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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Denae
It gives Rascheltunnel ,sieht genau Likes aus wie Abgebildet, raschelt aber für meinen Geschmack zu wenig
,gut verarbeitet ,gives er für meine Zwecke leider zu groß war ging er zurück kann leider nichts zur Robustheit sagen .
5 / 5 Selena
Unsere Katze The hat gives Tunnel sofort untersucht und angenommen. Durch Variable of data Aufbaumöglichkeit sind dem Spieltrieb keine Grenzen gesetzt.
4 / 5 Carri
Produced for real appreciated by my cats, that here have played the sin gives suffered, optimum quality.
4 / 5 Alfred
Haben Damage Tunel für Date zwei Zwergkaninchen gekauft und has given hoppeln auch gerne durch. Bisher ist auch nur einer Gives zwei Spielbälle abgenagt wurden.
4 / 5 Myung
Beautiful robust and good material. Aesthetically Mine likes a lot
4 / 5 Keli
He The l air of the quality and game quite glorious damage adult of cats. Possibility to dip in Long ( deplier) or in arch of circle ( thanks to attaches them). At all D opinions to the sud the solidity : spent too recent
4 / 5 Rubin
Cats of Month of 5kg and 2kg adore, he diamètre of 25 cm suffices him. Lucido Tunnel any too much of noise, is perfect. Pair against like the Photo (and to the seen of the prize), expected to a revêtement external in the skin a bit denser.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Jerald
To to The Cat likes! It looks sturdy quite but puckers when it jumps in that it looks to enjoy. Good value.
5 / 5 Elsie
My two new kittens absolutely adore this tunnel. In 4 month is taking the little excitable when they touch but his claws looks to have any effect in a material at all. It is extremely a lot of fact and same collapse for storage.
5 / 5 Telma
His natural place is to remain side of hole down with a toy in a fund. Unable to ensure in or form like pictured there lack of the series. Stitching Coming undone the inaugural a container. Returned.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
A suberb toy of cat, is done with materials of qualities and looks very durable.
Very especially, my amours of cat spends a lot of hours in current by means of him, hiding and stalking of interior.
Is the decent measure , and folds ;-) Any casualidad am likely to discover.
One adds pocola characteristic also is a possibility partorisca buy another and link them together with an opportunely situated end-toggles. Calm included can create the Or-curve for tethering some two finals.
Highly compraventa recommended.
4 / 5

has wanted to share an update of the mine down revise I so that chair if the works of product then the people would owe that know, initially has thought really my cat would not take to this tunnel is a lot of skittish and does not take to the new things but I could not be pleased more. She no the only games is master to have the good longitude snooze in him. They are in a moon. Some cats so only take more the time and ossia all has required and some alcohol.

This is coming punctual and is the good tunnel, enough long, unfortunately was excited more than Caramel. It is gone in but has not looked happy likes wheel when it walks and did not like a crinkly of sound. I included dipped his coverage in like this smells like his and to take going around, I sprayed cat nip and the place extracted but so only the sniffed is then be to sleep in mine windowsill!
Give the little more days and see like his quite long yes unused.
5 / 5
Absolutely fabulous. Some cats love it. Really do amiably. The strong quality and I likes him all an interior of the loops where can attach you all some toys. I add compraventa. To to Him Some cats like to the of to him so much like him to him the hide and snooze in him too much.
4 / 5
My cats want to this! I did not have it long enough to comment on durability. It is more expensive that the alike products but I bought it reasons is ash and split some cats other pieces of furniture. It is quite big for the big cat to use. It looks to be fact very
5 / 5
has Bought this for my cat to create more put to hide and bores very a lot easily. It was súper interested for some premiers few days and he looks sturdy, utmost that I can bend he until the tent and clip he to the Or form for the different option. We dipped it to us they were for the few days then spend does not take entirely boring (but ossia so only our cat).
5 / 5
A lot the quality done , excellent. The skin has lined holes and toggles to fasten the together when any into use. Our cat loves a daekness of a tunnel, aa a cloth does not leave light by means of. I add for hide and look for. The tunnel done the crinkle the noise when used.
4 / 5
My cat loves it. Before I have had the red one which there is wanted, but has wanted to take the big plus a. I have fallen enamoured with this ash a, how is much more be supported by a fashion of my house. The good looks in some outsides, this in spite of really crinkly in an interior!
5 / 5
Has liked him this tunnel of cat and look for be used by the number of the people but my cat rasgaron was one of a bobbles concealed leave you to store it was walk(ish). It has broken in a prime minister like low quality stitching in this bobble. It is the gain but impossible tunnel to store now.
4 / 5
Fantastic quality, easy to store tunnel. My cat is in his element and a quality is sum, considering is was the majority of a time on show!
5 / 5
The cat loves it. If it mix this with the few toys of series for your cat to touch with, will love it. Value of the money.
4 / 5
Rid punctually, good measure partorisca the rabbit of giant house, the one who instantly there be enjoyed to run in and out of him!
The folds Was, colour light ash very also.
5 / 5
Wants! Like this happy bought it, been the pair of the weeks and he is used each day only. Going strong! Easy to bend on when cleaning aswell. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
Has 2 big cats (british blue/ scottish fold) enjoys to run by means of of the this and is quite wide for them to do like this, some ashes of parties my living room and doesnt look out of place
5 / 5
This tunnel is big. Really big. Which is well, likes to have the very big cat.
Master, uses it all a time and often naps in there. Also it likes that it is not of ugly. There is not any reason for products of pet to be rainbow, the cats can does not see in all the chance!
5 / 5
Very this in spite of when be returned how is too big for our house.
5 / 5
The quality adds. Arrived punctually . The cat absolutely loves a tunnel and a russling the noise done when it is in a tunnel is spent load to time to touch the exercise adds for sound. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Enormous!! The quality adds and some cats go mental in him. Thank you
5 / 5
My cat adores it and raisin of the hours in current by means of him, submerging boss in the first place to some holes, jumping out of them.
5 / 5
Coming of the receive. It has thought that that was done of a sweet Material, but is unpleasant to the touch and also is farce of some material that to the the touch cruje, supposes that reason the designer thinks that that they can like him the the cats. I suppose that The he and the another no. A my no. would be necessary to indicate it. To to Any one like him to him the idea to be in the living room and be listening noises while the cats spend for the tunel. It has been partorisca open it, the touch and dip the again in the box partorisca give it.

Is the third tunel that shabby. The more the prime minister, everything of felpa and sweet, a success. When breaking this cost another that a lot does noise but is of a material rugoso and little pleasant to the touch that to to my cats neither like.
5 / 5
Of the moment in that I has installed this tunnel in lucido living room, my cat has adopted it... And it is result Joins left that imports of his life.
Goes partorisca know reason, but that goes partorisca eat, quell'start, that crosses simply The piece, my cat has to that partorisca spend obligadamente inner of this tunnel, included to the prize of a glorious détour !

Likewise, does not imagine that it can touch so that that this was (only or with us) without that lucido the tunnel has not been used to a moment or to another.

Wants also a lot these two holes Of the sud lucido on :
Spends the Games of boss to see the one who the raisins was, or among interior of the tunnel that jump in these orifices, when it does not do to spend so only his legs before to the outsides (touches his aérer ?) !

In rodeo, asks to my cat, will give 5 to this tunnel.

Me, does not give That 4 games two reasons :
- Lucido the tunnel has gone totally, that gives unstable. This means that well too often, his two orifices that would owe that find to the sud lucido on spend of the sun lateralmente, and lose as all his interest.
Thinks that lucido the tunnel would not have has had to that be totally the round touches that these holes are always to the sud lucido on.
- With which some months Of the intense utilisation, the armours in spending that it finds to the each extremity of the class of tunnel of edges envelope in skin very synthetic, to the risk partorisca wound lucido cat.

Games to finalise to the sud joins positive note, good master lucida election to paint that leaves to the tunnel to melt in lucidas decorations of the piece where finds .

So much follow The opinion of my Cat :
Recommends this tunnel.
5 / 5
Súper Teil. Ist absolut stabil und wird von Gives Katzen geliebt. Of the Knistern ist ein Prime. Besonders heftig wird Gives Spiel, wenn ich außen dipped einem Stab oder ähnlichem entlang fahre. Dann kennen sie kein Halten mehr. It is wird gekrallt und gerobbt, dass give ganze Tunnel wackelt und samt Katzen durch gives Zimmer rollt. Bis jetzt lebt Gives Ding noch und sieht absolut a lot of aus, dafür dass is ständig like arg malträtiert wird.
5 / 5
Unsere zwei Maine Coon Katzen lieben has given Höhle. Sie spielen täglich darin, verstecken ihre kleinen Spielsachen für Gives jeweils anderen und fankerln sich durch quotes zwei Löcher gerne a.
Praktisch ist auch, dass the man is like this schön zusammenklappen kann - give geht ganz einfach, ohne dass man eine zweite Person benötigt. Zusammengeklappt habe ich Is auch schon einmal In giving Waschmaschine gewaschen - alles kein Question.
Absolute Kaufempfehlung :)
4 / 5
Ich war lange auf gives suche nach einem schönen und robusten Tunnel. Bei zwei großen Bengalkatern muss Gives einfach einiges ab können. Schon kurz nach dem auspacken wurde Gives Tunnel in beschlag genommen und ordentlich traktiert. Ich habe dem Tunnel max. 1 Woche überlebens Regime gegeben. xD Aber ich Cube positiv überrascht! Auch jetzt nach Monaten sieht er noch richtig Gut aus und ist tatsächlich noch ganz. Ich kann Gives Tunnel nur weiter empfehlen. Meine Kater lieben ihn und spielen täglich damit.
5 / 5
Arrived in the Times established. He produced is easily apribile, instead The plastic poliestere all'inner of the tunnel gives incredibly noisy to the minimum contact with him legs of the cat. Like this as During the night is sconsigliato leave it The disposal of your animal gives company.
4 / 5
Ich finde Gives Tunnel klasse und meine Katzis erst recht :-)
Als Katzenbesitzerin habe ich natürlich schon diverse Tunnel kennengelernt, doch dieser gefällt allen!!-->Habe 4 Stinker

Ich glaube, Gives is a dem Material und (ganz wichtig) one gives 2 Gucklöchern liegt. Vielleicht beruhigt Is Die Katzen, wenn sie nicht einen langen, dunklen Tunnel haben (hab die große Variant), aber like this genau kann the man gives ja nicht wissen bei has given individuellen Persönlichkeiten.
Zudem optisch auch Bad Was anderes in dem schönen Degree! UPPER!
5 / 5
Größe: Im Durchmesser ist Gives Tunnel etwas größer, als die meisten anderen die ich angeschaut habe. Groß genug für unseren Kater (7 kg). Haltbarkeit: Beim ersten Bad Toben dachten wir, gives Tunnel wird schnell zerlegt (großer Kater dipped sehr kräftigen Krallen, gives beim Spielen in diesem Tunnel vollkommen ausrastet :D). Sowohl Gives Material to give Röhre, als auch eingezogenen Drähte, halten aber erstaunlich stand of gut. Sonstiges: One gives Enden ist er jeweils has dipped Raschelfolie (oder etwas ähnlichem) gefüttert, was unsere Katzen sehr interessant finden. Of the Rascheln ist aber nicht Likes laut, gives is nervt.
Insgesamt ist Gives The tunnel gives Preis eindeutig wert. Klare Kaufempfehlung.
5 / 5
Ich wollte diesmal ein schlichteres Creation, ohne bunte Pfötchen und Leopardenmuster und has given fügt sich wirklich schön ins Wohnbild. It is sieht nicht nach verrückter Katzenlady aus ;-)
Und meine sonst Likes ängstliche und skeptische Katze ist kaum mehr aus gives Rolle zu bekommen. Klare Empfehlung!
5 / 5
Gives Katzentunnel ist recht Well In Farbe, Größe und Ausführung. Leider ist er Total instabil, d.H., wenn eine Katze ihn nur leicht von außen berührt, dreht er sich Then , dass die beiden Öffnungen zoom Boden schauen und keine Katze mehr has reigned kann. Er dreht sich auch selbständig nicht mehr zurück . wir haben selber schwere Gewichte hinein gelegt, one Gives Tunnel in giving richtigen Place zu halten. Wenn allerdings 'heftig' gespielt wird, nützt Gives auch nichts. Wäre Toll, wenn vom Hersteller Gewichte likes eingearbeitet würden, dass gives Tunnel - wie ein Stehaufmännchen -immer wieder die richtige Place kommen würde.
Über Robustheit und Haltbarkeit kann ich nach Like this kurzer Zeit in Verwendung noch nichts sagen.
5 / 5
Gives Tunnel knistert und faltet sich nicht (außer man befestet ihn). Allerdings rollt sich Gives Tunnel immer auf die Öffnungsseite, sodass die Öffnungen “unnötig” sind. Selbst wenn ich ihn ohne wackeln gerade Waystation, dreht er sich im nächsten Moment a und bei einer Katze drin natürlich. Aber hauptsächlich habe ich Gives Tunnel gekauft, damit ich ihn nicht jedes Bad Auseinanderfalten muss, wenn meine Katzen drin waren
4 / 5
Zunächst war ich skeptisch, gives unsere 6 Katzen anspruchsvoll sind was Spielzeug angeht. Zudem waren Quotes bisher gekannten Tunnel nicht von hoher Qualität und wirkten billig. Dieser Tunnel aber wirkt sehr hochwertig. Schöne Farbe, schönes Creation und gives knistern gefällt gives Katzen sehr. Er wird täglich bespielt und ist Corazón Geld wert!
4 / 5
Gives Tunnel knistert und lässt sich problemlos zusammenfalten. Allerdings rollt sich Gives Tunnel immer auf die seitliche Öffnung während dem Toben - stört meine Kleine jetzt nicht, aber vielleicht trotzdem erwähnenswert.
Gives Bällchen One gives Schnur hat sich leider bereits nach einer Woche verabschiedet/durch wildes Spielen abgetrennt, was sehr schade ist!
Für Gives Spaßfaktor trotzdem 3 Sterne.
5 / 5
Unsere Katzen lieben Has given Tunnel. Wenn ich sonst irgendetwas für Quotes beiden bestelle, dann spielen sie nur has dipped to give Verpackung. Yesterday wären beide sofort Feuer und has called. Vor allem weil er Likes lustig knistert wenn man durch läuft.
Kann ich nur empfehlen.
5 / 5
Einen lieben Gruss von unseren Katzen. It gives Tunnel wurde heute geliefert und sofort in Besitz genommen. Die Materialqualität ist sehr gut. It gives recht hohe Preis geht für has given Qualität In Ordnung.
5 / 5
Unsere Katze liebt Gives Tunnel.
Zudem sieht er schick aus und passt zu unserem Degree weisen Sofa.
Gives Tunnel knistert im inneren was give Katze echt spaß macht!

Ich würde ihn auf To the Fälle wieder kaufen!
5 / 5
Gives Katzentunnel kommt bei unseren beiden Rackern Gut A. Sie spielen gerne damit - Give Bällchen und gives Knistern bieten noch einen zusätzlichen Reiz. Die Farbe gefällt a gut,gives sie zur Einrichtung passt. Die Katerchen und wir sind happy.
5 / 5
Beautiful and corresponding perfectly was description. Any one is true to come read in some opinion that does a strong my trascurabile... Satisfied.
5 / 5
Has looked for to to a tunnel likes that, of of my house is not the big tan and any one can leave me plants here a park of enormous appeals. Besides Any one is very expensive and resists well, for now. I suppose that it depends beasts that is the cats that uses it. Has two young cats and juguetonas.
5 / 5
Has taken these L games of tube partorisca substitute precedent that was cluttered hairs (and yes a habladuría the a lot of hairs).
That the meeting Hoards with this tube is that it is small but sufficiently glorious games that my cat can put to bed interior quietly .
The interior is in plastic like his hairs does not stick inner and like this simpler that clean .
He And The hips give the types of games of keys can replegar lucido tube .
My L cat adores partorisca touch inner likes side to 100.
4 / 5
Mein Kater liebt Has given Tunnel. Er Hat sehr viel Spaß dran, vor allem gives Knistern bringt ihm noch mehr Spaß :).
4 / 5
I a bit delicate looks, but with which three month partorisca use any hay any harm.
4 / 5
He my rabbit ariete here plays practically all he day. Here Among running and No the rosicchia. Optimum purchase!!

Top Customer Reviews: LeerKing Cat Pet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Bernetta
It is a favourite toy of our cat, fact of the good material. It loves it!
5 / 5 Philip
Lucido The tunnel is solid ,of pair and good quality his fond colour in lucidas decorations ...And mine minó Adore it !
4 / 5 Avis
My Cat adores it. According to the Description. It is beautiful, solid and pliable.

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