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4 / 5
My laptop was begining partorisca retard down and was sure that he neaded the good net up has bought like this Norton utility. Although he a work certainly requires the alcohol that has one comprising of this class of the what and I find that I am using a ' HELP ' section of the each phase partorisca explain that it is going in.
A result is that slightly it is swimming faster, dramatic but a report of health is good and partorisca that, knows that my laptop of 3 years is in shape well.
5 / 5
Had not used this of then 2011 but after reading the descriptions have decided use the once again. Some results have a lot be pleasing, as my Laptop now runs faster and a coverage distributed for Norton is very good. Has any transmission of remorse to this mark.
5 / 5
I like a tool and everything declares, so only need the bit of manual intervention like any all the possible options can be dipped. For example it does not have the setting partorisca ignore SSDs - although it warns would not owe that be defragmented. In general I am a lot of the pleased - just needs the pocolos smaller tweaks partorisca do include better
5 / 5
Well his Norton a lot much more partorisca say.
Works like Norton would owe that it reads.
5 / 5
A very useful piece of software. Has has has used versions of of the east partorisca years and act found well partorisca me.
4 / 5
Has used partorisca have some questions with my laptop to the equal that have bought this product partorisca clean my disk and he have done a lot well.
4 / 5
System very good to condition of security of good Internet utilitie
4 / 5
is simple to operate, easy to comprise, correctly partorisca people those who only computers of work and any expert on him.
4 / 5
In that used it Norton first Utility, a Subject new 16 level is far more effective cleaned on a computor the operations & is much simpler to use.
5 / 5
They are not novis to a Norton software. I have been in fact using all Norton Utility of 1991 and Window 3 then Widows 95 until these days. Server well. This version 16.0 is probably a better software of Peter Norton table'.
4 / 5
Element like decribed in the description and the delivery likes them declared
4 / 5
there has been Norton has produced of security for some 10 years now , has not changed an action of my office upper computer, Work well in a background Some Escáneres are as well as it is a clean action on Highly Recomended
4 / 5
Like usual fron Norton an excellent product. Version 16 is far upper that leading version, which have not thought possible.
4 / 5
Has not been compatable with windows 8 and has caused my pc to clash A software was faulty and my pc has had to that go to a costruttore to repair Of then reparation and a scrolling of norton has had any p[roblems
5 / 5
any one annoy squandering your money, any quantity of the transmissions of configuration there is prendido this that loves it bleach my hard disks every time the tried to run to 1 optimisation of click.

Complete waste of money, would owe them that it has known to use these years of the software done. After active tried AVG and having subject, has thought them would give them Norton another goes. Big deception!
4 / 5
Are in two alcohol in this product. He the good work to clean up and asking my computer, but 'has taken on' the bit and has dried my System restores (that it would have to be it able to be averted yes calm dipped that on right). You recommend to download and reading the manual in a first product to use it. Also do the image of system and behind on your first files to install. If you decide any to do that, then read this:

ANY CLICK 'Optimise Now' without going to settings, if it does not love the system restores the stray points and the system restores to result disabled. I need to click in a 'Action' Tab and click on 'Optimise Windows' in a right tab and move a slider in the 'Better Action'. Also it take an upper small slider is dipped to 'the profiles of Action are enabled'. Then click 'Apply'. Then go to a tab of Settings in a cup. Under the General settings move a slider to some have left to disable 'Optimisations of Windows'. The click Saves. Restart your computer. There is diverse other settings could wants to verify was also, like some escáneres manual on continuous more than a incumplimiento 'while it feels to like' and that of the things love clean and the one who the calm things do not want to touching. Register to control retreated up is dipped to 'on' also.

I this after a chance, according to this Norton Piece (down) but has not been able to take the system Restores to do again and probably will owe that use my Image of System later the reinstall Windows 7.

I foolishly so only clicked in a big key that says 'Optimise now' without going to settings or reading anything. A result has been the good grandson -on my computer and found all the classes of rubbish - sinister in unused material in Word of Microsoft etc and my computer has done well and a lot of zippier. This in spite of a scanner of register has cleaned on 2,000 elements! Now to the equal that have been using a scanner of register with Norton 360 until the pocolas days before (when it disappear because of a upgrade, for this the mine that tries this program) and so only an element has been found, this looked unusual and excessive. It results all my system restores the points have been take and the system restores turned disabled. It likes-me a program he (when it is dipped until doing that it wants to when you want to) but does not like me my System of Windows restores to be taken on.

There is remarked some people that says that it deletes cookeis and lose your signals. Ossia True but calms that can avert that he that in a paper of settings thinks. It is the measure of security in chance your computer is cut. Calm byline out of everything. I have found he any 'lose' roughly of some signals had saved but has done maintains to sign in regularly with the signal has agreed. I maintain the record of all the signals in the little book at any rate - or of the clues to them in all the chance.

Incidentally, a description is bad. It is not to 1 licence of year, is the permanent licence with the-was compraventa still while it calms that wants to use, or until a upgrade comes to the long of that wants to buy. This version will do with Windows 10 that it has to that be valid for enough some time. He also works with Windows 7 (quell'use) but am not sure in Windows 8 - I thinks some people have had questions using he with Windows 8. I have been postponed for my experience (albeit boba any to read instructions in the first place) and probably will try 'Cleansing of Wise Register' instead.
5 / 5
Cleaned my computer and register very a lot
this in spite of all my passords - as the amazon and the bank were all has has deleted
like this has had to them that find them all and reinstal his, then guesses that, Norton the utilities possess control
unexpected for me and all again
has them has deleted now he of my computer
4 / 5
See the NOTES down has bought it already.

Has comprised also some UPDATES down also.

Has decided to take this after the see offered with the reduction (has bought he with Norton Security of Internet 2013) on Amazon. I have used to use Systemworks (2003, as it is going back a bit) and found the a lot of useful, but (because of a cost) has been using free software of the resulted redundant.

Has given move it good and like this far looks very a lot of (looked the Systemworks, that can agree). I tinkered with some settings the bit and has touched around and (with which in the first place backing on my data and then running diverse of some escáneres) my looks of computer much faster again (heck, can Browser of Internet of career still, without him feeling like the stegosaurs with IBS!). It has been it has surprised really. After doing a prime minister the clean browser have gone back and he again the few days later and find 10,000+ more files of Explorer of the Internet had been added of a last scanner (any marvel takes like this bogged down).

Has had also questions with Work and Chrome randomly freezing for the pocolos second from time to time and somehow looks for having orderly went him too much. Even Windows Alive Topmast (that it was it previously like this sluggish as to be unusable mine) careers in the perfectly acceptable (quite zippy) speeds. Like this far, excellent results.

HAS the key of optimisation of the click (which can tailor to your own needs--choosing if to clean a register, cleaned on your browsers, optimise Windows, extracted defrags can you also dipped until treating automatically weekly/of day etc.) In a goes. And also (like SW) very other escáneres that can treat you for separate. There are tools for permanently deleting files (a crusher) and to recover has has lost files ( has been surprised the one who files I (turn-of the) has deleted that finds. Like this, you can also 'bleach' your walks and clean all the traces of these files have thought already was has deleted well. And also look for and delete (with your consent) duplicate files.

Finds a crusher acts very useful. In planting that it deletes to to turn likes has had before (of the as obviously it is not like this permanent to the equal that have thought), now sends files to a basket of Waste. From time to time, I create the new file in a desk and yard and paste some contents of some waste-his basket. Then simply volume Norton Utility to shred a file (and he shreds each one that like this of an interior of elements).

Suppose many of some characteristic (likes services of transmission and clearing your history etc.) Can be does inside Windows, but is the plot less hassle and is good to have the user-the friendly tool of some for the available tent (with diverse characteristic is can any one with Windows so only).

In general very impressed. It has wished so only it has paid it extra sooner as it have forgotten the one who useful is to have the Systemworks/Cleansweep program to write around. I have used the majority of that is in him without any questions, my computer is much more responsive and stable and has to that say are totally comfortable the using now.


A pair to look, which can wish you the heed directly after the install. Like podes or can not be the conscious software like this can cause questions, for some people, for this is more paralizaciones to back all arrive until you have tried some different tools for calm--first to be able to use them with confidence for your account fixes.

In the first place, would advise to change escáneres automatic (low settings &62; scheduler) like this the software will try to repair your register without your consent otherwise! At least until you have tried each one that like this of some scanner extracted with your first documents backed on ( can choose transmission some escáneres automatic was totally or choose and choose that and when you want to scanned).

After going to settings &62; register. Tick 'Create the system restores first point to repair a registered (calm can not be too careful and is unticked for incumplimiento).

UPDATE (1 Week)

has been that uses it the week now this in spite of any question. I have done all a soyaterial risky' (compressing a register, cleaning a Record of Table of Master Lima and optimising a time of boot). Also it uses a scheduler to treat the clean register, the clean browser and defrag daily partorisca kick (does not take while you would think (roughly 2 minutes--has treated once an initial ready defrag, so only takes roughly 10-30 seconds for the maintain 'topped on').

An action of my system is fantastic. It feels like these premiers few days when have so only the installed windows and everything runs fast and stable.

One of some main things for me is able to use Browsers of Internets like my primary browser again ( could a lot before to the equal that was also 'clunky'); it means fully I can use Norton the identity of Security of Sure characteristic Internet (paper crediticia and entrance of signal), while before it can any one (in Chrome turned him was the paralizaciones have maintained to cause the to close on uploading and the work is not sustained).


has used this without questions for on 2 years now. It is done perfectly in of the Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and now 10. I have directed also the reinstall the to both my laptop and two desktops a same time with a tone of same licence again and again (I the quota installs of the each one YOU). Certainly it gives all the impulse of good speed and is lovelier a prize in my eyes.

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