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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Deshawn
Hanged very light and snug access. The measure has bought small 50 to 70kg and edges of returns and daughter perfectly (55 to 60kg). A lot of stylish and the adolescents are happy of the spend
5 / 5 Jone

Has had to that take a big likes tye the half was too much small....

That quell'was the bit of the surprise.
4 / 5 Armanda
Waistcoat of quality, option to do it that loses wasnt there, on all very happy

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
5 year loves it. Wears he around a house that feigns hes in a RNLI!
5 / 5
Has bought 2 of these for my edges those who recently begun to take serious roughly cruising. We say me to us that some jackets are comfortable and one to good sure he so that they like him to change!
5 / 5
Are like this happy with east, has arrived not even 24hrs after ordering. My edges is 6, and is quite big for his age. One 30/40kg access of jacket fantastically with the little space to grow. Paz of alcohol partorisca out of vacacional in Giamaica.. Thank you :-)
4 / 5
Fantastic buoyancy help. Boys 5 and 7years so that it has taken 30-40 help of kg, was the little uncertain to the equal that to like this would return like both down 30kg, 7 yr the accesses adds old, a 5yr old will grow his, but he still done a work 100. There was so much is gone in open sea in the kayak and in a water, work perfectly.
4 / 5
Has bought this product for my boys I so that it can take him kayaking in a local zone. It has been chosen on prize and reason Helly Hansen is the very known mark in external crew. A quality of the manufacture of some jackets is very good and is returned well. Mike was a lot quickly to answer to an email I envoy and some pictures in a web of place was very attentive. Certainly it would buy of this place again and think that offer the value adds for money.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Deedra
...Buoyancy Help! A two is very different!

A down is of a RNLI Put web

...'Buoyancy Helps in level 50 is recommended partorisca the use for swimmer there is sheltered waters or for those doing watersports where the help is manually. This in spite of, do not have sufficient buoyancy partorisca protect the person the one who is unable to help they. They are not drawn partorisca turn the person of the expensive-down dipped in a water'...

Felizmente Partorisca We only use partorisca Kayaking in a river and our boys can swim, but is misleading (like this some 2 stars) how is announced like this Jacket of Life when it is not , is the subject serious that could have it serious consequences so that they can not swim.

Wise tax to take some boys an in £15 and some adults in £26 as it can not complain, is comfy and light.

This is not partorisca open water, ensures spent a help of correct fluctuation partorisca a correct application.
5 / 5 Terrell
Has purchased one '90kg+' measure, and return me perfectly. A bit those that of my active friends tried it also, and - after regulating some straps - returns the to. As such, this measure is own partorisca any with the @@@cofre 44'-54' and the encircled 36'-46'.

Ossia The light element and - suitably regulated - access snuggly. Has a buckle (which click partorisca plant) and two tips, which fasten a front. I have found this easy to dip on, comfortable to spend, and able to maintain me buoyant. It Likes him I hanged 100kg (220lb), ossia an effective jacket .

Has used this while boating in a District of Lake. I can recommend he partorisca use on relatively calm waters.
4 / 5 Ursula
Comfortable and does not locate on when paddling my kayak. It would prefer any partorisca have a series fastening
4 / 5 Iliana
has not fallen overboard still but feel if I this would help partorisca prenderme flooding
4 / 5 Krysta
Absolutely Fantastic,and the one who the @@SUBJECT
has seen these in Chandler this and boating tents partorisca well in £

Like this well has ordered the second a.
Book of next day

Thank you so much 👍
Highly recommended to all the buyers
4 / 5 Oren
so only has to that buy the jacket of good life once the supposition - calm is not exactly that goes partorisca the lose, like this calm also can spend bit it more and take the well marks very known concealed does not go you partorisca leave down. It can it does not be missing a product, really comfortable and return me and my dad in spite of us when be measured different.
5 / 5 Deedee
Has required the jacket of life partorisca travesía in the narrowboat, the requirement partorisca spend peel 1.5 tunnel of one thousand. This jacket of life was the bargin and although I have thought that that it was so only partorisca the women (advertising is this Amazon dept) the contingent adds. Very light and easy to dip on. They are 6ft big and 13st and has purchased one 70-90measure of kg.
5 / 5 Brice
Absolutely perfect, wanted with these, has bought two for my boys and has gone back for two more, can any rent him enough and do has been unfortunately concealed has fallen in a river. Súper Buy
4 / 5 Deeann
After final by means of amazing that tries to find the jacket of life of light weight I stumbled is one. It was really struggling to comprise that measured to take. They are the measure 12 upper average and 14/16 in inferior half. I have been for a big measure. I tried it on and access amiably. It is easy to tie up with 2 bonds in a front and ofcourse a half strap. I did not try it it was still on it waters. I am expecting to start with paddle boarding after a lockdown. Utmost cost.
5 / 5 Edythe
Good box. Buoyancy Helps for swimmer, this in spite of. Any floatation devices.
5 / 5 Ashly
I produce partorisca add and the just prize. Quickly drying, comfy and in the good row of measures that apt my daughter of 7 years until mine 82kg, 186cm self.
5 / 5 Ellen
Wants to this, looks good and turn well, the only flu is would be good to have the pocket of test of the water or something but I suppose volume that paid partorisca - would buy again
4 / 5 Anjelica
are 6' 5' and 19 bone and return me adds. Some straps can be regulated to adapt any smaller also. The jacket adds!!
4 / 5 Tia
Like this far has not had a full use as I have not fallen in a water but his good access and look well, will update yes survives to flood the.
4 / 5 Zoraida
These are easy to take on and was and comfortable to spend.
4 / 5 Glenda
Excellent lovely/quality to the equal that would be expected for the HH produced but beware of a sizing. A map in the amazon is not to order, has ordered the eshort' 70/90 when being the 6ft/180male of cm in 13st/80KG and has on come quite tight. The oversize if yours debates it as to order.
4 / 5 Afton
This buoyancy the help is not very drawn like this very big armholes and the lack of the zip means is the access he very free . It maintains to locate up around the yours with the when you are paddling and I marvel if so only would shoot was in your boss has fallen in!
4 / 5 Pasquale
Maintains alive ! That calms more precise that the jacket of life are to 52 ' the @@@cofre and returns a lot of
5 / 5 Leida
Has two of these in the different measures and is brilliant partorisca use with our kayaks. Light, drought quickly, comfortable and easy to use.
4 / 5 Rolanda
To to I My edges like. Good colour and is not taking pale after hevy use.
4 / 5 Britteny
Good product. Useful when it was and roughly in a water.
4 / 5 Carmelita
Although the little expensive, is light and comfortable. I used it several times and act a lot of
5 / 5 Art
Arrived promptly and is the snug access. Have Still partorisca fall overboard but am betting my life in the maintaining me Henson is the good mark.
4 / 5 Tesha
Has bought like the present.
Has Had positive feedback in of the considerations partorisca comfort and accesses.
4 / 5 Rhoda
This is not the jacket of life but the buoyancy helps, would not owe that be listing like this jacket of life
5 / 5 Flavia
Be careful.... The measures are in french/European sixes and is not fooled partorisca order a wrong measure! The orderly wrong measure been due to of the this and now can not take a measure has has wanted to
5 / 5 Nilda
Changed in mine floated, has done! I prefer zip on jackets this in spite of as it feels surer. But ossia so only personal preference. This jacket looks very done, is returned partorisca purpose and looks well.
5 / 5 Magdalen
Exactly that has looked for. Partorisca Be used when fishing mostly and canoeing. No the jacket of life, as you owe that be able to swim with east. Light and very spatial around some holes of arms partorisca easy movement. Easily rule partorisca return people of different and easy measure partorisca dip on and do up.
5 / 5 Ranae
The product adds, spent this partorisca our Edges those who has learn the difficulties and he there is enjoyed really swim around a group in vacacional and felt all grown up and has said has done partorisca feel sure.
4 / 5 Kathlene
I looks well has done. Comfortable to spend. Easy to dip on. Any faffing with the zip.
4 / 5 Etta
Likes described and fast pound, will order again graces
5 / 5 Lucy
has spent these partorisca my boys when paddle the boarding returns really well and does not anger when in of waters he.
5 / 5 Lissette
Currency very good and simple to use once take a correct measure . Some of a sizing no very clear and does not match some maps, meaning the elements have been returned.
4 / 5 Ranee
I owe that say that it looks a shot - I did not use it still as I have not been to a deep when snorkelling but to the chair likes will do. They are biggish and so that it feels comfortable when I spends it, but with all these, am not never sure if his slide up in of waters he - seat comfortable.
4 / 5 Reinaldo
The product adds and fantastic delivery, good to see you still give the service adds under this virus! 3 compraventa of this element in of the different measures.
4 / 5 Eddie
Very comfortable and hanged light
does not have bulky sense at all.
4 / 5 Jacque
The quality adds, very done and stylish. These have arrived a lot quickly and was a lot of packaged. A tape is quite rigid and no easy to regulate in the haste but in general am very pleased and plan to buy more for a rest of a family.
5 / 5 Mohamed
Is not sure state that has measured to take for the big slender 7 year but I have ordered one 30-40 and the accesses perfectly there is pme t of adjustment any way aswel.

Top Customer Reviews: Helly Hansen ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Marc
Substituting older buoyancy helps and pleased with our compraventa . A type partorisca purchase which have to that resupply the definite confidence date his purpose and in the is not disappointed with a two has bought. They return well and with consolation. Fact very good and has finalised.

Top Customer Reviews: Helly Hansen Unisex ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Moon
It was the product of quality. The only question is that, when my boys were in a water a waistcoat of life would anger . If you have presionado a tape has it too much does uncomfortable. Also a constantly that it has to that maintain that it pulls a life further down, has left chafing frames down some arms of my girls. I need the strap down or the low strap down, intead of a half.
5 / 5 Maryanne
My edges (7yrs) want to this. Uses he to cruise & SUP.
5 / 5 Ai
My edges there has been he for almost two years.
Still like this as well as the new a.
Very hard
4 / 5 Tessie
has been using buoyancy helps for a past 10 years and each pair of years has to that buy the main measure for my eldest and hand down to the youngest mine. This year I have required to buy the new small waistcoat like old waistcoat has been spent his use for date. With my experience like the mamma this waistcoat is so much and more than could expect stops. My boys are all the swimmer but to the equal that swim in a daily sea never can be too careful. This waistcoat gives a legislation emount of support without one among the leg that rubs straps so that it can be spent the whole day, comprising in of the sandy beaches, without a complaining and chaffing. They are very happy with him.

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