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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Bobby
He a work, blockades out of alone excess but doesnt do a too dark room. I add.. Except a series of attractive is broken. A tomb of what whole every time I attractive to impulse a invidente, has had to that substitute a glue with games of mandate. It has broken inner few weeks and has not been able of the fix.
4 / 5 Fausto
There is never first find the invidente that 60.ºures Of cm comprises to some group like him some blind in fact so only measures 57cm!!!
Only @@give when it had unpacked the and has been for is returned the!!!
4 / 5 Terica
Shining invidente easy returning Any question would recommend.
4 / 5 Aretha
Ossia The lovely invidente but his no a measure has announced at all! It was roughly 10more tightened cm likes didnt returned in a window
4 / 5 Carma
has Had to that take a hook in backside to the equal that am happy that is easy to snap. Like this far, a glue so only is quite strong to resist a weight (is not heavy). Easy to gather.
4 / 5 Greta
Any simple to dip on, the no brilliant adhesion, a work when it sticks
4 / 5 Marketta
Total rubbishes.
Also could be fact of paper of cloth.
Does not block light at all, can see your hand by means of him.
I mechanisms are done toys of Egg more Bondadoso.
4 / 5 Sherwood
Economic and for a money the cant complains.... You a work.
5 / 5 Kattie
It has been complicated partorisca install. It has not known wether returns in the door or in the recess of window. It is not returned all so it has been suggested in a description.
5 / 5 Epifania
Economic material
adhesive didnt clave
is gone in the box that was opened already
so only a terrible terrible product
5 / 5 Joi
material Perfecto and pleased with this delivery also..
4 / 5 Jeanelle
Has ordered this element partorisca cover poster of glass in my door at the head of the pavings without that have to that do drilling (I at present am renting).
Quite easy to gather/install and does a work perfectly. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5 Korey
This product has looked for to be faulty. A winding -on and down the serious is not to return for purpose and has fallen averts.
4 / 5 Ashanti
A invidente is fallen off a roller and has had to be take of a door altogether. It will try the his glue but a lot disappointed.
5 / 5 Andres
This invidente is exactly that says - easyfix, the cloth is the good quality and looks well in UPVC window. It will buy Gardinia Blind again.
4 / 5 Ping
Has installed our partorisca blind in May, has followed some instructions attentively. His summer a compraventa excellent, so much in the so many is for mandate the little more.
4 / 5 Tenesha
Quality very good invidente partorisca the seeds-permanent use. I really like a fact that can use you adhesive tampons partorisca stick it to a frame of window (saves on drilling pierce everywhere). It is in no way the roller partorisca use to have to that heavy invidente so much is VERY LIGHT (in both a frame and material) and partorisca me is used so only like this partorisca daunt invidente in my cookery during some months of winter. I think that that these would be excellent to use like essoporta' whilst that decorates the room to the equal that hide vision very good whilst does not have any curtain to some windows. It would have given 5 stars if some blind was 'white' as orderly ( is in fact more than the soyagnolia' colour, which any in fact imports too much as it matches a colour of my again plastered wall. .... In general this in spite of, very happy with this compraventa
4 / 5 Leighann
State looking for this type of the blind roller,any one the ray so only grasps to the mine pvc the door adds.
5 / 5 Mildred
Broken and in a cube. Has has followed instructions to a paper. They are DIY proficient has asked you in chance perhaps, spent more time in a paving that in a door!
4 / 5 Mia
This invidente was partorisca my chamber of guest and looks sum. It has taken so only 10 mins partorisca return. Also it comes with fittings partorisca attach to the door yes has required.
5 / 5 Vincent
Fixings Not ensuring. Blind has maintained partorisca fall every time the pulled down.
5 / 5 Aileen
No like this very like this expensive
An on some clips of the door is not quite deep for some double means to glaze door.
Has had to use tape instead like this like this good but my cat there is pulled a invidente was is roller like the glue is not quite strong.
4 / 5 Brittany
Very pleased with a delivery timescale / a product is very partorisca a prize - a downside is that some instructions are so only in of the Germans that is not a mosy useful likes one has has had to that reads it out of some pictures so only which is not always easy.
5 / 5 Wan
Like this announced, the colour that & the perfect returns but use a ray of tape. He on
5 / 5 Chante
all looked well when the installed the, was easy and good. But after the week, some cloths is partorisca take touched of of a bar.
5 / 5 Roseanne
Would want to premettere that First it has given to write this opinion have wanted to try others extends has side of bets of the data, is predictable in fact that partorisca imagine spent any one can expect a quality eccelsa, mine this already knew it the prime has given to order.

Extends sleep arrived In fast times, this obviously graces especially all'optimum service has given Prime of Amazon. He all Was very imballato and he preparations did not present any question, coming instead mine is looked has given to understand is sucedido the more clients. Hardly it has detained The hand he go of the tent, initiate the srotolarla and mine accorgo immediately of the quality scadente of the composition, just to give you an idea looks has given to have he that passage with of the oven of paper. Spent The initial Accident And the complaints has given my wife ('this reason want always save and bla bla bla') have decided however has given partorisca locate to surrender me better history of the effect 'finalised'.

The assembling results all added simple, also he instructions corredate any short sleep. If it can decide trace with him that the clip gives to insert in the infisso in big or use he adhesive clip. I have opted For the prize, also reason for experience he adhesive clip any one guarantee chissà which held in the time.

One turns mounted has to that it says that all added he effect Any mine dispiaceva, is always true that the quality also has given material has given the outline that comes the cordicella the sleep has given low quality, so much'is that also he mechanism has inaugural data/closing blocked a lot, the mine in fin has given accounts aesthetically tend it a lot of sfigurava.

Have chosen Dyes white, results coprente in the sense that was of the outside that of the Interior any one sees at all, or just some shadow, is has given done that he luce spent and to the stanza has embezzled lit. Looked for something Has the diverse data gives this effect obviously have to go his coloreé dark.

Going back was premise, said that first it has given to expose me his this article have wanted to try something has given simile and the bet price, although the quality has given material has embezzled well or viril the same that this figure, have wanted to has opted for some extend double has data another mark, much more pleasant aesthetically with cloth that looks better to the touch and with an action coprente more marked. It has given this produced have asked he surrendered, immediately received gives Amazon.

Expect has given to be you useful state and that the my opinion tin help also another present. Thank you
5 / 5 Matilda
Did not believe he could arrive the these level,practically paper.
More cordicella that does not displace perch' giuntata,wanted to restituir mine of mine has to that it has paid the sending,like this as launched in the indifferenziata.
Any one have purchased others, has given upper cost perch spent him has given sending were the part,and optimum sleep.
This Goes back My sleep done ingolosire of the option Prepares the cost has given send zero,mine have paid it expensive.
Absolutely Gives averted.
4 / 5 Ginger
Green of dye delicious apple and riposante. Optimum transparency For him my utilisation (any oscurante). The only pecca is that no this is the way has given richiuderle without having to them accompany, with the sud hand-held beats (any one go up in parallel way was staffa).
Also The bar has given wood inserted For him contrappeso is not ideal. All added, For him side reduced can go well.
Ah! Setting With summary instructions. So many trocitos has given plastic...
4 / 5 Rufina
He ratio quality-price is good.
The times have given delivery on line with the forecast. Optimum packaging.
The assembling of the plastics in the which goes incastrato he rullo is gives passage with a lot of accortezza.
He setting on the together window has given to do it avvalendosi of the help has given one'another present (the he can Passage also gives alone, my certainly will result more complicated).

Ulteriores Together For him setting:

1) first has given to attack he plastic was window take he measures of the width of the rullo
2) piazzate he rullo in the upper leaves of the window, tenetelo still with a hand and with the another allocates has given small signs with a pencil to the planned extremity, like this has seen will regulate better when posizionerete he plastic sides
3) Good setting! :)
5 / 5 Sol
He produced is optimum, alas but have proceeded To the surrendered in what the dimensions indicates no precise sleep. He go Gives 45 cm would have to have a cloth along 42 cm. In reality the effective width is slightly inferior has given almost 1 cm and, in my specific house, any one attained the cover well he glass of the window. For remaining is very simple gives trace and guarantees to daunt and protection of the has the habit of.
5 / 5 Lupita
Very easy to locate that it follows the instructions that accompanies it. Any precise taladros in the window.

The only 'except' is that the arms of estacas L the window sees a lot feeble and looks a lot probably that it arrive that they break .

Modification 3 Months despues of the first Opinion:

The cloth has staccato of the drum where coils and has fallen to the earth ... It is easy to fix, but comprise that deberia goes atornillado or subject of a form but stable.
4 / 5 Monroe
Gives Lies of Roll sich problemlos montieren (ich habe is one gives Decke angeschraubt). It is lässt sich sehr leicht und geschmeidig ab- und aufrollen. Dazu sollte Man zu gives seitlichen Halterungen ein klein wenig skin' lassen, dann man of hat keine Probleme und nichts hakelt. Wenn Given of man Halterungen zu sehr auf 'press' anbringt, wird man Probleme haben - ich denke daraus resultieren quotes negativen Bewertungen, wo has given Probleme auftraten. Von mir eine klare Empfehlung!
4 / 5 Angelo
Ich Cube sehr positiv von diesem Produkt überrascht.
Ich hatte Is für Cochera of data bestellt, a data Materialien gives Schwerlastregalen zu verstecken und wollte dafür wenig Geld ausgeben. Die Qualität ist súper und given of Place mehr als einfach. It is ist Blickdicht und funktioniert sehr Gut. Of the auf und abrollen gives Rolls schafft selbst meine 4 jährige Tochter ohne Probleme.
5 / 5 Diamond
Billig bedeutet leider aber auch qualitativ billig. Leider waren von insgesamt 7 verschiedenen bestellten Jalousien 4 verbogen und mussten dipped zärtlicher Gewalt Form gebogen werden, 2 gives Jalousien sind auf gives Rolle schief verklebt, rollen sich also schief auf. Auch Gives musste place Neuverkleben gelöst werden. Alles In Allem hätte ich pro Jealousies lieber 10 Eurocopa mehr investieren sollen, dann hätte ich mir gives Ärger erspart.
4 / 5 Linwood
Date Turns werfen ein unglaublich schönes weiches Licht ins Zimmer. Sie dienen eher dem Sichtschutz und sind dabei sehr unaufdringlich. Zoom Putzen können sie einfach ausgeklickt werden.
Gives sie wasserabweisend sind, kann man sie auch the gut dipped einem Lappen abwischen. Of the Kürzen War auch sehr einfach (ich habe sie in giving Breite place einer Schere und einer kleinen Handsäge angepasst).
4 / 5 Bertha
First has given all order a tent gives 60 appearance that was account no very cover he afterwards during the phase has given does in way wraps the stoffa moves has the data beats ( DX ) and the flange goes the stropicciarsi on the structure blocking tends it. And it tends it it is I have taken It 2 and both have the same defect. Any one can passage he surrendered why any one have more the box.
4 / 5 Alease
Good-looking tendina, we l have prisoner x cover a bookshop, perfect measures it, any regge l adhesive and like this as dressed fix it in another way, is delicate but is attentive the not dipping too he hands does sweats work.
This is I would advise has given Passage a telo more resistant and ojalá waterproof.
4 / 5 Valentina
Is ist WELL.. Wir haben klebepunkte nach gekauft, Gives die dazugehörigen nicht besonders gut waren. Die Qualität ist Well.. Nichts herausragendes.
5 / 5 Cleotilde
The emballage of the containers limits to a fashionable plastic ac poubelle' the pair maintained of the scotch Is resulted : it joins it that do fault the clipser lucida tend to the sud the window is broken and inutilisable. Lucida The tent is same twisted, the emballage froissé...The Serious of these leaves of expedition partorisca wish. They are not a bit That the sticker that do fault of Fixation (to the place of the clips that is broken) was very effective : it would see it concealed to the edge of the time.

On the other hand, the opinion to dipped does not exist in French, and his sketch is more than rodeos : he lacking partorisca do test of alcohol a lot bricoleur games partorisca find the location of some pieces...

Finally, Lucido flange of the tent effiloche, does not give long life !

I déconseille this compraventa More than précaire
5 / 5 Shona
The roller does not remain totally has covered the the extremes, sees metal.
Has complicated enough reposition the cuerdita, in chance that the start of his place.
The Colour of the persiana is not white, in reality is more like this beige clear (commentaries clearly the difference by heart with the pieces of the extremes, that yes that white edges)
The persiana in him is beautiful, any looks of bad quality (the time will say)
The placing - while the cuerdita any start you of the piece giratoria - is relatively simple.
The instructions Any one goes in Spanish.
In general, any harm of rest and are not unsatisfied, but the description any one was all the detailed and precise that it would have to be.

Top Customer Reviews: GARDINIA Aluminium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Karissa
There is disappointed extremely. The element returned and has come partorisca insert the small piece of plastic to a main bar that is required partorisca be able to attach a cane to a main bar partorisca open and close a invidente and this lack of element. Unable to directly of contact partorisca just the substitution separates like the half am required partorisca return this element in my own costs. That the waste of money and time, elements that the frames wish that I have finalised partorisca go to the instead calm tent so easily could have fixed any parts disappeared with procedures of service of normal client. They are alentador that a company will read this description and contact with the substitution of just said small missing piece
5 / 5 Marshall
installing this has not gone too difficult, but some instructions are the waste of time. You would owe that be able of the imagine all was partorisca calm this in spite of. I have required partorisca attach some group on some invidentes, but calm can have him on a side. You attach some first group, after measuring a lot attentively, and some just clips invidentes on and locates firmly with pivoting clamps. It calms that can take behind was quite easily need to.

With the bit of tuning end hangs directly and is easy to create and go down a invidente. There is a twist of boss along usual to change a corner of a invidente to leave quite light by means of.

Felizmente Does not go to be fiddling with this now is installed. It does not think it it would stand up to a lot of use because all seat really light and flimsy. Perhaps it is stronger that looks.

But looks good and does a work for any too much money like this am them quite happy.
4 / 5 Rachell
Never be the big defender of blind Venetian, are more than the vertical blind type - but when a missus said loves Venetian volume , Venetian.

So only the pocolos a lot for installation, quite simple to follow.

Some group looked well when verifying before fully returning, but is result fiddlier that the doubt in the ceiling once returning them in place. This could be due to mine freestyle version of DIY ... Everything is returned finally with the bit of coaxing.

Is returned a window perfectly, maintains out of light and looks quite durable.

Quite the subject, especially with one has limited the options have had with our odd sized windows. Almost to good sure buy another together for our studio.
4 / 5 Holley
Takes the pair of hours to return these invidentes and a product looks a lot very now that it is in place. Some instructions are so only terrible. Knots pored in tiny images with a help of the glass to augment to try to imagine like a fixings would owe that be oriented. A corner of a invidente is regulated with the clear plastic cane, but like this was to be attached to a cup of a invidente was the mystery for roughly 15 minutes.

Has an enclosed discharge writes besides 20 tongues (!) It concealed calm llamas to do sure that takes that the small boys can any strangle his in some invidentes is creating and the low cord.
5 / 5 Anamaria
Has ordered 2. It is it has arrived broken the pieces other had scratchings in an aluminium. The substitution has been sent - but no in the saturday that originally had paid for a prime minister two to arrive - out of the amazons transmit apparently. Have Now to take this invidente to do to return in the z/in the rucksack in my motorcycle by means of traffic of Londra. A invidente has arrived for separate in sleeve of thin gathered map. A substitution arrived in a same way and I was anxious to see if this one was also goes - has not been averts pocola lines the fascia.
A blind look well. No a better quality but has left down for an economic fixings.

Would not buy again but has to that ! But it will be of another side! It is the headache for me to return another 2 and a main reason owe that buy is WHEN it ORDER 110 X 130 BLIND WITH A 130 DROP BLIND It has not MEANT To SO ONLY BE 125 CM LONG !!!!!!!!!!! I comprise these are not done to commission the fact but some fund the look has been changed for a period as they do not look something on but is certainly 125CM long.

Does not like Me leaving of negative commentary but there is.
4 / 5 Loralee
Finally has taken any to come and install a invidente but when we plough a box which had been resealed with sellotape, some group to turn has been missing. ANY CONTACT to SOLVE. It AVERTS
4 / 5 Noma
the drawings of Installation were - in our test - incomplete and too much small in stairs to be of a lot of profit.
Installation of alike invidente, of another source and already in place, was simple and sincere and the fraction of a prize.
Of then writing an on would like me transmission my indication of this product to a star. A wand was impossible to attach and so only can see, of a microscopic hort Instructions' that has an extra period of wand that is missing. Maintaining has to that unscrew a fixings and return this faulty has produced. That the waste of our time. Bad value for money.
4 / 5 Al
The element is described like this in a description found it easy to return and gather the utmost looks in my works of window very easy to regulate on-and-down and change a corner of some slats
4 / 5 Broderick
Very easy invidentes to install, and has his decent quality. My only complaint, and is smaller (for this any star apresamiento was), is that one sticks to open and close some the blind slats is enough bit it more rigid that another invidente has had on some years. Any the breaker of extracted for any half, but could be the worry if any one has any hand or of the subjects of wrist.
5 / 5 Lashanda
The colour adds, perfect measure for a small plus of mine two windows of fourth likes them last one has broken, leaving me with only a window of fourth elder has covered. Couldnt Finds this measure or colour anywhere more like this im pertinent has pleased.
5 / 5 Rafael
It would like to say calm takes that paid partorisca but these have not been economic!!! A fixtures is like this poor quatily that has bent a second pulled in a cord. Felizmente Has the toolbox with different bits that has had to that improvise the sure fixture! If it could give him the minus launch ! Terrible product. It does not squander your money!
5 / 5 Vanda
Has taken enough the moment to install, but this could be because I have not installed never blind before. Perfect access, surprisingly durable slats also! Also very easy to repair serious, the accidentally cut a moment ploughs a box and was easily edge behind by means of.
5 / 5 Patrica
Good element and decent quality. It likes some leaves to be the little stronger likes him any “clatter” in a wind but another that that, any complaint.

Aim it sore is has a unfortunate regime that has to return it one of some elements is faulty. Because of a measure, some containers is expensive and the repayment is so only a third that is spent on returning an element that mark a questionable final value.
5 / 5 Vida
A invidente is the lovely colour and the looks adds in my window of cookery.
Has not been pleased with a packaging is gone in.unla Enormous box and the load of paper that now has to that take rìd of.
4 / 5 Trinh
I lovely money invidente. The difficulty has had to that finds this blind measure for my window, but this was so only a right measure and return my window perfectly. It has been expecting a invidente to be the money kills likes one some these have substituted, but these have the light lustrous look to them that enough eats. All fittings comprised and easy to install. In general very happy with my new invidente.
4 / 5 Della
Terrible product. Please does not squander your time and money. I have had to that return all 3. There is at all well in this invidente. Bad returning. A colour is of white looks dirty.
4 / 5 Breanne
WELL in a prize but has had the pair of points. Some instructions are not very clear and a clip that control some invidente to situate snapped of low fingure pressure.
4 / 5 Maryellen
Loves my red invidente. They spend it paints like this inner and external.
4 / 5 Florida
Buys this product and has had is returned once our bath has been completed like this expected to be hanged for some time, commentary some serious wry after the pair of days of inaugural and closing it like this he no quite hang directly this in spite of were unable of the turn to arrive to this point as we had situated of a box.
4 / 5 Sindy
A mechanism was the little cranky
A measure is corrected in every respect
4 / 5 Danelle
Some clips is is far too feeble to resist on a invidente is a metal an economic plus has not seen never and a part of the clips on can be unclipped with your little finger. Blind has finalised partorisca fall and breaking the frame in mine windowsill... The stay of terrible terrible quality era. Returning partorisca repayment.
5 / 5 Tynisha
Easy to install. Looks Well. Easy to use and cleaned. Bought partorisca the student of the terrace of granddaughter. Happy to leave in situ.
4 / 5 Dayle
Amazing quality - is returned perfectly partorisca exist fittings has had already. I want to these and they look the most expensive plot that was. The nave adds , quickly also.
5 / 5 Christene
Hated Each days/of hours/of the minute that tries to return these. The instructions are not partorisca clear AT ALL. Well on but it does not see him durable. Honradamente Think depends in some windows. The mines are old tenement windows of forests.
4 / 5 Janell
Has looked for the 110blind cm in all the big tents without regime or of the ridiculous prizes. Seen this in 1830 in the night of the Saturday and he have arrived for midday the Sunday that is unreal! A product is brilliant and exactly which want to. Global brilliant service thank you.
5 / 5 Lenora
Has ordered Late of Friday, late of the Sunday rid. The quality adds returned and everything. Wanted with the brilliant element!!!!
4 / 5 Julia
Pleased with a product and delivery. Very simple and good quality. The looks add also! It would buy again
4 / 5 Quintin
A side of a toggle no . Fixing some group to any blind was the nightmare.
4 / 5 Mary
Does not squander your time with these invidente am spent 3 hours trimming blind (wide and drop) partorisca measure so only partorisca he partorisca fail and fall out of a window been due to inferior highland system.
Will be to return for the repayment.
4 / 5 Blondell
Good product, good value for money; and easy to dip on

Top Customer Reviews: GARDINIA Blind Wand ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5
I have not been able to use this partorisca my invidente Like precise is partorisca be able opened and close my invidente without wrecking one could please say me the one who bondadoso of the wand can take
5 / 5
A hook is is far less rigid of a one has substituted, and like such is not quite strong to open or close my invidente. Perhaps it would be a lot besides small or the blind lighter, but in my chance a hook flexes when I twist a cane, until it exits a loop.
5 / 5
Our original one has been astray when have there have been constructors in - so it was very relieved to be able to take this substitution quite quickly. Perfect thank you.
4 / 5
Ich habe 3 Stück Wendestäbe gleichzeitig bestellt. Sie wurden schnell geliefert!!! JA! Einzeln! In 3 Schachteln zu I (75cm x, 52cm x 12cm) Bei einem Stab- Durchmesser von 8mm ;)) Ich cube kein Umweltaktivist aber man kann is auch übertreiben. Zudem ist einer Gives drei Stäbe trotz gives überdimensionalen Verpackung verbogen. Weiter The data fallen auf give Stab aufgesteckten Haken einfach ab wenn man nur leicht will give zieht. Ich muss Die Haken place Superkleber auf die Stäbe kleben damit ich sie verwenden kann. Leider nicht zu empfehlen.
5 / 5
The persiana is gradulux and adpata perfectly. I have been able to adapt besides the decoration of gradulux so that it is remained The game with the another Persian, that any one had broken glielo wand.
4 / 5
Stabil und günstig für schnelle Reparatur von Jalousien, wenn Stab gebrochen; durchsichtig, daher immer passend
4 / 5
Fence partorisca curtain of plastico of good quality, the only but that dips is that it is a peel short.
5 / 5
Ein Wendestab für Innenjalousien... Yesterday kann Man wohl eher nichts falsch machen. ;)
4 / 5
Arrived in the Times alas very light And does fatigue the move extend..
5 / 5
Too Short, thin and fragile,any one is possible use he for all types has the data extends.
5 / 5
Die Ware ist einwandfrei und schnell geliefert worden. Leider wurden Given drei Stangen in drei separaten überdimensionierten Paketen geliefert. Also maximum Müllproduktion und daher ein Stern weniger.
5 / 5
Perfecto Coming gives photo slightly shorter that the precedent of mine any is absolutely a question
4 / 5
Goes well, but any fixed me in that was very short so that I have required
4 / 5
Tiles imagine looked a much more resistant horn and he hook thicker...
4 / 5
To the product likes looks, that required by longitude and aim partorisca take
4 / 5
Ein sehr filigraner und instabiler Stab . It gives Haken vorne ist extrem klein!
5 / 5
Sleep always restio The leave negative opinions, and this is in fact mine first opinion with inferior evaluation to the 3 stars.
He produced has arrived In an absurd packaging, for a bastoncino has silicone of date this èrano respectively planned boxes parallelepipede of the double and of the triple of the longitude (Amazon always Cup, my stavolta decisively a pò too). He bastoncino (Any one would call it for nothing horn) presents an exactly small hook gives not being able to be stuck nowhere, not even in the buttonholes of the tent, mine arrive to the strong point: it is exactly useless that folds while they move extends to open them! As that he price is ridicolosamente low, mine would have been much more efficient the this point a clave found for street.
4 / 5
Produced has given scarce manifattura. Very thin And especially Any he can adapt the all extend reasons he gancetto swipes in plastic any one can allargare. Risparmiatevi I money, quality aberrant price.
4 / 5
Was soll eine Plastikstange schon können.
Is passte bei mir. JA, wenn Man weis was man braucht.
4 / 5
Ein empfehlenswerte Gescäftsverbindung. Pünktliche Liefeung, odentlichern Preis, gue Qualität,
4 / 5
Gives Wendestab ist In einwandfreiem Zustand und funktioniert wie er soll!
Finde Is súper give is solche Ersatzteile gibt und Man nicht dies ganze Jealousies austauschen muss.

Top Customer Reviews: Gardinia Uni Trend ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Shelli
Salvation ,
In front of all a dimension is not a bit, was to small, quality a lot well, and a poster of metal was detached , a lot disappointed and unbalanced, has trusted amazon partorisca this product but an element has not been good quality and very bad

Salvation ,
In front of all a dimension is not a bit, was to small, quality a lot well, and a poster of metal was detached , a lot disappointed and unbalanced,
does not think has the need partorisca 100 words averts that it has said before
precise write some right dimensions and verify a product before I refuse he
Totally dissatisfied,
An element has been dipped in a cube
will think rhyme of thousand before ordering elements of amazon ,
4 / 5 Ute
Fabulous has bought 3 invidente all in of the different measures and there fab. They have arrived very fast and was easy to cut to measure and access. A colour is exactly like this in a description and match my cookery perfectly. The prize adds also.
5 / 5 Jaymie
A invidente his self is well but a fixture and fittings is rubbishes
5 / 5 Agueda
Wow this invidentes is surprising partorisca an a lot of fact and the looks adds sturdy partorisca dip junto.un compraventa recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: GARDINIA Natural ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5 Lora
I have bought two blind bamboo partorisca my summerhouse. They were very easy to install, accesses perfectly, and the look adds. They give privacies and shadow, but of the calm interior still can see was. They are very impressed with a quality of a invidente, and think is the value adds partorisca money.
5 / 5 Shaniqua
A whole idea of the blind bamboo is partorisca shade and give one daunts of user with the view. These invidente does not resupply any of these. A bamboo is like this thin and flimsy that the easily snaps. There is not any level to daunt; of outside can see You well in. Has a lot of plants in ours conservatory this requires partial shadow. These invidente partorisca give any protect of a sun. A bamboo is not quite fat, quite strong or quite dense. If you are looking for so only a look, then these will be right on your street. Partorisca We, will not be in our house or on our street partorisca longitude. Annoying waste of money.
4 / 5 Elma
Lovely dark chocolate brown colour.
Has Had the subject smaller with the serious broken that clipped to another side of a invidente. It has maintained partorisca fall off! Easy fix with some tape of gorilla 🙃

Very easy to install and included has the lovely pelmet partorisca hide pulley fixtures.
5 / 5 Marcie
Ossia The very very invidente. Unfortunately it has the legislation of empty in a half like aims. Like this blind is in a backside of a house am extracted no big . Also an engine of delivery has left he propped up against my neighbours wheelie the cube and he almost have taken launched in a truck partorisca recycle. The claims of engine has left in prójimos my door forward. A lot he no.
4 / 5 Katheleen
AMUR partorisca EXCHANGE HE PARTORISCA A 120CM DROP X 170WIDE CM partorisca COVER United Kingdom of the WINDOW of living room PERTINENT RULE. Past hrs on AMAZON without success. Please H And L P partorisca FIND A DECENT SOLUTION NOW 09/18/20.
5 / 5 Kiera
Has arrived quickly, easy to dip on, has bitten flimsy and enough see-by means of, very partorisca held it but expected it partorisca be bit it harder that see by means of.
4 / 5 Kaye
Has struggled partorisca take the invidente to the turn was able to cut was 50mm entirely 25mm of both ends
the glorious look
easy access A lot of
5 / 5 Juanita
has loved the economic invidente partorisca maintain a sun of my eyes of the small window, this does exactly concealed. I
5 / 5 Geraldine
Ossia terrible, broken in a lot of impossible place partorisca install, looks terrible, has taken fed up and has launched he in a cube, waste of money, waste of time!
5 / 5 Janette
I total waste of money have fallen to bit in a 1st time partorisca try to pull them on, does not squander your money
5 / 5 Lacie
No very well at all it would avert. It has been mouldy!
4 / 5 Elaina
No the value that shabby,could does not return at all, the waste of money
5 / 5 Therese
quality Really poor, any fixings has comprised. Pully The system has broken before it still had dipped the up. A lot disappointed
5 / 5 Shirlene
A lot low quality, is coming with the parts snapped and break you, to good sure any value he!
4 / 5 Sammy
Excellent quality! It was pleasantly surprised reason am fearful has chosen an economic plus! They locate easily, and a fixings was a lot.
4 / 5 Rolande
In the first place is very thin, secondly any damn fittings has comprised in a battered the box has arrived in. Some the negative critiques are corrected, of those who improvements annoy elsewhere.
5 / 5 Marcellus
Ossia A worse bamboo invidente has has not purchased never. The quality does not match a prize. Some the plastic clips aims that is supposition partorisca resist a cord near am like this free that a invidente tin a lot included be attractive on reason his detached like this easily. I need the superglue joints him. An end of a invidente was glued near in place of having the clave of forest/of the fattest bamboo like any one another that the ees has purchased, of here when a invidente is trace, a just whole thing SAG. The majority of some claves of bamboos is A lot of wonky and some same snapped. Basically, it does not buy this!
4 / 5 Clifford
Die zwei Rolls, die mir geliefert worden sind, waren vermutlich von Clowns gebaut. Ich benutze Has given Rolls of Art seit 25 Jahren, daher konnte ich given beiden Teile like umbasteln, dass man sie letztlich aufhängen konnte. It gives untere Teil Gives Rolls, ca. 10 cm dipped Abschlussleiste War jeweils komplett a data obere Leiste FEST ANGETACKERT (wo given Aufhängung und Aufrollvorrichtung dran ist). Also wenn given of man Leiste abgemacht hätte, wäre alles kaputt , ich hab is hinbekommen, die Teile trotzdem aufzuhängen, die Turns überlappen oben partorisca 10 cm, the propagation dates zur vollen (gekauften) Länge fehlen. Ich würde Bad sagen, gives ist aus einer Charche Ausschussware und deswegen auch like this billig. Also nochmal kaufe ich gives nicht. Aber für 8 Eurocopa dipped echt schnellem und kostenlosen . It gives lohnte sich gives Retournieren nichtmal, denn die Dinger sind almost komplett eingeschweißt, sodass die of man Verpackung like this richtig kaputt machen muss, a data überhaupt nur einmal anzusehen. Aber Quotes Farbe ist toll, schockoladenbraun und is sieht wirklich schön aus. Ich benutze Quotes Teile nicht innen als Roll, sondern außen vor gives Fenstern als Fliegen-und Wepsenschutz und weil man von außen nicht reinzuschauen kann.

Also has given bitte NICHT bestellen oder vorher prüfen lassen, bevor die verschickt werden!!
5 / 5 Delorse
Is very good. He bearly protects against a sun but this was clear in a description.

You Also hangers to need the hang , but is hanged like this light that that resists on enough well without any need to drill any whole.

Now to a bad part. It has BROKEN in a prime minister tries, and that reason has given so only three stars. A pulley has broken, but again because it is like this light was them able of the reparation and is resisting up.

Looks very good but yes calms that wants to maintain looking well forget a period has said in a description, calm hardly extend it entirely looks bad reason has some ugly silicon there ( as pointed in a picture)
4 / 5 Loreen
To begin the photo that represents he produced any one corresponds the the one who has arrived I he have bought reason knew that in photo that concentrates all'external mine were lasted 5 years , these for coming sleep done perhaps here will do a season. However Any sleep been clear has arrived another thing.
5 / 5 Pricilla
The estores beautiful Edges, and very easy to install, but in my edges of opinion more decorative that functional. The selection among the wands is also so that really do fault to protect against the sun. We had thought to buy another in an Upper measure, but will look for another mark. For the prize that has, any one is worth it that precise is something that really do fault of parasol. The delivery well, as the indicated.
4 / 5 Kathaleen
L article results to be faithful was description also here sleep some inconvenienti, for the moment he setting results any be prorpio has given piu simple, for the trace have had to disincastratre all lucido the clave will manage that the signals has given stick was emissions, and afterwards lucido clave result to be blocked in big will manage a lot of approssimativa with of the paste the broth that sees all and ruin l aesthetic effect of the bambu natural
4 / 5 Laraine
A lot have purchased 2. It remarked that with us well this article because the uses give years, the mine has given another mark purchased in tent. Time of cabbage if the sleep deteriorates and have decided has given to change. Therefore He have installed and arrotolate. It was First occasion In which he have srotolate, he mechanism that researches of consent'conclude operation any one worked and for has given more is staccato he fío. Have ricomposto He all, my at all Gives passage, like this there is always srotolate. Money launched!
5 / 5 Jamey
Ich habe Gives tolle zoom Verdecken gives „Rumpelecke“ In meiner Gästetoilette gekauft. Die Monatge ist sehr einfach und gives Mechanismus zoom Feststellen give Rolls klappt auch einwandfrei. Leider ist Is kein bisschen blickdicht, woraus ich schließe, dass is ebenfalls kein Sonnenlicht abhalten wird. Für meinen Zweck leider ungeeignet.
5 / 5 Denyse
He produced is very different tiles photographs, especially in the Top that regge he pulleys (entirely diverse), that any one is done with a clave has given bamboo thicker, mine with variable bacchette paste among parrot, with him result that flette a lot. He bacchette the sleep has given section tonda and a lot of distanziate among parrot, like this as any one is for nothing oscurante, some sleep broken and also he fío that regge he all is giuntato more points. Any one have purchased Planned, my do not have presiona so only one and see the scarce quality he have surrendered both.
4 / 5 Parthenia
Here is some months That has bought this Piece, finds solid and functional, lucido the setting is simple.
Appreciates a lot these Draws, has situated in the sunlight he no a changed by heart. It reduces well His Games of rays joins half that receives. It does not complain spent of mine.
4 / 5 Bernetta
Dopes to have studied which produced better has loaned was my requirement, have chosen these extends why adapt perfectly was window, he material with which dream built is has given good quality and sleep read and maneggevoli.
Cost besides has been for real good. Obviously With Amazon my sleep arrived suffered and have been able to install them with a lot of ease. Therefore He advise animadamente!
5 / 5 Lorena
Has seen likes generates perfect sleep, hold history but' that dreams the predominant aesthetic utilisation. 80 of it has it lucido past and do not give riservatezza, My no the this do fault....
5 / 5 Jamison
Wir benutzen Gives Roll für give Balkon. It gives Vorteil, Is kommt relativ viel Licht durch. It gives Nachteil, Sounds natürlich leider auch...
Als günstige Alternative würde ich is trotzdem weiterempfehlen.
Allerdings ist Gives Zugmechanismus etwas schwach auf gives Brust.
5 / 5 Leena
The salvation already is the second time that pidonlas first came geniales and the ones of now one of them comes all the Lateral series that aguatan the cañitas free.. osea The cañitas on the one hand Any one resists with at all . Despues Of two months dipped the first k has asked estan flowery and aounto partorisca rot the and of kitar for k attack L the health already any one buys him May...
4 / 5 Deane
Hands velocísima, Coming all gives Amazon. Packaging In perfect conditions. Intact Inner material. Simple gives trace. Any sleep perfectly coprenti, mine repair of the only Joint!
5 / 5 Margaretta
Frankly has to that buy 3 and is súper!
Installed the quite easily yes In does not count my height and my unsteadiness. His mechanisms are very simple. Have So only one that The one of the bad to go down joins crowbar of time but with lucido swipe of main this raisin. The natural paint plait a lot and are not disappointed at all. They are In outsides and Touches the instant does not show any trace of wear and those in spite of fill the sun and his fat rains damage last days.
4 / 5 Kelly
He product arrived Any one corresponds the that represented in photo. It dyes it corresponds my I details of the tent in leaves it upper diverse dream. The bill is In general good mine the materials used mine do has thought that any one will last a lot.
5 / 5 Asha
Sieht vielleicht ein wenig eigenartig aus, Hat aber seinen Sinn und Zweck erfüllt. Ich brauchte eine Alternative zu Eiben Sonnenschirm, gives ich auf Grund eines Taubenproblems ein Katzennetz spannen musste. Erst waren Has given Rolls im Gespräch, aber die Sicht sollten sie auch nicht versperren. Somit wurden Is Bambusrollos und ich muss sagen. Sie halten meinen Südbalkon sehr angenehm kühl, Is ist nicht Stockduster, und man kann weiterhin in Innenhof schauen.
4 / 5 Monserrate
Ich hatte mir mehr Blickdichte versprochen. Of the Roll ist Gut verarbeitet, aber leider sehr durchsichtig. Wer nur einen leichten Blickschutz braucht, dem kann ich Gives Roll empfehlen. Of the durchfallende Restlicht ist schön.
4 / 5 Vannesa
Have has detained this product For adoperarlo all'external. After 4 months has given utilisation he fío is sfilacciato causing a inceppamento of the mechanism has given considered. I have asked The replacement of the product.
Dopes 2 months also he sostitutivo incomincia dare it the same questions to the edge.
5 / 5 Georgiann
Gives ist mein zweites run gives Anbieters, dipped dem ersten war ich like this zufrieden aber give aus give zweiten Bestellung ist minderwertig, gives Kordelzug hackt nicht ein und is sieht nicht wie in giving Beschreibung aus.
5 / 5 Barry
Hands velocísima, Coming all gives Amazon. Packaging In perfect conditions. Intact Inner material. Mounted In 2 minutes, or perhaps less. Joint!
4 / 5 Mitch
To to Any one liked that the estacas to aim the free pressure almost whenever it locate the persiana, had to whitewash it and fijamente
5 / 5 Tanna
With two hooks in the ceiling install he in 2 minutes. It concealed yes, any one is dense tan to the equal that in the photo
5 / 5 Cornelia
Less fitta has given what mine compensates, is rifinita a lot well. Perhaps, more decorative that functional
4 / 5 Edwardo
Schrott, bereits nach zwei Wochen seeds intensiver Nutzung gibt Quotes linke Halterung gives Seilvorichtung gives Geist auf.
Gives macht jedes auf und zu ziehen zoom Glücksspiel.
Kauf ich nicht nochmal! Nö
5 / 5 Lisbeth
Well the verda esque leaves to spend a lot the better good sun says muchisimo Any one takes at all of light asique any side to swim in my opinion because my intencion was to dip them in a pergola so that atascara the sun for the sides the at all of at all but the product arrives a lot of

Top Customer Reviews: GARDINIA Clamp ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Noriko
Schon Gives zweite welches ich austauschen musste, lag aber eher one gives Gegebenheiten nicht are Produkt selbst.
4 / 5 Belle
Schneller Versand
Einfache Handhabung und Befestigung
Leicht anzubringen, Anbei sind noch klebepads Quotes für zusätzlichen partorisca sorgen.
Quotes einzelnen klemmträger lassen sich drehen,like this dass the man gives Band vom Roll rechts oder links hat.
4 / 5 Marita
Unfähig einen Rechten und einen Linken zu schicken.
Dafür aber 2 Linke.
Sehr schön, gives Fog landet im Mülheimer.
4 / 5 Delta
passt und funktioniert alles wie erwartet, Is läßt sich einfach anbringen, place Klebstreifen hält is noch sicherer. Of the 2m Balkonrollo wird stabil gehalten.

Top Customer Reviews: Gardinia Rollo 820 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5 Dustin
Wrong colour wrong measure. It can it does not use. Orderly brown purple and apresamiento.
4 / 5 Albertina
Has found a blind quite satisfactory for my cookery and the colour there is matched a lot well, with thank you very much.
4 / 5 Anthony
Any orange but terracotta. It does not match anything like this there is not dipping up. It would be necessary has it has sent behind, but has not taken around the his.
5 / 5 Thao
Absolutely love my new 3 of of the this and has arrived in a date has declared. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Riva
Quality a lot well, good cloth , the plastic chains no quell'economic , die so only 4 reason is expensive
5 / 5 Burton
do a work and well feels to bath, the quality can be better
5 / 5 Launa
We have ordered The version 102x230 cm (LxA), alas in spite of him measures give on the preparation correspond the what gives we orderly, the effective measurement of the tent not coinciding with what indicated: measure in fact 180 cm in height and any 230 cm.
Have had to restituir He produced.
4 / 5 Merna
Wir haben 3 von Gives Rolls bestellt.
Was anfänglich ärgerlich gewesen ist, war dass sie angeblich verfügbar waren, sie dann aber erst nach einiger Zeit geliefert wurden. Also warten und irgendwann kamen quotes Rueda dann, allerdings a unterschiedlichen Tagen. Naja, ist ja nicht weiter schlimm aber ich hätte gerne to the direkt gehabt a auch nur einmal Werkzeug rauszukramen.
Im nach hinein kam Is allerdings gar nicht dazu, denn to the 3 waren bereits geöffnet und dreckig.
Schlussfolgerung : Turn
5 / 5 Nikole
Bar that cost and perhaps less, have bought it reason mine occurred urgently a tent has given this characterises mine any very satisfied sleep. One goes back prizes is pleasant, gives luce and partorisca daunt was stanza mine the attacks in plastic and the catenella (also that in plastic) light sleep and he bolts remain the view. Product Little cured. It goes used with prudence.
Very fast sending.
5 / 5 Shyla
Have ordered three Extends Gives this vendors, foreseen wide 92 cm and an along 2 metres. He pacco has given that longer has arrived a pò ammaccato mine All'inner all extend were integrates.
Extends State sleep purchased for mascherare the vitrinas has given a venue to the piano buried in the schedules has given closing. It tends it it leaves respect of the Privacy (any one sees to través) the mine leaves however he passage of the luce natural outside.
Has Simple data installation.
Together has given Passage attention during the installation because the minuteria is all in plastic and is simple that break during him fissaggio. Besides Passage attention to the positioning of the catenella and insert always a closing in the catenella.
4 / 5 Ailene
Good material Tent of peel in optimum cloth, lavabile and coming wished that it filtered it luce direct in way balanced. Abysmal The cordicella partorisca raise it coming the ingranaggi in plastic. I has to have It closed always, like this as for me has been a good ratio quality-price, mine have to use he often leave to lose.
4 / 5 Carey
A day of today, and this the reason consecrate quell'concealed, is very economic and facil achieve translators. Like this Gardinia Very so only has some instructions of the May racanas, estan in Aleman...
The instalacion was atragrantando when one of the eyelashes that maintains run the partio, is the 3.ºr Tent queinstalo house and the only that goes to the new rubbish...
4 / 5 Amie
Tends it (I have prisoner that grey dark) reduce l entrance of the luce my does not prevent it mine is suitable this that wanted. I L have fixed with 4 forums all'architrave among lucido planned raisin has gone in of date. Only What is that it attack him sleep done has given plastic and have to launches it his and giu 20 goes back to the day dubito resists the long. In the Photo is thrown entirely down and in the moment has the habit of here beats direct in considering door is directed the west and to him 17 without tends remained accecato tiled has lucido that has hampered.
5 / 5 Johnette
A marvel! Has a ventanal big in the cookery for where all the evening among the sun and very hot ! This estor has two types, and the interiors that is that plateada (can see he in the photo) brakes entirely the entrance of sun and heat! It has been all a tarpaulin! Besides it is súper easy to locate and partorisca locate and go down them goes Genial!!
4 / 5 Joshua
Is a lot of normalito but easy to install and fulfils his function. The cloth is strong and Washes well with a balleta of then any one can take for metre in the washing machine.
The strap is something toneless although he well.
If Any one loves you spend a lot is genial
5 / 5 Rana
Optimum ratio quality price, optimum imballo and arrived prize of the planned. Quite coprente of the scopes Partorisca Have it the habit of also no of the all oscurante mine is suitable the one who looked for.. Simple setting, he only what that we have found he binarietto slightly twisted mine easily riparabile.! The joint..
5 / 5 Erasmo
I have bought 8 unit. To the boss of some months, he 4 or 5 of already is falling the wands that gives him hanged. In a place where there is not never that the career perhaps resists, but in the one of the contrary can give questions. Besides the Material is quite rigid, with small fall and quite ugly.
4 / 5 Delfina
Optimum product, already purchased Before, simple gives trace, (so only with bolts the wood) filter luce and only mine any dark the internal of the stanza.
Only And small note like this he can define the fault of the past cordino adhesive gives to apply sud chassis of the window To hold very still he classical edge pallinato of the ascent-low.
5 / 5 Elba
Leider sehr schlecht verarbeitet!!! Von 3 Rolls ging einer schon beim Aufhängen kaputt (Kettenzug defekt) gives Zweite löste sich bei ausgezogenem Zustand aus gives Rolle und faithful herunter und gives Dritte hält momentan noch! Nächstes Bad wähle ich lieber eine teurere Variant und hoffe auf bessere Verarbeitung und weniger Ärger!!!!
4 / 5 Chester
Article quite scadente,The cloth is sutilísima,if sfila losa extremity and scolla of the in this moment a lot here dream alternative.
5 / 5 Breana
The article is very done, corresponds was description and is useful for him objective sweat; the sending has been to regulate; it dates dimensions has given width would be required the presence has planned present of data for him setting, my here dream attained gives so only in decent way.
5 / 5 See
Bonitísimas, A life mounted do for real a figurone! Comfortable And very easy gives trace and gives to wrap. They have solved With elegance he my question. The style is minimum my for real Elegant.
4 / 5 Nedra
Gives Rollostoff ist sehr schön , leider sind Quotes Träger nur aus Kunststoff. Of the War ich bisher von Gardinia Produkten anders gewö ist gives Preis für mich nicht ganz gerechtfertigt.
Die Verpackung war allerdings überdimensional riesig, gives Roll flog darin umher und dies Verpackung War beschädigt. Zoom Glück blieb Die Ware jedoch unbeschädigt.
4 / 5 Erma
Hätte gerne nochmals 20 Eurocopa zusätzlich ausgegeben, wenn die Aufhängung aus Metall und nicht aus Hartplastik gewesen wäre. Of the Material bricht schon bei einem scharfen Blick. Die Schrauben könnten ebenfalls etwas mehr Qualität aufweisen, die werden schon beim Erstkontakt has dipped einem Akkuschrauber weich. They are besten eigene verwenden. Of the Gewebematerial War in Ordnung. Empfehlung: Mehr Qualität bei Befestigungsmaterial und lieber ein paar Eurocopa teurer. (Wobei ich nicht Gives billigste gewählt habe).
5 / 5 Rosaria
Dopes An utilisation has given 3 months dream already in pieces: decisively scadenti Too delicate respect announce other models ,if they break suffered. The catenella he opens And throws it has the data funds stacca suffered, also during him setting like this comes the planned small still lateral respect was throws has deep data.
Any one have bought parecchie For a new house, mine any happy sleep, better spend a bit has given more my have them more resistant and durable
4 / 5 Brigid
Ich kaufte zwar reduzierte Ware, is ist aber nirgends ersichtlich, dass is sich a Retourware handelt. Die Verpackung war bereits geöffnet, was mich schon stutzig machte. Dann fehlte ein Montageteil, Was nicht weiter schlimm war, gives ich give Roll als Klemmrollo anbrachte. Sogar Given of war Gebrauchsanweisung offensichtlich vom Vorbesitzer beschrieben worden. Auch Quotes untere Leiste ist mangelhaft vormontiert. Gebrauchte und beschädigte Ware zu verschicken finde ich frech.
4 / 5 Virgina
It dyes it is very Beautiful, is a green very light water, almost impercettibile. Simple gives trace, the luce filters my fencing entirely gives external gazes. The joint.
4 / 5 Ferdinand
Before it has had another opaque. When it went down it the bath is remained The dark and was necessary to light the light. With this can have gone down but among the a lot of light extracted to sin at all of the outside.
4 / 5 Shaun
Musste ich leider nach kurzer Zeit entsorgen.
Quotes Schnurr ist dauernd gerissen, bei etwas festerem anziehen ist give ganze Roll rubter gekracht. Leider. Schade.
4 / 5 Bruno
He material is for real Fragile and scadente... It does A Bell'effect gives far, my would not advise it!
Gives near is unpleasant and plasticosa.
4 / 5 Stefani
Farbe Neutral und gedeckt.
Blickdicht aber Gut lichtdurchlässig.
Anbau kinderleicht.
Im Gebrauch merkt Quotes of man gute Qualität, gives rutscht keine Kette raus und is wickelt sich nichts schief auf oder ab.
5 / 5 Tommye
Very pleasant And functional. Any one have taken Planned. An installed go window and the another Avenges close niche. They are a lot well. Simple and elegant.
5 / 5 Shirleen
Genial for the prize that has. For now my only objección is that the canal sees it fragile.
4 / 5 Emelda
Tend it is a lot good-looking and has given good quality , he sleep of question the suppose you in plastic because feeble sleep and one is broken suffered little dope ...Mine ask is possible to purchase So only the suppose you to substitute that broken thank you .
5 / 5 Nu
Perfecta In everything, only pecca perhaps undermines too much mine run he rimedia with few euros to lengthen it
5 / 5 Hugo
Attention, My look is an economic product, and no a good product the good market: it tends it it is it has given cloth any cloth, neither has given a cotonino economic.
However, Engalanarlo mine a product gives hobbisti...
5 / 5 Lezlie
Optimum ratio among quality-price. It is advised For a half that any require oscuramento since, being white, displaced a lot of luce.
5 / 5 Elenora
Very pleasant Aesthetically And very Simple gives trace. He have installed In tent and he ratio quality/price is satisfactory .
The only sews as it is me the catenella that do fault for him riavvolgimento is a bit thin ...Mine is irrelevant detail.
4 / 5 Rikki
Satisfied product was description that there is satisfied In plenary lucido crumb expectations, advised
4 / 5 Phillis
A distance has given months, tend it and the catenella do perfectly he parrot work. Having it dipped In bath had fear went back yellow, instead no, is remained intact.
4 / 5 Cole
The product fulfils with the offered, the quality is good and the service of attention to the fast client.

The negative point is that I am missing a piece in an of the estores (has bought 6) and has asked the transmission and said that any one has transmissions and that no longer is in stock because they are a bit dissatisfaction of then in an of the estor lacking a limit of the part of down and is impossible of the achieve the not being that they transmit it to me.
4 / 5 Cinthia
If the installed with ease and works well. We see Last. The perplexity is bequeathed there are materials has given fissaggio that dream In plastic and was long could any reggere.
4 / 5 Gigi
Optimum product, any one have taken three And do he parrot effect. Only defect is The catenella that he stacca with ease
4 / 5 Sha
Very easy to dip. It is simple but beautiful and remains perfect
4 / 5 Phuong
All optimum, simple gives trace,also had to be cut x new measure

Top Customer Reviews: Deco Company Roller ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Burt
Perfect access. Good quality. Very easy to gather and took the maximum of 10 minutes, beginning partorisca finalise. Well value of the money!
5 / 5 Gabrielle
Has been waiting for ray a invidente to a ceiling.
But wine with orderly fittings to hook in a window, like the mountain has taken so only 2 minutes.
4 / 5 Marchelle
Very easy to install. 10 minutes is abundance of time. It can hang with a cord of appeal in any side. Returned to the mine new-ish uPVC rear door.
Possibly would be useful to comprise the little extra of some small highland group in chance some pauses in of the futures, but perhaps that it would be it to it the waste of plásticoes to the equal that are obviously any 'drawn' partorisca break
5 / 5 Crista
has not been partorisca clear mine that has gone so only mountable iv have the thin window partorisca hang a invidente of. It can not attach to a door dondequiera hang some blind in a window. I have not seen never of to the windows likes them one some use in his images. Opinions.
5 / 5 Evette
Partorisca A bath , is returned a discount of window perfectly. Be sure of your measures.
5 / 5 Davis
Has done exactly that is to be announce partorisca do. I add wee blind partorisca of the money and installed in 2 mins. I revoke gone the like this calm of the that sees of the money and he looks sum.
5 / 5 Gladis
These invidente only apt INWARD the INAUGURAL FUND there is HANGED WINDOWS and is not partorisca return for any one another type of window.
5 / 5 Alan
Is so only that has required the looks well does good dose a work 10+10
5 / 5 Devora
amour Justo this, has been partorisca stick for the coverage of window with which having our bath has changed, does not love hammer to some joints or a inset of a window this has solved a question like this well. Easy to return and the looks adds. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Talitha
Bought To darken a glass the direct contact with the street is very beautiful has simple data installation,own an optimum article,joint animadamente
5 / 5 Tatum
Optimum ratio quality price. It is A very simple tent, was in the composition that in the setting, but for lucida crumb esigente works perfectly. It had to darken A window In mansarda that has not been catered has given Persian and dope have read diverse products have decided has given to purchase this tent that has a low and optimum price opinions. He setting is elementary, For the moment have used the hooks that lean all'anta of the window my seen that exerts perfectly sweats concurrido am the thought has given to fix it permanently with bolts. He dimensions dream perfect For him glass and dark tantísimo. Consigliatissima.
4 / 5 Melba
Mounted His window In wood. Insufficient glue (falls Dopes less has given 24h, have used 2 bolts cad. Rage all a lot of). Simple setting, good scorrimento, good oscuramento. It gives ricomprare, especially x he price.
5 / 5 Oleta
Have purchased these Extends To darken the windows and has to that it says that they do he parrot like a lot also neither dopes a week the glue has given a tent there is yielded in how much a lot of have dipped the morsetti for the fear has given rovinare he guarnizioni,mine is a thing will purchase also for the cookery...
5 / 5 Florinda
Ohne Quotes Beschreibung im Detail zu lesen, habe ich quotes 50 x 150 Variant of cm bestellt. Die Stoffbreite selbst ist jedoch nur 46 cm. Wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil, has given Information findet sich in giving Detailbeschreibung. Muss leider trotzdem retournieren, bestelle aber Gives gleiche Roll ein bisschen breiter von dieser Sign wieder.

Grundsätzlich ist Gives Roll aber empfehlenswert. Ein Stern abzug lediglich für quotes Plastikhalterung, die wenig stabil ist. Dennoch hält Gives Roll aber has dipped to give Halterung Gut genug.
4 / 5 Elenor
He pacco continent tend it has arrived punctual, my mine although all'inner tend it resulted to be rovinata in the right corner. For legated motives to the time and was need has given to install it any one have restituido the commodity. Provvederò Announce to add photo.
5 / 5 Mana
Date Turns habe ich für gives Schlafzimmer gekauft.
Kriterium für Damage Kauf:
- Dunkelt vollständig ab
- hält Kälte wie auch Sound ab
- sieht ansprechend aus (auch von außen)

Was auffällt:
Is riecht sehr hard nach Plastik gives ersten Tagen. Of the vergeht dann, wenn man ordentlich lüftet.
Is sieht nicht Like seltsam aus, wie is viele Konkurrenzprodukte tun. Von außen ist Gives nicht eine unschäne Aluschicht zu sehen, sondern sieht gepflegt aus.
Is dunkelt leider nicht vollständig ab - liegt lediglich One gives Anbringung, die nicht ganz dicht are Fenster anliegt. wäre Gives gegeben, würde gives Raum wirklich komplett verdunkelt heart. Dafür gibt Is einen fetten Punktabzug

- Plastikgeruch Gives ersten Tagen
- man muss beim Umgang has dipped partorisca give Rolls aufpassen, sonst man of hat schnell unschöne Knicke im Material
- verdunkelt eigentlich sehr gut - leider ist given Anbringung give Go nicht ideal verarbeitet, sodass ein kleiner Spalt zwischen Rolle und Fenster entsteht, weshalb Licht durchkommt
- Anbringung etwas wackelig, ist mir innerhalb gives ersten 2 Wochen ein bad beim normalen Gebrauch leider runtergefallen
- Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis A lot

- gute Thermofunktion (im Order wird Touches sehr gut reflektiert)
- sieht gut aus, ich habe is in weiß gekauft
5 / 5 Melina
He produced is not among the best, he setting is not very intuitive, I have employed 30 minutes the understand has submerged to plant some pieces. The sides of the tent any sleep rifiniti, no the chance the less has given a week of the use were already slightly sfilati.
Regarding the functionality, he produced is optimum, fencing the stanza and prevents to have scopes of the have the habit of has given to heat the stanza.
Announces a month of the setting any one is ancore fall, expect well.
5 / 5 Anna
Leider entspricht Quotes angegenebe Breite nicht gives Stofbreite sondern gives Gesamtbreite inklusive gives Zuges und allem. It is ist sich aber gerade Likes ausgegangen beim fenster und is blintzelt nur ein wenig sonnenlicht seitlich vorbei.
Was mich schon sehr gestört hat, war, dass is ein Rückläufer war. It gives Stoff War im unteren Drittel schon zerknittert. Of the ist ebi Neuware sonst nicht That. As etwas sollte vor dem Kauf anggeben werden!
Grundsätzlich Seats given Qualität aber has dipped etwas bis deutlich teureren Turns identisch also schon empfehlenswert.
Auch Quotes Farbe ist sehr schön und gives Erscheinungsbild wirkt hochwertig (bis auf given Knitter).
5 / 5 Cassondra
One the fault partorisca give the use already is installed. It comes with some supports partorisca hang and paste in the window that has used the paste in the frame of aluminium, previously has cleaned the consciousness. One sees the one who such paste and to the equal that maintains .
5 / 5 Aliza
Used differently Of east Games that he the planned summer.
Paste with of the Pattex NCNV To the sud the external Face of the window of mine nails urban without postigos, with the end to reflect the sun, and his heat, before it does not go in in lucida house. Use occasionnel in period estival, eats.

That that has been, is very simple of the trace and always more economique (€50 the 4) that joins installation partorisca store the pair has effected a ême if this there will be the same solidity, especially the games uses it that I in fact.
4 / 5 Ressie
The happy sleep has given to have purchased this product. I have preferred tassellarlo , In that no mine fío absolutely of the striscette adhesive in endowment. One leaves this, sleep very happy. Functional, Discreet and light.
5 / 5 Raleigh
Used To darken a bagnetto and has to that it says that it does sweat to have to. I will say The the one who has to that purchase it has given to take the main measure has given the one who there is need and cut it afterwards for far adhere he telo to the extremities of the wall, the wave has averted that in the sides go in has lucido.
4 / 5 Juliet
Is very small . He 1,50 any where this?? It will be missing cloth to the mine.?? I remain in the middle of my measure of window 1,50 of width !! Sobran 10 cm Peel each side of the window sinned estor ..
Use partorisca atascar the crystal of a door 🤬
5 / 5 Marion
Sehr schönes und stabiles Career. Of the Anbringen ist auch sehr einfach. It is ist auch nicht Lichtdurchlässig. Im The hat of order is zudem sehr die of gut Hitze abgehalten. Of the Roll lässt sich zudem auch sehr Gut aufziehen.
4 / 5 Regena
Has dipped he in a window that Any one there was Persian neither curtain and came genial, leaves partorisca go in mínimamente something of light for the sides, but go, wonderful alternative if you do not have persiana. Easy to locate with the simple instructions that come.
5 / 5 Delma
Mounted His a window has submerged arises to have the habit of,was fundamental that was for real oscurante.et' exceptional reason gives the exactly dark Stanza,that looks a lot here was a window.
In the pacco could insert A driven to have a measure has given holes for those who installed the forando wall of the contrary needs to be always the measure for any make a mistake.
4 / 5 Lady
Has dipped in almost all the windows of my house, work perfectly and easy edges to situate. The autoadhesivos Edges very bad! Any give sustain the weight, but the hooks to hang of the flange of the window adapted a lot well.
5 / 5 Kasha
Good product, Simple gives trace directly all'infisso (passage attention the tighten he morsetto so only dope have posizionato well the glues). It works very Coming oscurante my past it luce of the has beaten used directly of the sud glass. In the complex is useful To dull was he heat that it luce.
4 / 5 Ngoc
Optimum ratio quality price. Comperata To darken of the vetrate in veranda and does perfectly sweats work. A lot Good-looking And Discreet.
Only defect: The hooks In plastic. 2 If dream broken mounting them mine for remaining optimum product.
4 / 5 Ivy
Purchased For an emergency (Persian gives changed, need' has given to darken the window of the bath) has arrived in a day and yes trace in 10 minutes without difficulties. Any one is a beauty mine any is at least ugly, exerts egregiamente sweats work and is also comfortable; any one looks solid mine this have it gives a month and works perfectly.
4 / 5 Dollie
Easy Gives assemblare and trace on the windows. He have the mass in the camera has submerged do not have Persian and work perfectly, scuriscono entirely the camera. Optimum
4 / 5 Adolfo
Is so only that has looked for. It fulfils his function, has bought he partorisca a laundry room of terrace,that hampers very alone and aisla quite well. Easy to locate. The only paste that has a very strong smell,although it takes that goes to disappear with the step of the days.
4 / 5 Sterling
Produced quite good and Simple to installer. Pair against the attention to the dimensions has 46 cm of the glass not taking lucida tent 50 cm (does in reality that 46cm of big) will not cover like this enough. Taking enough The 55cm.
4 / 5 Doria
2Stk In weiß bestellt, 1Stk in weiß und 1 Stk in Silber bekommen.
One gives Schnitträndern read und king hängen beim Auspacken schon quotes Fäden weg!!
4 / 5 Chloe
The piece received does not correspond to the description :
- Is of the simple cloth without revêtement thermal when treating
- The width of the cloth is of 41cm and any 46cm to the equal that have indicated.

Pair a lot disappointed this purchases that is not according to the Description.
5 / 5 Junko
für Damage Preis kann Man natürlich keine Spitzenqualität erwarten.
Aber Date Turns funktionieren einwandfrei und sind außerdem sehr zurückhaltend im Draws, also genau gives was ich wollte.
Sie riechen etwas nach Plastik, aber Like this überwältigend, wie the stain gives Rezessionen geschrieben haben, ist gives Geruch meiner Meinung nach nicht.
5 / 5 Merrie
He produced is useful And functional, but sees that it is a bit economic; for example it has the hem in low sewed twisted.
Very Simple gives trace and resists perfectly.
For him price that has, recommend it.
4 / 5 Roxana
Good tent also quite delicate. The catenella alas is difettata and inceppa always in the same point.
4 / 5 Gayle
Very oscurante, he retro is Money by heart, attention was measured! These Extends measure 4cm Less than the total width that say. I have purchased One gives 60cm, and is in reality 60cm entirely comprised the agganci lateral mine in reality the width of the so only tend afterwards is has given 56 cm.
5 / 5 Emilie
leicht zu montieren, lässt deutlich weniger Licht und spürbar weniger Wärme hinein. Leider riecht Is immernoch fürchterlich chemisch nach nunmehr Fast 2 Wochen. Ich fürchte Gives Geruch bleibt. Im Schlafzimmer eine ziemliche Belastung für geruchsmpfindliche Nasen.
4 / 5 Bernie
Sending in Times them object Come gives description. Simplísimo He setting, covers very well tiled has lucido direct.
4 / 5 Jaleesa
Took Camera of peel has given my daughter , utilísimas for averted that it luce filters ... Pleasant And sobrie.
5 / 5 Kary
Prinzipiell War ich zuerst begeistert vom Roll, bis auf gives given Kette VIEL ZU KURZ ist.
HEUTE (5. Dezember 2019 - und bestellt Are 30. Oktober 2019) ist Die Kette gerissen. Jetzt hab ich Gives Roll ca. 1 Monat In Verwendung und die KETTE ist gerissen. Of the kann is ja wohl nicht heart. Die Rückgabe Frist ist vor 5 Tagen abgelaufen. SEHR ÄRGERLICH!
4 / 5 Ahmad
The Persian estan well of qualities but the pieces partorisca sugetarlas No . Edges of a lot of the bad quality and his do not maintain at all any paste the ningun material
included a lot heconsegudo dipped goes him that has to that use a drill partorisca sugetarlas any one recommends this product
5 / 5 Essie
For the prize any one has expected what big, but surprised gratamente, fixes it of sujección the leaves regulate it to the width of the flange of the window. They are happy with the cost
4 / 5 Shonna
Súper schnelle Lieferung !
Nur leider ist dieVerpackung für Gives Versand wirklich übertrieben . Of the Roll ist súper einfach anzubringen und hält Dies Hitze gut ab.
4 / 5 Brigida
In replacement has given Persian in aluminium preverniciato have has detained 4 extends with different measures, creating a half more modern. He aesthetic result is optimum, good The quality has given material and simple the mass in work. Puntualità In the delivery
5 / 5 Sharice
optimum against Him external broth In property and for the winter. The Patina in allumio is exceptional
4 / 5 Soon
leicht zu montieren, einfach zu kürzen auf quotes eigene gewünscht Breite, franst jedoch auf give Seite nach ein paar Bad auf und abrollen leicht aus
aber gives passt bei diesem Preis
# Image Product Name Score Check Price
1 first GARDINIA Natural Bamboo Roller Blind, Ceiling or Wall Installation, Light-Transmissive, Non-Transparent, All Installation Parts Included, 60 x 160 cm (WxH) GARDINIA Natural Bamboo Roller Blind, Ceiling or Wall Installation, Light-Transmissive, Non-Transparent, All Installation Parts Included, 60 x 160 cm (WxH) Gardinia
View Product
2 GARDINIA Blind Wand With Hook, Length: 75 cm, Plastic, Transparent GARDINIA Blind Wand With Hook, Length: 75 cm, Plastic, Transparent Gardinia
View Product
3 best Gardinia Roller Blind for Clamping or Gluing, Daylight Roller Blind, Opaque, Mounting Kit Included, EASYFIX Roller Blind Plain, Light Grey, 120 x 150 cm (WxH) Gardinia Roller Blind for Clamping or Gluing, Daylight Roller Blind, Opaque, Mounting Kit Included, EASYFIX Roller Blind Plain, Light Grey, 120 x 150 cm (WxH) Gardinia
View Product
4 Gardinia Roller Blinds, Polyester Grey, 75 x 150 cm Gardinia Roller Blinds, Polyester Grey, 75 x 150 cm Gardinia
View Product
5 GARDINIA Clamp Bracket For Roller Blinds, 2-Pack, White, Plastic GARDINIA Clamp Bracket For Roller Blinds, 2-Pack, White, Plastic Gardinia
View Product
6 GARDINIA Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Visibility, Light and Glare Protection, Wall and Ceiling Mounting, Mounting Kit Included, Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Silver, 80 x 130 cm (WxH) GARDINIA Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Visibility, Light and Glare Protection, Wall and Ceiling Mounting, Mounting Kit Included, Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Silver, 80 x 130 cm (WxH) Gardinia
View Product
7 Gardinia Uni Trend 6319092180 Roller Blind with Side Pull 92 x 180 cm Apple Green Gardinia Uni Trend 6319092180 Roller Blind with Side Pull 92 x 180 cm Apple Green Gardinia
View Product
8 Gardinia Rollo 820 Uni 82 x 180, Polyester, Dark Grey, 82 x 180 cm Gardinia Rollo 820 Uni 82 x 180, Polyester, Dark Grey, 82 x 180 cm Gardinia
View Product
9 GARDINIA Roller Blind with Scandinavian Motif for Clamping or Gluing, Daylight Roller Blind, Opaque, Mounting Kit Included, EASYFIX Roller Blind Decor, White/Natural, 60 x 150 cm (WxH) GARDINIA Roller Blind with Scandinavian Motif for Clamping or Gluing, Daylight Roller Blind, Opaque, Mounting Kit Included, EASYFIX Roller Blind Decor, White/Natural, 60 x 150 cm (WxH) Gardinia
View Product
10 Deco Company Roller Blind-Thermal with Thermal Backing for Clamped on, High Light Reflection, Energy-Saving, Opaque, All Mounting Material Included, White, 45 x 150 cm (WxH) Deco Company Roller Blind-Thermal with Thermal Backing for Clamped on, High Light Reflection, Energy-Saving, Opaque, All Mounting Material Included, White, 45 x 150 cm (WxH) Deco Company
View Product

Trend Gardinia Roller Blinds

Top Customer Reviews: Gardinia Roller ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Emiko
Invidente Has arrived quickly after choosing the delivery planned partorisca today more than expecting until Wednesday partorisca the first member and was appreciated has done. It has been installed easily and resupplies partorisca daunt required a lot in my door at the head of any the one who comes to a door that sees directly in. An only stray star was a flimsy feeling of a invidente fittings partorisca resist he in place, in the roller setup and a canal. So only it feels as if the light tug and he will be snapped. I will update like the months go in and yes hard will be the full indication .
5 / 5 Beatris
Cut to a wrong measure roughly 4cm too cut horizontally.
4 / 5 Rosita
A worse piece partorisca crap never. Claims partorisca be easy to install: it is impossible to install, is flimsy and a cord faulty. No shabby.
4 / 5 Shandra
Leider ist Given run bereits nach 14 tagen kaputt - data klebestellen - nähte sind aufgegangen
5 / 5 Diann
Gives Roll wurde genau nach gives Herstellerangaben ausgemessen, also 75 cm breite gives Fensters und minus 3 cm für die Stoff-breite. Of the Fensterglas Hat genau 72 cm breite und müsste ja nun komplett abgedeckt werden, aber die Stoff-breite vom Roll scheint noch weniger als minus 3 cm zu heart,
denn is fehlen link und rechts fast 1,5 cm.
Like this kann man one gives Seiten vom Roll noch wunderbar nach draußen gucken, also leider nicht wie angegeben von gives Stoff maßen gives Herstellers. Wir wollten eigentlich fürs Wohnzimmer auch davon welche bestellen, aber nachdem Gives schon in giving Küche nicht passt, keine weitere Bestellung von gives Sign und auch keine Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5 Lissette
Structures (chassis) optimum! Easy He setting!
Tends it is oscurante in the sense that A lot yes sees inner, mine the luce has spent! In mine Marie owed far own the function, like this as satisfied sleep. My look any one is adapted to the cameras gives read, for the function for which has usual data purchases tend it oscurante!
However is An optimum product!
4 / 5 Miguelina
Leicht zu montieren, könnte aber 2cm breiter heart. Ist aber trotzdem A lot of

Top Customer Reviews: GARDINIA Roller ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5 Albina
Skeptical All'start given he price for real competitive my happy sleep has given to have them took! Any one look has given plastic and adapt perfectly all'infisso in pvc without forare. If it can also cut To tighten my no any one have had need. All The structure In big takes 75,5 cm while tend it has occupied 71,8 cm. There is a low weight that has thrown it to him low. It has arrived Final The 150 cm in height mine can stop also has submerged finalises the window majority have done photo. He mine infisso is often 1,8 cm And the gancetti blows adapt closing them entirely in how much have of the scattini has given regulation. For the cleansing cloth in microfibra strizzato well. Mine reserve has the data has modified the opinion in the Time saw some defect.
Ah, very pleasant he done that it will be to give out of him sees the decoration!
4 / 5 Kellie
To the equal that in the photo, hay that has cure with saving the manilla of the window because but the estor bad rests, if calm situate it a lot of launching it the side partorisca save the manilla subtracts pegadito to the crystal and rest very beautiful, hay that has it first account of the paste reason but after no longer the equal paste. One sees the one who last the a lot.
Is lasted paste 1 month, already has have fallen that you have it to you the account yes is worth it partorisca the buy.
4 / 5 Oliva
Also quotes Verpackung von war of Amazon echt sinnlos. In dem rießigen Paket war nichts drinnen außer dem Career. (Photo)

Gives Roll sieht sehr schön aus, gives Muster auf dem Stoff ist súper. Schaut gleich viel schöner aus, als Die Normalen ohne Muster.

Gives Stoff ist jetzt nicht Likes hochwertig, daher versteh ich gives Preis nicht ganz. Hatte davor eins für 10 Euro, gives the war gives Stoff fast hochwertiger.

Zoom Anbringen kann ich nichts sagen, ich musste Is a Wand of data bohren, gives ich sie nicht are Fensterrahmen befestigen kann. Hab Is dipped eigenen Schrauben befestigen, ging einwandfrei.
4 / 5 Myrl
Wir haben eine schöne Haustür Has dipped Doppelflügel und viel Glas. Schöner Lichteinfall Are Seal. Aber Gives Abendstunden zu einsichtig. It has dipped I Damage Rolls von Gardenia haben wir jetzt In giving Diele ein wohnlicheres Half schaffen können. Abends heruntergezogen fühlt Man sich sicherer vor neugierigen Blicken. Anhand eines Video von Gardenia bei Amazon konnten wir given Go richtig anbringen. In giving Lieferung war alles gut verpackt dabei was für die Anbringung gebraucht wurde. Wir haben Quotes Rueda innen auf quotes Haustür geklebt. Funktionieren bestens, Qualität Súper, schönes Dekor or. blickdicht. Aber zugegeben: ohne Gives Video hätten wir some schwerer getan, gives war eine gute Hilfe neben gives Beschreibung die bei gives Lieferung ist. Wir sind sehr zufrieden. DANKE!
5 / 5 Andreas
The glue does not resist at all... So only with the trace, and in that expected those 24 hours after has it stuck to still wall, has fallen already. Down waiting for partorisca locate it now with rays, reasons the creation is very beautiful and looks that any one sees at all of out, only leaves partorisca spend the light, that is so only so that it has loved that.
4 / 5 Phillip
Then He tendine Was for is do a good-looking figure.... Sin but that With him biadesivo the data gives parrot... Any regga or practically like this as so only with the hooks regge little... I have rimediato prendiendo Gives bruco has given hooks For mosquiteras without forum.... Of the contrary repeat With quell'Date in supply with him produced.. They would have fallen!
4 / 5 Jazmine
Fully satisfied Of the product. Very simple Gives trace. Effect very Beautiful. Joint has given to value well the width quote that in the anta has submerged finds the maniglia mine this has been to peel. In each chance with a bit has given patience can also tighten, lil cloth can cut without that sfilacci and suffices accorciare tubes.
4 / 5 Roger
Wirklich ein tolles Career!
Leicht anzubringen, auch wenn Man anfangs etwas fummeln muss quotes einzelnen Bauteile zusammen zu friemeln (denn given Bedienungsanleitung ist gives keine sonderlich große Hilfe). Of the Anbringen Are Rahmen ist auch wirklich einfach, man sollte sich trotzdem anfangs einen Helfer dazu holen, wenn man sich noch nicht 100 sicher ist bevor die ganze Knows herunter fällt und gives 'papierartige' Stoff unschöne Knicke bekommt - ist some leider passiert...

Gives Muster ist sehr schön zart und peppt jeden Raum auf. Wir haben ihn In unserem Büro / Gästezimmer a beiden Fenstern angebracht.

Etwas schade (und daher auch Gives Punktabzug) finde ich, dass Are unteren Rand nur eine Holzleiste eingelegt wird als Gewicht.
A sich keine schlechte Idea, aber eine Abdeckung für quotes Enden oder etwas Ähnliches hätte ich noch schön gefunden. As wirkt is dann doch etwas poppelig, wenn man drauf achtet.
4 / 5 Alexandria
Was gives a bit that said has given partorisca fly tent changed for him wet and that says have found this that mine is suffered liked tantísimo! Pocolos Small To install it, does a figurone in my bath!
Only pecca is that He cloth is not perfectly right there are sides but considering the cost can spend swipes!
5 / 5 Cherry
Súper tolles Run wenngleich is leider bei some nicht zoom Einsatz kommt. It is ist zu blickdicht und verdunkelt unser WOhnzimmer leider zu sehr. Wirklich schade. Die beigen Applikationen sind filigran und schön, gives gesamte Roll wirkt wertig und ist absolut heart Geld wert. Ich kann Is nur empfehlen, kann jedoch gives Montageaufwand nicht beurteilen.
5 / 5 Margurite
Durch Date Turns fällt ein sehr angenehm weiches Licht ins Zimmer. Sie verdunkeln nicht wirklich, schützen aber vor Blicken. Die Anbindung ist leicht vorzunehmen und auch gives Abbringen zoom Putzen or.ä. geht einfach.
Sie lassen sich auch The gut dipped einem Tuch abwischen, Gives sie wasserabweisend sind.
4 / 5 Jennifer
Arrived With a pochino has the data anticipates. He have adoperate in the cameretta has given mine gives trace, very beautiful the effect. In the complex dream a lot here was Another fantasy he would use for him advise surely
4 / 5 Beryl
has given Rolls sind SÚPER. Sehen echt Toll aus und is war ganz einfach zoom montiern. It has dipped zwei leute einfacher wenn turns of Date sehr gross sind. Qualitaet Is sehr gut und ich cube absolut zufrieden. Zoom of rolls kleben sind GENIAL ! Danke
4 / 5 Zoraida
The truth is that it has surprised me to it to him. They remain of the marvel and the quality is more than good partorisca the prize that has. The placing is very simple, the paste to the window remains genial, calm so only has to that be attentive with measuring well and centre the. It fixes it that has leave you that commit some Error, like this calm sticks him the sides can move in his street.
5 / 5 Nannette
Easy tent Gives trace, not doing fault some forum because he sticks when embroidering upper of the window and embezzled in position thank you all'frontal glue. A lot Good-looking gives to see was of the entry that of the outside, perfect he operation
5 / 5 Ying
Give Roll ist genau wie beschrieben. Lichtdurchlässig, aber blickdicht. Passt perfekt 👌🏻. Auch Installation of data ist súper einfach. Ich kann Quotes schlechten Rezensionen nicht bestätigen und gebe eine Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5 Marissa
The practices Gives trace was with glues with hooks a lot good-looking aesthetically and practices partorisca give launched down or his!
5 / 5 Jamel
Quotes Klebepads sind trotz entfetten gives Klebestellen nicht nutzbar (Transmissions?).
Quotes Aufbauanleitung muss genau abgearbeitet werden.
4 / 5 Kaitlyn
Fulfils his committed. Easy to install, although something engorroso partorisca locate.
5 / 5 Helene
Put of beautiful rest, the material, any one is that has expected
5 / 5 Milo
Schönes Creation, einfache Handhabung, Preis-Leistungsverhältniss einfach sehr gut
4 / 5 Alfred
Produced comes partorisca give description and sending in the norm
4 / 5 Mark
Any one leaves to see to través, is coprente and any one is pleasant coming looks. He drawing is Beige And on the photo looked grey.... A mistaken purchase
4 / 5 Rex
Given Lieferung erfolgte promt und gives Zusammenbau und gives Aufhängen (bzw. Anklemmen) ging kinderleicht und ohne Probleme! Of the Roll sieht In real noch viel besser aus. It is lässt Licht durch, aber man kann nicht durchsehen.
5 / 5 Lorretta
Pleasant And fast tent gives trace, have had to but' used a biadesivo different for him setting
5 / 5 Cami
Coming gives photo, slightly complicated gives trace, mine here yes attains, any here dreams he instructions in Italian
5 / 5 Teodoro
Very beautiful he cloth and he drawing , little resistant the attacks in plastic!
5 / 5 Eleni
Good-looking And easy gives trace! They filter Has the habit of without darkening !
4 / 5 Theresa
Have ordered it for a fellow, is remained satisfied.
5 / 5 Wilbert
Any one arrived all the pieces. Any advise partorisca buy this product
4 / 5 Marvis
simple gives trace and in the complex gradevole! Advised
5 / 5 Sumiko
Sehr schöne Turns Date auch leicht zu befestigen sind.
4 / 5 Dakota
Gives Hat of Roll eine súper Qualität, sehr leichte Handhabung... Anleitung The fast war überflüssig. Die Klebepads halten auch, was sie versprechen. Cube sehr zufrieden.
5 / 5 Hazel
Date Turns sehen nicht nur gut aus, sie erfüllen auch 1A ihren Zweck (Sichtschutz) trotzdem wird gives Raum nicht dunkel, nicht bad bei 2 Fenstern Breite 1,20m nebeneinander (Fensterfront dipped Balkontür - data auch ein Hat of Roll).
Gives Aufbau bzw. Of the Anbringen give Rolls ist allein etwas schwierig - is kostete mich einiges A Nerven zumal ich recht klein cube und ungerne auf Leitern rumturne,- zu 2. oder für größere Menschen aber sicher kein Question, denn auch meine beiden Rolls hängen (und sind 'nur' geklebt, gives feststehende Fenster - data nicht angebohrt werden dürfen) und sind nicht runtergefallen - obwohl gives heftige Wind nach dem Anbringen bei geöffneter Balkontür gerade gives benachbarte Roll recht hard flattern ließ.
4 / 5 Meryl
fantasy of the plot of the tent
good filters of the luce

sfilacciano lateralmente

he piece that does gives binary was catenella a lot he fixed to the sweat complements

he piece that appende was catenella does not have any weight and like this as the catenella any one remains in tense position

hanged was base of the tent any and closed in the breaking latetali


produced gives to evolve for him on sale price.

Sconsigliato With him was measured can use better the money.
4 / 5 Melva
Ich habe zwei dieser Turns für ein großes Kunststofffenster im Schlafzimmer gekauft und Cube sehr zufrieden. Of the Aufhängen ist nicht besonders kompliziert (is gibt dazu eine Anleitung): Zwei Plastikhaken has dipped Klebestreifen (gegen Verrutschen) auf gives Fensterrahmen auhgehängt und alles passt súper und sieht auch súper aus! It gives Stoff ist blickdicht, Also kann given of man Welt gives draußen nicht mehr sehen :) , aber Licht kommt gut durch und bei sonnigem Wetter wird is im Zimmer nicht dunkler. Die Farben sind milchweiß und ein dezentes Beige, genau wie abgebildet, gives Muster sieht sehr romantisch aus. Of the Aufziehen geht etwas langsamer und has dipped mehr Kraft als runterrollen, wahrscheinlich wegen gives Länge gives Rolls und entsprechend größerem Gewicht. Endlich ist Die Fensterbank frei und man kann Fernsehen schauen ohne quotes Rollladen runter schieben zu müssen. Ich würde Quotes Rueda immer wieder kaufen.
5 / 5 Shantell
Find this simple tendina for real Good-looking, it luce that it leaves is gone in is perfect in spite of any one allow has given to see all'gone in of the the stanza gives was. I have dipped It In bath and any happy sleep. He decorations dream slightly more grown has given what mine expected my still elegant.
5 / 5 Ruthe
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5 / 5 Tisha
Is very beautiful and the correct quality, but stacca! It has had to that ingeniarmelas and plant rays. I have bought 2, and both staccati to the week!
4 / 5 Bennett
Cube furchtbar enttäuscht!!!
Schlechte Qualität!! Die Zugkette hat nicht funktioniert, die Halterung hält nicht richtig und 1 Abdeckung fehlte.

FAZIT: spart euch Gives Geld und gives Ärger
4 / 5 Polly
Tent that vien down twisted.. Practically it is paste Viril To the rullo.. Patience is For him wet and a lot he remarks a lot..
4 / 5 Kaycee
Roll schön, fast Setting unmöglich , die Halterung musste komplett zusammen gesetzt werden und alles war instabil Preis zu hoch .
4 / 5 Yanira
Nett anzusehen, aber nicht annähernd Likes leicht zu montieren oder bedienen wie angeführt. Im großIn und ganz WELL, aber weder ein Schnäppchen noch würde ich noch einmal ordern!
4 / 5 Neal
Very very pleasant!! We have used it to cover a bookshop, like this as we have contributed some modifications mine he final result here likes a lot. Advised
5 / 5 Ema
Sehr schön, gut Verarbeitung, gute Mechanik und Handhabung und daß Muster macht Gives Roll sehr wertig. Leichte und variantenreiche Put möglich. Uneingeschränkte Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5 Evalyn
Hands impeccabile, punctual And intact. It tends it it is the photo Gone in, simplísima gives trace, the quality any one is of the more student, mine does sweat to have to.
4 / 5 Sherie
Für Has given Preis, ist has given Roll Qualitativ zu minderwertig.
Aus billigstem Plastik sind Quotes Klemmträger. It has given halten keinen Monat durch , ohne gives etwas abbricht oder gives Roll aus give Halterung.
Schade, dachte Gardinia steht noch für Qualität.

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