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5 / 5
I have bought these partorisca the holidays that visit Niágara Fall and some quite wet zones and I concern roughly in slippery. It looked odd managing without them the socks but I have taken early has used his, and has done certainly a work. I thought that it that it was all would be useful partorisca, but I then found I visiting New York in the torrential downpour, has spent these, again without socks, and was the pleasure to take by means of a day with dry feet. The skipped in and out of deep puddles and a water so only drained of my shoes. A better bit is looks regular trainers so that it has not felt never looked odd. While all the world-wide more was squelching to the long of a pavement I skipped together with my dry shoes. I add. I spent him it has included another day in a sun because they were like this comfortable to spend. A main thing is - does not spend socks. Really happy has taken these . I will spend him more than I have thought I .
4 / 5
In the first place, has ordered the wrong measure, has had to return a pair of prime minister - the breeze, any subject with returns at all.
Secondly - Has arrived súper quickly, securely packaged.
Thirdly - Perfect access! Súper easywearing - Pull on creation.
Fourthly - Very light, but sturdy, strong, but flexible - the quality really adds produced
(?) - We buy these in planting to swim shoes for some holidays in Red sea, but look pertinent running shoes, like this hubby gave will spend them to a beach in general.
Everywhere to really very compraventa!
5 / 5
There is at all to disturb in this product, has taken this picture in Tenerife is here be almost the week and I am there was hardly was my feet his all am suppositions to do and calm can spend him like this ready random with tejanos,shorts etc, highly recommend, so only the word to warn you could wants to order the measure on your usual measure are the measure ten I has ordered the measure eleven and is the good access .
5 / 5
Has not trusted Never in of the shoes, this weight at all. I have preferred always some with having the habit of of hule pertinent. They vibrate it Was always election of mine. But this time am going for vacacional the hot region, and has required really something concealed will not cause my feet to boil. Can give you it concealed. These are quite comfortable, included without socks. My feet are not sweating at all. Easy to pull in. Smels Like pharmaceutical plant. Therefore so only 4 stars. Wil Sees after the holidays survives .
5 / 5
These are perfect to just wear around a house, was and roughly in a summer or to take on vacacional. They are light and sale down his practically swimming but is quite comfortable for all day spend if need be. I enough the bit of the motorcycle that visit them and these are utmost in an evening. Obviously given one downloading will leave water in, and was like the shoe of good beach, spending in a rain is not ideal. The looks to get along, has had mine for 6 month and certainly spent him so only around a house, enough a lot daily, how is winter .

So only down-the side is that some fine plastics to some the elastic tips are fallen off inside days. I have had some attractive of zip finalises that I have used to substitute these. It would have been 5 stars otherwise but seeing so many is utmost averts of this subject has given still then 4.

Like so there is so only has ordered of another pair whilst has stock in my measure. Knowing my regime has expected until a current some have required to the substitute would not be available.
5 / 5
Has purchased these shoes for the recent holidays, as pleased with them are on come here to order another pair. They are súper light, and sooooo comfortable. Hardly it knows calm his the on and look quite well too much!
Are for behind holidays now, but will be to spend these in my travesías to fish so it is like this comfy. Ordered my measure 'usual' (9) and is returned perfectly. Spent with confidence.
4 / 5
Good points: Surprisingly shoes of good beach.
Spent him in some wet clues, rough walked and has run included 10k in them and is remained comfortable included in surfaces very uneven. That The grip was quite well also.
Things to resist in alcohols:
has structure very small to them so it does not expect any a lot of support.
Sizing Is in legislation WITHOUT SOCKS that is to be expected for the shoe of beach but there is some small quantity of chafe in your toes that low hill that would be more comfortable with socks.
Some spaces of the drain in some has the habit of big sound- abonos to leave waters was but can also bone of cheat.
The only material is light weight and a lot especially durable.
In general very pleased with them. Defo Returned for purpose and good value b
5 / 5
has used these in Thailandia. To be just his where in fact utmost to use whilst so only was and roughly walking. Ofcourse You Of any one are in any mucky puddles with them on. But weights like this light and comfortable.
Used him every day in ours 2 honeymoon of week in Thailandia. Resisted arrives a lot of walking around bangkok. Also Phuket, in a beach and in some streets.
Miles to walk around Temples and general exploitation whilst vacacional.
I included use them behind home in scotland to kick in a house after giving them the good cleaned.
Will use then in my next holidays.
4 / 5
Very happy! Still dipping them on sandy feet a sand finds his way out of a shoe.
Strong shoes, look very too much.
Really can not to lacking them anything.
5 / 5
Are happy that has bought these shoes. I do in the base of canoe in a River Dordoña during a Summer. These shoes are ideal for hauling canoes of a water when it could require take your wet feet, as well as helping launch of people. They are also comfortable to drive in when taking some clients upriver.
There is enough to slope our beach and some sides of some shoes do not give a same support like the trainer, but ossia the minor niggle. Drains Of water of them immediately that is out of him and the sand does not look to take inner.
I small pebbles can take taken in a tread, but is simple to take.
A very comfortable shoe that has the resemblance feels to the wetsuit when wet, in this a lot of that remain moisture objective to take your temperature of organism and feels well.
In fact will be that it buys another pair in another fashion.
5 / 5
These was some better things the spent partorisca my holidays so much have given like this up with my trainers and has had these in the majority of some holidays in and out of a sea all day any one the question and they dry the fast sand is the question when wet but concealed is not some products have thinks that is one same with anything would not go never has been with out the pair of these again
4 / 5
Ive has had these shoes for 11 months, and I his door whilst woodworking and doing inside DIY fulfilled.

Master and find them perfect partorisca east, a main profit when being an ease to dip them on and taking them was, take me thought 'cant be arsed to isolate shoes'.

Stood up well a year, uses him almost daily and of the that treats him well, his arent falling avert but seat his time to substitute them .

An only downside is that they are inside only shoes (having holes in some only), and when I forget and walk in wet herb, my socks take wetted...

Ailing be rebuying these for the long time to come.
5 / 5
One is a better water average that have had out of several pairs. They return a lot well, it does not tug when you walk in of it waters it like this of the holes in some subordinated to leave a water to flow was, more than flowing on some flanges other types, and dry quickly. Also they look quite good. They are among an expensive plus some available but value of the extras few books. I have bought my woman one same after buying mine.
4 / 5
A lot comfortable to spend and more supportive that another at all shoes. It has thought initially they would slip a backside of a foot like this quite superficial, this in spite of, calm once sinks them to him-you to a shoe is well. So only down the side is that the sand takes to a cloth but, the supposition ossia unavoidable. It would consider to purchase another pair in the different colour so that I can alternate.
5 / 5
A lot comfortable, are usually the measure 6 but decided to locate the measure in these and turn perfectly. I use him partorisca around a house and walking a dog, is like this comfortable that forgets has him on.
4 / 5
Has substituted the pair of cheapy, wetsuit shoes of water of the material type and a difference is instantly noticeable.

In the first place, this look much better - more like this of the trainers of sports that shoes of water. A studio of material looks (the only time will say). They are very returned - a lot so much that the main measure is required but be conscious that his hug some feet.

Some a lot of holes in some materials and have it the habit of water of leaves the drain was easily like this dry much faster that an aforesaid wetsuit-shoes of water of the fashion. A insole is also removable. Been due to of the this, is easy to clean and avert a smell of terrible wet sea that takes of slow drying.
5 / 5
Usually does not have the plot of regime with ordering shoes in accordance with measure and qualities like this expected to be sending them behind before I bought him. It has to that say that I am very surprised and pleased in a really good quality, one 9.5 contingent perfectly and some shoes are excellent in a sea, drain quickly so that it does not take a squelchy the feeling and some cup are like this light can feel you the breeze in a cup of your feet by means of a point. They look utmost, is a lot comfortable, good and better value in the each way that my normal Doubts the shoes of beach concealed active there is prendido incidentally sell half measures. The ones of way that adds in the each way.
4 / 5
Used him for my prime minister kayaking the experience and we have not changed, as they are remained dry!

Whilst Was holidays, used them like this comfortable fresh footwear in a heat. It would not go in of the walks with them, as it concealed would require the sturdier have the habit of, but is not of the facts for that of course. Always sale for vacacional of state: I compress to pack, a lot light, the better look that some other shoes of water, comfortable to spend and ought to be well in of waters he, judging other descriptions.
4 / 5
Have the wide feet and these are quite the good access. There the little tight in a cup of a foot and require the little has bitten more the support around a heel likes to feel likes could slip was. This in spite of says that that more has to attended for a prize. In general it would give this product 8/10
Perhaps take the elder of half measure for better access
4 / 5
has Loved the shoe that could do walk of leisure in, but to comprise going in and out of rivers and currents. Prpers Having done the walk of margin in the sanctuary of local bird this weekend has found a shoe has surpassed all the expectations: a) does not rub against a skin when wet; b) drains a lot quickly and as it does not feel waterlogged and weighed like my shoes of beach to do; c) is like this light and also feel aired in some feet that finds to be very pleasant; d) in spite of his lightness has the sturdy only which leave me to walk in the footpaths am surfaced with small bones without discomfort; and) easy to clean after a walk and some muck and the small bones have compacted that finds his way to some holes of drainage in some so only exited with the bit of running water and small bristle paintbrush, or the toothpick for a plus has stored strongly bone. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Excellent both in and out of a water. Quite tight for small bones a lot to go in ( of sand), like this very happy with action. Quickly to dry. It has it the habit of has not been slippery and has not spent was in rough terrain. Happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Some shoes of travesía perfect. Like this comfortable and soft, still has not fallen averts after the month to walk and backpacking. In an airport can be spent with socks but otherwise without. They have taken the bit smelly after the few weeks but one have the habit of is removable and can be washed easily. Highly recommended especially in this prize.
4 / 5
Attractive shoe but returns a lot closely and difficult to locate because of courting advance big and down cut behind. Also any one a better grip that has had but precise to use them the little more time to see if this improvement. I expect that they exit like this they look well. It mentions The better apt pair and easier that locate.
5 / 5
Entirely love these shoes, is so only that has required. They are really comfortable and maintain your feet cool when any in the water likes the flow of air by means of them. I bought him initially he so that it could paddle with my dog when walking in a beach but find his door so only generally reason are like this comfortable and ideal when cycling also. In fact probably I will take another pair to have reservation.
5 / 5
Taken these to spend on beach. It has bitten Of the fight to locate at the beginning but once on is comfy. Walked in the pebbles mecer etc utmost. Drought really quickly too much. Just need to agree spending city of round whose walk in of the puddles! LOL. The only aversion has had was a logo - could feel he on feet but hubbys the pair has not had included marking. 👍Good product.
4 / 5
Absolutely love these shoes. I do in the house of the priest and they am súper comfortable. They are like this light and a lot included feels will like you in fact has to that any average on. They are extremely aired so in you can think see a light by means of a cup of a shoe and calm can see a light by means of one has the habit of when calm resist them on, would be any abonos at all in a rain but is perfect for hot dry time to maintain your fresh feet and comfy! Calm could spend him with or without the socks but I have spent mine with socks.
5 / 5
Shoe of good quality. Apt is true to measure and easy to slip on and era.
Experience to use in mine Aqua classes of Aerobics, but has has not had still the occasion to try them was like the group is closed because of Covid-19 restrictions.
Spent him in a shower this in spite of as the test and I think will be well.
5 / 5
Has been using these shoes for some last 5 weeks, I lit him to walk groups rehab for the substitution of knee is returned well, comfortable & easy to dry so only this week a point that has spent a insole in the shoe is exited in both shoes expect this no a start of the subjects with some shoes
4 / 5
This shoe is exceptionally the light and that dry quickly like the mark perfects to spend in a water. His point in an upper does an incredibly breathable shoe, well for hot and humid time, that looks forward to use he in in mine travel it be after the Sanya.
5 / 5
To be sincere would have been it 5 if an ash of colour was something on. Unfortunately some really objective pictures then in there 'of better light' and in reality an ash is the more contrasting colour by means of a whole trainer that unfortunately the looker more economic. But hey for a prize am not surprised and to be sincere, is the much smaller thing . Like this on all very pleased with them am comfy, light and returned a lot of
5 / 5
I add partorisca return and looking shoe of beach. Ideal to walk around the hot group, sandy or beach of pebble. They are very comfortable and dry was quickly with which use in a water. They are also the good shoe partorisca spend was and roughly. I have spent the awake mine around Corfu old City partorisca a day.
4 / 5
Easy on and era. First impressions are well. Any used in sea still this in spite of. Very light if the conscious weight for your chance vacacional.
4 / 5
The measure and the good accesses is has expected. Nizza And light, included when wetted does not feel too heavy. Drains to water the SIDE but any one dry quite fast to feel comfortable to walk in afterwards.
5 / 5
The product adds, Ives neoprene there was so only half to water first, or shoes of aspic like the boy, but these are utmost, has used for kayaking, wild swimming, with which the swimming maintained him so only on for a house to walk really comfy any subject, had seen another description where has said that the small bones have had in, but has not had this subject. Very happy with cost of mine
5 / 5
bought the partorisca my partner for the travesía in Greece and she have wanted to him. They were light, aired and looked really good. It is spent his days that spends him walking in the diverse terrain and that goes in a sea sometimes. An add to buy and the prize adds.
4 / 5
A plastic toggle in an end of one of some tips is start there is pulled grieves. This in spite of some shoes look good and is very light to spend. They are by train to take them Vacacional and the leaves of hope in a beach and WELL is taking wet.
4 / 5
These are resulted my favourite shoes ! The his daily door. Súper comfy And perfect to spend anywhere! Quickly drying too which is in real prize ! I have spent mine in a beach and for a time has taken home was dry. Highly it recommends these shoes.
4 / 5
Is not sure state at the beginning if these were well for use of gymnasium but boy was them bad. It loves him, very light and breathable the one who credit for my feet. To good sure would recommend this to another for travesía or gymnasium.
4 / 5
Has possessed the shoes of water of a lot of Men
and these some are to good worthy insurance of 5 stars.
The excellent look.
Is comfortable.
Is light and breathable.
Is easy to dip on and take was.
A sizing is something on.
Himself Are picky feel the little undercut around a heel of a foot but all some average to water ive never possessed has all state cut in a same way, has to be the characteristic to draw.
5 / 5
These shoes have been purchased to spend when visiting Victoria Fallen where has been expected to be very wet underfoot - this has looked for to be an excellent election like shoes was comfortable and dried a lot quickly
4 / 5
Shoe of good water. Any initially feel quite deep in a heel but with which has stepped in them is well.
Black bobble the end is exited after the few wears but I was able of the fix.
5 / 5
A compraventa adds. Bought for our travesía the Borneo in a wet season. I spent him basically for a travesía whole to walk around a city in both a dry and touching rain, to spend them on a beach and spent them even in 2 hikes by means of a forest of rain and was perfect (any hardcore walking for more than 6/7 hours would love the boot to walk or something with the have the habit of harder). Amur A fact that you so only can him it wash was to take sandy/muddy. I add compraventa.
4 / 5
Once in that has been he in the sea urchin, would not enter a sea without this type to protect. These shoes are extremely returns and hanged light well. A compraventa excellent.
4 / 5
Stylish Comfortable shoes - ordered for the 17 old year the one who is particular in his shod! I have ordered the measure 12 for my edges those who is the measure 11 (is not sure state would be true to measure), but was like this bad, ossia reason was too big. I king-has ordered the measure 11 which are perfect. The shoes are some to measure, any spent up to now to the equal that are for the holidays the Zante in some any too far future but look quite comfortable.
4 / 5
Has bought these shoes to substitute the mine that exists a bit that has been missing of grip. I am imposed before , the look adds and stay on reason calms can the to you presiona.
5 / 5
Has bought these shoes for work.
Happy in a product.
Luz and comfortable shoes.
Accesses in wet and easy surfaces to spend.
The tips are not that strong to resist your sure feet inside a shoe.
Marks the sure lavas leaves often, he be used in of the wet surfaces.
An easy product for the daily use.
I happy leaves roughly that.
An easy soft product for the daily use in of the wet surfaces.
5 / 5
These shoes are perfects has had to try the pocolas look before it has taken a legislation some. Light and easy to locate and of sure in a water and dry quickly true to measure
4 / 5
has purchased these trainers to use when it was kayaking this summer. Although has no the field tried him up to now, is stylish, good quality and an excellent apt.
5 / 5
Lights & really comfortable to spend. In spite of my swelling of feet in a heat, there is not rubbed at all.
Looked the normal pair of trainers & was pleasantly surprised by a creation & a quality.
Has maintained my very protected feet whilst walking in hot sand & in of the rocks whilst in a mar.
Dried really quickly & was easy to take a sand was.
4 / 5
Ossia Shoes of good water . It is quite comfortable of the spend . It is quality very good and value for a money. Good product.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5 Kesha
These have not been true to measure. I measured him agains mine other trainers all the measures 5 and is the whole thumb more courts. It could any the take on without partorisca struggle massively. I have begun a process partorisca return them this in spite of decided partorisca give them to mine another meso the one who is the measure 4. They are the bit of the tight access there is agreed to this in spite of maintains him he so that it will use him this summer. It has given a company a profit of a doubt and has ordered the measure 6. Esperanza is returned!! The measure has received now 6 and turn like the glove. Very comfortable and easier that locate . It does not trust a claim of measure.
4 / 5 Warner
A colour, a quality and a prize! Bought the mainly partorisca mountain biking but as it says it can be use partorisca cycling also but no sure yes can protect my feet how is too soft, a lot comfy tho partorisca walk or running like this decided partorisca use he partorisca run in mine treadmill, recommends this prize of wise product and comfy wise
4 / 5 Lorette
has ordered the measure 10 and come on quite wide. I am comfy and quite flexible but no like this breathable and my pairs of the most economic boys. Only downside is with the velcro strap, collect a sand the big times are using these for a beach.
5 / 5 Jenna
This very economic celery but his exactly that says. I find him comfortable to spend and do a lot well in a water. The part of a strap for presionar has broken immediately but has not gone too big a subject.
4 / 5 Abram
Quality really poor, a lot disappointed. It has fallen it averts after sweet wash in car. It Paste For only has come so only averts.
4 / 5 Coy
A lot of comfy and fact a lot well for a money , has had them some expensive some and they were shite!! And love a stock exchange touches a lot very almost wants to me buy more for a stock exchange lol
5 / 5 Peg
Pleasant and comfy. It gives good support. Quite amused for a summer.
Could take another pair.
5 / 5 Chi
Gone back of amazing product like the glove , any Velcro to concern roughly and adds to run to the long of a beach and directly in a sea will be to order roughly for my a lot prompt girls x
5 / 5 Shantay
the Lovely shoes but come on the bit in a small but comfortable side
5 / 5 Vance
Looked to add and very done, but unfortunately my instep has to that be too wide.
4 / 5 Lauren
The shoes of water adds! The thickness enough has the habit of to walk in the etc. Included bone some support of arch.. The true accesses to measure - has had to order two closings more for familiar with which have seen mine!
4 / 5 Henriette
Returns well but any one has had an occasion to use them still. State also occupied to honour in a SUP!!
4 / 5 Linnie
A product is of godd the quality ordered it this in spite of a main measure to have the perfect access.
4 / 5 Yaeko
Has bought these for mine 70 + mamma to the equal that has bad arthritis in his knees and find spends shoes with the have the habit of fat in garden or of the tents she cant always feel a way a paving is and has fallen. It loves these says comfy like slippers but the support of feet adds no heavy but protects his toes as well as it can feel where is walking
5 / 5 Melva
These shoes of water were the utmost cost. Stay on well. Comfortable to spend in and out of a mar. has Had 100 any to locate down and until a beach. Quality really good. Included better that has expected. Good colour. It goes with all swimwear.
4 / 5 Shantell
The shoes were a lot hard to dip on and no very attentive for measure.

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