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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Mae
Present partorisca my daughter in New Zealand how was bit it concerned as if it has not been well would be difficult of the take behind and is returned in fact was perfect and sent the photo of his the spending and looks partorisca surprise...
4 / 5 Vito
Bel hat. Being has given cotton can it has used was of winter that In cradle. Dress slightly small, In each marry so only the the schiaccia too much on declares it leaves slightly he sign on the front dope a bit has time of date. It joints The purchase!
5 / 5 Krysten
Ich finde Has given Art Mützen/HÜte wirklich first. It has dipped diesem habe ich irgendwie Probleme has dipped dem WohlfühlFaktor. Of the Material ist WELL. doch The forms of data give Mütze ist nicht wie ichs mir gewünscht hätte.
5 / 5 Larhonda
J 'Adore this gavroche, colour and subject when hoarding
4 / 5 Jacques
Súper casquette to an interesting prize and delivery to hoards it.
4 / 5 Darron
Another well fact Brixton hat, a lot flattering on, slightly big partorisca my boss, but the pulled the!!! Value a prize, and is the womans hat as well as men unixes
5 / 5 Nova
has purchased this on its own name. I want to Brixton hats - have the variety of fashions. A lot very he he. It does not decide never like partorisca add my collection.
5 / 5 Agnes
The daughter has loved that. In the condition adds and apt to the equal that has expected.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
A measure was the question was too big. It is returned and the different colours ordered and way. It has not seen never of the so many ways and measures in some ways. Ossia Lovely hat , warm , ready. A new some have ordered partorisca expect same excellent quality.
4 / 5
Has bought the hat of Big measure (60cm). It is an excellent access and of the stays on in of the twenty strong and very comfortable partorisca spend. Ossia The element of quality , upper to a lot of produced alike, so that it pay to prize, but value he in a long career.
5 / 5
Is the little has bitten big that has expected, but is impossible to find the off-line normal measure, is always too small and have form very flat. I love a creation of these discharges, and looks a lot of - better that produced economic callejeros big!
5 / 5
Stunning hat gorgeous the quality adds apt perfect amour he
4 / 5
Excellent element, light in a boss and ready returning.
4 / 5
My husband has loved that and has lost has ordered like this another
5 / 5
can do You wicked combos with east and some other elements of cloths, the quality is sum and very happy with him in general.
5 / 5
Sehr schöne, hochwertige Mütze, aus leichtem Tuch dipped Fischgräten-Struktur. Nicht unbedingt Was für Temperaturen im Minusbereich, gives habe ich lieber eine Mütze dipped Wollanteil, aber garantiert toll von Frühjahr bis Herbst. Größe und Passform Form mich wie gemacht, klar, Form partorisca die von jedem Kopf ist anders. Ich habe bei einem Kopfumfang von 54,5cm Größe S bestellt, gives passt mir perfekt: Sitz fest genug, dass man sie bei einem kleinen Stimulate nicht verliert, aber nicht like this fest, dass man Kopfweh bekommt, oder give Kopf anfängt zu schwitzen. Würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen.
5 / 5
Eine sehr schöne und hochwertig verarbeitete Mütze! Die Marke Brixton ist mir schon vorher von Freundinnen empfohlen worden - wie sich herausstellte the war gives sehr gut! Habe einen Kopfumfang von 54 cm und habe eine XS bestellt. Die Kappe passt wirklich wie angegossen und sitzt súper. It gives Stoff ist nicht allzu dick, Also nix für kalte Hack. Umso besser für mich, ich möchte sie gern im Order als Sonnenschutz tragen - Die Kappe vorn one gives Mütze ist groß genug, a vor einem Sonnenbrand auf give Nase zu schützen. :)
Give Fischgrätenmuster ist außerdem sehr schön und lässt Quotes Mütze noch wertiger wirken. Wenn Quotes Mütze nass wird, behält sie auch dann noch ihre form und verzieht sich nicht. Súper Produkt! Ich Cube sehr glücklich moved dem Kauf.
4 / 5
My opinion is that Any one has to that buy these discharges, any one recommends it to you. Have in the first place asked a measure M, and was small. Never until this moment had done a devolucion with Amazon, and really act a lot well. Thus side remains calm. Now well, when I have received the measure L, results that I am grandísima. It launched it to the rubbish. This costruttore Any one there is well the tallaje, is a disaster. Or very big, or very small.
5 / 5
... wenngleich ist mir Quotes schiebermütze nachgekauft habe und er inzwischen in derselben größand etwas größer ausfällt (nicht one gives kopf rum sondern almost nach oben), was mir aber eigentlich ganz recht ist, weil die mütze vorher eher einen zacken zu klein war.

4 / 5
Habe eine Weile nach Likes einer Kappe gesucht, die sich von gives üblichen €10 Modellen unterscheidet! It has given ist wirklich Toll verarbeitet und macht durch gives hochwertigen Stoff richtig has been! Gut auch, dass Man know exakte Größe bestellen konnte! Dadurch sitzt sie Súper Gut auf dem Kopf!
4 / 5
Ich habe schon mehrere Kappen und Hüte von dieser Marke. It gives ich einen eher kleinen Kopf habe, sind bei mir OnesizefitsallLösungen eher selten passend. Brixton bietet hochwertige Ware für einen guten Preis A. Ich habe auch deutlich teurere Hüte von anderen Marken, ohne dass ich einen Qualitätsunterschied merke. Jetzt überlege ich, ob Die Kappe noch in anderen Farben kaufe;)
4 / 5
Orderly produced has given one some apparent qualities has given measure L=60 cm. Arrived A surrogato pietoso has given infima quality and under pure measure being a L. Since definitely they have done the replacement with consciousness, for him the annoyance has given to speak with the authors of the disservizio, have preferred buttare he produced in rubbish. SCONSIGLIATO At all:
5 / 5
covers remain big to weigh it that it is the measure that recommended me, but according to the indications that gave a short less would remain small. Three measures look insufficient! Besides Hay that call xq any hay another form of sabre that short would have to that ask, of any hay a correspondence of perimeter of boss in cm. With the paper of the measure.
4 / 5
Have valued The article 5 stars because it satisfies in full he expectations. It measures it it corresponds The that of the taglie level for hats (have read in other opinions that this hat would be more long of means it comunicacionales, in my house is instead perfect with him measures that mine was prefigurato).
4 / 5
He hat is very pleasant, at all Gives to say his this; it measures it mine is alike just.
The only precisely is that, arriving any inscatolato adequately, the visiera can suffer easily deformations any rimediabili. Sin
4 / 5
has loved so that bad thus hat to do, but he so only any one:( a small was too small, and a half was way too big!....And an odd form to kick, as I sent them so behind.
5 / 5
Tolle Qualität, wirkt sehr wertig, sieht gut aus und sitzt gut auf dem Kopf meiner Frau. Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis passt wunderbar.
4 / 5
Alas Any he attains the order the own measure: the definition that the company use to define the circumference is too generic. The bill of the product would deserve he five stars. Sin Thus pressapochismo that it removes him lucido planned stars.
5 / 5
Has several casquette has bought AMAZON Of the sud.. It is everything Of mark BRIXTON, everything of measure M that corresponds to the measure 58.
Commanded it recently joins another, in the HAT TENDS of this measure, has gone back transports was too big. I have commanded it joins another of measure M verifying well that it was well of the mark BRIXTON, arrival partorisca the receive, is still too less good quality that those that have already.
The verification Done, Him the precedent does not come this HAT TENDS, but other providers.
Continuous he any and The fake of past,
5 / 5
has Given optimum quality and any defect gives to signal! Coming to the usual delivery in the planned and precise times.
Just Passage attention the choose the measure adapted for the moment of buys it consulting he pictures brixton..
A characteristic of the product extremely allettante is that it suffices to put it a pair has the data goes back To give them the form that piu prefers and maintains it without any question!
The photo Any one is has given quality, my give the idea ;)
5 / 5
Meine absolute Lieblings Mütze ! Sieht wahnsinnig schick aus!
Qualität ist auch mega!
4 / 5
Covers a lot beautiful. Has a diameter of 59 cm and measures it L go perfect, any one presiona neither goes holgada. At the beginning any one convinced but now is scarce the day that any one put the to me
5 / 5
Súper schöne Mütze. Gute Qualiät. Habe ich In XS bestellt (schwanke zwischen Gr. 54 - 55 cm).
Endlich eine tolle Mütze gefunden, Die 100%ig passt.
4 / 5
The hat of quality adds. A bit main that expected but no too bad.
4 / 5
He hat is Coming gives image, dye of bel and good finishings. Useful With half rain-Strong (also , with deluge, if inzuppa)
5 / 5
Ich kann definitiv to the Kopfbedeckungen von Brixton empfehlen 👌
4 / 5
a lot pleasant he hat also perhaps he measured sleep a bit wide, announce a mine fellow that spends the L was amendment has walked him the Sr reason the L was too along
4 / 5
If it spend the hats buy the bunk of hat of Amazon ( Cad) has the flexibility here chooses a correct measure with the margin the big plus of error.
5 / 5
Passt Súper und sieht auch ganz schick aus. Bei Amazon viel günstiger zu bekommen als sonst wo
5 / 5
A bel produced optimum the qualit&worsens; of the stoffa no è he usual do usual with material has given low qualit&worsens;, the joint!
4 / 5
gefällt mir Gut, sitzt Súper, macht großen spaß dips give mütze als kapitän durch quotes straßen zu laufen ;) wenn sie bad gives zeitliche segnet wird sie wieder gekauft
4 / 5
Einfach eine tolle Mütze! Mittlerweile habe ich zwei davon. Sie fällt etwas größer aus. Eigentlich hätte ich eine M nehmen müssen aber die S passt perfekt. Unbedingte Kaufempfehlung.
5 / 5
Strepitoso In the version FW I Use also In property
4 / 5
Die Kappe fällt größer aus, deshalb passte erst quotes zweite. Wenn Man dann die richtige Größe gefunden man of hat of the hat ein stylishes und gleichzeitig klassisches Accessory. Und Gives In guter Verarbeitung und Qualität.
4 / 5
Covers has wanted to me but was very very big likes a turn for another measure, already will count!!!
5 / 5
Ich liebe Has given Cabin, is sitzt gut und sieht mega wertig aus. Ich trage ihn auch gern im Order, Die Ware fühlt sich angenehm a.
5 / 5
Very elegant partorisca put of cost, with a marine swipe, simple and showy the the time, has wanted to me, recommended
4 / 5
Alles gut! Gute Qualität, schneller Versand! Seriöser Verkäufer.
4 / 5
Covers it Genial, quality a lot well to the equal that has expected, cut a bit big. We change me he the cup Sinned Questions and very fast
5 / 5
Ich trage sonst eigentlich immer Basecaps und habe mir has given Mütze vor einiger Zeit bad spontan in giving Farbe 'oliv' gekauft.
Eigentlich wollte ich damals austesten, ob mir has given Mützenform steht.
Mittlerweile trage ich Has given schwarze- und auch meine tall oliv-Fast of discharge nur noch, weil ich sie echt stylisch finde und sie sich meiner Meinung nach echt bequem trägt.
4 / 5
A quality has surpassed my expectations. Very good and comfortable. To good sure reccomend! It can not expect spend the.
4 / 5
Has given Mütze von Brixton besitzt eine sehr schöne Forms (Brixton Discharges Fiddler, Black Herringbone Twill, L, BRIMCAPFID). Auf Grund Gives Baumwollstoffes give Innenfutters, lässt sie sich sehr angenehm tragen. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr sauber. Alles In einem eine Upper Mütze.

Top Customer Reviews: Brixton Brood ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Hanna
A tad small but like more the hats will extend slightly and then will be perfect. Hat of good quality partorisca a prize. Has has had hats of better quality but has paid 3 times more.
5 / 5 Nakia
Left preface this partorisca say has a lot of Brixton Brood spent, and wants to join him sage colored one. I received it the few weeks , and has a chemical smell stronger. In hindsight, would have to have it is returned. This in spite of, have tried 1) Febrezing a heck out of him and then 2) washing he in Woolite in sweet. It has done neither. A chemical smell is remained crazy strong. Now I am doing to last-tentativa of solves to salvage my compraventa to dip he in a airtight container with baking soda for the days of pair. If this does not operate, so only will launch it. A smell is overwhelming and probably would give me the headache has spent the.
4 / 5 Romaine
First hat arrived with the broken snaps in a brim, how is returned. A second hat has arrived ship bent and looked quite different of a first hat. I skip taking it casualidad in the third hat. It is unfortunate reason a first hat (with an exception of a broken snap) looked adds. A hat of substitution has looked the economic swipe out of a first hat has thought included has had one same Brixton focus. Has come from/come from perhaps two different factories in china that count for a difference in quality and look.
4 / 5 Arie
Ossia The modern yard newsboy concealed give you the bit of a newsboy look, likes opposed to a look of one covers of ivy, but without an on-sized puffiness of the traditional newsboy, which is cut much bigger. It is 50 wool and 50 viscous and looks to be a lot has done. A material is quell'has bitten thinner that has expected, like this yes is looking for covers it to maintain you warm in a dead person of winter, can wants to look for covers it the fat plus.
5 / 5 Claudine
Looks a lot done under construction and is lined with the quilted material. Access quite true to measure. Usually it spends the big but deliberately has purchased a XL for the roomier access. If you are looking for the hat to spend the moderate cold time and calm has 'outgrown' spent of baseball and beanies, ossia the good election . A black plaid works to draw well with dressy random and with more formal outfits.
Wishes a logo of key of the metal has not been attached to a backside of a hat.
4 / 5 Euna
Has ordered these discharges for my father-in-law look it in fact month and loves it ! Of the first discharges has had to return reason is resulted to be bit it big that has loved, but the police of the turn of the amazon is like this well that one 2.as discharges have arrived inside the few days and my father-in-law has been spending it regularly of then. This 2.os returns of discharges well and he the look & feels esjuvenated.' The materials have the quality feels and appearance. I recommend this product.
5 / 5 Monserrate
I really like these hats (ossia my second an of these)...A coverage of key in some starts of cup, like being prepared with some superglue or adhesive hot for the dipped behind on...
The prize adds, the way adds, the value adds...
4 / 5 Ocie
Excellent access, consolation, construction and way. Has the big dome, and to this access of hat likes was tailored for me. I love it!
5 / 5 Vannesa
Has looked for the weight of summer eight poster newsboy discharges and has thinks that had found he with these discharges. A description there is remarked to the to something likes him the lining of special' , but has not specified that it was quilted. It has had no another seen of one covers, neither. It has had I known that one covers of the cotton was 'winterized', would not have ordered it never. A sizing the main careers that more hats , also. I will be to send this backside. It does not spend of you cover him of cotton in a winter.
4 / 5 Van
The nave has taken the little longer that expexted but value a weight. Fact very material and a lot well with lines of upper flight inside a hat. Good work. It would buy another but expect this an out of will last me.
5 / 5 Qiana
The hat adds, and big quality. A bit key of the metal in a backside is the little annoy at the beginning, but any the import anymore. To good sure the value has compared to another newsboy spent that the amazon has.
5 / 5 Shaina
A brood the green/aim is aimed partorisca be class of ash but is more than the light ash without the real green boo his. Well there kinda is... But in a right light .Still with this suprise the love a hat.
5 / 5 Cary
Autumn adds or hat of early cradle. It goes well with the burgundy key on or brown vintage t shirt.
5 / 5 Sanford
Well A truth be known, want it! The , this in spite of, compraventa for my husband, the one who has not gone too sure in 1st. Now it is enjoying and spends it daily in a winter. It returns to his pocket of jacket when it is indoors.... Compraventa Well!
5 / 5 Galen
Adds apt, way, and the quality this Brixton another keeper. A workmanship is in a level a big plus. Comfortable. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Cheryle
Has not thought Never would be the hat that spends the type but this win me to knots on. I spend it all a time now. Paired With any look of right cloths has come from/come from a roarin twenties
5 / 5 Percy
A Brixton the product is very good. Has four brood spent now of Brixton. Having to that prefer some discharge of wool in a cotton. Mina, is the better form .
4 / 5 Lyda
Ossia Covers it wonderful for those looking for it newsboy way. One 'Brood' is far and was my preferred of discharge for Brixton (although his a lot of other splendid fashions) reasons returns perfectly and among so many varieties. This Green plaid is the creation of gentlemen of classical country and an excellent addition my collection.
5 / 5 Allegra
Any one real happy with measure and quality ! Any one except of them again!
5 / 5 Natosha
Good hat, but, according to sizing info has begun with a XL and with which two returns are apparently the means in these hats
4 / 5 Camilla
has Finalised partorisca give this hat my daughter, how was no where near quite big to return. I spend he 7 3/8 and was way too small.
5 / 5 Norine
Hat very good. Has the bit more than the wrinkled the appearance that would have expected. A measure of mine half returns 7 1/8 perfectly.
5 / 5 Tiffanie
Touches the hat adds. I love it. The quality adds, and looks fantastic. It will wash easily too much. They are the happy client !
4 / 5 Jerrica
Loves this hat. I have bought a big extra as it returns really big. Now it is my favourite hat . Thank you!
4 / 5 Coralie
Perfect quality, looks exactly like on-line. I maintain to buy of Brixton. Has excellent service to manage and turn. If gone back something is so only for the transmission!
4 / 5 Emelia
Turn perfectly (and have one odd-shaped (quite big) boss).

Ideal to time colder because of wool-blend.

To good sure would buy again!
4 / 5 Al
Has ordered this hat partorisca bundle he- the order has been situated two days before a dance. It has arrived in perfect timing!! I have loved a record- no too tight, perfect with winter and very versatile.
5 / 5 Rene
Really loves this covers. My woman loves this covers. Has continue take compliments. Old fashion, the still way adds.
5 / 5 Kandace
Am enjoying my stylish new brood hat of Amazon. It is the small the big, but the mecer in all the chance. It is very comfortable and take the plot of good commentaries roughly that.
5 / 5 Noemi
If it had known that this hat has been done in Cina, did not buy it never. A quality is partorisca like all chinese sakes ie, LOUSY

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Top Customer Reviews: BRIXTON Grade Mesh ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Valentin
Access well, is coming mine like this bronzed, any brown tan , light.
4 / 5 Jenice
The hat is simple still stylish with the good colours returns perfectly! It gives it a A+

Top Customer Reviews: BRIXTON Women's ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Reta
It liked Really of this hat. Has the wool fedora in small extra for Brixton but this was enormous. Has such the tiny boss and has thought really a small extra would do

Top Customer Reviews: BRIXTON Ashland ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Roy
Tolle Mütze. Tolle Farbe. Cube súper zufrieden. Und endlich Bad eine Mütze has dipped kleinen Größen.

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