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Top Customer Reviews: Aeon Flux / Sky ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Sanjuanita
It aims upper Condition. A @@subject in fact. Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Tomb ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5
Lara Croft: it Falls Raider is one of a better videogame adaptations, and is amused always partorisca go back to. Of some impressive tricks in fact treated for Angelina Jolie, to some stunning locations of Cambogia, the Iain Glen that chews a scenery with glee. It is a slick, a lot-paced adventure that really goes through half of an idea of core of Tomb Raider when being the mashup of James Vincolo and Hindú Jones.

Now available in ultra big-def 4K, has been interested partorisca see that well a visuals would resist up. As with any film of effects, some separates the better look that another, but was impressed enough in a sheer level of detail and overally quality to be found. To start with to finalise a film has the good discharge of present of grain, he spikes in of the sure moments but is usually discreet, and is quite compatible by means of regular moments and fx shots. There have it seldom a lot of disconnect among a two, any diving in quality at all when that goes effects to the normal has shot. A very pocolos effect-the scenes have weighed in fact look the better plot with some profits of 4K the resolution and a depth by heart enhanced. A HDR felt quite restrained here, but split them sure keys see to exit you the action. Powell opulent The offices are a prompt shop window , and some looks of the appropriately vivid jungle, but is a distorted effects of a triangle of light this takes a cake- with some strikingly the intrepid colours like the times is 'broken'.

A standout the scene of a whole film is still delving to some temples of Cambogia. Some shots of external location is good-looking, but once a film takes calm inside a tomb is for real epic. Calm really can appreciate all an incredible endeavour place to these insiemi, and one lighting has the good bit of contrast extra has compared to an old more blue ray. When Some take of the action was could not help grinning, looking some apes of bones take shot the pieces, the statue of giant gold that hammer of transmissions around, Lara that traces the giant swinging pendulum, he all look incredible.

The sound adds, also. Lara Croft: it Falls Raider now comes with full uncompressed DTS-HD Master Audio, in place of a weirdly the clues have limited to be in of the oldest emissions. It is seriously the explosion, with a film that near among 10 and 11 in a loudness stairs for the plot of his runtime. Everything has treat it much more punch, with him so only occassionally taking too much. A pounding the soundtrack was for the treat to listen to, and has pumped my fist when the elevation kicked in in some credits. So only everywhere the add listens!

A 4K the disk comprises the commentary of an original manager and no another characteristic averts of selection of scene, with just a quite a lot of-frills still paper. Amusingly, An old blue the emission of ray is bundled at the side. A UHD the version entirely the swipes was of the old blue ray, but yes is after one doing-of material is a lot that comprised it. So only the little dissapointing of then everything of that is in the regular and calm definition would think there'd be room in a first disk. 4K Film in blue has to that take on upper of the whole plot of spatial poden any returned any of this material on.

Utmost on, has no better way to enjoy this film. It is the damn good king-emission for Paramout that, while lacking of new extras, rid some sakes with his and quality of wonderful picture. You go in east and A Mummy (1999) exiting in UHD like his reboots flounder, really objective any 'in likes has used to.
4 / 5
This 2001 adventure of action follows  aristocratic Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) the one who, still that cries a death of his years of father previously, has dreams it as it involves his father and of the advantages to a discovery of the clock, but as all this has to that do with the secret organisation and that it is a power of a machinery his all look for?
Of a principle this opens to the fast paced sequence of action that is maintained during the majority of a film. Picture and quality of his sound well, a script and doing any like this well in of the places with a lot of looking a game of computer that the spawned. Lara is the cross among Hindú Jones and Bond of James and a film is no different, but different a lot of conversions of game of the computer, this in fact works.
A game of offers of main paper, setup [English to listen impaired/any], selection of scene and special characteristics [crafting lara croft, commentary of managers, DVD-Rom, has has deleted scenes, tricks, undermining the tomb raider,U2 elevation, is game?, Alternating main title, visual effects]. Some characteristic special is annoying so only the title only is visible, has to paste a right key to take a prójimo to aim like this easily can lose this characteristic [loses the ]. As to 12 indication this contains some sweet swearing, a lot of scenes of violence of type of the adventure and three scenes of shower. Sure it has defects for a bucketful and is not the loan, has thought provoker, but is an artist of the action packed and like such merits the , his only that selection of annoying paper that ruin a disk.
4 / 5
Angelina Jolie is excellent in a function of title likes Lara Croft. Iain Glen And Daniel Craig is really well in his functions of support and there has to that particular cameos of Jon Voight, Richard Johnson and Leslie Phillips.
Some sequences of the action and the special effects are really good. There is also the soundtrack to break..
Seats behind, relaxes and enjoy.
5 / 5
Has bitten Dated, but a lot still. It have forgotten the very known nomination is is.
5 / 5
Excellent scrolling to Blue-Ray. The video game has touched never, but love an action, storyline & special effects.
5 / 5
Good product, has arrived quickly, quality of dvd was well, enough enjoy this film, angelina beautiful certianly the tomb done raider justice!
4 / 5
To be sincere some first time have seen an original version of this film has been disappointed. I saw it a lot it times of then in dvd and a TV and enjoyed it more and more. I can not see the plot of difference with a version 'without cutting' to a normal version although it is to good sure more along if a time in a dvd to the focus is corrected. Angelina Is fabulous in a course - enjoy!!
4 / 5
Liked this almost like this like this some games, with Angelina that the normal looks lol.
4 / 5
I clicked to rent a film for £ but no never. With which 2-3 errors have been touched for £ - a lot included know reason or as, and in spite of that, has not gone included able to look a film in the good quality been due to big lag. I have had to choose to a lower quality likes the video could upload and look a film.
5 / 5
LeGustado This almost like this like this some games, with Angelina that the normal looks lol.
4 / 5
First time have seen a film, for his age, is the good film - but weakens because of age and technology.
5 / 5
The film adds and good prize. I have bought this for my blue collection of ray and am them very satisfied.
Quality of picture any like this well films like this newer but a lot still regarding a prize.
4 / 5
These states in a front that ossia one Without cutting , can not see any difference anything of an emission of DVD.

To the equal that comprise forums, some the only differences are animated mostly-the sound has added to affect and the little writing modifies to the few scenes. But masters a film in HD then buy this, otherwise would stick to me up-scaling a DVD as calm probably wont commentary that marks this one 'Edition Without cutting'.
5 / 5
Has received this yesterday, is years of hard has seen this film, had forgotten the one who caseous is but loves it in all the chance, is fun and easy to look.
4 / 5
Amado this film like the girl, good to have the copy of him
4 / 5
is the good film like a game he. Value the look if no dress it to it. 8/10
5 / 5
A dvd has received was hardcoded with the German voices have baptised on he - any option partorisca the transmission so it has launched it to him was. Only economic like any annoyed
4 / 5
This was so only another mine of addition not developing never Blue-collection of ray awesome film,shame you cant take a cradle of Blue life-ray in English but suppositions among timing has touched a franchise of game will want this
4 / 5
This film was brilliant. Had hooked all a way by means of. Lookibg Advance to the sequal..
5 / 5
Really likes it to me. Angelina beautiful Has BEEN DONE to touch lara Croft,
has Film of the worse video game sure
4 / 5
could not download he previously to look or has left the búfer like my connection of internet was slow. Not to give me this option.
5 / 5
Angelina beautiful! That more need to be siad. But incase your hesitant, all can say them is is not to touch the film adds. Amused to look, entertaining and enjoyable. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
This is to arrive quickly and was a lot reasonably priced
5 / 5
Amur This film as they are an avid Tomb Raider defender, and in spite of everything of his descriptions has thinks that that it was brilliant.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my brother partorisca his anniversary, almost done the year, and is in a moon with him, prize and excellent condition.
5 / 5
DVD VERY GOOD. Bought for the collection of my daughter, enormous defender.

Top Customer Reviews: Westworld - Season ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5 Lavern
A three dvd the box dips partorisca contain all ten episodes of a first season of Westworld. This is to base in an old film that Incident Yul Brynner like a cowboy of the android in the @subject estaciona the one who obtains sentience. But it is a totally fresh take on a concept, as both of them was averts.

Is an eighteen certificate dvd, as it contains possibly even more strong tongue, violence and moments of adult and nudity that any season of the game of the thrones done. So that it conceal to go you partorisca annoy, steer clear. It is not really gratuitous this in spite of.

Some episodes of new premiers are announce so only under an hour each one that that. And a final season goes to seventy five mins [approx.].

Westworld Is the place that looks a Wild West. Has cowboys and soldate and indians and saloon daughters. But they are all the androids . Known like hosts, is there for an entertainment of visitatore, the one who can do a lot wants to. There is a lot of storylines - known like narrative - can take to.

But some of some hosts are beginning to behave oddly. Creator of the parco Dr. Ford [Anthony Hopkins] is in a verge to be pressed has gone by a joint of administration. Any one knows that has spent to Arnold, his old partner. Then it has a man in black [And Harris]. The one who is in the investigation. To find the secret in a heart of a park.....

Ossia One of of the east marries shows of TV, some bondadosos that says that tongues roughly around an office watercooler. Different some of these it dangle questions of an out of and never fully answer all, this orders it all was in a course of a season, a result duquel is for the leave everything in the very different place and direction for year two.

And ossia quite marvellously scripted, reason for some time takes to an end of a season, will have had surprised delicious a lot of to the long of a way, which you it you reappraise that is coming before. And also it is one of these shows that considers some big questions of existence and consciousness, doing thinks roughly his in the aim.

Superbly Done also, with some very sympathetic characters, and some three dimensional villains, is TV of chance that is totally value an endeavour to take to. And five stars out of five.

A dvd have a following tongue and subtitle options:

Tongues: English, French.
Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French,. Norway, Swedish.


Some of these is more substantial that another.

Disk a:

In a series. You pursue two mins. One of these brief promotional things with launched and crew and clips.
An introduction to a together. Also two mins. Like this substantial as on.
A moment big. Two small long looks in of the chances keys in of the early episodes. Interesting but brief.
Bienvenido to westworld. Seven mins of launched and the crew that promotes it. A bit better that any first two characteristic.
@Give A sleep. Ten mins of some two producers of advantage that speaks on some early days of production. Any one bad.
Imagining a main title. Thirteen mins roughly like a sequence of title has been done. A bit more thorough that perhaps need be, but interesting.

Disk two:
Two big moments.
Gag reel: the simple a minute with him handful of outtakes and an usual face that attractive. Some of some forwards is quite pleasant.

Disk three:
Two big moments.
Yours to some agreements. Seven mins in a music in a show. A really good and interesting sample.
Crafting A narrative. Twenty eight mins of some two producers that do commentary in of the moments keys. Also that it interest and good.

The hips has an usual airman with code to download the copy of a show to the digital device.

Is conscious that has an extra scene with which some credits of finals of dec. of episode
4 / 5 Janis
fantastic Series. One of some a lot of few things have looked, and would not change the thing.

Begins the little slow, has to leave a first now. The only people have known those who have not been hooked watchedthe first 40 minuts or like this, and does not have it of then now to hook him.

The people have there is complained also jumps during a place timeline wise, but is honradamente any quell'last to follow yes attention of paralización. If you are seated in yours telephone or something while looking can see take bit it garbled, but is so only the thing slightly harder that follow that fiction of pulp. That, in a glorious diagram of the things has not been hard. You can separate a timelines easily quite been due to those who is in them, and the spaces joint when it results clear.

But another that that it is fantastic. Moral questions, doing effects , utmost history , good sum, some solid transfers, the fantastic soundtrack. There have it really any a lot of calm more could ask in the series, unless you are buying something for light looking, in that if it suggests that it buy this in all the chance and a gone and take futurama or something. Then it look this another time.
4 / 5 Martina
Love this show. One blue the ray among the simple box and is not too full of elegant creations. A prize is that a whole thing also comes with the digital version for me to look in mine telephone or pill.
5 / 5 Macy
No quite binge sample all some episodes but season one maintained hooked. A series is full of surprises and never once was I able to guess that it was to spend and because of this I never boring, different some another series has looked.

Still if it does not like Ski-fi of east is the show really adds , is really complex and well there is rounded.
4 / 5 Ike
4 / 5 Margert
Incredible take on an original film. Looking forward to a second season.
5 / 5 Ricki
Has has not thought was the like this when I have begun to look the. It was bad. Has history and development of good character. I found quite involved and really enjoyed the after a first pair of episodes. I will continue with Season 2 and recommend like syfy.
Know an original was the long time excepts are quite old to agree it and enjoyed it to but of course a version of the line of new history is quite different and has improved with age.
4 / 5 Diann
Late to a party that takes this in an end of 2018, this series blew totally go. It touches to deep-has seated wishes of guests to be free of authorship, to live in a an eternal world of unlimited like, gratification of instant and any consequence. Like the hosts begin to develop self-awareness and a line among humans and of the robots begins to blur, begins to question that half to be yes attach even concealed @. Mesmerizing And highly intelligent actions of Forests of Rachel of Evan and Thandie Newton, those who develop his female characters of pre-automatons to program that follows the script to strong, self-determinate and purposeful character with his own agendas. Not To Lose it !
5 / 5 Shandra
Ossia The new to take on an old film of a same title in fact the a lot of years that crashes Yul Brynner like the robot of murderous. A lot different of an original, has plot very better and of the transfers of special effects to the long of a way that took for surprise, especially a Man In Black. A lot of violence and some organism in of the skins, as anybody for some spectators plus very young but a lot entertaining for adults those who enjoy the mix of Cowboys and Fiction of Science.
5 / 5 Beatris
Quite simply, he masterpiece. Quite different to, but like this a lot so much Game of Thrones. Mould of quality, comprising Antony Hopkin; script of quality and direction. A lot ready - not to expect it to be spelt was for you. It can not expect for Season 2.
4 / 5 Hung
The series is remained a lot 1, in the bed quell'so that 5 descriptions of star. And of course I have fond memories of a film in fact like this years (and still can listen Yul Brynner footsteps.....). Ossia The entirely different animal of this film, and easily accepts concealed.
But to be sincere found that dulcemente, laboured and that lacking of in colgante or emotion. For me some the diverse British emphases looked out of place in this setting (with a possible exception of Anthony Hopkins). And I say that as it Brit to the to the one who a lot likes to see resplandor of the British actors in American series, as they like this often do; Thandie the newton was for me miscast, and Simon Quarterman been missing of a necessary gravitas. Included an usually that imposes And Harris looked to cover fallen. In general I have found the number of some actions to be quite a lot of forests. A bookmark was equally uninspiring.
Found that frankly something of the cry to look by means of all ten episodes. It was slick - perhaps tries too hard to be slick, but in mine dress, and with excuses to all those that gave it to 5 indication of star, is like this some ‘hosts' - soulless. I will not be looking serious 2.
4 / 5 Daniella
There is enjoyed an original series with Yul Brynner more so there are more amours roughly that. This I soul expósita less, but perhaps ossia the one who a writer was after - the one who knows?
A vendor this in spite of, the good work with an element that arrives in time and a lot of concition. It has given 5 stars for a vendor but in mine dress an element is so only to 3 star, any one the fault of vendors this in spite of.
5 / 5 Sarita
Enough simply, the masterpiece. Quite different to, but like this very so much Game of Thrones. Mould of quality, comprising Antony Hopkin; script of quality and direction. A lot ready - not to expect it to be spelt was for you. It can not expect for Season 2.
5 / 5 Sunshine
Ossia The new to take on an old film of a same title in fact a lot of years starring Yul Brynner like the robot of murderous. A lot different of an original, has plot very better and of the transfers of special effects to the long of a way that took for surprise, especially a Man In Black. A lot of violence and some organism in of the skins, as anybody for some spectators some young plus but a lot entertaining for adults those who enjoy the mix of Cowboys and Fiction of Science.
5 / 5 Librada
An excellent series dipped in the location adds. Well done all the round with fabulous actions of And Harris, Anthony Hopkins and Forests of Rachel of Evan. Difficult to be still in of the places but that so only does a serious more intriguing and the joy to look. Amado a film, but a complex character of a series draws a spectator behind for more.
4 / 5 Simona
Has bought in fact a serious as before one this one that has taken here. It has to that say that it is the show adds and the look on and on again. I suppose that this says something roughly me more than anything more.
5 / 5 Warren
One first amazing season of telvision but one beats has been dented and some several substitutions with which was also.

The interior is one 4 k and regulate def copies with the code that can redeem you for digital version and the small booklet thats cools to look in.
4 / 5 Tennille
Exceptional. It can a lot included call it the show of television, is more like this mini film! An acting, a history, one in leader, just wow. Calm does not see never to the equal that goes to twist, the end is spectacular
5 / 5 Hermila
He shows to look to see hearts then ossia for you. If you enjoy look of fiction of the science elsewhere. Utter tripe.
4 / 5 Sharyl
Fantastically has shot, very done, intriguing and complex dulcemente discovering storyline. You owe that do quite hard to maintain up. It have estimated it the five except a graphic violence that often feels gratuitous and unnecessary.
5 / 5 Shalonda
One slow-burn of the serious and a ossia better to be able to-clock in planting to look 1 episode the week. The quality of production is very big. Very intelligent and complex history with excellent acting. Cant Attended for a 4K emission of season 2.
5 / 5 Sherika
Has looked estaciona 2 of a backside of east a. Looking forward to finally seeing WW3.
4 / 5 Gerardo
Values of brilliant production, a lot of believable but extremely violent.
4 / 5 Jessie
Loves the together of boxes , and this is to return a bill . Estaciona 2 has gone the bit was the script and require to take to his together law likes them the sound the bit samey and that lacking of in history - but estaciona 1 breaking !
5 / 5 Christian
Simply brilliant. Thoughtful And obliging, an excellent history to start with to finalise.
5 / 5 Malissa
Found it the little hard to look at the beginning to the equal that look paralización for the repeat each episode, but improvement like this progress of history. Well the value that looks and entirely different and better that Yul Brynner version
4 / 5 Xavier
there is enjoyed really this. It combines westerns that I amour with fiction of science. It adds in wicked And Harris , Anthony enigmatic Hopkins and a no those surprised never and clearly very shy Thandie the newton and is the winner.
4 / 5 Tressa
Has bought this for my fiancé and his edges - has loved that ! - I has buy him only estaciona two
4 / 5 Leanne
If a 2nd season can maintain up with this then all the world is in still the treat.
Psychedelic Show for an alcohol
4 / 5 Wilfred
First serious the little slow and has drawn was, but was one first season and the character has had to that be established. It looks forward to WW2 which has to that very sure . ...
4 / 5 Londa
A result in an end of these serious really floored me. A brilliant show.
5 / 5 Merilyn
An amazing series that face the one who a meaning of the living being or that the life really is roughly. Photograph and acting music and glorious sum.
4 / 5 Kathyrn
One of a series of classical TV partorisca have in my library.
4 / 5 Zofia
The product adds and the very defiant remake of an original... A lot it thanks
4 / 5 Olivia
Parks 1 place goes in the season of travesía adds 2 has gone so only has included more add
5 / 5 Gussie
Brilliant series. Complex and obliging a same time.
4 / 5 Penny
Took the moment partorisca comprise a plot but the good clock. Any sure he follows serious 2 although.
5 / 5 Neely
Very Received - the element Adds - Punctual Delivery - Thank you
4 / 5 Douglas
Ultraviolet download does not act. Created a subject with Support in Warner Bros. Repeatedly we send me codes that has not done.

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