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Top Customer Reviews: Queentas® Blonde ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Charline
So that it has disturbed 😡 ossia at all like a picture!! Like an alopecia sufferer I really expected after reading revise this would spend my confidence behind!!! They are a lot conscious of a prize an economic plus!!.. This wig is not partorisca value your smells 💰 of looks of the money and feels like the wig!!..I am disturbed for real if I am sincere a pointed picture is models own hair !!..
5 / 5 Sharyn
Partorisca The start is roughly 2-3 thumbs more courts. It is the period of Jaw bob. And secondly, it is not the really shiny white-blond likes signalled in a photograph. It is kill he-colour of arrival of soiled straw. In a upside the looks well has done. So much, you are looking for the very done jaw-period mousy straw-blond, dulls, on-accused and looks it really need the boss of good conditioner of hair, bob-wig, ossia a a partorisca you! Envoy behind. No like this announced.
4 / 5 Charity
I really like this wig a quality is a lot well a colour is lovely and very realistic, shorter that some shows of picture this in spite of looks fantastic I spends it all a time and will be partorisca order another punctual would recommend this element!
5 / 5 Lucile
Has used partorisca the action of dance, the element has been rid promptly and the quality is better that has expected. Has the resplandor good and well feel his. Very Happy, thank you
5 / 5 Damaris
is the good wig partorisca a prize, has spent alot likes on some years and trust me sound some shockers there, as with more than the wigs have to give it a little way so that it looks well very only plonked in your boss
5 / 5 Yan
Amur this company really recommends because of a quality of his wigs for an incredible prize ; my sister is spent the plot of money in of the extensions/of hair of the wigs for his clients but a reason I reordered this same wig again is reason asked for another reason was impressed like this with a quality
looking foward to buy a red a punctual 🙂
4 / 5 Wade
A colour is at all like a picture, is in fact a blond ash. A fashion is also different, is the layered bob, period of the chin and a fringe is long, need to be cut or clipped behind liking tomb to in a fund of my nose. Prpers Having said that, is good quality , returns well and looks real. A subject for a prize. 5 stars for a real wig, 3 stars for any when being no a product has announced.
5 / 5 Vanita
Taken this short wig but has to that it has chosen one wrong to a has not liked him a brown mixed with a blond but to to my sister liked a lot.
5 / 5 Ellena
His the good global wig, black of real jet, a lot of record and well feel
5 / 5 Racquel
Ossia Surprisingly very partorisca of the money, although at all like a photo. It is the dark blond and a lot short. So only it comes your jaw.
5 / 5 Jolynn
Ossia Likes hair of Worlds of the Daughters - no annoying ! I have looked a judge of A Bee partorisca Sew Show of TV when I have dipped this on!
4 / 5 Filomena
It loves it. In the first place it has arrived punctually in boxing it how was the good start . Usually the wigs arrive in just the stock exchange and can take the bit frazzled. Ossia A better wig has not bought never and to good sure my preferred. Really it looks better that a picture. It is the beautiful mix of honey and caramel colours. Yard and styled extremely well and is like this soft wants to maintain in the fond. It is comfortable to spend with just a right quantity of piece, forgets are by train of the spend. Highly I can recommend and we value some five accident gave it. The desire has done he in the different colour as it could buy another.
4 / 5 Sharolyn
There is enough the few wigs because they are the singer . Some were a lot of economic and some a lot of expensive but this wig is honradamente a plus there is never has bought. It could spend this without clips of wig because it returns perfect and is like this comfortable. I probably trim a fringe because door of the glasses and like me to him bit it main but a colour and feel of a wig is fantastic.
4 / 5 Shandi
Quality too small of synthetic hair horrid. So only trying it on cariche sinister of hair in a paving! Colour and way any like this visas.
Sending it behind.
4 / 5 Ima
jais My star joined less just reason would owe that change the Photo could think that she decent of the sud his shoulders but the no. fails to Leave of the principle that she level decent of the mention this says l general near and all The correct fact that knows the longitude now can l buy in all the month of confidence this adapt a lot very
5 / 5 Lauralee
Súper schnelle Lieferung, gute Passform aber sie könnte mehr Haare one gives Stirnseite haben!
4 / 5 Michel
Cube sehr zufrieden. Tolles Tragegefühl. Tolle Farbe. Genau wie abgebildet
5 / 5 Tena
Súper Touches your disguises! The recomande, The quality gives the hairs is incredible.
5 / 5 Claretta
Has asked this product partorisca carnival, like the colour and weigh it that any one has a very low prize the quality that has merit to paid to pity a bit more, any one complicates like other wigs, comes with a point to collect your peel and with four forks of colours
4 / 5 Minnie
Meiner Meinung nach sehr gut für hellheutige geeignet, gives is keine hat at the head of the tip, sondern like this Silikon vorne, sieht is schnell fake aus, wenn man nicht gives entsprechenden tan dazu hat.
Sonst Quotes of war which gut und angenehm :)!

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas® Natural ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
First impression is sum !
Has thought would lose them a front of tip, but east matches my colour, like this can them leave some of mine own bangs was and a line of wig wont show.

Is has some really odd 'roots' doing look there are them teased my whole hair, but no tip unless taken all closes up in my hair.

The colour adds although it thought it to them would be much blonder, is more afterwards to the soiled blond and no the platen.

A texture is perfect, and the does not have to that prep he with dry shampoo partorisca do look natural. And it is like this light and aired in my boss, yey!

In fact would say that ossia 100 times more wearable that the kryssma wig, wich has been my preferred partorisca the long time...

Am exited partorisca see the one who this durable .

4/5 stars how is the product adds to this prize, but the lose some combs so that it would take to my boss. So much it goes them partorisca sew on some.

Bought it 3/4-19 and he arriwed in Norvegia 5/4-19.
4 / 5
Has bought this that present he in the gay a lot of-fellow the one who is the dressing -up. It is in his late 50s, taking bald still, still wants to has amused as I guess the blond the wig can maintain his merry vibes. It looks so better when it has spent. Really it looks the real hair . And, it has done to look an instant bombshell (to see lateralmente, behind and of far)! 😂 A happiness has spent his is priceless to the equal that am also happy choosing this product.
5 / 5
Looks Like this real! WOW! The colour is surprising. I access a boss has hair along how is hard to hide but finally the wig gone back. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
This wig is not to like a picture. This would not owe that be the surprised the reasons a same image is used for the number of different Wigs is and another web of places. 1 it has it not lacing front or separating like this to to 70 east likes him the fringe too much of long that continues in your face. A shadow /the dark section is also much more. Different to some chair of elements likes the look of of people in me and think oh goddess that the person is spending the wig is that obvious.
5 / 5
Well But hard wig to find line of hair, no very silky likes some have and naves immediately. Shame to the equal that loves a colour and way, any grip in a point inside any
5 / 5
A wig is going the itch after the moment. It tries any to upload with product and just rinse without emotional the too much. The rinsed with cloth softener and work. A plus brushes of the ruins of fast plus . The utmost good quality asestada.
4 / 5
Loves this like this natural wig that looks. Same colour like my own hair to the equal that can pull out of my front and looks like this realistic. It will be to look for more queentas wigs
4 / 5
the wig Adds can be done to look very natural. A lot versitile stying so only down fall to this unit is there are not quite a lot of clips inside tò the maintain sure but remarking or can not solve with clips of wig and edge 😊
5 / 5
Beautiful blond wig of hair. Looks A lot very on me . It has taken for thematic party this coming weekend.
Looks Very good!
5 / 5
Totally different colour and the poor amour that goes bald cant swimming with him sending it directly bk
5 / 5
This element was terrible quality , has not looked to the to anything likes in of a picture and is not partorisca heat resistant, has begun partorisca spill the hair has take grieves he of a stock exchange! Poor
5 / 5
Entirely disturbed a product,hard hair,nit comfortable, was terrible
5 / 5
Absolutely fabulous the fantastic product has bought 4 like this far and also other very happy creations x
4 / 5
the Only complaint has fallen of the hair was more than any wig has seen. I have paid less partorisca the main quality.
4 / 5
Produces really bad and quality. At all like a picture. Has has had to that return it immediately. No shabby.
4 / 5
Loves this wig, any commentary to say bad so flattering to spend daily or occasionally 👌
4 / 5
For such the economic prize has been impacted for a quality of this wig.
4 / 5
Really like this wig. I add to spend daily and any itch. The value adds for money
5 / 5
A wig is horrible and is not to heat Resistant. It is different of a photo. He so only arrived punctually.
5 / 5
The sum of looks of the wig but of the discharges is at all like a picture. So only the regulate hairnet. Really disapointing.
4 / 5
Way too fat.... State 3 thumbs of my boss! A lot disappointed
4 / 5
has Ordered this on its own name partorisca be able has the new look without that has to that chemically dye own arrives in slender box and comes with coverage of hair.unla The wig is easy to dip on and can be regulated partorisca access cercana.un the hair is synthetic but is look very real unless very together, is soft and natural looking no a hair to write by heart of plastic wrist of daughter of the years of synthetic wigs have taken his hands in the and has loved that, ossia picture of the wig dipped on without any preparation and I still think looks very happy in prizes. Has several synthetic wigs to the equal that thinks way abordable sum partorisca change the priest thinks that that this wig will look good partorisca happy and can not expect for prime minister outing that blond bombshell 😁 has modified with photo of wig after brushing and styling. I think that that I look adds and my daughter is very resulted has attached his like this adapted the transmission partorisca one of his wigs like the look goes partorisca be the fiery the red and she will be blond bombshell 😂
5 / 5
would be unlikely to spend this wig was like your own hair, but partorisca be just looks for partorisca be pointed more in cosplayers and people those who wish to dress-up. And in these zones, this wig really comes to the his own. It spills the fair has bitten directly out of a box, but ossia quite normal for new wigs. It is the really decent feeling material - good quality - especially for a prize, and the good period. You can quite easily cut some bangs to any desire of period, and comes with discharges he of wig of the point, hips, which is in prize . In general, really satisfied with a quality of this wig; it could quite he easily uses for futures cosplays.
4 / 5
This is to be order for my adolescent daughter. His hair is at present pink but is the naturalidad blond and this looked the alike fashion and colour.

A part of discharges of the quality of looks of the quite good point . This in spite of a wig just looks and feels terrible, really economic and bad, and there is not any way could be past unless like the wig of elegant dress very bad of dress.

A part of the root of a wig is a subject main. There is roughly 1cm all a round of way of glue. Any only is hard to touch, his clearly visible. We have received perhaps the wig that has not taken the quality has verified properly but a whole look and feel of this one is bad. A colour is not the to anything likes a bit photo and estacas on and looks like this fake. Brushing does not help like the hair is exited so only in handfuls

Like this unfortunately would not recommend this.
4 / 5
Has taken this in behalf of the fellow the one who is spending for Chemo and sadly is losing his hair and is that it wants to try was some different wigs. It is not never be the blond, but this was a perfect time for the try was and to cut and change a wig until adapting his fashion and she have loved that. It has given some confidence has required a lot and looks and feels quite realistic.

Is able of the cut, curl, straightening and basically do this own yours wig and create a desire of look and a that calm more adapt you. This is to go back the much more natural looking colour that had been expected and am happy for that, but has had still this his pop. It has loved that and ossia all these subjects .
5 / 5
Before I need partorisca say that these looks of wig at all like a picture. It is very partorisca cosplay perhaps or Halloween but a lot much more. Slightly I stagnate around a boss and does not seat well. Neither it adds partorisca try out of the different fashions but a hair is soft more than to straw likes that it was in prize. Calm to good sure can say is the wig . No partorisca me.
4 / 5
The wig adds, lovely colour, good period and good fashion. It looks and it feels real. Access perfectly
5 / 5
Ossia one 4th time has bought ,after a prime minister an I has taken has has not had never a same wig after this Every time each wig was hair of the wig was fat,and slightly run like real hair .Any combs in a front hairline,,like this one has taken so only another some have had a comb in a texture of hair there is compo changed and some roots are entirely different external some of a roots is dark ash and like any blend in with a lot of shiny limp any idea because it is all has changed has bitten this wig like this far,this a worse east that any of another three before he not buying never another has denied was a transmission before but this is been 4 times like this far and this a so it has said that it is wors that forward has disturbed. Like this thin and a texture is not yaki likes in the first place one And ash of looks streaks
4 / 5
My woman has loved this wig looks real colour very good realistic has the few things comes with a wig when it has dipped on you cant see one differentiates real product or no amazing thank amazon
4 / 5
has bought this for my promise likes part of the cosplay outfit. It is good quality and looks very realistic for a prize. Very happy.
4 / 5
This wig is lovely, feels well, amour a natural wave. Blends In lovely with my own hair also. Very very soft.
4 / 5
My daughter has lost everything of his hair because of chemotherapy , as I have bought two of these pieces of hair .....SHINING
5 / 5
am surprised in a quality of this wig. A colour is realistic and natural looking. Excellent quality for a prize!
4 / 5
Has not known the one who Yaki has meant, but there is deduced that extensions of means of hair. This hairpiece is to dress up. It is not the professionally done wig that a wearer could do spend for his own hair. It is obviously synthetic, a lot shiny and each edge is exactly a same shadow. It is soft, and flicks well, so only like Miss Piggy. There are discharges has separated to ensure a piece of hair, but looks very unnatural in a way that a hair hangs.

In that said the one who, would be the addition adds to the department of work, dressing of cross for fun or like an addition to the Viking has spent or star of parody of rock.
5 / 5
This wig is the a lot of that shines blond colour, like an on bleached effect. A hair is obviously very real and is very thin. It could do as well as the topper more than the full wig. Personally, I think it more adapted partorisca to to elegant dress likes him any one would think that is real hair. It says to not using the dryer of hair in the I so that it follows that it guesses that it heated it stylers can not be used on that.
5 / 5
Ossia The wig of good quality .

A period is utmost and a colour is perfect.

Has come with discharges he of wig that does this excellent value.

Fantastic quality.
5 / 5
Súper Produkt‘
Ich hätte Denies gedacht, dass eine Perücke likes echt und angenehm heart kann. Sie lässt sich In 5 min befestigen und frisieren. Of the Material ist geruchsneutral und weich.
Die Perücke hatte ich zoom Spaß vor Freunden aufgesetzt, sie wollten gives Termin von meinem Friseur haben ^^
Ich habe Sie mir gekauft, gives ich immer wieder gerne neue Look probiere und mein Eigenhaar nicht beschädigen .
Quotes Perücke empfehle ich jedem weiter gives bad blond heart mag und nicht heart eigenes Haar beschädigen :-)
4 / 5
Sieht überhaupt nicht aus, wie bei dem Model, aber trotzdem sehr natürlich und empfehlenswert! It gives Ansatz wirkt sehr realistisch!
4 / 5
A star because impossible the bear has given piú... Abysmal quality, there is of then has given carnival!
Absolutely No satisfied to the photos.
Any sconsiglio The purchase!
5 / 5
Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist wirklich Hoards. Sie passt mir sehr Gut und sieht sehr natürlich aus. Eine schöne Länge und auch ein toller Schnitt.
4 / 5
Leider sieht Quotes Perrücke überhaupt nicht aus, wie auf dem Bild. Auch Given Verarbeitung are Mittelscheitel ist sehr dünn.
5 / 5
Ist überhaupt nicht Gives Like this wie are are Bild aussieht is is denn man aussehen wie Dieter Bohlen bei modern in speaker :D
5 / 5
sehr schlechte qualität, nicht place dem Bild vergleichbar.

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas Brown ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Yuonne
Terrible! I looked it it was to the party of dress of the fact! At all like looked in of a picture!
4 / 5 Kathrin
Is the wg, is not returned a lot well. Poor quality, but economic like some chips.

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas® #1B 100% ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Shanon
This was partorisca add - has required he partorisca the video of music, and when being real hair - the didnt there is concealed 'fake' the look often takes the low lights of polyester fail wigs of hair. A stylist could promised and to way likes them the real boss of hair. The work done.
Recommended 100!
4 / 5 Kallie
A wig was of good quality, easy the fashion and ably has transformed my actora woman to the @@@1930s adolescent boy partorisca ours production de León A Witch and A Cupboard.
4 / 5 Emmanuel
Liked a product .! I recommend to another the one who is looking partorisca buy ..! Good material !

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas® Natural ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5 Mandi
At the beginning it was skeptical to buy this wig, this in spite of afterwards buy are enamoured. The majority of wigs that is in a side an economic plus typically does not have a better quality, feels entirely plastic, and is scratchy when spending. This wig is an exact opposite of that. It comes with cover he of hair that is more comfortable that the majority of discharge of hair as it looks coverage of fish. A model has helps with a movement partorisca air so it will not be like this itchy and nettling over time like ports a wig.

When I have dipped a wig in some curls in a fashion so only of course fallen partorisca plant and look 100 real. I spent it to the cosplay in a weekend, has taken pics and send them to pocolos of mine fellow- and has taken a lot complete roughly which is my real hair , has declared once that it was the wig all the world was very impressed as to looks it especially after saying them a prize. As I have declared sooner it is the quality adds partorisca the prize the economic plus. The majority of a time wants to take the wig of good quality has to that it pays cientos dollars or more, if has the cosplay is that it wants to use the wig for, to good sure take this wig!!!
4 / 5 Edelmira
Extremly There is disappointed in a wig that has arrived today and has begun turn immediately. A short of a hair of wig you frazzled almost singed looking with the short hairs that the estaca was, extremely matted, bad facts and totally a wearable. Sadly A main period of a look of hair likes seen in a description but because of an upper root and that separates to be frazzled is unfit entirely for purpose. So only I can expect noone more receives such one terrible piece.
4 / 5 Denyse
The wig adds, really soft feels, very comfortable to spend, stores really very too much.
4 / 5 Mitchel
Has not been to the to anything likes them to them the picture has sent directly behind a lot disappointed
4 / 5 Jamey
has bought this wig to try was before I have purchased the expensive plus un.no has been the hair done, beautiful,a bit last to locate at the beginning but after the little goes has taken easier.
4 / 5 Iluminada
Schönste.. It wanted to.. Dichte... Weichste Haare. Perrücke sieht sogar besser aus wie auf dem Bild. Cube like this happy gives is euch gibt. Trage seit 5 Jahren any Perrücke krankheitsbedingt. Krankenkassen zahlen nicht viel. Or. Im Perrücken Laden wirst Of the Arm. Kann sie nur weiter empfehlen.
5 / 5 Karyl
- sieht natürlich aus, kein Glanz
- schöne Farbe
- hübsche Locken
- günstig

- vollkommen verklumpter Ansatz (bereits durch Given Verpackung sichtbar, dass gives etwas nicht likes war wie is heart sollte) ->ohne Mütze nicht tragbar
- sehr schnelles Verfitzen
- groß (bei Leuten dipped kurzen Haaren ist sehr viel Platz unter gives Kappe)

Leider musste ich quotes Perücke zurückschicken, obwohl sie a sich sehr hübsch ist. Aber Gives Ansatz macht Gives leider zu Nichte :(
4 / 5 Franklyn
Die Qualität ist gut, die Haare sind schön weich. Nur Gives Sitz give Perücke War nicht like this gut, aber für gives Preis vollkommen a lot of
4 / 5 Josef
then there ! bravo ! The wig is of quality very good! And The colour is of a naturalidad ! No Of brillance plastic effect! The cup is modern and a lot of chic! They are bleufée and there is bleufé More than one ! mesdames, the joint has warned! Any doubt ! I recommend!!
5 / 5 Natalya
Passt Súper.
Netz für drunter schön stramm.
Lange und dicke Haare passten drunter.
5 / 5 Karl
Wig Has dye of date verdognolo little luminous very turn off and opaque Any one corresponds was photo the sconsiglio for any use.
4 / 5 Vasiliki
Schnelle Lieferzeit aber sehr-sehr schlekte Qualität. Ohne Mütze würde ich Denies tragen. Oben sind Quotes Haare völlig verklumpt.

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas 8” #1B ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5 Coletta
I have had this wig partorisca the few weeks now and loves that. A critique so only is lack of different options in of the terms of period, for this one 4 in place of 5.
5 / 5 Earleen
The hair is well but the does not like a period
A bit short
5 / 5 Wally
Very lovely natural hair. Still mecer any time any day now. Amur He
5 / 5 Rodolfo
Looked very different of some photos , much more courts. It would recommend it that you are looking for 10 thumbs. It has looked for the wig that looked resembled my hair but was more European looking hardly any curls
4 / 5 Diana
Exactly that it had expected the.. Good quality and excellent service . Thank you. You will see more than me. You have bet.
5 / 5 Teri
The wig has arrived a lot of packaged , felt soft and good and looked natural with reasonable kinky curls this in spite of a smell on was like this overpowering, has decided to wash after spending x2 like the smell was like this bad BUT now looks like this old and has not maintained a curly the looks of look dull really a lot disappointed , has used conditioner and sweet shampoo ( produced of Morocco ) to really take out of this terrible smell. I do not have combed so only rid elected and natural dry after washing . The vendor can please consultores?
4 / 5 Marti
Partorisca To the reasonably priced wig, ossia fabulous. It has taken like this compliments. Really quite realistic. Bought he for a ABBA themed the week in the heart belongs to and really returned a bill. I have loved always long hair as I go to indulge the little 😀
5 / 5 Gregorio
It joins slaughtering this wig, when it has arrived , has doubt, but after a trempage to the water tiède almost hot sometimes with of the shampoing , dry in the napkin has joined , after the take place, has had to some retouching to the ciseaux that has to that ; a bit the oil touches natural hairs, and here is lucido give .
Adore and Jules also 😍
5 / 5 India
Very happy! Finally It Joins natural wig any expensive and of quality!!!! I me have several times, give vendors that says that it is of the naturalidad while it is dud. It is very happy of cost of mine and have the commander joins 2nd!!
4 / 5 Karen
Adores hairs very sweet to the douché can go with his enclosed eyes
5 / 5 Vincent
Ist für gives täglichen Gebrauch nicht zu empfehlen. Passform schlecht, habe nachträglich Kämme dazugekauft und eingenäht, aber Die Kappe ist einfach zu groß. Vom Aussehen ganz Well, sieht nicht künstlich aus, muss aber etwas bearbeitet werden. Gerade bei Artikeln aus Cina kann Man sich nicht auf quotes Angaben und Photo verlassen.
4 / 5 Wilbert
Has bought this wig Touches the confinement of his hairdressers are closed. It does not correspond to the photo of the young, is yard besides. It does quite natural, but have The impression to having received a product reconditionné, but deceive me can be. After coiffage and Adaptation to the mine expensive I finds well, but this has not been won of advance
5 / 5 Isis
Am satisfied , a lot that feigns gives.
Recommends it
4 / 5 Alonzo
Good-looking!!! Satisfied sleep Of my purchase!!! Done well, visualmente And to the touch look true hairs!!!! He only What is the retina that extend the scivole backwards, afterwards for the rests have sufficed averted has given to dip it with 40 degrees is súper!!!!
5 / 5 Sumiko
Wig a lot good-looking According to next months, go me like a glove.
5 / 5 Renaldo
Arrives fast and the quality as it has expected, faithful to partorisca photograph, thank you
4 / 5 Marvis
Is perfect . It can Do fault a lot the time yes well has maintained . It is natural so only is A bit short touch.
5 / 5 Lanny
Sehr Schlechte Haare, Any Humanhair und the bad smell...
4 / 5 Hazel
Missgefallen. Of the Produkt ist nicht wie gezeigt ,ich schicke is zurück.
4 / 5 Walter
Good hairs but mivaise finition to the forward If any good quality
4 / 5 Carina
bad experience the leaves of wig spend like this gone back the l envoyeur
5 / 5 Chance
I will say waouh. Coiffure Natural and good adhesion . Well reward of Rapport of the quality
4 / 5 Kaley
No his daughters also too short lucida fusible sweet as has give the hairs courts like this fill a lot of control
5 / 5 Tonie
The delivery to fast summer in spite of confinement thank you
5 / 5 Nicole
Is súper does partorisca lack partorisca spend a swipe of the product and his fact joins súper ball afro👍🏽❤
# Image Product Name Score Check Price
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2 Queentas Brown Mixed Blonde Pixie Cut Short Wig with Bangs Dark Roots Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Wigs for Women (Brown Mixed Blonde) Queentas Brown Mixed Blonde Pixie Cut Short Wig with Bangs Dark Roots Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Wigs for Women (Brown Mixed Blonde) QUEENTAS
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3 best Queentas Natural Black Bob Wig Remy Virgin Straight Human Hair Wigs with Air Bang for Women Queentas Natural Black Bob Wig Remy Virgin Straight Human Hair Wigs with Air Bang for Women QUEENTAS
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4 Queentas® Natural Straight Ombre Blonde Wig Brown Roots Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber Hairpieces Full Wig with Free Part Hair Bang for Women +1 Free Hairnet Queentas® Natural Straight Ombre Blonde Wig Brown Roots Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber Hairpieces Full Wig with Free Part Hair Bang for Women +1 Free Hairnet QUEENTAS
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5 Queentas 100% Remy Brazilian Human Hair Short Straight Pixie Cut Wig with Side Part Bang for Women Queentas 100% Remy Brazilian Human Hair Short Straight Pixie Cut Wig with Side Part Bang for Women QUEENTAS
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6 Queentas® Blonde Wig Short Bob Straight Synthetic Hair Wig with Wig Cap Net for Women Girls 11” Queentas® Blonde Wig Short Bob Straight Synthetic Hair Wig with Wig Cap Net for Women Girls 11” QUEENTAS
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7 Queentas 8” #1B Short Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair Wigs with a Free Hairnet for Women (Natural Spiral Curls) Queentas 8” #1B Short Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair Wigs with a Free Hairnet for Women (Natural Spiral Curls) QUEENTAS
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8 Queentas 14” Lace Front Straight Bob Wigs Natural Black Free Part Hairpiece Synthetic Hair Wigs for Women (Black Straight) Queentas 14” Lace Front Straight Bob Wigs Natural Black Free Part Hairpiece Synthetic Hair Wigs for Women (Black Straight) QUEENTAS
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9 Queentas® #1B 100% Real Human Hair Men's Wig with Free Part Hair Bang Straight Short Layered Hairpiece for Party Daily Use Queentas® #1B 100% Real Human Hair Men's Wig with Free Part Hair Bang Straight Short Layered Hairpiece for Party Daily Use QUEENTAS
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10 Queentas® Natural Straight Ash Blond Ombre Wig with Free Part Hair Bang for Women Dark Brown Roots Synthetic Hairpieces Full Wig+1 Free Hairnet (Blonde) Queentas® Natural Straight Ash Blond Ombre Wig with Free Part Hair Bang for Women Dark Brown Roots Synthetic Hairpieces Full Wig+1 Free Hairnet (Blonde) QUEENTAS
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Top Customer Reviews: Queentas 100% Remy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Laraine
Unless you are buying this wig was girl , this wig is waaaaay too small. It can very included cover a cup of my boss. Terrible product, any worthy of the money at all. I am sending mine behind and l am a lot angry reason l does not have the printer where l are and am inner motionless a moment like this l does not have a capacity to return a wig and allege my repayment. Terrible product, he doest have any grips partorisca comb the fasten he in place, procedure of terrible returns. This wig is not partorisca value an endeavour!! Spent in yours own peril like l has.
4 / 5 Edie
Has purchased this like this the next day hands, reasons required it. I guess partorisca buy in the haste is not the good idea. A delivery was utmost, but a product disappointed. I suppose a lot really it is the one who black of looks of cherry, but has been expecting something something dark like a picture. As it has taken it was something concealed was the brilliant orangy/red brown shadow, way too brilliant and brash partorisca my tez darkness. A quality of a hair in a crown is beautiful but in a backside of a wig is coarser and drier and does not seat like this well. A quality of a stitching is also the little patchy in a backside, but is so only in sufficient to spend (although it tends to the estaca was). I found it difficult the way, has not looked partorisca hang well, neither look a fashion in a picture. Has has had to that the spend a next day, as it could does not return (and has not annoyed partorisca complain roughly he), and has looked yes has spent the wig. As have has had to that the maintain, am exited finally, has purchased the dark brown dye and died it, now looks so better and a hair in a crown is really quite soft. Then it has taken the pair of scissors and trimmed some of a front out of way that has looked belonging to my boss. I have discovered a hair in a crown is wavy, but as I do not want to apply heat to straighten it, has done with a wave. I can very a lot with a coarse hair in a backside, but looks better with some oil sheen spray, although he still the estacas am gone in a backside. With the little endeavour for my part, now looks reasonably acceptable when I way he well, but has not expected to have to that plant like this endeavour in or to the slope that has to die it to the dark colour.
4 / 5 Shirlene
Loves this pixie wig. The swipe adds with my boys, family and friends. I spend it daily. So only down side, has has had to that trim was side how was too long.
5 / 5 Horacio
The wig adds, the desire was front of tip !! The value adds for money, the red of has bitten more brilliant that expected or looks in photo but less bad
4 / 5 Elaina
is Returned this element, the photo is deceiving. It looks to Thin look of hair.
4 / 5 Kathaleen
A lot very thank you has had sun when it was in a car another day like this these were súper.
4 / 5 Pricilla
This wig was terrible with the point in a crown that any flatten. The hair does not have real sense neither. The worse wig has purchased in this row of prize - has behind envoy for the repayment
5 / 5 Lewis
the Good wig feels soft to a touch but need the plot of tweeking
5 / 5 Marcellus
Taken to mine looks of to wig at all like them says he in of absolute at all like a picture , is the good wig but falsely has announced any swooping the hair am not free is way too short in a no happy front in this hair! It would not buy again!
5 / 5 Stephaine
Has spent partorisca my partner, has taken the little while partorisca take correctly, but looked well once done.
5 / 5 Loreen
Any room partorisca separate. Looks More like an arrival of picture partorisca upload
4 / 5 Tyree
Worse cost never. No shabby!!
Is like this small same partorisca me with the small boss, any subject like attractive calm he any one is returned. Also it has any grip so much is the slides were. Quality really poor also, tried it on announces has finalised in a cube a day still received it. The desire had read some descriptions before purchasing.
4 / 5 Carmella
A fashion of hair has adapted my face and is returned well initially an only thing after spending the pair of time has found is resulted the little too big
4 / 5 Melonie
Accesses a lot the love the reason his easy to direct! Swimming the plot as it sweats partorisca add that I can towel and leave to dry of course without feeling to wet.
4 / 5 Leighann
At all like some pictures. Poor access. Bad creation. Any recommended
5 / 5 Patty
is very beautiful calms basically know like the way he, would buy again partorisca the partner. And it would recommend it 100 percent 👍
4 / 5 Marquerite
Ich finde given Perücke sieht aus wie auf gives Bildern man musste sie noch waschen und stylen gives sie vom Transport natürlich ein bisschen verlegt war ich cube alles in allem zufrieden sie ist relativ klein was mich nicht stört weil ich einen kleinen Kopf habe aber für Leute has dipped größeren Kopf ist has given Perücke nichts there is Qualität ist gut und hat sich gut waschen lassen
4 / 5 Emma
Are disappointed transport his hairs a lot quite resupplied too short to my flavour . The déconseille produced .
5 / 5 Cassey
Quotes Perücke ist viel zu finde auch dass quotes Verarbeitung auch nicht quotes beste ist.... eine 3 gebe ich schließlich für Die Haare
5 / 5 Jannette
Die Perücke ist súper. Ich hatte nicht viel erwartet und ich Cube positiv überrascht. It is ist leicht, sitzt perfekt.
Ich habe deshalb bestellt weil viele geschrieben haben dass Is zu klein knows, ich selber hab kleinen Kopf. Ich werde Is nochmal bestellen
4 / 5 Cami
His does not return my boss as I owe that it uses alot of pins partorisca maintain in place. A backside is not partorisca ensure st everything. In general the has not been partorisca me.
4 / 5 Theresa
Eindeutig Plastik, nicht kaufen, außer Is ist gewünscht. Also Spaß-Perrücke echt gut, aber partorisca kein Echthaar
5 / 5 Neoma
Are the pair disappointed a bit that expected that this medele but there is recu another has chosen and in synthetic
4 / 5 Terresa
I deconseille the truth ridicules wig too small dipped the raiyon girl
5 / 5 Laquita
wig A lot good-looking. This time of hot, recommend this cup.
5 / 5 Sharda
At all Of good quality.

Very short and with which some Utilisations is to the poubelle.

Done Touches him small bosses.
5 / 5 Lezlie
Primo compraventa for real and the wig has joined disappointed transports the colour does not adapt me . Ad châtain clears received roux👿. I go partorisca offer it
4 / 5 Lynna
A title has deprived and in him but partorisca declare joined short before the transformation.
👍🏽 Corresponding product to the descriptif and Of quality
4 / 5 Lynda
Master my wig recommends it
Good-looking Fashion and good subjects of the product ️ ️ ️
4 / 5 Melvina
produced to the good prize but the quality have not corresponded to the month attended

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas 14” Lace ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Carman
Die Haare von gives Perücke sind súper weich, sind wie echt. Aber Follows Ansatz give Tressen sind total verfilzt egal wie zu versuchst sie weg zu kämmen is ist einfach sichtbar und sieht einfach nicht schön aus.

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas Natural ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5 Ngoc
Absolutely it loves that. 100 remy hair. I add the fashion. Good value for money. The natural looks.
5 / 5 Zelma
Has not taken an exact hairstyle for east a, included although I have bought this before. A prime minister an I has bought was an exact hairstyle and I happy with him, and is for this that has bought again for the fellow but has not been one same likes mine.
4 / 5 Danette
A product was fake . It is sold like Brazilian humam hair but was synthetic smell and very bad. Total fraud. He cant returned at all how was for small small daughters. Ossia The tears was not even will annoy to return he so that it can adapt me the one who fraudster is having the time adds on amazon.
4 / 5 Tynisha
Well For a money, any engreído is 100 human of porcentual , but is has strengthened still. And I have taken a lot compliments spending it
5 / 5 Bertha
Looks like this good.
Would recommend this wig, is to add
5 / 5 Delma
wig Very a lot one covers is quell'has bitten too small for my boss. There is so only on comb to a front to ensure. The global look is stunning.
4 / 5 Hunter
A side is longer that another side and he shreds alot.
5 / 5 Alita
A bit more along that there is wanted, but felizmente is real human hair how is simple the trim. Any one can say a difference. Unless so only they are when the be educated.
4 / 5 Gayle
Is sieht nicht genau Likes aus wie auf dem Photo. Die Perücke ist kürzer. Of the Haar riecht komisch. Glätten War auch kompliziert, hat nicht auf Anhieb funktioniert, hat gedauert bis is glatt wurde.
4 / 5 Yahaira
Good-looking quality, effective cup , good-looking, so only regulate The
5 / 5 Abbey
goes to have to that alas launch this wig. L smell is horrible, gives give nausees. Jai The fact Joins ten of shampoing Games m in debarrasser vanamente.
Coming as to lose 40.ºuros
5 / 5 Herminia
Very produced. I trust that it is it peels Natural human. These looks.
5 / 5 Jaleesa
Little quantity of peel and ameno liendres.
Any one can give reason have broken a component but I does not recommend it . It gives muuuucho disgust
4 / 5 Eilene
Good wig but bad smell, some hairs roux mixed to the blacks but at all of tomb. A lot I have sawed the pair against any ideal Touches him fat boss like the mienne.
A lot of reward of quality of the Rapport.
5 / 5 Laurene
The utilisation touches my chérie that the one of big blond hairs and that little totally transmission of look with this wig. Still to the outside, without worries.
Needs so only Join the adapter of Games of small cup to the face, no very simple but this goes.
4 / 5 Lauran
Súper Happy of my wig of compraventa genial I adores he thank you very much and to a lot of prompt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
5 / 5 Rey
tomb A lot good-looking perfectly quality to hoards it fails the recoiffer a bit and retailler the band that is too long but if any fact a cannon of effect!!!😻😻😻

Top Customer Reviews: Queentas Mixed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5 Kermit
The desire had taken partorisca look of some a lot of bad descriptions. This wig is terrible. It is like the dead person, matted mop.. There is not any way that a wig has received is a same wig as in some the photos of product. A lot of misleading. I will be partorisca return this element .
5 / 5 Ophelia
Wants. Perfecto for me and looks to surprise. The quality adds and easy to dip on. It can not complain for his prize
4 / 5 Darell
has Bought 2 of these wigs want to have him bought like this another goes to buy 2 more in cradle. A quality is excellent flattering and a mix by heart is something on. SPENT One CALMS will not BE DISSAPOINTED
5 / 5 Corine
A wig was the brilliant prize . Has has bought Wigs far more expensive and be dissapointed. A colour was glorious. Lovely shadows of blond. Unbelievable Prize for such the good wig. Complete has spent grieves. The people could does not believe was the wig. Absolutely it loves that.
5 / 5 Ronald
Was darker that picture but otherwise no the bad wig
5 / 5 Becky
Lovely wig. Included my hairdresser not having @@give and has thought had dyed my hair. The good access and my boss is small. A lot warm after the day that spends it.
4 / 5 Melvin
An amazing wig. So like real hair and the good-looking form. As it has pleased that has ordered the second a ... The value adds and excellent quality.
4 / 5 Jody
To to The terrible Straw likes them the consistency has looked Borris Johnson
4 / 5 Melita
Good fashion of wig this in spite of a colour is much darker that a photo, is browner that mixed blond. As any use of mine so much of the one who adapt a colour
4 / 5 Ruthann
to the Very poor straw likes them the quality, to good sure would not recommend
4 / 5 Rhett
a fashion and the hair is a lot well, so only of the discharges is in a big measure
5 / 5 Merrill
has not looked anything like a picture, there is disappointed.
4 / 5 Janell
Realy Realistic like the real hair the good colour and quality a lot well loved it so much bob fashion of returns of hair perfectly also period a lot of thank you
5 / 5 Mirian
Ossia more the blond aim streaks with the dark hair brown/ash. Good quality but description by heart misleading.
5 / 5 Kirstie
A wig was expected like this and was comfortable when I tried it on. It is returned unfortunately reason a colour was too white and me look the ghost.
5 / 5 Madelyn
Access of lovely wig fabulous would have dipped the picture on dips no sure the one who
4 / 5 Liza
Good element, but has not been own partorisca me so it has been is returned.
4 / 5 Andrew
Good quality but way didnt adapt me also the little upper weighed the the felt has required partorisca thin was and the little restyling but thats so only the personal opinion sadly has has had to that the send behind without the question that does like this
4 / 5 Lenora
Given Perücke kam sehr schnell von drei muss sagen,für has given Preis ist die Perücke viel besser,als ich Schnitt ist súper,die Strähnung gives Scheitel ist auch sehr dezent,like this dass man nicht sieht,dass is keine echten Haare Kaufempfehlung
4 / 5 Christene
The truth is that it thought that it would be but looked the the wigs that sees by here of carnival; but this has given paste he a lot well. In fact all the world said the realistic that looked.

Any one has lost to swim to peel when combing it, and comes a lot well has sewed the the inner point.
4 / 5 Jacklyn
Tolle Perücke. Lässt sich schön tragen. Für einen Abwechslungsreiches aussehen einfach Hoards!

Lässt sich auch einfach Has dipped warmen Wasser reinigen.

Hält locken Stab und Glätteisen aus.
4 / 5 Carroll
Súper, sehr natürlich. Leider The war gives Scheitel verfilzt daher return
4 / 5 Esta
has looked for a wig that was beautiful and that is not cost any a lot of. When seeing the the mannequin has thought that that it was very beautiful and that has not looked wig. The reality is that it is totally diverse. Has a rough touch and looks a wig of wrist or partorisca disguise.
4 / 5 Micha
Has used partorisca an action of transformismo, is remained perfects very natural and with volume, a lot recommended
5 / 5 Sheron
This well the wig used it future alcohol in a Cosplay, is for the a lot of sweet at all that shines q looked plásticoes so only q the mine of yard to any one likes because of any one has form but yes calm comb he with dryer and of the calm irons gives your swipe
5 / 5 Mathew
wig a lot good-looking for him price paid
to the work a lot had understood that it was a wig for what looks natural
give bought
5 / 5 Blythe
Entspricht in keinem Fallen gives Artikel Blond Perücke Echthaar
Keineswegs zu tragen
4 / 5 Melia
Nicht annähernd wie auf dem Bild. Die Farbe ist viel dunkler.
Fast graublond. Die Qualität ist ungenügend. Lohnt sich wirklich
nicht, aber Gives sagt give Preis ja schon.
5 / 5 Sofia
Malisima orror The carnival loves my money Any one recommends the person that quera good-looking place this ugly wig the the more wapa
5 / 5 Brittney
At all according to the photo, no of meche, the colour more ash, disappointed. One east reward doubted me a bit ! Servants Touches lucido carnival.
4 / 5 Burt
A bit too blond but taste is of comfortable Any hanged and rests well. It is pleasant and is cut with fashion
5 / 5 Jasmin
Coole Wig musste ein bisschen rumgeschnitten werden jetzt perfekt.
5 / 5 Dewayne
The lovely and totally Natural wig but commentaries a lot that has a lot of very small peel, sees all the whole point for backside.
5 / 5 Myra
Very seen Lucido prize ! It is missing any to Expect joins It perfect imitation. The colour is more ash that blond
4 / 5 Dorethea
A lot pleasant , in fact can say that of the price that cost is much more 👍🏻

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