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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5
I want to, amour, amour this product. Bought why have loved my new bath to be as the bath of hotel has failed to @give the one who the transmissions of game ossia. No more scrabbling roughly that tries to find spent he for my old hairdryer or the visitatore that asks to take loaned. It is so only there and when of the a step out of a calm shower uses it and dip the backside in a wall. Thoroughly it would recommend.
4 / 5
Want to this.. I use it like this the dryer of organism with which having the shower. His really good and the looks have ordered. Has 2 settings, Hot and warm, the like a warm a. His quite powerful. Also to the equal that a usb chargers, adds for toothbrushes etc. All together to really good compraventa and would recommend it to them.
4 / 5
The daughter has loved the hairdryer this was easily accessible, ossia ideal likes rays in a wall and give this look of chamber of the hotel.
Comes with some rays etc and is the dryer of good hair am them said
good long goodness with discharges he of United Kingdom - I will add the photo of this punctual
4 / 5
Ossia an excellent piece of boxes. There is not cutting so only down in of the wet towels, but professional of looks in our bath. All use it to the dry organism. It is perfectly quite powerful for a work as well as when being quite light for some boys to operate.

Some sockets of USB are the prize !
5 / 5
Has seen this product and thought it would be ideal in our room where spends in a wet dog. Ideal for the fast dry for our pet.
Suggests draw the personnel of a unit and identify some holes for the more fix.
5 / 5
Has bought is a year done, work very like this far, happy with product
4 / 5
Still to install but looks fantastic! Any hardwired, just ray some groups to a wall and discharges in)
5 / 5
Big and easy quality to use, extremely effective for the hair that dry.
5 / 5
Ossia Dryer of good hair .Easy to install good creation and there is two more usb socket .It is not the heavy or noisy. I love this colour . I have recommended the
4 / 5
The excellent delivery of Amazon and produced has fulfilled all my needs.
Recommends that it check a period of boss of the can is suitable partorisca the yours need likes him the unit there is tamper-rays of test.
5 / 5
All around excellent product. USB That the touches have facilitated a prize added
5 / 5
has Bought this dryer of hair partorisca my room of guest. Amiably balanced, good long goodness, stunning modern looks, a lot effective. It thinks that that I will buy another partorisca my mamma because it is like this convenient.
4 / 5
The look adds, all the use familiarised of the one who knows reason the didnt has a forward of
5 / 5
Sad of the send behind but has wanted to h the dryer of hair
My bath but Wanstead to hard the boss
Better considerations mr hb
4 / 5
works of good Product but can not find the diffuser to return this model

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Macie
A really powerful 3000W dryer of hair that reads really quickly dry hair. Has three settings of hot and two speed. My hair is of course curly and frizzy but using this hairdryer has left my lustrous and shiny hair. Has the looks of negative ion as it reduces static in your hair, doing the smoothest look and more is looking.

A dryer of hair comes with three annexes, the diffuser, the nozzle of comb and the nozzles of concentrator. A diffusing work adds the volumise and also partorisca define curly hair without causing any frizz and some nozzles of concentrator acts fast to easily soften all the types of hair. It is distributed also with the round hairbrush and the comb

A dryer of professional hair comes with the longitude 2 boss of metre and is excellent value partorisca the ionic hairdryer with all some accessories take. Fully it recommends this product.

Please can you it the useful click has found this description partorisca be useful. Thank you ツ
4 / 5 Sal
Has Bought this partorisca substitute my dryer of old hair. My partner of hairdressers has taken a like this and ossia that has recommended. It uses this partorisca my long right hair. He totally done his does really well! It has included I can use he partorisca my little one like his hair is taking more along also. It can not have the yard partorisca peel today so that it is partorisca say the saver of life ! Wine with different accessories also. My curly housemate tried it also with a diffuser and work well with his too much. It has attached the video that objective the one who powerful an engine is. And it notes that has certified pertinent partorisca security so that it is the thumbs on partorisca me. The prize and the quality have fulfilled my requirements like the client.
4 / 5 Jeanna
Ossia The upper quality hairdryer. It comes with the curling paintbrush and comb. Also it has a diffuser, nozzle with the comb all in an and a directional nozzle. It is quite light to resist calm so that it is weapon not hurting for some time dries your hair. Has temperatures and of the different speeds. Has the good period of able and in fact has the little loop like that can hang up. I have used these cariche to time now and really is the add hairdryer. Calm would be likely to find the when be used in living rooms.
4 / 5 Maragaret
Has long and dark curly hair.
Absolutely love this dryer of hair. I have been using my forward one for roughly 8 years and ossia like this faster, the lightest and my hair is frizz libre.un diffusing work really well also, the bit of the main diameter that my forward a.
Some three different settings for lens, average and fast is to regulate and does a work. Some three settings to heat also some same like other dryers also.
A transmission of cold air looks an on was key, but is to good sure the push and control. To good sure will be to recommend east .
5 / 5 Myles
Has not bought Never the dryer of hair where filter it can be take and cleaned but a logic has touched good mine.
With the speed and the controls of hot ossia the plot of dryer for a money. 3000W is powerful, to all the cost of the mark is the strong powerful hairdryer. He well use of an extra power, the hair is dried quickly yes required although I find the power the low plus and the fewer looks to heat to be a better combination for my hair.
Looks very too much. It would buy again
5 / 5 Marleen
Well dryer in fact of professional hair, this one is coming with multiple annexes, some main of the looked for is a diffuser of hair. After the shower of boss along, doing the diffuser of the hair done my curly hair more fluffy and curly. A noise is not too louse quite one same like another a lot the dryer of hair has used in a past. There two transmissions in there the one who severs different functions. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Janyce
Has purchased to to this likes had read them of some descriptions of him when being the light hanged and professional. I can be in accordance with some descriptions written in of the this. A dryer of hair is light and drys my hair fab, like this has them is exited so only some dressers of hair. It comes with several apegos which have taken is. It would recommend this hairdryer because of a way a lot he drys your hair and weight the one who light is also. A filter in a dryer of hair is also removeable also which is a lot the have never has not had never the hairdryer where can take a filtwer washes it and substitute, hopefully this will last the longest plot that mine another hairdryer
5 / 5 Miles
has Bought this to substitute the dryer of travesía has been using of the mine big one has on blown! It is better way that my leading dryer, is calm, quickly, does not burn your ears that is too hot!
A diffuser are add, the decent measure and really pumps my full hair of organism.
In general really pleased with this dryer, now yes so only could exit to somewhere the value that does my hair for 🙄🤷‍♀️
5 / 5 Ora
has received this hairdryer promptly so it was really convenient as mine another hairdryer has melted!!! It is like this fab to use. Election and good control of settings. There are several nozzles that come with him and also the paintbrush and comb. It is not a lot calm but he a work quickly. I in fact remarked less frizz in my hair. Calm also can hangs with a headline of small loop. A filter also can be cleaned easily to the equal that could any one with my another. I produce it adds. It recommends highly.
5 / 5 Lavonna
Love this product. It is light, easy to use and powerful. It touches well with low noise. And Some the professional accessories am a lot of gains to do different hairstyles. It feels like this good to have the dryer of house of professional hair. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Xochitl
I took the moment to has chosen the new hairdryer like this very particular but am like this far impressed with east a. Drys My hair quickly and precisely thanks to a wide nozzle and is incredibly light how was the surprise like any ache partorisca arm when drying. The speeds and the temperatures are to touch so it would recommend. My hair is mid the period and I have the plot of him I so that it follows happy with my compraventa!
4 / 5 Stepanie
My dryer of leading hair has maintained partorisca blow a fuse in one covers and was really slow and heavy, this new one has been like this more faster and lighter also. He ways my hair a way loves the as well as he the dry. I love some pocolos accessories that come with him too much adds still styling my hair. It is they are touch easy also use
5 / 5 Jamee
am pleased extremely with this hairdryer . I bought it to substitute the professional one there was has had to that done a lot of years and like thinking was very effective ,until we take this . Has hair of period of fat shoulder , which has used to take an age to dry ,but this dry less than half a time of the mine old hairdryer . More is coming with the paintbrush of good round ,diffuser, styling nozzle , and other bits and pieces so many has all I need to create ways of different hair . An excellent product in mine dress .
4 / 5 Marissa
Are very pleased with my new Hairdryer.
Is professional, light and has the characteristic is has comprised.
There is Long and the fat hair and I find a hairdryer súper easy to use, are adds partorisca hair styling house.
Highly recommends a product, is the value adds partorisca of the money is past.
4 / 5 Danelle
Is Powerful, Quickly
Feels to good quality likes an extra workout partorisca my arm! Some works of secadors quickly, does not leave hair frizzy or fluffy, the hair in fact feels softer and more conditioned on drying. It uses a dryer with an on hot annex of half (which is soul no hot) and the arrival honradamente can say remarks them the difference and I have crazy curly but hair refinado that has the life of the his own. This dryer there is tamed a beast of hair! Very happy with compraventa and would not doubt partorisca recommend.
4 / 5 Tynisha
This dryer of hair is all of its own partorisca familiar use. My boys like this secadors of hair a lot. It is very light and the boy can blow his own hair. Highly recommend!!
5 / 5 Leora
Perfecto. This dryer of hair is exactly that precise. It is very easy to use. It is the light , economic, súper-fast dryer. Has cold and hot air and three levels to heat can choose of. It comes with two hair brushes which can help me the way my hair. Fabulous Has produced.
5 / 5 Sindy
Has bought this hairdryer reason have required the powerful plus a, as my old one has taken too much long partorisca dry my hair. Some different combs that come with this really useful partorisca styling my hair also.
4 / 5 Helene
Two levels of hot and two levels partorisca be able to: one one plants a big plus, is very powerful, drys a fast of hair.

Is not heavy, easy to resist and has used.

Some combs come with these hips of good quality.
5 / 5 Kaitlyn
An Alone Rain 3000W the dryer of Ionic hair is loved by my woman. His old hairdryer boke and has required the substitution and an ionic way was essential partorisca his, apparently less is breaking partorisca his hair and the dry faster. It is partorisca be using east a partorisca the few days now and loves it, she also commented roughly that useful some accessories have comprised is specifically some additional annexes.

Everything in the decent hairdryer partorisca the reasonable prize.
5 / 5 Delia
It has been disgusted frankly for as economic a product was, a markings in some keys where not even in recta and my first time that uses it a plastic comb bent of a heat, produces very economic, would like me my money has retreated like this collected how was possible.
4 / 5 Tyson
Has taken this partorisca substitute my dryer of old hair duquel a boss my rabbits of pet have directed partorisca chew by means of. I have been looking a lot of video on like this partorisca blow dry your hair properly and professionally and has required the dryer of able hair partorisca try he with. This is coming with some tools of staple have required partorisca learn like this partorisca do the dry good swipe and a diffuser is perfect to avert hurt the edges of hair.
A dryer of hair is súper powerful and a setting of the main temperature does not affect a power takes of him. It has quite a lot of settings partorisca help ways of hair dipped and dry hair, and is not really strong compared to the mine old a. It is the good upgrade
4 / 5 Delfina
Absolutely perfect, dryer of hair really powerful, compact, light and a lot of stylish.
Has taken 2 speed with 3 different heat settings, easy to resist with sleeve of good grip, gone in the really good prize in a phase with 12 guarantee of month that is the shot adds.
Quality really upper compared with that will see that it uses before, coming with to to 3 annexes likes him to him the comb/of nozzle of concentrator/of nozzle of diffuser and the paintbrush of good round done.
To good sure recommend he partorisca quality and prize.
5 / 5 Denver
A blower careers according to some instructions. Stable, any smell of engine in of the llamas, low noise. This in spite of, these two accessories are done different plastics of a dryer of hair, and result hot when they are connected to a hair to run dryer. I expect that they can substitute him with to some to material same like secadors of of hair so that they do not take same heats when it has connected. Another thing I hope will consider is to comprise the stock exchange for dryers of hair and accessories.
4 / 5 Hwa
Is the dryer of powerful hair . When being able to dry the hair of my promise quite quickly the one who has very long and fat hair. A setting of heat is quickly thoughtful also, to use for ways of different hair. So only downside thinks is is quell'has bitten strong that when using for an ear can listen it.
5 / 5 Stacy
Good product to be able to and settings. Somehow it directs to leave my hair that feels better that my old hairdryer, can add drys quickly. I add hairdryer, light weight also. My hair is a lot of curly, using this hairdryer and the diffuser does not change a natural curl. It would recommend.
5 / 5 Torri
This dryer of hair are to add and gives some frames of big finals are it his money! It comes with the number of annexes that give liberty to experience with the number of fashions. Very pleased.
5 / 5 Jesusita
I really like a way these looks of secadors like this and feels in my hands. Dry efficiently same and some annexes are easy to dip on and take was. This haif the dryer is like this stylish chair like the real professional when the utilisation.
5 / 5 Carolee
Shining fast and powerful hairdryer this comes with accessories for styling. A hairdryer comes with the boss the plus along that the majority other dryers that founds quite highly would recommend!👍👍👍
4 / 5 Hattie
Very happy with this dryer of hair. It was better that has expected them. It has it enjoyed having the different settings and is quite powerful to dry hair quickly. Also it has an ideal weight as it is not weighed too much reason is resembled living room some.
5 / 5 Samatha
Bought this partorisca my partner the one who has loved the dryer of hair of the power with diffuser to do his curly hair. It has fulfilled his expectations how is very powerful and hot taking quickly as it does not take long to dry his hair. It does not take overheated and is comfortable to resist.
4 / 5 Sybil
Able to quickly dry and way my hair without frizziest! It was pleasantly surprised in as soft and lovely my hair was after using this dryer. Some keys to change the settings are easy to use, a dryer is slightly heavier that mine another, but dry quickly calms does not have to that resist your arm on partorisca a lot long. Highly it would recommend
5 / 5 Jalisa
This 3000W dryer of dry hair my hair a lot quickly, has tried some accessories to dry my hair, my hair more fluffy. It likes.
4 / 5 Carita
This to good sure done a work. Has characterises really fat 4 hair and I was able to blowdry my hair in an hour that use a setting of heat of the half. An annex has maintained to fly quell'nettled but my forward blowdrier the combs there is snapped and broken. In general it could not be happier
5 / 5 Keri
Ossia the a lot of a lot of hairdryer. Powerful but the little heavy. Annoying to resist when using diffusing. A free tailcomb is good quality, a paintbrush of round less so much but does a work.
5 / 5 Mayme
This hairdryer is very easy to use and can be spent around easily reason is quite light. There is also the paintbrush that comes with him. A dryer is a lot strong because it can dry my hair extremely quickly. It is very easy to resist and comes with multiple parts for mulitple fulfilled. I recommend it.
4 / 5 Madeleine
Want to this produces reason is like this powerful. It is the little heavy and use it mainly for a diffuser and this takes more time to resist but another that that it is easy to manage and master all some accessories take with him.
4 / 5 Lovetta
Loves a fashion of him, easy to resist and powerful without being really noisy. My dry hair like this quickly uses less hot, as I seat likes does not spoil my hair so much. 10/10 it Recommends.
4 / 5 Micaela
Mine old a turn in the pocolos small there is prendido he,as I have bought this for has substituted. 3000W can easier and fast drying hair,Some different combs that come with this really useful for styling my hair of members familiarised.
4 / 5 Rosaria
Loves this dryer already and his a lot of easier fact of mine dryers of leading hair have used, his very pertinent there is remarked also for my type of the hair of then has run wavy hair of type and Is taken less time to dry my hair with the normal.
5 / 5 Jestine
I bought it three weeks ago, it is the good dryer , he a work perfectly, has the dryer of good hair, is which want to, but think that a boss is the little short, would be better was longer.
4 / 5 Valarie
This hairdryer is a better thing never!
Quality a lot well ,very easy to use,esthetic
Any casualidad partorisca burn your hair with this product!
Highly recommends this element.
A lot ideea partorisca present also.
I defo order another partorisca my mamma
4 / 5 Carri
This dryer of hair are adds. It is light and fast weight drying but a temperature does not spoil my hair. It leaves my shiny hair and looking adds. Also I love a diffuser that comes with a dryer. My use of old dryer partorisca take for ever partorisca dry my hair but this one he for the half a time. And accessories of the abundance come.
5 / 5 Mechelle
Very good and effective,drought quickly and with out problema.un the quickly arrived container amiably packaged. I have bought this in a recommendation of the fellow and was really righr,his amazing.
4 / 5 Janis
There is not blowing dried my hair on 4 years and I am surprised in this hairdryer, has dried my hair like this quickly and has had the plot partorisca be able to. A temperature is of course adjustable, is coming with the yellow comb and the paintbrush that was really well partorisca a global prize.
4 / 5 Denisse
Has taken the fat hairs so much need the engine of strong powerful hair . This one fulfils mine wishing. It is look quite and professional.
5 / 5 Johana
Has arrived more collected first of a date Expected of delivery in spite of Covid19 Lockdown. Used he for my longitude Afro hair. It can very good and some settings so only like a some used by professionals. Impressed and happy client.
4 / 5 Arianne
Absolutely the love this dryer of hair. .
Does well without any questions. A last dryer of hair has broken down he roughly done 3 weeks but has been them using he for some last 4 years. Appearance use this one for the long time also. THANKS TO plot
5 / 5 Galina
would read some amazing descriptions on here in this dryer of hair; but it is not for me!
Dry your hair? He
Is powerful? He

This in spite of, has done my hair feels really dry, the fly was and look messy.
4 / 5 Lang
Has has bought recently this dryer of hair my daughter there is afro hair this in spite of a paintbrush is easy to the curve has to that way that has had to that use my old paintbrush and I take pictures that can see you. I think that that they would have to he stronger.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Elvira
Well to ues your smooth hair and or uses it,the hot and cold wind will change partorisca protect your hair the one who do to feel sooooo a lot of

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Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Magen
Quality and easy to use with an extra along and dry hair much faster that my old partorisca daily use.

Top Customer Reviews: PluieSoleil ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Kristi
It is very powerful. Very very partorisca thickness and long hair. It is well in that the easily can dry my hair in five minutes as it would have taken 10 minutes before. Also like some accessories there is rid together with a hairdryer. It has recommended to my friends!
4 / 5 Kaley
Secadors Of professional hair well with a lot of annexes, his pertinent mainly partorisca the women but any one can use it, a lot powerful with 3000W, easy to resist and the use!
5 / 5 Olive
Ossia The dryer of hair with speed and settings of hot adjustable. It is that it looks elegant and no too strong still powerful. It is easy to use, comfortable to resist and súper light. His action surpasses prize. A lot especially, it has left my hair shinny and fizz free.
4 / 5 Curtis
Faulty. Turned the on and he didnt the swipe and a noise was horrendous. It thinks it there is traumatized mine 2 old year and now will not leave the hairdryer approximations. Returning partorisca repayment promptly. Reason cant the zeros of leaves clash like this
4 / 5 Luis
dryer of hair Very powerful. It was the present my fiancée and loves it. Good value for a money.
5 / 5 Daniele
Excellent arrived a lot quickly very a lot of hairdryer with accessories.

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