects some waste caused for them is not utmost partorisca of the means.
4 / 5 Tamra
This work of things. I used it so only once the day partorisca some last two weeks and my tongue is almost clear - only 4 stars to the equal that can do your tongue bleed slightly yes is weighed too much there is rid.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5 Melina
These things are awesome. I have bought my first 4 sale perhaps 6 years or he more done when they are in the first place gone on sale by means of the ascent in his web of place (I thinks was still before it was a client of Amazon !) And it has been thoroughly impressed with a product. I have it that there is wanted always something extra poured in cleaning my tongue and these things do a better work that anything has used in a more past has had to that for ever. Has has had to that so only buy another band of his reason has given 2 is gone in a start and has lost some another while travelling, like this in reality 2 of would be me lasted a better part of the decade if it had not lost him. You are reading this description because you are interested in the product like this and can not recommend this an enough.
4 / 5 Deja
Has taken these to use for mine 5 edges of the year and they am quite soft to use on the and take a work done really well. I use him to clean out of his tongue in the first place before it uses his toothbrush with toothpaste partorisca brush his mouth and his breathes is fresh and the clean tongue with which time at night of the box when he again. Like an adult will not recommend this has tried like this to use one and so only felt no his good work for me but concealed so only could me be. :)
4 / 5 Milda
These cleaners of the tongue in fact is that they save my now same tongue. I have had to that take antibiotics and a prime minister a lot so only has not taken rid of an infection there is ruined also my tongue (his like it now has white skin) and anything has eaten and drinking (included toothpaste when it brushed them my teeth) has accrued in mine poor tongue. As I have seen this in @@drugstore @of mine and decided for the try, been the using so only once for day in an evening and a lot so only can take a lot of an accumulation of the mine tongue with each passing day can brush further which is helping a lot of (the lunch has taken stuck sometimes in this white skin was that bad), am also sure that brushing where does not have any accumulation could help take touched of of any ossia there thanks to an antibiotic of the fastest prime minister. Right now when I brush my morning of the teeth and the prejudices still use my cleaner of usual tongue but I probably a day so only uses this one. For a way has paid more than $10 with taxes for a prime minister so that it is to say the shot adds .
4 / 5 Chau
I amour this produced sooo a lot. Ossia To good sure one of favourite of mine and the calm cost give you four which will last for the moment. It uses a lot of paintbrushes of the tongue and I celery like this one does a work a better!

Highly recommend and also gives four different colours that can share you in a family. See the difference and honradamente, the mine breathes the fiancés is not stinky a lot in a morning! It loves it :)

Update: Bought this the second time and has to that say ossia still our paintbrush of tongue preferred! Soft But can defeinitely take some bacteria of your tongue! They are now the current loyal client to this product
5 / 5 Cindi
LOVES this cleaner of tongue! Mina stepdad taken one does years and could not find he for the long time. Another paintbrush-way some in a pharmacy does not compare and take gross...

+ the creation Adds and easy to use
+ the colours he easy to know the one who is is the one who is
+ creation of Silicone probably more hygienic that paintbrushes
+ the chair adds in a tongue ^__^

- Any that could he : )
4 / 5 Torie
One of some paintbrushes has received in a 4 band has the little more along and deformed bristles... In $ 5 each one which so it brushes no really value he for me to take the defective a... Contacted orabrush directly in his web of place to the along in fact the month and has not listened anything behind... It has to that have is is returned so only immediately
4 / 5 Annetta
This cleaner of tongue is a less abrasive with your tongue, and certainly will exit all some bacteria in your tongue and thensome. This be has said, is the simple product and am surprised the has not been copied still with the competitor of point of the lowest prize. Good product, but would have been better priced say the unit, oh well, does not concern in a smaller material.
5 / 5 Thad
These are utmost. I find him much sweeter & easier that use that to scraper of tongue. And they take WAY more than your tongue that that uses the toothbrush!

My edges has used to complain that I have had bad respite (I thinks was so only a so only a ready to be sincere roughly that!), And there is prendido to think respite of mine was bad with which have begun to use these!
5 / 5 Aliza
Quite frankly this it saviour of life!! Never of then I have in the first place looked an ad of Youtube of this Godly, breathes it Fresh that produced, cleaner of Tongue , has has not used never a lot other cleaners of tongue and create has used the cleaners of metal are way too much hard in mine tongue and grieve to take a work done. While a orabrush is likes any another product with his soft bristles, ensures all a gunk in your tongue instantly collects in these bristles which is then easy to wash with water. Perfecto to be addition your daily dental routine. I have had this one there is subscribed of then all the world in my uses familiarised a now
4 / 5 Jetta
in my opinion is too long (more than a toothbrush) and a lot sees very felt, so only occupy more spatial. Of here besides, they see and celery of good quality and fulfil perfectly with his purpose. Has-liked me that has these esows' partorisca brush the tongue.
4 / 5 Dorla
Ossia One of a better tongue scrappers has has not used never. It is quite soft to not nettling your tongue and so only quite hard to do a work quickly. Easy to wash and the place was. I have bought a 4 band and has given a to the each one like this of my daughters also.
5 / 5 Glory
Loves a Orabrush, but have the finding of hard time he in of the tents. This was the shot adds for the 4-band, and has arrived quickly. Highly recommend Orabrush - has been using them for years, and can not imagine the oral cure without them!
4 / 5 Jovita
Has been the loyal Orabrush user for years. It likes owing the tongue cleaned and respite that does not stink. Any one sure the one who bondadoso of troll-breathe it has had before, but would like me to no for the experience never of again. And if it do not use a Orabrush, yours breathes probably the stinks and your tongue probably the looks is covered in mussel. I clean tongue. Or be so only for ever. (Well it follows still so only but this are beside a point)
4 / 5 Zenobia
the shot Adds thus produced. I have it it ordered him usually directly of a web of place but a prize was the better way that order him was prime of amazon. Thank you. I will order again like this always. I live my Orabrush.
5 / 5 Alica
His curvyness is class of annoying as usually your tongue is basically flat. You hips of the that read for cheeks like the result. If it was double sided would be perfect
4 / 5 Irving
like this has produced the plot. I clean a tongue on a paintbrush of tooth.
Easy to use and not complicating. Youtube Has the shows of video as to use.
Looks to reduce an unpleasant smell of a mouth. It will recommend to friends.
5 / 5 Anna
Good quality of the product. Prize very good. The product has arrived The time . It is complicated to achieve this product in the supermarket, how is an excellent option compraventa he thus half.
4 / 5 Leo
Is quickly and effective and sweet in a tongue. Taking rid of this effect of white tongue, likes with which caffè and tea. Calm really take you ready for prójimo arrives interaction with people.
5 / 5 Genevie
In the first place never scraper and is well. Basically the paintbrush of tooth with the different end. Really it scrapes down well and any ache. Durable and easy to clean.
5 / 5 Taina
After using this tongue brushes my mouth felt more cleaned. What better never. Helped improves the global mouth feels
5 / 5 Tessie
When This first element is exited, felt them a paintbrush has better fact to take dish and bacteria of yours tongue. Still it is in amazing! And among utmost colours. I will be to buy again.
5 / 5 Deeann
Use after the paintbrush my daily teeth, and is súper useful. Just needs to be substituted each 3-to to 4 month likes him the container recommends.
4 / 5 Lillia
Will not go back never calms once has used a Orabrush. Your respite achieves the new freshness. I recommend to buy paralizaciones east all the world, calm will thank you to promote fresh respite to those around you.
4 / 5 Ima
A bristles is the little more rigid when calm in the first place calms of use so much has to that brush the little lighter when it is still new. It averts of this work adds. It loves it.
5 / 5 Sadye
Happy to find this on . Utmost paintbrushes and very satisfied with compraventas.
4 / 5 Tonda
Does a lot very like this of the cleaners, further of the enjuagan very easy, the type of plastic liked a lot
4 / 5 Alvera
was of sceptic that this new creation would do better but he to good sure fact. My tongue is a lot of cleaner with this model this new plus that an old plus one with the slowly hard flange.
5 / 5 Clark
Happy of the find available on amazon after the drugs of Londra there is prendido to sell these.
Works of product to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5 Bonny
There is repurchased this produced multiple time in the number of years. It is a cleaner of better tongue in my opinion in a phase. Easy to use and does the clear difference in your routine of oral hygiene.
5 / 5 Kellee
I helped to softly clean my tongue and has taken rid of mine breathe bad.
4 / 5 Jefferey
Really well, really pissed a prize tripled has begun of then sell his on amazon tho.
5 / 5 Svetlana
Is súper useful, use he every night. I can see a gunk that the scrapped was. A lot in satisfactory. A bristles is soft and easy to clean. It loves it.
5 / 5 Necole
Been using Orabrush eversince is exited. Better that another tongue that cleans devices there. Amur This product!
5 / 5 Dannielle
A product has arrived open and that loses the paintbrush. Has come so only with 3. And it has been of then he opened it has launched so only a rest was. Not risking taking covid or the one who knows that more
4 / 5 Dulcie
Happy with a container with 4 unit.... The nave was quickly and a product his work
4 / 5 Ninfa
Fulfils with The expectations like the description of the product. It is an excellent scraper of tongue and servants to cure the buccal hygiene
5 / 5 Luis
It has taken one of these when I have bought a paintbrush of dog and has not looked never behind: amour a clean way, one managing of him and an ease partorisca use
4 / 5 Marvel
Clean tongue well without causing rawness or damage the tastebuds.
4 / 5 Ira
Is very effective to clean my toungue. Better tool still
4 / 5 In
This paintbrush is too hard and can hurt your tongue. I recommend to buy the soft paintbrush, does not squander money in this useless product
5 / 5 Joycelyn
has been using these partorisca the years and is a better tongue more cleaned could find them .

Top Customer Reviews: Orabrush Tongue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Sean
These do really well. It takes according to partorisca use and a quantity of crud choose up is disgusting, still ossia a legislation of idea ?

Really the help maintains partorisca breathe it fresh. You can have lint and clean teeth daily but if you are not scraping your tongue then still can have bad respite. It would owe that be the part of all the world is routine. The dentist recommended.
4 / 5 Katrice
Has used these partorisca the few years now and to good sure contribute the good oral health. It likes-me the tongue cleaned and these are far better that that uses the toothbrush.
4 / 5 Danyell
The clean amazing product a very good tongue, has been using this product partorisca the number of years now
4 / 5 Charise
I usually orabrush cleansing of tongue in superstores then the take and was has has tried looked for the like this tried looking Amazon and took it! 😁😆
5 / 5 Paulita
Brilliant product. Well fact, and soft. If it calms of the that scrapes a mucus of yours tongue, is going anchors it have respite of same dog after cleaning your teeth !. I have tried other cleaners of tongue, but this Orabrush is comfortable and effective. A SuperDrug cleansing has tried, almost has taken a skin of mine !. I recommend a Orabrush without hesitation.
4 / 5 Kelsie
Is all soft and ergonomic silicone.
Prefers a leading model like the fact a work a fast plus and was more robust was plastic and calms that could feel working.
4 / 5 Ambrose
The desire was the little more economic and also some officials orafoam was available to purchase for a uk

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Top Customer Reviews: OraBrush® Tongue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Latrice
I can not think failures partorisca this produced, taste cures of my oral health and feel these have been help adds partorisca maintain my rose of tongue. A bristles there is not softened and at all has not fallen averts after the few months partorisca use enough regulate.
4 / 5 Lowell
Does not have ANY PRODUCT that is better in cleaning your tongue that this. Ossia ALL has to that say. It is like this simple as it concealed. Ossia ---The BEST ---!
4 / 5 Sunni
Once buy this will ask you like this has gone your whole life without. It is crazy that the filth subtracts in your mouth without using an of these bad boys
5 / 5 Kraig
Always have and always will use a orabrush. Produced excellent!
4 / 5 Eulah
Well Brush the tongue.
Practical to use.
Recommends this Piece.
According to the Description of the ad done of the sud lucido place.
5 / 5 Sirena
Is genial, has not thought that this paintbrush would do has joined differentiates such. I use it all his days, looks durable.
Recommends it.
5 / 5 Lavelle
Have purchased this product Dopes to have felt speak Gives a Youtuber American.
Sweats work does it, The terminal part with a small raschietto is utilísima to clean funds of the tongue, the centrical part with the very small fates has silicone of date to clean rests.
Does not nettle , the only precisely that it could afre is that, being rigid, gives some difficulty the spazzolare the centrical part of the tongue and needs to go behind in diverse directions.
Any one have noted differences abissali of which have used always another the type has given spazzolino apposito for the cleansing of the tongue, my this is more delicate like this as it thinks that the ricomprerò.

Top Customer Reviews: Orabrush Tongue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Jasmine
Perfecto partorisca a purpose has feigned. It is surprising that a lot he thickets and taking rid of some horrible bacteria have contained in a tongue. Thanks to his use my last date my hygienist was the enormous success. It was like this very happy with a cleanliness of my teeth and my pinky tongue. Highly it recommends this product. Constance and the pertinent use the smile looks very brilliant.
4 / 5 Lesli
Has found initially a product partorisca be quite hard and abrasive but has then taken has used his, and clean a tongue a lot amiably with his paintbrush of zone of big surface
4 / 5 Treena
work well and taking rid of junk of your tongue. Using it after brushing your teeth. Also it helps to take a respite of morning. Very effective. Calm so only will know after trying

Top Customer Reviews: OraBrush Tongue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5 Calvin
Ossia Essential partorisca oral hygiene, uses it to them roughly so as the do my toothbrush. It has not been that the never survived without him. Partorisca Years the have like the plot other people has had to that treat the dish of white tongue although the mine has not been that severe. I have used to think it was normal until it has discovered them this. Happy to say that his the does not issue now.
4 / 5 Ok
The product adds. I clean a better tongue then a lot another. I have bought a lot another but is not quite like this good.
5 / 5 Olga
Excellent quality although slightly different to one some have purchased on Facebook. It can not say that it is better or worse for now, but does a work:)
4 / 5 Anastasia
love the one quantity of bad material is exited my tongue, was in incident🤤🤤
After my mouth felt like this well the really done the difference. Fresh respite mmmmmm . 😝😝
5 / 5 Melida
Tercero one of these Ive the utmost work bought and last ages
5 / 5 Kristian
This cleaner of tongue is coming two in the band. The value adds for prize.
4 / 5 Arnold
Produced excellent, soft in a tongue and cleans it well. John
4 / 5 Rosamaria
Any one the description. It says dipped of two. I have ordered 2 dip as it would owe that have meaning 4 has arrived, but so only 2 has arrived.
4 / 5 Andrew
Been using a Now Paintbrush partorisca the few years now. Very effective and good works!
5 / 5 Nery
A lot of people comprising me there is has had always the question with breathing first what bad after despertador up. This is to draw to reduce or delete a source of this question that is often a buildup of bacteria and lunch in a tongue. I have used these for several years and has done the mine of significant difference breathes and like the result my confidence.

A good;
-Really noticeable improvement in a flavour and smell of breathes during a day.
-Fast and easy to use, so only the little scrapes of a tongue of the the rovescio two times the day.
-Does not require gel or paste, use he immediately after brushing and is perfect.
-Also prevents a discoloration a lot of people have in his tongue, included if they do not remark.

A bad;
-Can feel abrasive a prime minister little time is used but early feels natural.
-For any cleaner of tongue a gag reflex always will be a subject, in my experience that resists your respite is a better solution as gagging is related to respite.

I cant recommends this highly enough to all the world-wide people like this a lot of is not even conscious that has poor oral hygiene.. If or calm any experiment breathes bad, adding this yours the daily routine so only can be of profit.
5 / 5 Carissa
I really like this produced but £5 the paintbrush is was it of bloody tears . I saw him in of the Boots for £ which is much more reasonable. It would find the reseller the one who is not stinging you.
5 / 5 Robin
A proportion of the breathes bad that emanates of a tongue means ossia the way adds to maintain your clean and fresh mouth. There is to good sure the noticeable differentiates when you use this, breathes is much fresher and the atasca feels more cleaned. There is the risk to gag when achieving legislation in a backside, but is the reaction of natural organism . A product is expensive in any case, to good sure would look for around. Constantly diverse on Amazon, as it maintains an eye.
5 / 5 Gwendolyn
Thinks that is the little has bitten pricey, but is some cleaners of better tongue have found. A bristles and a scraper, can not be beaten.
4 / 5 Livia
He exactly as it has expected. At all bad in a bar of has produced a seal of big prize.
5 / 5 Kris
This scraper of tongue is excellent. Calm I always uses an after trying. Like this it marks especially. They have had to that well, and is easy to maintain clean, but mine of substitute each little month.
5 / 5 Magnolia
Ossia The necessary element partorisca your bath! Really clean the yours the tongue and help it take rid of breathes bad! I will maintain partorisca buy...
5 / 5 Buena
Is bad the one who gunk is in fact in yours tongue.

Thicket That tongue, you dirty reader of description.

Leaves your mouth that feels fresh, the little pricey perhaps.
4 / 5 Korey
Loves this product, good value good quality! The desire could choose colours
4 / 5 Kattie
Ossia brilliant! I do not think never I can go back now.
5 / 5 Sommer
It is worse that regulates it colgate max fresh toothbrush
5 / 5 Portia
that Surprises like this usual, the recommend help prevent bad respite
4 / 5 Siu
Fantastic product! I have bought a OraBrush Tongue the Cleaner of multiple time and I to good sure will buy again.
4 / 5 Jacalyn
Asked never the one who this white discharge in yours tongue is? It is the fat bed of bacteria, fungi and the dead cells have captured among some nodules in a tongue. These have colonised your tongue is been born of then and has been thriving there whilst believed to bear brush your teeth, using mouthwash and has included flossing is enough.

Will share my sincere experience: I have had the question with breathes bad of like this far behind as I can agree - simply has destroyed my confidence. Chewing gum and using all an elegant mouthwashes swimming for me. Ossia When my recommended sister Orabrush the mine and I have thought would give tries it. This was two years ago and no the day is spent of longitude of then where does not leave my house in a morning without spending at least the minute that use my Orabrush. It is the worker of miracle - entirely eradicates everything of this aim gunk in your tongue and leaves your mouth that feels extra fresco closing after the lunch! When This paintbrush is coupled with breathes that it neutralises bad mouthwashes like Ultradex and CB12, can be calm sure will have a cleaner of respite, fresher in a room 24/'ll included wake up with breathes fresh in a morning.

When in the first place starts to use a paintbrush, could do gag but a trick to win ossia to resist out of a tongue according to which pode. Simply thicket your tongue the loosen especially this aim gunk then the tug was with a paintbrush. Rinse A paintbrush and repeat until has the grandson that looks tongue (your mirror of bath would owe that it calms of help with this). A paintbrush has the soft texture so as to not being hard in a tongue. I have experienced sweet bleeding in a tongue so only during mine very first uses (I supposition of mine tongue has not been used his), but any bleeding of then.

Yours paintbrushes tongue with the paintbrush of power for 2-3 minutes, lint, use Orabrush and the arrival was with the quality mouthwash. Your mouth will feel incredibly cleaned, believe me. Highly it would recommend to any one.
4 / 5 Deeanna
Has used these paintbrushes of tongue for on 6 years and remained with the best practices of dental hygiene these leaves your clean and fresh mouth.

This paintbrush:

✓ Among the row of different colours
✓ Take white bacteria out of your tongue, leaving it pink and vibrant
✓ the improvement felt of flavour
✓ Reduced of the cavities
✓ the improvement breathes
✓ Is easy to use and clean
4 / 5 Pamala
Like the a lot of people have spent the paintbrush partorisca dent to the sud my games of tongue that can clean but found that this has not been very effective same with a brossage and a bath of mouth. I have commanded The paintbrush that reads his positive commentaries and I does not complain , clean very a lot well the tongue and leaves to take all that embezzle paste to the sud the tongue. In the the impression of not having any remaining flavour in the mouth is is well.

Does to lack rascar in all His senses of the tongue to the start and after racler to go down many times that clean this last.
Has not tried Lucido gel that Proposes the mark, games lucidos the moment gladden me so only of the paintbrush and would see his days to come.
The paintbrush the Dent is rid in two copies in a emballage plastic.

Recommends strongly east brushes The tongue, does not go to complain.
5 / 5 Lonnie
This gives year that a copain costruttore of grattoir tongue of Games in Hong Kong, had offered to join me. I used it a moment well, to good sure car too long has used well... Has like this repurchased this pair Of grattoir, of the games travels one touches the house. It is so only indispensable, but the for real indispensable games joins good hygiene bucco dental. brosser His Dents is not sufficient, fault brosser the tongue. But brosser the tongue without having it rascar to the leading is does not hoard. This accessory is 5 dry in the mouth in 2 or 3 steps the tongue is downloaded gives impuretés and the day begins better !
5 / 5 Vanda
Although the sea with watering result me an articulate very good. I clean the bacteria of the tongue with enough of efficiency.
4 / 5 Olevia
So only has fulfilled 3 car of accident is difficult touch to judge of the efficiency.
Sure enough me brosser the tongue with giving me desire to vomit and does not give support that of the sud 3 or 4 passages. It sees well that this takes roughly has chosen. Disappointed Of any pas lucido Partidário.
5 / 5 Cory
A product of this Gender would owe that be tax to some people... All His bactéries of the sud the tongue is the Cause of the bad respite. The orabrush leaves partorisca take join to separate games very big partorisca obtain joins tongue more own and the compatible pair joins better respite. One recommends to the yours prójimo !
4 / 5 Davis
Has begun partorisca use these products And The time sure already (habituée to the elderly creation) and that here does not pose any question of adaptation, all the contrary, is more flexible and sweeter but has guaranteeed always a súper is resulted.
Respite and flawless hygiene fraiche Permanently !
5 / 5 Rosetta
Prefers the used to the Fin of mine brossage, has used already 2, will repurchase surely falls to the sud a good prize.
5 / 5 Johnsie
Does perfectly Touches partorisca suppress lucida imposición to the sud the responsible tongue of the bad respite that he brossage of the dents does not suffice partorisca treat.
5 / 5 Elaina
A tool that develops this in spite of a bit useful, leaves partorisca have join better hygiene buccale. The pair against are has persuaded that his hairs of the paintbrush is practically useless...
4 / 5 Maisie
These paintbrushes arrive Me in blacks and has Trace. Dipped The part concealed is some sake and act very good. A god to the bactéries of the sud the tongue.
5 / 5 Alphonso
Cara but very resistant and effective. It recommends in all lucido world-wide that has give questions of respite. I am conquered!

Top Customer Reviews: Orabrush Tongue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5 Cherlyn
A Orabrush really is the good dental product. It has cleaned my tongue effectively almost everything of a time this in spite of can do your rough tongue according to what calms uses it. A thing to resist in the alcohol is that some needs of tongue to be moist enough to soften a dish and 'debris'. It is this in spite of difficult to clean some rear sides of a tongue because of gagging reflex. A paintbrush has taken was blue and certainly any one aimed in a photo. Calm also can look the video on Youtube of a Orabrush and as to use to take optimum results.
5 / 5 Garfield
Had used the scraper of tongue that was in a backside of the toothbrush and I like. I upgraded to an electrical toothbrush to the equal that has loved a real cleaner. He to good sure do. Your mouth feels a lot of cleaner and fresher.

Is much more effective that some usual mints and/or mouthwash like this in fact take all a debris ossia in your tongue. It likes-me the caffè the plot but I does not like him a furry feeling in mine tongue after, a scraper takes concealed and help to avert a respite of caffè has dreaded.

Is also a lot of gain like to them other drinks/of lunches that can leave it your respite any one like this fresco to the equal that would like, of spicy lunch, the red wine etc. Thinks It also would be good for smokers also (although they are the no-smoker, how is so only my two cents)

to to Another reason likes is that it is a lot quickly to use, 5 of as or like this to brush behind and advance and is good to go. I recommend this with which yours regulate to brush or during a day (especially with which lunch, caffè etc) Also yes use last what at night after the pocolos drunk your mouth to good sure will be much fresher.

Go to order another to maintain in an office.
5 / 5 Colette
Ossia Now an essential in mine routine of oral hygiene. The calm only whip was, paintbrush around a tongue and then scrape of a material of tongue.

- Breathe a lot of fresco. The person will not avert you never again.
- Is looking tongue, adds when taking soyiley'-esque selfies.
- Adds to coach your partorisca gag reflex.

- Does not add if you do not want to coach yours gag reflex, but any product goes to do gags the little.
- A goo is quite foul.
- All the world loves french kiss you ( is an affliction ).
4 / 5 Marylyn
Has bought this with a certificate of Present of the Amazon. This was so only random. Behind to a description.
A prize is reasonable but a product really takes a cake-no in the bad way. To be sincere, the chair adds in your tongue but does absolutely a lot different in breathing it wise when I have used my paintbrush of tooth to brush my tongue.
Has bought the only cause has the delicate tongue some of my flavour buds has been destroyed(I knows grows behind but does not look to be asking a process).

5 / 5 Annelle
Has used the scraper of basic economic tongue for years. You ( takes the plot of gunk) but the look bit it rough in your tongue.
A Orabrush after the week of the use does not give some same results. Any gunk seen in bristles, any subject like hard press
down or the movement behind and advances and zig zag direction.

For casualidad has seen one in Súper drug. In the next inspection could see it looked different, some that more sturdy and plan of the rear scraper fatter.

First use could see a gunk in a bristles (so only like in a youtube video).

Now uses my scraper of economic tongue older that take majority of gunk. Then 2nd Orabrush (súper drug)for the better arrival sweeter.

Is Súper drug one the newest version that Amazon a?

Any one has impressed...
4 / 5 Adelle
Well, Clean a rest of our daily organism, like reason any one a tongue also?

After reading some descriptions, was intrigued and surfed to see the one who the bacteria in a tongue have looked. Oh yuk.

This really done loves me try a orabrush. He that says in one beats, and gave it so only 3 stars because it would like to see so only the one who hard time.

Another thought - reason any the coverage for him? And for reasons of hygiene, really would prefer one in metal.
5 / 5 Brunilda
After the years to brush my tongue, washed of mouth and mind has found them finally something these works.

A first time used it to them the surprised in how much gunk is exited my tongue. It was gross but that has surprised a same time.

And has them does not breathe worse anymore. And can try them my feed better now which is still I more adds.

And was economic and add it speedy delivery of Amazon, like this always.

Your friends and included your fiancé/of promise (knows the one who the bad :-) ) thank you for him.
4 / 5 Brinda
This artilugio is cleansing of better tongue still.
Always have a gagging reflex when it has dipped them something to a backside of my throat but ossia a prime minister that hardly causes this and really clean my tongue.
I like a soft bristles and to seat likes is really taking to some nooks and crannies of the mine tongue.
Hate a scraping has bitten cos of a yukky gunk these starts of the frames loves me raise but the remark a difference in a colour of the mine tongue immediately.
Would recommend this for all the world-wide the one who there is furry questions of tongue.
4 / 5 Veronika
It uses this partorisca my edges and is an easier way to clean his tongue after brushing
5 / 5 Windy
One announcing in youtube partorisca this product has been done really well, and has had the big hype in this infamous orabrushes. I have had to that take one. On it has arrived used quell'immediately! In the first place that uses my toothbrush so only to see that when it has after used - a orabrush would aim me that it had lost it.
After scraping was was impressed obviously with my results. An evidence was clear. A orabrush had directed to take things of my mouth that the toothbrush there has been any (and this had been the toothbrush WITH the cleaner of tongue on that!) And it is true, a bristles really is upper-to-the smooth toe.
This in spite of me still found the hard to achieve a backside of the mine tongue without feeling uncomfortable and think that is where the majority of a muck gathers. In spite of this minor downfall Orabrush is the must has! Especially for some days with which have been drinking some prejudices before!
5 / 5 Rosalva
These produced act really done , has tried all the classes of ways to cure very embarrassing breathes bad without successes, and has thought would try this cleaner of tongue. It was quite sceptical but has had at all to lose have ordered like this one. Well, I am very pleased that in last I look for having found a really done paintbrush operates it and I would recommend it to any one. My mouth feels clean and mine breathe it bad has gone. Fantastic!.
4 / 5 Anabel
Has mixed emotions aince buying this, first of all I cant belive that craps was in mine toungue!! And the really likes to maintain my teeth that the fresh look and my mouth but wow, sound that has surprised how much this in fact cleaned, uses to so only brush my tongue but that clesrly wasnt enough, each house would owe that have one!
5 / 5 Thurman
Has has wanted to this, used it every day of then buying it and your mouth to good sure feels the cleaner of plot after the use
4 / 5 Simonne
the product adds the law adds and the softest plot that the toothbrush
4 / 5 Tiffany
Brilliant, has has not used never one of this first but will not be without a now. Your tongue looks really sã and clean when you have used this, take stains in your tongue of the caffè and another lunch stuffs to take one of these, calms that will want to.
5 / 5 Conrad
This takes some taking used to,well partorisca me in all the chance . I wants to gag me at the beginning when cleaning an a lot of for behind my tongue but this any one last long .The laws of paintbrush to treat it and my tongue is def like this better . def Take another ...
5 / 5 Lucio
Rids down a cleaner of better calm tongue can take, certainly in this row of prize in all the chance. Simple to use, gives to feel add , clean resulted and does not hurt or to cut like you to him some of some other cleaners of tongue have used.
4 / 5 Miss
This does quite good... You will be surprised in how much crud is in your tongue. Has the feeling 'fresh' well after using a paintbrush and is included better with which have used the good mouthwash also.
5 / 5 Kenia
First time have tried this type of product and am very pleased. Well drawn and comfortable to use. It looks quite sturdy. He a work
5 / 5 Lavon
surprising so only that a lot these are. Interesting that there is the big difference using an of these and the fight breathes bad
4 / 5 Rusty
Ossia the product adds , the ees has used another tongue brushed that it has found them useless. This a soft east and does not spoil a tastebuds but an effective same time! Fast despatch and delivery!
4 / 5 Sonia
Clean a good tongue and is simple to use, but unless has any gag reflex will struggle to clean legislation to a backside of a tongue, does not see like this the subject could be fixed as it can not attack a product.
4 / 5 Terra
Has used to use GUM scraper of tongue. It was so much better that this. But this does a work also although his quell'has bitten hard to take all a gunk of a tongue after scraping.
5 / 5 Rafael
Quite expensive so that it is but has done his COST of work. Found has has had to that more times that I dictate it to take any clear results and this can be a lot the time that eats. I have chosen any to king-buy another so only has the 2-3 times of stairs of month.
5 / 5 Kimberley
Not liking a picture. It was a new to draw which have not loved. It is well, but no like this goood
4 / 5 Nikole
This element that says but the does not think is required really to be sincere hasnt anything and calm easily can use a backside of the paintbrush of the tooth like the majority has cleansing of tongue in his already.
4 / 5 Desmond
Excellent was doubtful at the beginning does ! Fast delivery like this
5 / 5 Hai
produced Very good to clean your tongue to feed debris. It has purchased a before and was happy with a product. It would recommend
5 / 5 France
To good sure that it is says! An only downside is not having the coverage for him and obviously a normal toothbrush some do not return
4 / 5 Arleen
has struggled with breathes bad for the pair of years now and ossia a product of prime minister has found that in fact works. An end bristles of a cleaner feels soft against your tongue whilst taking deep down and take a gunk that the causes breathes bad. Thoroughly it would recommend this product to any one suffering halitosis and will be to buy this again hardly substitutes my toothbrush!
4 / 5 Mandie
Excellent element excellent service , my edges is very happy with this element . Thank you
5 / 5 Mirta
His astounding that it can clean it of yours tongue. His comfortable to use and uses it to them after cleaning teeth. Utilisation with the washed of mouth and maintains it fresh the majority of a day. They are happy has bought them this element.
5 / 5 Fairy
OMG Does not have any idea the one who has done this produces on, but thank you Goddess partorisca you! Of then they are 20 pregnant weeks , has the flavour of metal in my mouth after eating dairy or this amazing pocola what honradamente is saving my life. I want to this, would buy again and highly recommend like this I cant live the day without east! XX
4 / 5 Ricarda
Yep, need one of this so much part of mine daily oral routine. It expected it it was better that some usual scrapers, but the really done any better operates it that a basic some
5 / 5 Devora
the products Adds, more economic that some retailers when I have purchased he of here, to good sure would recommend this to another, he that says in one beats, and do like this well.
5 / 5 Freda
A bristols clean a tongue brilliantly and some helps of scraper partorisca scrape a gunk of a tongue .If utilisations with the minty the toothpaste will leave your respite that fresh of extra smells. Im Quite happy with a product!

Top Customer Reviews: Orabrush Tongue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
It has taken this because have has thought that scrapers of regular tongue (all-plastic some) looked the little odd. Now that has tried both types seat that this paintbrush does not take so material like plastic and also takes enough the little scrapes to achieve a same result. Calm also need the substitute at least each one that 6 month, while the majority of plásticoes some are sure dishwasher like calm does not have to that spend more money.

In general, is a good product, but would recommend the plastic scraper rule in place of east a.
4 / 5
My Doctor recommended this,and are highly the to bed with me in the glass of water,and use he in a night,taking rid of this bad flavour in my mouth,and clean my tongue a same time. Bought one for my edges and also like,highly recommend of east to any the one who as he coated tongue,has not known has had anything like this in a phase,or would have bought a the fact of long time. I maintain to look to a mirror,and pulls it my tongue went in, so only for the laugh,but well of the see looking like this never be without one. Thank you doc.
5 / 5
Has used this paintbrush so only once, and has launched was my old, difficult to use paintbrush of tongue, and has ordered another for my partner. This paintbrush is like this easy to use, calms that can use every time brush your teeth. Has the class of excluyente that take all a gunge the paintbrush was (sad, TMI?) It likes podes so only the rinse was. Also it has the flat boss, as you can clean your tongue more behind before starts to gag.
He all touch like this simple, and really is, but then, all some the better creations are simple.
Thoroughly Recommended, and good service of vendor.
5 / 5
An easy to use solution for any sufferers of coated or green tongue to reduce a question and maintain bacteria in bay. A bristles is soft but effective and a built in the scraper resupplies an efficiency augmented has required .
5 / 5
Is the cleaner of good tongue but am more comfortable that uses the toothbrush.
5 / 5
A Orabrush is while my toothbrush, which already uses to brush my tongue. It has expected, there it has been been more along, would achieve further my throat that my paintbrush, but is significantly wider that the paintbrush and he me gag.

A Orabrush at all that my toothbrush can any one , likes evidenced for a lack of material obtained after brushing.
4 / 5
Has been using these paintbrushes for almost 2 years and I believe is the necessity mine now. I have used the paintbrushes of tongue ossia in a backside of the toothbrushes but any one compare to this. You will be surprised the one who gunk exited your tongue when calm in the first place the use! It can do you gag yes calm to dip it too far behind in your mouth but so only takes the bit of test and error to take used to.
4 / 5
Has used the cleaner of tongue of type of scraper for the number of years. They are very pleased with a Orabrush to to products likes him-laws that to him thorough more quickly that my old scraper. It would recommend it to any one.

Was very pleased with a service of this provider. Rid in the pair of days in free delivery. Probably I will buy the bulk sale in my next order for better lovely closing.
5 / 5
Am using this product for several days now and am absolutely happy roughly that. My looks of the tongue much more is. Material, included my sense of flavour has improved. It likes- one creation the the, has the soft paintbrush to churn residue, and the part of scraper in a cup of a paintbrush. So much, it is more versatile that so only the scraper.
5 / 5
These looks of creation newer to be more difficult to clean because of a redesigned scraper 'leaf'. An old creation was very better the rinse and cleaned with which uses. This one often has to that be scrubbed with a toothbrush to take everything of a delicious tongue gunk was.
5 / 5
One of the mine essentials now! Absolutely it loves that. Marcos yours mouth feels like this cleansing after using.
4 / 5
Is too rigid, has to be very sweet and careful. I have had old orabrush before it is soft and easy to use.
Like another user has said that a photo is misleading, does not like model of exposure. Any recommended.
5 / 5
Seats that a Orabrush is more than the gimmick that a cleaner of effective tongue. I find a tung paintbrushes to give the much deeper cleaned and breathes the durable quota longer especially when used with a tung gel.
5 / 5
Really freshen you mouth, has left so only yours breathes. I add when has mouth of hangover.
4 / 5
Hard to be mad about in the paintbrush but in fact touch the product adds. It could any never take a hang still to brush my tongue with my toothbrush so that it has not annoyed never. Now, with this paintbrush, my mouth feels much fresher and cleaner. Any a lot of tents sell it this in spite of like this very on Amazon.
4 / 5
My tongue has has not felt never like this before, is like my tongue there is transcended of some depths of my mouth and is resulted a fresh air where the flower of flowers.
4 / 5
OraBrush Have the client of for life. I produce to add that really I can any lie without. If never no the utilisation in fact seats unclean.
5 / 5
Laws really well but has launched the mine was after 3 weeks. Still although I rinsed the after each use, with which 3 weeks, say the black mould that grows in a base and among some spikes and I no longer have loved to dip that in my mouth. Now it uses the teaspoon cleaned every day and this does like this well.
4 / 5
Ossia The different paintbrush to the mine old an although well a scraper thingy looked main the ones of the one who think his like this as well as the old fashion was has preferred a lot it
4 / 5
the scraper is gone in different packaging to a one in a photo. It is gone in to some partorisca thin to plastic packaging almost likes to of him was part of the place the big plus and had been individually king-packaged. The quality has not been like this well like one has taken of another vendor.
5 / 5
That can say in the scraper of tongue?? Work and there is at all more partorisca say!! If it maintains your fresh respite is @@subject among me and my costruttore
5 / 5
cleansing tongue really well, soft material, material of quality of handy grip, for economic prize. Value for money, produces recommended for all the world.
5 / 5
Been using this for years now, once the buy wont go back!
Requires daily otherwise respite of mine of the commentaries feels and odora bad!
5 / 5
A bit pointless felt, any one different to use the toothbrush in your tongue.
4 / 5
Finds that a bristles is so only too plasticy! They have hurt My tongue and caused it the bleed every time the uses, and afterwards feels to extend. As any well,
the photo is misleading like paintbrush has received them is green/black with the boss of strong plastic black bristles, to at all likes model of exposure.

Some expensive waste of money
4 / 5
Ossia simply glorious. Easy to use, easy to clean and quite hard the while also.
4 / 5
Material taking of of my tongue but my gag reflex has to that be sensitive or something reason is really hard to do he for a lot long or take prójimo to a backside of my throat.
4 / 5
A bit too rigid for a tongue, has to be very very sweet otherwise can hurt!
5 / 5
Has been that uses the scraper of tongue for several years, but a Orabrush certainly has beat - sweeter even more effective. My mouth is the a lot of the place more is !
5 / 5
Absolutely fab! He a work and very easy to use. He a better work that scrubbing with the toothbrush, although it finds that the separate scraper is the must .
4 / 5
Tried it, has done. I have been surprised. So only it scrapes a gunk cleaned was. Your tongue can breathe when this is to use!
4 / 5
Expensive but value each penny and hard to find in a big street.
5 / 5
No a cleaner of tongue has better had, there is more effective some in a phase that looks partorisca do the better work. I have launched the mine was after the few days.
5 / 5
Good product, has experience using other frames. This a Orabrush is a better, loves it and to good sure maintains to use the.
4 / 5
This cleaner of the tongue does not operate, the there is not remarked any different using this product recommends them use the toothbrush regulates partorisca clean you tongue
5 / 5
very sure reason the didnt buys it sooner, but does a work and is recommended

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