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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Wanita
I have ordered the measure 5-6, measure of United Kingdom and calm maintains partorisca send measures it to me 36, which is measured 3....
Will not extend to the measure 5.... As one ordering of the measure is totally bad partorisca this product and of the needs to be is a second pair will owe that send for behind
5 / 5 Hien
has bought these like an experience, any active career in of the ages. They are quite difficult to dip on (waste of toes to go in some right places), but well persevering like this once on is surprisingy comfortable. I am exited for the 30 walk of the small/run in a street and has had any of some volume of normal questions with chafing, in spite of having feet that is very flat and very wide. To good sure will spend on with these.
5 / 5 Shanel
Has had to repurchase this average the pair to time reason a sizing map in the amazon does not reflect some correct measures (ossia measured of United Kingdom does not correspond with EUR measures), was also has concerned that it would not take an attentive measure with these shoes to the equal that have had did not try them never on before. Needless To say, when being the EUR 39, one 39 returned perfectly. The HIIT and lifting of weight with these shoes and is incredible. It could not recommend this average more.
4 / 5 Georgia
A vibrams is surprising has been disappointed that a measure was too much snug. Even tho has measured my foot to the equal that has directed.
Has believed at the beginning that has has had to that so only persevere and his of form to my foot in time, but would not owe that be like this of the tight hurt.
To good sure would buy again but the main measure that my usual measure.
5 / 5 Tamesha
Bad The pointed measure when that looks for a measure of United Kingdom corrected a prize almost fold
5 / 5 Johnathon
One Vibrates KSO EVO is the lovely, element of quality. But unfortunately one 36 apt smaller that mine KSO is. Shame. I will owe that hunt the 36.5.
5 / 5 Georgina
The measure of a shoe was too tight. It will be to return for the main measure.
5 / 5 Faustina
Really disappointed with this shoe, is lasted 100 miles less. One has the habit of is begun already partorisca spend thin. My last pair of Vibrams was a creation of Speed and is lasted almost 300miles.
Would not recommend this fashion for corridors.

Top Customer Reviews: Vibram FiveFingers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Clifton
In spite of ordering measure of United Kingdom 6-6.5 which is EU 39 Ue of knots has RECEIVED so only has measured 37 which as one sells compares partorisca measure of United Kingdom 6-6.5 ossia obviously any one a chance like the shoes is tiny!! It is the shame likes these are good shoes and looked forward to when being able to spend them now that a time has improved. A stars partorisca a sizing, but five partorisca some shoes!
5 / 5 Mei
The product adds but map of measure and in a box is completly injustice. I have ordered measure 6United Kingdom and says in a box 37EU-6United Kingdom but his definetly 4United Kingdom.
5 / 5 Annetta
A lot stagnate after measuring on-line. Any sure reason is not returned
4 / 5 Stephany
Twice has ordered these shoes in 6 and twice has taken the measure 4, looking in yours revise these looks partorisca be the question ! Like reason is not the when the be has dipped commanded. Like the order the pair of mother but any until you take a sizing fijamente ..
4 / 5 Lajuana
Lovely shoe but too tight to locate and too flimsy partorisca give me a confidence that would last.
5 / 5 Janet
Has tried him so only on twice and walked in a house in them. Like this far it is the tightest access that has anticipated partorisca read some descriptions. The different people that suggests partorisca locate the measure. I have done like this, but material of then have the foot the wide plus can be been better to take 1.5 measures up?? This in spite of, am assuming a tension loosen up over time.. When I Take some shoes was red frames in the little of my toes where some materials have undermined in.
Functionally, Felt the difference in mine a lot immediately. My arch felt bit it different, in interesting selection of some toes, grieves taken a shoe of your toes is has separated still. I love an idea to walk and using more muscles in my foot and ankle, can say ossia a chance of one taking goes. Some ache under a foot with which according to using whilst that clean a house.. Low expecting besides..
4 / 5 Destiny
First of all wants to him! We expect the first bit to buy them, has not been sure but in the then decide go for them and has surprised! They are perfect for sports and walking and like the daily shoes. They are to perfect our so many is backpackers ; they are like this light to the equal that can think, very thin and comfortable. Amazing product, value a prize, access perfectly! Thank you They vibrate And thank you Amazon for your súper fast delivery!
4 / 5 Cedric
I usually barefoot course in a beach and of the streets but because of a chilly time of Inghilterra of the northeast, freezing and game of snow havoc with my formation! I have begun to regulate to walk some dogs and has gone back quickly to my program of usual fitness- any question. They advise gradual build until 100 but assumes ossia for people those who are doing a transition to regulate (heeled) trainers. Very light and comfortable.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Natacha
It was excited really in these arriving but full of apprehension in a measure. It is really frustrating like this there has like this in impactante info there in sizing no only partorisca Vibrate Fivefingers but like each access of model. I have been the Vibrams put web and has verified his drives of same measure dutifully measuring my feet with the ruler. As the one who the normal shoes go are usually the ladies of United Kingdom 6- still like this my feet when it has measured was one Vibrates but has ordered 6-6.5 of the people looked partorisca say these accesses partorisca shoe quite yours measure of normal shoe.
A lot HE NO! If you are ordering this model (v trail) my joint is commanded your normal measure and an elder of next measure like this calm at least can compare and not squandering time reordering. Then all some bases of measure are coverages-ish. It averts of a measure concerns this shoe is not quite like this hugging as it would have liked him like this in of a cloth looks the stock exchange the bit in a flange of interior of a shoe. They are any with narrow feet and the low instep as so only can be my profile of feet more than a shoe. A grip is awesome looking, the look of a fresh shoe and am very sad can not exit and game in the trail in his morning.
In all the chance there is reordered but the different fashion and now two different measures.
4 / 5 Chin
Has not done for my woman. Some straps by means of an arch are too tight for those with the big instep. The amazon Is quite well in the repayment this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: Vibram FiveFingers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
4 / 5
Like this comfortable!
Has bought these because I have broken both of my ankles last state, an impact partorisca my fall has broken a soft cloth in my feet and also having surgery of reconstruction that has done the incredibly painful to walk especially when walking partorisca the long time.. Also I have broken my sinews that worse regular shoes. This active helped really walk without any ache.
Highly recommend
5 / 5
My KSO is.. Wow Where Do the start? The element was ttacked and looked was partorisca a factor comming, imagine my suprse when they are looked in 7:45am! In all the chance quickly the advances of container have opened am had the magazine of elements partorisca sale of a vendor. In a box my feet of lovely gorilla!

Like this impacienta like this always decided partorisca try them directly on, partorisca arrive to this point had been I awake all of 5 minutes and had not had my cup of morning of caffè.. First tentativa has not gone too much well is really difficult to locate first time.

After the pocolos small (much more like 10) has directed partorisca take them on, whike is a lot of the tight is like this comfortable.
A box has instructions in that partorisca dip them on and some general joint.

Has been walked in mine vibrams but are still partorisca go running still accustoming I to them.

While walking in mine kso there are them remarked mine any hurt legs, not even in a slightest, that looks forward to that it runs in them!

Like the last note, an extra present has taken them with them, my daughter the one who is four has wanted and alleged it like this a lot thanks to a vendor partorisca that.

deffinately Recommends!
4 / 5
Has been spending Vibrates FiveFingers partorisca years now, after changing to minimalist the shoes finds it hard to want to spend anything more now.

Tends partorisca take by means of the pair of these at least every year as it uses him day to the day as well as partorisca run. Some months of winter tend partorisca change to the mine KSO Hikes that has bit it more so only and tread on and also help to maintain my feet bit it drier.
5 / 5
These are like this comfy, gives all a profit partorisca be barefoot with a protect of the shoe. The his spends with and without socks of toe, neither so only was and roughly or whilst in a gymnasium. They are expensive which dipped bought him partorisca the long time, but really remarks a differerence in liberty of movement among these and same trainers of big quality. One a thing can do not to use them for, in spite of a product blurb saying you can, is running - the so only does not resupply a structure and protect of precise impact.
4 / 5
The access adds and has imagined once has taken all your toes in a right place utmost celery. I have bought other ways of these shoes previously and these initially felt slightly tighter and harder to in fact trace but now is spent in his utmost .
4 / 5
AMAZING shoes. I have had mine for 6 years and has aimed any sign of use or wear. I lost him like this it has had to take more! Big quality, a lot comfortable. I use him partorisca deadlifts to the equal that are a lot stable and grip well to a paving.
5 / 5
Has taken the moment to locate a first time but taken easier with the few tentativas. They are like this comfortable, is that calm is not spending anything in your feet. It would recommend like an alternative the socks partorisca tai those who/Qi yogas/of gong, to avert in slippery. I want the 😍
4 / 5
feel awesome! I add to exit - My squats, lunges and deadlifts is easier and more impactful. They are utmost to walk in of the uneven surfaces and running too much. I recommend highly.
4 / 5
The product was creation adds and fact, although they were too small, a creation and the quality were utmost! The main pair bought and again are adds!
4 / 5
AMAZING SHOES. These are like this comfortable to run in. Down the side is that they take hours partorisca dip on and take was. Value he this in spite of.
4 / 5
Although a shoe is not me returned and has had to that send for substitution, a delivery was very fast and a product looked has expected like this. I am looking forward to a substitution that arrives.
4 / 5
Are the measure 4 1/2 how was delicate to find the perfect access. This in spite of, the ideal has wanted to take the barefoot that careers!
4 / 5
A 39 United Kingdom 6 wine on small but once exchanged for the measure 40 is returned well.
Has not run in them still but feel very comfortable.
4 / 5
The shoe adds but tight to locate. It could no to take them in if it never is gone in the haste
5 / 5
A lot of servic. Good delivery. All was anticipated like this that. Any complaint any one.
5 / 5
Has spent this newspaper. Amur A record, feels likes the barefoot walk but fully protected of an earth.
Amur Like bosses of turns.
4 / 5
It does not take any very better that this partorisca a serious minimalist user of shoe. These are exceptional so that it is drawn partorisca although still it fulfilling the little uncomfortable to take all my toes to his pockets of respective toe. In fact it would prefer it if a zone of toe had left so only to two sections, if any, partorisca leave well feel and flexibilities but with extra eases partorisca return. Any economic but these babes wear dulcemente and does not see any reason because it can not take at least 1000 miles out of his and perhaps much more - has no midsole partorisca break down so much is spent so only when they are spent in fact by means of. No partorisca all the world-wide this in spite of - would break some types of feet.
4 / 5
Ossia The shoe adds partorisca do general material but wants to run long distances with him. They are fearful a blisters will kill you first! Calm know you can buy socks with these which have not done. The his spends partorisca general walking around activity but when I circulate I transmission to the mine Vivobarefoot is which are a same principle but minus a fiddly toes. Oh And BE PREPARED for plots you sblack, stares and the toe that signal in your direction of general feet.
5 / 5
Has enamoured literally with them... Cant Lame out of his, is coming faster that has expected them too which has done my Christmas, definately be purchasing the worse boys!
5 / 5
Mine has loved the majority of perfect, does not want to spend very another average, as it rushes on cradle! Compraventa And enjoy running around 'barefoot' !
4 / 5
These have been bought to substitute my old Vibrate Sprints to the equal that are falling averts. I imagined it it would take a KSO is this time around how is winter and hopefully will be the little warmer. I do not have he in fact any exercise in them still but is spent the few days that strolls around a house to break them in and ossia which has found-

Much more last to dip in those some Sprints but supposes will take used his, also has had to no @to @give me that some straps were different. In a KSO is a strap that spends for a foot and a one this goes around a behind is connected so that it is not possible to decide that calm want to him to record.

Also, finds that my accesses of big toe perfectly but all some other toes hardly go halfway and of the looks of frames bit it pleasant this when being more than a subject with a KSO is that some sprints.

In general, in spite of a bit those that niggles is utmost shoes . No longer lame ache of feet when I exert and is so only like this comfortable. Has has changed entirely a way I walk and has included my place has improved.
5 / 5
Loves my Vibrams. State when being announces five or are years now, distances of 10k to the 52km ultra marathon in South Africa - so that I like them think I at least know the little that am speaking roughly.

My Vibrams was the little tight to begin with, but over time there is loosened on the bit and now is so only the perfect record. They are the nightmare to dip on and take of a prime minister little time, but persevere - will take used his. And one first career has with them - wow. Seriously, they are awesome. You can feel a texture of any one is down you, and also a cold or the heat that transfers to your foot. As they are ridiculously light, will remark inside just the few careers a difference in weight has dipped partorisca grieve your old trainers behind on.

A pair to warn:

1. It is easy to stub your toe in an earth if you are not careful, he two times now. At all broken, so only painful for the pocolos small, this in spite of felizmente could run by means of mine.

2. Strike of heel. If attacks of the calm heel then will struggle initially in these. Having to that mid-the attack of feet has to that way that be lucky, but the attack of the heel will owe that adapt your way to run, although this would have to that spend of course. But if ossia a chance , does not exit for long careers immediately in them, has left your feet adapt. There is very other pieces in this @@subject that explains it better that can, so only google Vibrams and strike of heel.

3. A material of cloth in a cup. The mine is looking the little tatty now. Any one a lot, but there is the pair of tiny tears of where has been in common country of the cross and my foot there is brushed against something in a overgrown trail. No the subject big, but is the bit of the shame. When I Say the little tatty, this in spite of, means so only concealed - does not take all paranoid his no last, his more to good sure .

4. Social. Be poised partorisca a lot of stares and questions!
4 / 5
Well, like this calm neither amour or hate this ape that looks feet-thing, but test of reservation podes until you have had the occasion to try in the pair. If it feels kinda or that', then probably no adapted your feet (is not for all the world! Has the look in a VFF put still web guidance)

BUT taste -me the volume the 'wow!!' Then they are a lot of value a substitution cost of the pair regulates of runing/shoes of sports.

In the way these few things are included better that when being barefoot, of then yes have the habit of restrictive footwear, your feet tend still to retain this form out of habit and a VFFs promote your toes to splay and straighten, leaving the sinews and the muscles have known no never roughly to go in in an action.

Two words to warn this in spite of:

ONE: Build on time in your VFFs very gradually, and a lot necessarily expect this average entirely will substitute your shoes of regular sports. I have been spending mine in a house and to walk and (a lot) short explosions to be announces the month, and so only am beginning to feel ready for the give a no on the little, will forgive an election of sentence. I have been it remarks it the light ache in some cups of my feet and by means of my toes in some mornings, especially that follows the circuit that bus etc., And chair crampy in mine calves very quickly when those careers been due to some transmissions in gait and a new absence of the strike of heel. They have done well partorisca bouldering/mixing in some old slate career: included in of the very wet conditions have tried surprisingly grippy.

TWO: they tend to take bit it whiffy! But you can it schemes it it washes him like this often like this necessary, and gathers does the products can apply yours feet to prevent the bacteria that do smells. Also it has socks of toe, but has not tried these.

Full stop: they have taken the week or like this to break in before I have been convinced was the really of fly in these, but is cost a wait.

Decides to go for him, wait that enjoys your as much as I mine of amour!
5 / 5
I in the first place listened in Vibrams a wait of same way to the plot of people has - by means of pieces & of books in barefoot that career. I finally chosen on the pair when some evenings of winter have begun to darken. It averts to be a bit cold underfoot, has had the appearance of security - at the beginning has not concerned me roughly glass when those careers in some dark to the equal that could see a @@@sparkle of streetlights reflecting was the May a time has had to bounce it green broken in my normal street that I any something until it was virtually on him.

The a lot of people have mentioned sizing subject with Vibrams - like this so that they Vibrate active posted the video in his web of place with instructions in that more to measure your foot. This in spite of, has has had to that then imagine was like these measures converted the measures of United Kingdom, which was the bit of the headache. TBH Are probably any one a studio of better chance for east of then have square feet (United Kingdom mentions' measured 9.5/10 in width, approx United Kingdom mentions' measured 8 in period) like the normal shoes do not tend to returned me particularly a lot in all the chance. In a measure 9.5 KSO is, some have the habit of is returned my apt widths perfectly, as it can be bit it too big for normal sized feet. My toes so only come roughly halfway on some compartments of toe, as they do in of the normal shoes in all the chance, but does not have me while hampered runs.

A KSO is is compact with the thin upper point & thin, hard only - I has been expecting the to be softer & more flexible that is but there is still abundance to give in him. In spite of a thinness of some materials, feels like the product of quality, drawn to last.

In of the terms to use them like this any those who has been barefoot when being announces the few months, I immediately found that has attacked an earth a hard plus while spending them. Ossia Compatible with all some books in a subject (particularly would recommend Been born to Be announces fund of pure & inspiration, more Barefoot running At all to no for invaluable joint). These allege that a fat plus & springier one has the habit of, a hard more a real impact in an earth, like a thumb or two of the hule is not that it goes to counteract some adult' whole organism-hanged. But while Ken Bob & another this was to be an end of a world, has found has not gone particularly problematic while I focused more in my technician & has done marked endeavour to not attacking down too hard; of course, our periods of concentration a lot a time but mentally he me well to concentrate so much in technician & having something to head to has done my careers quite meditative.

According to that one the average goes, is sturdy light of still products & certainly seat likes has taken my money ' value. In of the terms to run, am happy to continue to use them when I seat is necessary (in of the dark or particularly cold conditions) but lose some tactile feelings to run barefoot, as my feet still will be that they go 'to the naturalidad' while possible.
4 / 5
In that has it dislocated So much my knees on some years, more other harms, had been said running has not been the good idea but I have not wanted to admit defeated..! Prpers Having read 'been born to run' has thought the complete king-think-of my technician to run was the -or-solution of data; and it has done!! I have completed mine 1st triathlon 1 month with which have begun to use a Vibrams with the personnel more in a career!! A thing REALLY of entity to agree is that your feet are not used to that has to that do this hard then , any subject likes returned is, has to begin with short distances - just 1 thousands or so many. Or you will risk fractures of estréses & your calves really fight. A correct technician is also vital; if you it the calm heel attacks will break you like this read to & looks in youtube etc... Ossia Likes to learn the new sport!! A partner of personal trainer was a lot of sceptical but is the complete converts now and he his door EVERYWHERE! They are not never looking behind. Some people already have the utmost in common way, included in of the trainers, but litigate or hurt when it runs this could be a response is looking for - running is AMUSED again!!
5 / 5
Like these eshoes', is returned a lot well to a foot.

Some the only negative points has is, that has taken a lot of sloppy when it is wetted external and is in some streets.
4 / 5
The alot of investigation to these shoes before I bought them, and like this far is utmost. It feels quite unusual when you dipped him on, but when takings has used to one feels his likes is barefoot.

Need to be a lot of patient with them - I spent him for 3 whole days in the row when I took them in the first place, which left with sore knees the few days later. Like this now spending for an hour the day this week, two hours the day next week and like this on. Finally it plans to run long distance in them but he will take the long time.

Recommends to read on some of Law Saxby material in barefoot that careers to the equal that founds really useful
5 / 5
These are the concept adds and the desire has done for me. This in spite of has few toes and so only could not take these to return properly.

Top Customer Reviews: Vibram FiveFingers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
5 / 5 Dwayne
I have bought these have believed so it has required the gimmick to kickstart I behind partorisca do some exercise, and has done surprisingly! It was the little concerned roughly that careers without cushioned partorisca run shoes, especially to the equal that has feet quite flat and has looked always to twist my ankles easily.

Are for to complete the couch to 5k program of formation (with some career of application of the z/of the zombies, also highly recommended!), And I think that helped to avert me a bit the subjects have been concerned roughly with these shoes, likes coach the program dulcemente augments to leave your way to run and muscles to develop to the barefoot in common way without pressing it too quickly the resulted in of the harms.

Felt the pocola tenderness of ankle a second week or like this to run, and supports of orderly ankle like the precaution, but a twinges had gone before they have arrived (by means of cousins of amazon!) And in fact now that am running 5km in them 3 times the week can say that my ankles have has not felt never stronger. I seat like dulcemente coaching in these shoes there is has strengthened in fact some joints more than spending the shoes with ankle sustain concealed at all to in fact improve a situation. (Plea of authorship: they are not the doctor, these are so only my personal feelings roughly that career in these shoes!).

These are to good sure any for all the world-wide but personally wants to him. The value tries it, sees that thinks, but thinks that the tones is to present them dulcemente and any overdo that!
4 / 5 Stephani
Likes another has said, some measures are bad. A measure of EU is after but United Kingdom and measures of the data of USA is atrocity. They are the United Kingdom 6.5, the one who usually spends measured 7s for daily use, (measures 7 is EU 41). In a box, EU said 41 United Kingdom 8-8.5, which is atrocity . For me, a Ue 41 Vibrams is the snug access, and think that is how is suppositions to feel, but my toes celery a lot jammed in. One 42 could be more comfortable. It would spend of longitude a measure of EU and locate the bit for a casualidad better of them returning.

I quite like this they. I used him for Taichi last night. A grip has not been adds in a smooth paving, but another that that they were utmost. One a thing I hate is that stupid elasticated system of tip with a piece of plastic flapping roughly in an end. It means it it can not use these paralizaciones padwork (has not tried never the roundkick with the piece of plastic on your foot?) Creation boba. I can require try the pertinent tips can find any quite thin.

Modification - I am not sure that would want remote course in these. Some toes are quite snug and after having them on for almost two hours this week, doing taichi and then kungfu, my feet have begun to the swell and some toes are result VERY UNCOMFORTABLE in this point. It would not like that of him the long career. I expect that they will extend it it bit it over time.
4 / 5 Robert
Has had the bit of the dud beginning that it takes these - I has ordered that is to be list as the United Kingdom 5.5 but has been sent a Ue 34 which is in fact the measure of United Kingdom like this too small! :Or( This in spite of, a turn was relatively easy and free and has ordered another, the main pair. I have suspected with which some data has measured was in fact the EUA any measured of to United Kingdom likes I plumped so that it has been listed so the . Happy to say, this mine of turn 5.5 feet to measure perfectly. Like being warned, that takes a right measure can be the bit of the minefield (like the pocolas other descriptions there is remarked). Googling The map of conversion of the measure of shoe has helped really!

Now to some shoes. I have been that looks for a right pair of thin-have the habit of, light running shoes for ages. They are the neutral forefoot the corridor and I find that more than careers the shoes really do my mid-ache of feet in the career, probably reason the majority is drawn for heel-strikers and is full of the technology like them the bars of the torsion and the heels have jumped. An only pair of trainers has (and has tried to upload like my balance of the bank did not thank me paralización and has been included to the tent to run to have the gait professional/‘of opinion of analysis that really has not helped!) It concealed it does not hurt my feet are the pair of speedwork/that run the trainers but is interrupted now and a lot shabby.

Had seen Vibrates Fivefingers around but a lot immediately buy they like this the pleasant look (my partner calls him ‘feet of pleasant'!) And have descriptions very mixed generally - the people neither love or hate them, likes Pot.

Honradamente, the desire had taken the most collected pair. They are very comfortable. They take the moment to dip on (to the equal that calms will not be launching them on to dip some cubes were!) But they are a lighter shoe never, flexible, breathable and a grip is excellent. Has not running the distances add in them (recovering of harm) but in the 5-6k has not had any question, in fact my careers have improved and has bit it faster. FYI Are the pavement corridor as it can not comment in the roughest terrain. It finds they drench on some water to surface yes is to be raining but concealed is to be expected of the shoe with such the only/average construction thin. I have been using them with one Vibrates Injijii socks that would recommend. I have had certainly very a lot of blisters likes some revises report.

Like this in short, adds but really research your first measure to buy and take some socks also. It has given four stars in place of five because of misleading the data has measured otherwise really want to him, the desire had taken one submerges and took him ages does!
4 / 5 Concha
Has been the lover to Vibrate Fiverfingers for the few years now, and has bought these like the substitution for my old Bikila (maintaining V-Run) EVOs. Sizing For Vibrams is always the headache, and has ordered three pairs to find a right access! (Free returns, as any biggie). It is UK6 with wide feet, and expósitos that a EU40 to be one the majority of comfortable. They are a lot of snug, which prefers, but probably would have been well with the 41. I expect that helps. Considering action, am enamoured absolutely! They are of course one of some the majority of minimum shoes in a Vibrate row, and divisado of the earth is sum . I wouldnt wants to try these on trail, as it thinks it could be bit it painful, but for the street and the herb are perfect, likes that you grieve-there feel. Longevity still to be tried, but am very happy with them like this far.
4 / 5 Miguel
Loves these.
Has used always Brooks Adrenaline until I have had a harm that maintained was for the long time.
Taking 'for behind his' has taken an age and I have begun to experience questions that has not had never first in a cook of tight calves and that the numbness by means of one has the habit of of my foot.
Has been running barefoot on and has gone for the little first moment of these new subjects to the equal that has the reasonable experience but has not gone really sure to the equal that to expect.
Of then buying the treadmill, has been able to run entirely barefoot and found all my harms have, like this far, dispelled . A question was to be always moving external then , has thinks that would give these the gone.
Yeah, is not like this very like this entirely barefoot but, is like this near to the equal that will take to want a bit protect.
Would say that they go in the little small but, perhaps ossia like them is supposition to be.
Are so only 3 weeks in but, like this far like this well, am maintaining my toes have crossed.
4 / 5 Selene
After reading the descriptions other people have ordered these in general measure that my measure of the normal shoe and they return perfectly. They are usually the measure 5 wide access or measure 6 but has ordered the 6.5/7. They are soooo comfortable likes to spend the pair of gloves. It has to that it weaves of the questions that takes trainers/ of shoes that is comfortable to the equal that have bunions and has bent toes this control my toes in some correct alinement and help to relieve an ache. They are difficult to locate(a bit likes to try take gloves in the in some wrong holes etc) but like this value he.
4 / 5 Renato
Wants to wants to want to him him.
Would owe that it has bought a measure I I usually follows (39) but read revises concealed has said that is coming on small to the equal that have bought 40 is. They are well for me but my real measure would be returned better. When I have bought mine mainstream running shoes (these hurt my knee) has been said your swell of feet when the courses in all calm chance like this precise measures it the elder.
I seats have bitten he self conscious in them but a lot much more that usually I do wobbling around a gymnasium afterwards to some lean apt people. The person there is him remarked in all the chance. They are delicate to locate a first pair of the time but calm take used his.
There is not running any distance in them still to the equal that am taking used to them. So only I am doing 30 according to HIIT in a treadmill. 30 seconds in the normal shoes hurt my knee, 30 seconds in Vibrating FF does not hurt my knee.
Learning to use them properly will take the time but this is worth it can run again, hurt too much in of the normal shoes.
And has done the cry of fellow :-)
4 / 5 Cassi
had been contemplating purchasing these for the moment.
Bought him finally and is perfect, exactly that has loved.
Spent him so only 3 times and there is remarked the difference in a way I walk. It feels a bit free. The difference of mediocre trainers that harness your feet.

I like some trainers that does not look of the trainers, and these are. Be prepared to underline of a crowd.

Be conscious these trainers will emanate attention. Some first time have spent these in a gymnasium, was prendido constantly and has asked to consider them. I also remarked individual so only staring in my feet.

Are the uk has measured 5 this in spite of afterwards read several descriptions have decided spent the 1/2 elder (5.5 uk measured).
Creates has purchased United Kingdom 5 measure of returned like the glove, a 5.5 measure is slightly marginally main this in spite of prefers this record.

If any one is contemplating purchasing these, does not doubt, calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Susannah
Any happy. It has substituted mine vibrams with quell'I has thought was a same measure. They have arrived with my parents while it was was. They are too small reasons a vendor has a sizing injustice of map and now am stuck with a wrong measure of shoes.

Vendor, is reading this, a lot would appreciate would substitute this measure 39 shoes with the measure 40.
5 / 5 Ashley
Kso Evo Model. Lamentably it has had to return this average bought like the present of anniversary for my woman. Diligently We Use a sizing the map resupplied - but on trying them has found on was tightened too much for his feet. It has not been to annoy writing the negative critique until a question has come from/Amazon come from, thought it then would be useful to other potential buyers with more widths that half feet. It was able to return for the full repayment but concealed has not cured of a disappointment a day.
5 / 5 Dorene
I have bought these I so that respecto on my feet and that look my toes; it likes- one contrives to spend footwear that leaves my feet partorisca do like this of course like this possible, more than contorting his to the pair of shoes with pointed toes or of the big heels. :) These to good sure is returned a bill. Has quite quickly accelerated by means of one 'taking used to them' period; it spent him in a house for an evening or two; it has been for the walk alfresco in them, then around cities; the place is gone in the walk of country and finalising jogging in them! It feels he adds even the earth has compacted on, although walking in sections of registered in tarmacked the streets adapt me of a sensibility of my feet! No too fresh come to contact with puddles(!) But then they are not of the meanings to be waterproof! In general, I am pleased really with them. I am considering running further that 5km in them, to see like I passage...
4 / 5 Ethel
Has been spending Vibrates shoes for 10 years. I have it that has not had never any questions.
But a product has taken of this vendor and almost certainly fake, more was 3-4 small measures.

A product is fact very bad and some measures have printed in a shoe a lot included felt of mark.

Has bought of amazon for a consolation as I am travelling. But now it wishes it it had gone directly to they Vibrate!

Would not recommend buying of this vendor!
4 / 5 Lynsey
Premiers of mine five toes and is all have expected takes.
Has measured my feet so many for the map I found in the vibrate put web and has ordered to to these likes him to him the war of better prize.
I small looks but is returned snugly and comfortable to spend the whole day . I have been for my first career (30 mins) and has wanted as it felt an earth under my feet but still felt comfortable in the variety of terrain.
Loves this average like this!!
5 / 5 Maryann
Well in of the terms to comfort when finally I take him on. More to good sure recommends to buy a measure up. Step measures it 5 United Kingdom and has had to send them behind for the main measure (6).
5 / 5 Lannie
Good quality but has not been able to spend them longer that 30 mins. It has taken this for Gimn.. They are the 6 /39 and order a same number. I manadged to dip them on but is too small like my toes of toe take bloodlettings in a front of some shoes. I recomend that goes to measure on.
5 / 5 Audrey
Ossia My second compraventa and mine wifes the feet is 6 but the orederd 7 measure but still was bit it tight has them has not wanted to send he for behind bcos has liked him one feels to walk in him and first day has spent he for whole day to walk in of the reefs and the beach loves it. The map of only measure has to that be corrcetly fact by a company like this ppl can select pertinent and the buy.
4 / 5 Nanci
So only run the pocolas miles in these like this far but in his pleasant. So they Vibrate map of measure, has calculated would owe that be in the measure EU38 (UK5). As they are usually roughly quell'UK7 (my trainers are mostly EU40-41.5) has think that this was the little small accounting , same for a fact is the different form to regular and apt shoes snugly. Seeing other descriptions that has said some measure run small has taken the punt and measures apresamiento EU41 and turn well! It can not imagine still it would take him on it was any small plus .
5 / 5 Candance
This pair to vibrate the toes have been ordered for my husband, has written a measure 6 and wrote them one same.
When I recived was obvious has not been well to to my husband likes I his door, surprisingly is a measure 6 and my measure is 3. It has not been that are created but was the big joke for my husband and was a lot of angry.
4 / 5 Elza
Has ordered measures it the big and was still too small. My mamma is the measure 5 and was too small for his too much. I have ordered the 6.5/7 and has had to return. Any sure that the measure would require like this not going to annoy.
5 / 5 Leoma
Absolutely love these shoes. They are prime ministers of mine minimalist the shoes and I am still to run with them. I have been practising walking and taking it easy, reason in spite of a fact that already alive the relatively barefoot existence (yoga, barefoot in a house and of the travesías short in a street or garden), there is remarked that my feet and the legs are hurting after spending these shoes alfresco for an hour or so much. They are really looking main to incorporate my life more and more and to good sure would recommend him.
4 / 5 Latonya
EU of use sizing and add a measure up.
Are EU37 partorisca every day shoes and EU38 partorisca run shoes.
I order EU38 and the returns perfect without socks but EU 37 feels tide in my toes!
Wants run in them .
4 / 5 Dudley
Minimalist Shoes, comfortable, resistant and with an excellent access. Mainly I use him for sport and of the long walks! One vibrates has it the habit of is always the guarantee!
4 / 5 Judith
A sizing for these does not have one vibrates or plants barefoot web, those results in some shoes having to that be returned twice like this too many small.
4 / 5 Lanora
Has bought according to one drives of measure but too small, hardly could the take on
5 / 5 Staci
has fallen averts in an instep, which is disappointing, as I had him 6 months, used him for roughly 3. Usually I want to they Vibrate and use some five toes to run and jog, like this the pair is strangely fast death is the disappointment..
4 / 5 Darcel
Is not true is the copy , although they are the good copy has purchased some of a Barefoot website (in only £15 more but on sale) and have different qualities.
5 / 5 Vallie
One has the habit of of the sinister shoe has begun detaching for a part with which the use has moderated on some last two months bought of then which is not a lot enough for Any shoe that cost on 50 pounds, is supremely comfortable this in spite of.
5 / 5 Deanna
The shoes are good but really difficult to dip on and snug.
Has had to send them behind and while in the repayment for 7days now. :(
4 / 5 Zada
Has had to send this backside how were way too small on me in a heel although some toes am returned for one the majority of part. Perhaps my feet so only arent a right form for these shoes. It could try some another model.
5 / 5 Melania
No my first pair of vibrant and certainly not being my last. Absolutely it wants to him.
5 / 5 Leontine
They do not slip , any question that spends for rough terrain, rocks, thorns, needles of pasador
5 / 5 Abbey
am sending them behind like the toes are quell'has bitten short partorisca my foot. While it takes the measure 6.5 like the sound usually he 6 uk. Well of look and well has done.
4 / 5 Esperanza
Really struggling here. Taken my measure was also measures it up is too big. Some models have the half measure. Any usually buy on-line shoes but is impossible to find them in of the tents. And still I owe that decide that they like
4 / 5 Debera
of products Well. Unfortunately too small. It has had to that send behind. Excellent service.
5 / 5 Luvenia
But will give, he so only taking used to dip your toes in
4 / 5 Willetta
My shoes are some better. An only thing would have to that go half measure more
4 / 5 Versie
is so only and concealed is reason have wanted to him but will not spend him every day like me does not want to has to wash him every day!!
5 / 5 Lachelle
Has had to that order 2 big measures that my staffed regulated uk measure of shoe. Once it has taken a right measure , these shoes are surprising. The his door for Kung Was and is brilliant.

Top Customer Reviews: Vibram FiveFingers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Jani
Ossia One of one the majority of comfortable pair of FiveFingers I own, and believe me I so that there is roughly 20 different fashions of them! Has the yellow version of V-trails also and hunted partorisca this colour of then there is spotted the. Finally discounted how has been partorisca he. Unfortunately it bit it miserable this time. I have had to that order 4 pairs in of the totals and decided to maintain a prime minister a, in spite of him there has been dirty so only and the seal has take for any trying it on. Reason the access was perfect left it until it could compare with other pairs, that was easy like the returns are free. 2nd pair was too wide and marked with adhesive, another era OKish and last one has had stitch that annoying in pocket of toe, much tighter compares to other pairs and marked with adhesive also.
Reason Fivefingers is the hand has done obvious differences among pairs, this in spite of the access has changed on some years. My premiers few pairs were perfect directly out of a box, perfect access every time. Later on it has it had to send him behind and advances and try measures and of the different pairs, that no those shoes less well. Absolutely they are that they surprise and I use different fashions for different things - exerting, discharges or cool down while trace, like some shoes of beach and mainly so only to walk, especially in uneven terrain. If you are new the Fivefingers start dulcemente and adapt gradually, especially wants to use him to run. Your need of feet to regulate dulcemente to the equal that will be to use your muscles in the different way.
In some terms of the apt people mainly complains like this unfortunately is tagged weirdly (shoes, any person!), For example EUR 39 is usually United Kingdom 6, but here 7-7.5. My yellow pair older that V-the trails is tagged , but really concealed is not that calm orders him. Like this already advised for me in the leading description - ALWAYS order them for EUR MEASURE. Simple as it concealed! If any one calms that can see when choosing your measure, will see a EUR has measured in a checkout. So only regulate consistently. Good regime! :)
5 / 5 Bell
Has thinks that would try something new and excitedly has ordered one Vibrates for the different running experience. My feet are the measure of United Kingdom 4.5 as usually it buys the measure 5 and opted for these in a paper.
When A product has arrived, tried him on and found the really difficult. I googled “the easiest way to dip in Vibrating Fivefingers” and has followed some instructions. I have directed to take a shoe in my foot my small plus but he have has not felt right. I have tried another foot but I so only could not take a shoe on. Something has not been right and some shoes would owe that be returned.
A lot disappointed, has begun a process of the returns but I have had the niggling feeling. The things so only do not have on aggregated. I owe the abundance room have in some shoes although they have run in a small measure.
How was packaging a box partorisca turn, there is remarked a sizing info (sees picture). Measure of euro 36. It concealed it is not a lot of - measures it of United Kingdom 4 is the 37. It has looked for to express my feet to the measure 3 shoe!
Am presuming that all Vibrate Fivefingers is bad in of the terms of United Kingdom sizing for this an information of description. So when ordering, use a EUR sizing or add 2 yours measure of United Kingdom. Hopefully This will be corrected!
5 / 5 Beckie
This was mine according to tentativa to take the pair of vibrams concealed to return me properly. Previously it had purchased of Investigation of Sport measures it that it was near of but possibly too small a Ue 37/United Kingdom 4 . So previously to return these have thought I only control to order the main measure on amazon. I am come from to order the United Kingdom 5-5.5 ( sizing any data in EU when ordering) . When This arrived (promptly and as described) has found that it was in fact the United Kingdom 5-5.5 but this has corresponded to a Ue 36 - have so it has had to done has ordered the smallest shoe.
I order of supposition 2-3 measures on your measure of usual United Kingdom to be sure . This pair will be to go directly behind.
5 / 5 Stephine
At all bad with this element is so only too small still although it is my measure can be require the reevaluate a measure refunded me immediately the turn adds has bought a right side utmost shoes
4 / 5 Benita
Be carefull of a sizing. They are smaller that measured of ad. This has said that they are the very good product . It has helped my partner.S Rear question.
4 / 5 Houston
Well, Are the bloke but here is the women is some is one same, but more economic.
Returns perfectly and very comfortable.
5 / 5 Jeanett
Has thought has taken to treat it brilliant in the fantastic product, but a measure was way was. At least 1 or it was 2 small measures.

Top Customer Reviews: Vibram FiveFingers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Clementina
I can not judge some shoes because they are far too small. I spend he 5United Kingdom or 38 Ue. For I have ordered so much that . A box said and 35EU. Sadly They Are far too small he like this has to him return.
4 / 5 Zana
Sizing Is totally was. Ossia The brilliant product but has ordered the United Kingdom 5.5 which would have to that look a Ue 39, has received partorisca box it which has declared United Kingdom 5.5 EU36 - a EU36 is the measure of United Kingdom 3.5 as it has not been that has gone wrong but has not wanted to risk that it buys another measure and that suppositions that would require it is gone in like this sadly.

Trend Vibram FiveFingers Women's Running Footwear

Top Customer Reviews: Vibram Fivefingers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Celena
They are it Vibrates it FiveFingers defender. Has the number of pairs and at present spend them more than days. A Bikila Evo way is very comfortable and would say own partorisca people with wide feet. Some another FiveFinger the fashions can be too tight the the ones of the wide feet.

Would say to good sure locate the measure. Has feet quite wide so that although my feet measure the . In of the normal trainers buy the (41 Ue), but in Fivefingers I needs a 8-8.5(42 Ue). If has the calm wide feet to good sure would recommend that it goes for this fashion of FiveFingers.
4 / 5 Sheldon
Returns comfortably but to good sure recommends to take the smallest measure or at least a measure a smaller that usually access. I usually wear 36, but in Nike I use 37 and 1/2 and has bought these in 3 (36) and is, would not say too big, but is roomier that has expected. Otherwise My experience was at all but positive, the delivery was included faster that said (hands the Utrecht, Netherlands).
5 / 5 Maybell
Some better shoes to coach. Ossia My third pair of five toes, but this special model is to add reason One has the habit of is stronger.
4 / 5 Tobias
Loves these have ordered measures it the big reason have read is coming on small I follows usually the measure Or.K. 6 And it has ordered the 7-7.5 which return perfectly. The delivery of next day has arrived can not expect coach in them
5 / 5 Kecia
A product there has been a focuses wrong
has bought EU of United Kingdom
the product has said 5.5 United Kingdom 36 Ue
the Real measures 36 Ue
has not been that fixed a question been due to lockdown
4 / 5 Shaneka
that Surprised and like this comfy g to the plot of attention in them so that it is like this odd but wants the
4 / 5 Arlette
Likes the barefoot walk, with protecting. Perfecto, especially when that tries to recover function of natural foot. All the world would owe that have the pair of Vibrams!

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