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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Dylan
It has spoken recently to any the one who had flown in Islanda in the winter and the cabin taken so only the luggage with some fat cloths has required partorisca maintain warm. When I have expressed I have surprised said had bought me the vacuum stock exchange of the a lot of-known Big St retail. It looked this on but has identified an obvious question. Such devices require the vacuum cleansing to take an air of a stock exchange. Well partorisca a outward travel partorisca house where your vacuum the cleaner is, but is that it connects in your hotel that leave one with the pertinent annex when you are packing partorisca return house. As it looked around a interweb and has discovered these few beauties on Amazon. It is it has impressed seriously. Reason could have not invented such the idea of character? Reason are not the character. I have ordered a Friday in 10pm and has been rid (free delivery with other elements) for now to eat of Sunday.
On looking in some stock exchanges was initially sceptical and could not see like this would do, but has done like this instructed and then remarked likes some few valves in a function of stock exchanges. It has dipped the fat sweater, the pair of tejanos, to long-shirt with bosses and the tee shirt (the cloths of the men) in an of some stock exchanges of measure of the half, has followed some instructions and finishings with the container for the half a measure was previously. These stock exchanges go partorisca do travelling in of the plans with luggage of cabin so only so easier, especially so that the airlines are interested so only in a measure of chances, no a weight. The question is, my woman has said now will be able to buy more dresses vacacional so that will have room in some chances in a house of way. Airlines partorisca estimate beware!
Some cashiers/of costruttrici look impressive also: five guarantee of year (which is quite something when you think that that they are guaranteeing that it is essentially sturdy plastic stock exchanges which will be dipped literally down pressure, has launched around in of the airports and used in pressurised cabins). Also they offer the free present to register a guarantee. The time will say, but very impressed like this far.

The time has has said in fact. It is the year later. We have used these stock exchanges perhaps are time and a no longer maintains his 'vacuum'. After the pocolos small full with air and results useless. I know it does to five guarantee of year, but really can not be annoyed. Caveat emptor.
4 / 5 Willow
Finally any one there is @@give a lot apresamientos your vacuum cleansing with you vacacional has created like this these. Brilliant idea, like this easy to use (although they require the bit of muscle to take them gone in upper of tight to express all an air was). I have used these the stash was my cloths of summer that now returned neatly and is all organised in a ottoman, more than an usual overflowing the containers have used to have. I have it quell'has bought also a band of 8 of a same vendor, which are all the different measures and is ideal for the holidays that the travesía or the few days were. Such the orderly and easy idea. And better value that other frames......
5 / 5 Bennett
Look very like this far, the little expensive so that it is, but look to have service of good client (i.et. Free substitutions of clips and stock exchanges). Ive Has has had to that to the stock exchanges likes him to him to them these in some pasts concealed are adds for the pair of days, but tend to inflate them like me airing seeps behind in. There is not remarked this subject with this closing. Like this far, so only I can recommend :)

Was quite rubbishes really. Used the whilst to travelling Australia and he wasnt too long until they have disintegrated in a seams. An air would go in and so only would develop again. I have finalised that it has to that dressed launch out of my luggage so only to save spatial with which have burst. They are a lot at the beginning, perhaps for the holidays but absolutely 100 NO for travesías to designate longer. Still although I so only king-there is him sealed roughly 10 times, rasgó in a prime minister 2-3 month of use- does not add when it was them there partorisca to the long of the year! An only use was mine then was to separate my types of cloths. Two stars given of originals 4 because of longevity and big cost of product.
5 / 5 Nida
Has used this type of stock exchanges of storage for the while now like the way the segregate dressed in my luggage and to reduce a volume. These are among one has found more. A fund has painted is quite and he the easy fact to see some cloths instead (especially the taste is packing in of a bed or on the battery of clothes). Easy to air was when travelling and a slide does a lot of smoothly. Also offer to substitute zip for free and offered of 5 guarantee of year (has not used the so it does not know will be honoured) adds extra service without the plot of extra cost.
5 / 5 Larae
Some stock exchanges of means is quite small and so only is returned the few elements that is perfect for the z/the rucksack. I have had enough the bit of the difficulty that takes an air to in fact leave some stock exchanges by means of some ventilations -- I has has had to that manually separate some two discharges of plásticoes to open some canals that has maintained to stick near. It was quite frustrating and that eats time to use and has found that he so only done well when I have had the big volume to air to expel immediately. Have prendido grieve to press an air was for the go more, would not leave out of a small quantity of air. I have it that has not had never this question with other frames.

@In rodeo: it is not quickly, it is not easy to use, and is not to perfect, but work.
4 / 5 Debora
Has bought these stock exchanges to the equal that am struggling to record in 3 chunky knit jumpers (beside other elements) when spending on for the travesía short to Islanda. Active has FINALISED the only mine that packs and headed to apt all I need to a chance - how is all a low luggage for some flights. It will buy more for the travesías longer reasons will go in handy.
5 / 5 Chris
In spite of separating a stock exchange and loosening some valves - one first stock exchange has used to the left to the equal that have looked for to exit of an air. For all the subsequent stock exchanges have used the to hand vacuum and resealed some stock exchanges - no like this effective like the air exits the small but only way to use these without them leaving like the look of valves to be clave down.

My joint is ... Leave the space in an upper first to seal a backside and circle of another end to take so the air was, then use the vacuum with the nozzle to compress a rest of an air and then quickly zip until focuses.

There is lodgers and use some big stock exchanges to Bed Bands to give them to use , and the big stock exchanges can take the double owe coverage, returned and flat layer and two chance of pillow quite comfortably with spare room so it has not had any question of overfilling.
4 / 5 Josefina
Has seen the description of these in the magazine of the women and likes has been ready to exit vacacional with a chance among my husband and I, thought it could cost buy them. It has dipped out of my cloths to decide which some to dip to a variety of stock exchanges in a band. Really they reduce measured to the equal that could dip some of them in my hand-held luggage. Has thinks that there is creased my dresses slightly like this decided to dip things in them concealed there is not creased so many. It has not been the big shot when I have arrived as I have not gone also there is creased. Easy to take an air was to go them up. An odd thing are also thinks has reduced a weight of a luggage also like the cloths felt lighter when all the air has been taken was to. So that it was the prize when you are trying to maintain a weight down. They are now in my chance ready for my next adventure. I go to buy also the band for my fellow the one who travel the plot as I think sound the good product.
5 / 5 Tanya
Adds for an on-packer taste - be careful this in spite of, these will save in spatial but any weight. They are easy to use and durable. You a trick for the 10 travesía of day in Croazia, was my first time there and there is no known that to expect so it took it the half sized chance. These stock exchanges have left more spatial for more than things like the compraventa very interesting. Also you go your cloths on first to dip in some stock exchanges will not crease so many.
4 / 5 Darleen
Well, as I have left a description for some time likes to last the times have purchased some vacuum stock exchanges - has burst... To ASIA!!! fml, As I seriously some investigation, and the promise of this type the decent guarantee as it gives them shot it. And after the 3-month stint backpacking around Amsterdam. They have survived without any tear is or tears! They are also the little heavy-rid and still law perfectly.
4 / 5 Martine
I have bought these partorisca the two travesía of week in Asia, where although I have not gone officially backpacking, would be partorisca take rucksacks and moving among hotels/of cities.

Has used previously vac-pacs in a house partorisca bed and has not known this existed until me stumbled by means of them on Amazon. Having the number of these stock exchanges was able to organise the mine that packs really easily and this has meant that it could find things quickly in my big rucksack.

A the enormous plus like the women was that tiny all has packed down to! It could not believe those that spaces had left in my stock exchange when we leave for an airport. In fact, I have taken the pair of extra stock exchanges was with us and after the travesía of the compraventa weighed the Bangkok was the lifesaver in taking our compraventa vacacional in some stock exchanges to spend house! I will not be travelling anywhere without these in a future!
5 / 5 Frank
Uses this the plot when travelling at night (or two) for work. I leave to pack all amiably to the alone stock exchange without a bulk especially with hand-held luggage in of the plans. They could last the year or two with using rule - I thinks comes with the 3 or 5 year guarantee which have has not tried never allege against. This in spite of for a prize and I practically thinks that is very cost effective leaving you the vacuum dressed of band without having the vacuum cleansing to rid (esp. When those remain in of the hotels)!
5 / 5 Agripina
Has used these stock exchanges he roughly done 3 years when I have left to go backpacking, is lasted a period (has fallen averts to approach an end of my travesía) but can not imagine that it goes anywhere without them maintaining. His all flatter and was able to pack like this dressed in my rucksack that my friends of hostel were jealous! I am leaving again this coming October like this of course, bought some new mark some to go with me :) it leaves so more to return in your chance/of stock exchange.
4 / 5 Abram
Has done like the sleep the month-holidays of hiking along, doing the sure cloths has not taken on a lot of room in the z/in the rucksack.
Only 4 stars because a plastic is the little brittle and a mechanism to close of a stock exchange was quite acute to leave a adjascent stock exchange. All fixed with the bit of tape of duck, but the arrival that treats him with the gloves of boy bit it. They are sure they is perfect in the chance. Enough we dipped him by means of his steps and more survived, ready for another travesía.
4 / 5 Dewitt
These have done to pack sooooo much easier and used him throughout my time that travel. An only downside is that it has dipped you something concealed has been spent (but no soiled) behind in the stock exchange, then all odora one still like this element.
5 / 5 Patrice
These are the abonos sturdy stock exchange with partorisca focus good. Useful to pack house but no really helps with packing in the chance. There is extra too plastic around a subordinated that means his in general enough bit it big that a be of the element has packed. He flatten dresses to the equal that saves some space but I did not use in my chance partorisca travelling.
4 / 5 Mai
Has purchased already and has used the together of Mate of Band of the travesía successfully real to the equal that have loved to take the together for the member familiarised. Some bands prevent movement in the chance or stock exchange and is easy to expel an air each use although some first time can be delicate to actuate a system.
4 / 5 Matha
Has Had one of these of the pair in fact years, begun for the use again which agreed the one who useful is, of here bought some plus. Absolutely it adds to pack fleeces, fluffy towel or alike. They go down to the fraction of his normal measure. Leaving you to neither take the stock exchange the small plus or take to the long of clothes that otherwise be left behind.
A built in some valves of way the the doddle, just circle and an air bleeds was but will not go back in.
A must has for any traveller.
4 / 5 Sarina
No SHABBY! This stock exchange looks for to be sold down different names with different comps. It does not change a fact these are worthless, impossible to take to focus that will last it by means of a day. No SHABBY!
4 / 5 Latashia
Has bought these partorisca take on the backpacking travesía, in that used those produced looked before of the different mark and finding them really useful (sadly has been lost in the stock exchange heist and can not agree where has come from/come from originally!). It has been it was for 2 weeks, and for an end of a travesía each one which so only one of them there was rasgado. I used him like this described and there is not him overburdened. A plastic some stock exchanges are done of these only incredibly flimsy.
Economic but any value he!
4 / 5 Vance
It resembles the work. I have tried a stock exchange with any t shirts etc in and was partorisca compress still as I left it roughly 3 days later. No the súper fat stock exchange this in spite of as any sure that time these will last long term. Recommened Like this far.
4 / 5 Teodora
Amazing product, has directed partorisca return 12 shirts, 15 tights and numerous props and elements of elegant dress (partorisca the stag weekend) further of my luggage regulates partorisca 2 days, everything to the measure of control spends on stock exchange.

Has added goodness in a travesía partorisca return to be able to wrap all my smoky dressed (this port of controls;t has achieved separates of oriental europe still!) To vacuum the stock exchange sealed, partorisca avert contaminating a stock exchange or a no-smoky train.
4 / 5 Joann
Loves these bands, calm leave partorisca take 4-5 value of days of cloths, all squished, in the z/in the rucksack and like this manually luggage - a lot of timesaver when travelling! Alternatively, he quite reduced one spatial used in the chance for half, likes abundance of room for memories (or to use the smallest chance!)
5 / 5 Ashlie
Produced excellent, adds for vacacional to protect against liquid of loss in chance. Excellent to separate drought and wet cloths. The service was a lot of product has received well in 2 days to order. The leading stock exchanges am lasted for several holidays and is still in use.
5 / 5 Wilburn
Has used to be add.
But has spent any plus in November 2019 and an interior of some stock exchanges have been covered in some class of fat. Anything is stuck some interiors of some together stock exchanges to start with. After peeling them opened has found to the fat likes the substance. Has has had to that the launcher.
5 / 5 Jeanelle
Good product and has arrived quickly. It has been expecting him to be main but probably would owe that it has read a description of better product and has ordered a main measure. I can order a main measure in the date he late plus more than returning these.
5 / 5 Epifania
Some clips fall off after the pocolos use. Initially quite good but took him travelling and after the pocolos use some clips are fallen off. Calm can dip him behind on but constantly will exit when trying reseal.
4 / 5 Shantay
Would not pack without this product - excellent and punctual book. Alll Packed And now is gone in mine golfing holidays thank you PackMate and DRP for the take mine in time!
4 / 5 Jessia
These Stock exchanges of the circle of the Travesía is sum to pack underwears, socks, swimsuits and anything more than can be be wrinkled. A character of a product is that, like the air is expressed was, all scrunches near. It thinks some sweaters of show of the pictures and shirts... Not going to be the quite a lot of view.

Also do a lot transporting dresses scraped. The utilisation to maintain some shabby cloths in the stock exchange separated. Recently, I have packed the swimsuit and after using it, was able to pack he without taking all more in a wet chance.

A secondary positive appearance is that I help to organise your chance. I add for those of knots those who are not of course has organised.
4 / 5 Solomon
Produced excellent and perfect for travesía. Any need for the vacuum and works exactly to the equal that has declared.
5 / 5 Tomasa
Bought these partorisca use spend on luggage partorisca upcoming travesía business. It has used two of them with 3 shirts in the each one. They are easy to use, a pertinent measure and there is has reduced significantly one spatial that usually would be taken on thus number of shirts.
Highly recommends this product. To good sure when being buying some measures of the main some partorisca luggage of control in ours upcoming holidays.
4 / 5 Yi
These are brilliant! It has been in Islanda partorisca the long weekend with only hand-held Luggage like this required some way to take woolly jumpers without them taking on cup of a whole chance. It was the last thing of the small and this vendor there is rid next day! A measure of half was perfect partorisca each jumper bent and they a trick. To good sure would recommend this product and this vendor!
5 / 5 Yadira
Has spent this product partorisca my Holidays and he have meant that I have not required partorisca seat in my chance partorisca close for once :) My cloths in another end has not been crest up. I have used his house some partorisca ages and has wanted to try his bands of travesía and was a lot of value he. Easy to use like this works for some valleys of way in an end like any one spends the aspirador has required. Highly Recommend.
5 / 5 Easter
To good sure any suitable for travesía, the material is far too feeble and any breakings or tears. I have it quell'has begun so only my travesía and has lost already 2 stock exchanges, which have been neither acute elements packed prójimos or has has had elements very acute like the zips have packed in them. The desire has had has bought to cubes of to only band now like them to them these was the total waste of money. It averts.
4 / 5 Lyndsey
Has had these before and found the a lot of well, but these neighbours is totally without some valves require to do.
4 / 5 Justina
Has loved the vacuum stock exchange to pack my box of cycle in with bicycle in the travesía next in Germania.
Some stock exchanges give me three profits.
A, saves spatial
B, cushioning for a bicycle in his stock exchange of travesía
C, the box sealed out of clean cloths after a walk
also has has not loved stock exchanges that has required bombs like this was extra luggage .
With the five guarantee of year, an ideal solution to that have looked for
5 / 5 Roseline
These are character , yes has limited packing space. We are going in vacacional for motorcycle - a pannier each one which so and calm is not never quite sure will filter . Packmate Stock exchanges to trip mean all our material is squished on like this small to the equal that can go and waterproof. Character.
4 / 5 Isreal
Súper Quickly the day rid , prójimo has arrived in regular delivery. Fantastic product also, like this simple, just circle to compress. It has surprised elements the one who small there is creased also. I add when taking hand-held luggage so only and bent like the stock exchange to wash to spend rear material.
5 / 5 Leota
The small measure has included a measure an elder was small. Probably better used for travelling that storage.
4 / 5 Jenell
Hard to go so that a regime of air. The instructions do not clear enough.
5 / 5 Ignacia
While this work is fabulous but is lasted so only a travesía. When I have tried it uses him on a second travesías has left an air in. Shame because they have done really the plot more room in a chance when they have done.
5 / 5 Margareta
Took on a lot vacacional partorisca hand-held luggage. It saves a lot spatial
5 / 5 Shirly
there is no partorisca found them easy to use, decent capacity. It has not used partorisca travelling in an end.
5 / 5 Darci
These are brilliant and a plus there is never has purchased. They are very done, has to 5 guarantee of year and is very easy to use. Travesía At length and are useful to avert the bulky cloths that takes on too spatial.
4 / 5 Kisha
Really happy with these, adds partorisca release on spatial in chance
4 / 5 Jere
Strong and of confidence, use these partorisca store dresses of creature that looks partorisca be outgrown weekly. Like this far they are all that resist his vacuum. To good sure reccomend
4 / 5 Laurette
produced Excellent, those shines partorisca vacacionales
Means sized the stock exchanges are perfect , really simple to use
Utmost fast delivery
would recommend and buy again
5 / 5 Magali
These are utmost, really save the question is that one 'zip' the clips can exit and take stray, he doing after the impossible to seal some stock exchanges
5 / 5 Amberly
has had looked before, but these stock exchanges are a lot of sturdier. Has has wanted a partorisca take the pillow and other measures partorisca the cloths that/travel. Very happy with these. And speedy delivery also, as they have arrived in good time.
4 / 5 Edison
Packmate Has arrived promptly. It looks partorisca answer a purpose.

Top Customer Reviews: Packmate - 4 Medium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Stephan
I have bought these paralizaciones partorisca pack and dresses of state of the tent, resists more than thinking and they flat bandage to the handy measure the tent was. So only the word partorisca warn this in spite of, wants to register a product for a 5 guarantee of year requires a code of product that is in a band takes of a packaging to take some stock exchanges was, I by means of the mine was!
5 / 5 Jess
Absolutely brilliant! So main that anticipated, has headed to the tent was all of the ours big fleece coverages, as well as camping things. 10/10!
5 / 5 Joleen
The product adds, easy to use and storage of sure frames (any moth!) And idea of sum of spatial saving!
5 / 5 Adriene
Excellent quality. An easy more vacuum the stock exchanges have used.
4 / 5 Kristyn
Unfortunately of some 6 stock exchanges in a band, so only 3 is remained vacuum there is sealed.
4 / 5 Marcie
Has bought to the tent were dressed of creature. Fact perfectly. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Sherley
The product adds, has ordered a measure of jumbo is sum. Arrived inside the few days to order even with a estaca that is owed slow to Covid.
5 / 5 Tonisha
Requires stock exchanges of main storage to store winter duvets, and some pillows and other big bulky elements, these stock exchanges are quite big to do a work, and like the the election of 3 measure can choose a better one for a work. Stock exchanges of utmost spatial saving. Has come also a lot quickly and value a lot well for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Packmate ® 2 Jumbo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
5 / 5
Arrived promptly and good value partorisca money. Some stock exchanges are strong and well has done. I have used a like this far of a two in a band. I have directed partorisca take the measure of king duvet in easily this in spite of would have had room partorisca two pillows. It has reduced down to the flat measure a lot manageable and with which 3 days has no reinflated. I have verified a focuses 3 times like the costruttore recommended and like this far is doing well. Very pleased, is perfect partorisca a purpose I 3 month later: the still stock exchange airtight.
4 / 5
Poor product. Calm can not use any fashion spends the aspirador annex and one some finalise partorisca purchase to substitute one that has had the moment has inflated . Any impressed with these at all. I do not know reason were so that there is highly has estimated. I will not be buying these again.
4 / 5
Has been inner rasgado so many 5 minutes. Fragile plastic stock exchange that doesnt take any punishment.

Better to buy a 'Compactor' mark. Those are really good.
4 / 5
Has used this partorisca the duvet to the equal that would take on too spatial otherwise, he more than half a quantity of room would take up.

The only thing would say is that you have to that do sure that an upper bit is everything to good sure sealed, and a plastic zip that creates a focus is exited the pair of time, but is really simple to dip behind on.
5 / 5
Well And can store the plot of clothes. This in spite of there is sealed once have found the plot of air has escaped partorisca head to a stock exchange that the results is original measure again like any use partorisca store my cloths
5 / 5
the measure Adds. Returned the double duvet and four pillows in ® x2 Walk of Jumbo Vacuum has Compressed Stock exchanges of Storage of Spatial Saver (90 x 110cm ) Partorisca Dresses, Duvets, Bedding & More
4 / 5
has ordered these stock exchanges in an extra of big measure partorisca pack the súper king duvet, but has required the slightly main stock exchange, a measure of jumbo is perfect. They are simple to open and next and more than the rests of entities sealed the difference of one some have purchased in some displaced
4 / 5
a lot of quality a lot well,a lot well,as described by a vendor.
4 / 5
No the defender are fearful like some stock exchanges air left dulcemente behind in. Clearly a zone where extracted an air of a stock exchange does not seal properly. A real shame like this comfortably resist the measure of king duvet.
5 / 5
Checks A measure - there there is roughly 9 different measure variac. Of some Mates of Band. I have found that these where quite big for king and double measure, 13 tog duvets, but so only so only.
A solid of look of the valve - any of one some have used has left air in still, included with which some rough managing.
A creation of looks of stock exchange much more sturdy that another that the ees has tried.
4 / 5
These stock exchanges resist an amazing quantity of things. Ossia A second compraventa so that it shows that well it is. Test in fact..
4 / 5
Sadly, The majority of these stock exchanges of the mate of the Band has failed. I have it quell'has had now several substitutions of a company, some desquels no neither. After the few days or sometimes same hours, develops. Two or three of some stock exchanges look well, but when opened up and animal-there is sealed again, lacking. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Has not expected will go in it such creation of leafy impression quite green. Strong sturdy bands of jumbo. Packed Both mine súper measure of king duvets easily. Any fuss at all. It shrinks superbly.
4 / 5
The measure adds easily takes the measure of king duvet & the like this easy fact to store
4 / 5
the quality Adds, easy to use, to good sure would buy again
5 / 5
So only one was able to good to use another there has been the tiny hole in, the plot of money for a stock exchange.
4 / 5
Sucedido A lot of variable with this Costruttore. At all more annoying that finding yours previously evacuated duvets has developed now in a drawer and is almost impossible to take!! Maintaining use John the product typical of Lewis his economic plus and law.
5 / 5
Has purchased this first, used to store two double duvets and law well.
4 / 5
These are simply some better of this fashion of prodcut - the arrivals the launch was all some another and substituted him!
5 / 5
A work but fastening the looks bit it wrinkled so the hope goes partorisca enable reuse
4 / 5
has had this found & the before some better out of everything in a phase although I have had a king-inflate.
5 / 5
Has been looking in several options of storage for the moment and with all honesty these are more versatile the when it comes to storage and spatial. Some 2 stock exchanges of storage have has reduced in fact my cupboard of linen to the simple shelf.
Some stock exchanges have been into use partorisca to the long of the month now and look partorisca be that he perfectly, without airs partorisca infiltrate to some stock exchanges.
4 / 5
These were good and saw by means of the movement of stressful house. Some valves do not maintain all an air in this in spite of and has had a lot like this have taken the moment partorisca @give where a hissing has catered/is come from!
4 / 5
Has done really well but taking the double 10.5 tog the quilt has extended his capacity. Concertina I sides would have helped.
5 / 5
Shining. He exactly which pays stops. Has the duvet a lot hid out of place. Highly recommended
4 / 5
has Used partorisca the together full of coverages of sofas, massive measure and vacuumed really well.
4 / 5
The element adds! Highly it would recommend this product and vendor. 🤩 I add partorisca store cost of of the east of bulky winter. Gamechanger
5 / 5
Easy to use. It looks strong. Retained vacuum on first tentativa the difference of the mark partorisca compete that it has taken it tentativas múltiplas partorisca take to focus good.
4 / 5
Has ordered these the Sunday and was hands a next day, the excellent product would recommend, very easy to use, calm simply burst your elements in sealing a stock exchange and then situate your vacuum pipe in a valve partorisca air partorisca take all an air. Used partorisca the spare quilts and this saves very spatial.
4 / 5
Does not squander your time neither money. These two could not remain vacuumed on and air left in. Where, does not have any idea as they are sealed. My suspicion would be one estimate which look economic and bad.
5 / 5
Has to that have twigged with a jumbo of word but once a stock exchange have been fill with clothes a backside is heavy, inflexible and does not return neatly to a shelf.
5 / 5
Stock exchanges of good quality, durable and focuses very strong. Fantastic partorisca this used duvets! It has used other frames in some pasts but particularly like a valve in these like this like this easy to use. To good sure order of this company again. The service adds.
5 / 5
Impressive and fast delivery service - a white clip is exited the pair of time in a first use, but once familiarised with an approximation has done partorisca treat it. Used partorisca store external deckchair coverages... And the massive spatial saver!
4 / 5
Has 2 measure of king duvets is returned easily to some stock exchanges of storage, could have used so only one of them partorisca both duvets abundance so it has had to room.
Now stored on cupboard easily.
4 / 5
Perfecto. Produced like this of the dimensions and the quality have expected. It would recommend.
5 / 5
Good value partorisca money. Very convenient to dip winter duvets under a bed. One of some animal stock exchanges-flated. It will try king-that focus again. So that the jury is was on if the in fact excellent product and would purchase again....
4 / 5
Is returned the double duvet, the pillow and a bedding in. Shrunk Petit enought to store easily. It would recommend.
4 / 5
Easy once has taken a hangs to seal some stock exchanges. Surprising like a duvets shrinks down and reduce measures.

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Top Customer Reviews: Packmate - 2 Jumbo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5 Federico
Very quickly in good order,easy Instructions partorisca use.
Has found the hand-held mine dyson no because of the lip in a mine whole dyson has done without Subjects.
The pictures are for a Meduim Stock exchanges in the Chance of Full measure, Thirteen T shirts and two pair of shorts. Abundance of the room left and a full half Stock exchange and a no used stock exchange still.
Can not comment in the well a focus is still like his too prompt.
Has bought these to initially store my new cloths that was to take Holidays our thats on control ,to maintain out of some moths.
Offered to Register 5 year Gaurantee to take stock exchange of the storage of FREE Circle has been comprised.
4 / 5 Ofelia
Has purchased these stock exchanges and is gone through a question to organise my cloths of the his state and sealed with the vacuum cleansing as for an instruction. Few hours later, the air has begun to take the interior and some stock exchanges are result very bulky and messy. A vendor asked to return, but could not spend for a question to take some cloths of them.

Would not recommend .
4 / 5 Emeline
These are brilliant so only . I have bought more economic some before but leave air in with which so only the pocolos use. His vacuum very down really well, has included the kingsize duvet is reduced to almost flat, and with a guarantee him the compraventa interesting (calm so only has to that on-line record or for the estaca with a code sends calm). To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5 Mariette
Absolute rubbishes. One is gone in a loft before it has inflated like this now can any taken was and then another loan to be envoy behind. This in spite of the amazon now loves me to take to order office s(5 miles was! ) And where reads in
Londra will not take it and head to me another office to order a lot
the thousands were. As I have to spend it value of round me. AT ALL RECOMMENDED
5 / 5 Leonor
has had these before he a lot of years, that has said in one beats, how has been for them again, no an economic plus but as we use him to us first a lot felizmente has not squandered time in ‘more economic' alternative that can fail it the short time. Easy to use, to good sure would buy again when required
5 / 5 Zella
After the week to use, one of some stock exchanges has begun to leave air in. I thought it you can have been that I any sealed the properly, as I he again of scratch. Unfortunately, a stock exchange has failed again, in spite of having inner very small of clothes. Now the second stock exchange has begun to fail and no longer hols a vacuum. It has wanted to return them but force me to us to go to the drop was point , which is entirely inconvenient during a current quarantine. Clearly any one the element of quality. Has another mark that has used for years without this question.
4 / 5 Regena
Like this simple to use, any valve or one likes him to fiddle with. Stock exchange to focus so only in upper, and use a vacuum cleansing to draw out of an air in a point has indicated .Entirely it has reduced a bulk. Doing the easy storage, and maintains the fresh cloths.
4 / 5 Jasper
Two out of six of these no correctly and although deflate when filled, the few days his reinflate included although all is in place and has closed. The multiple time has tried now to take them to do, but any joy.
5 / 5 Jessi
A lot sure he has done this legislation but an air has not escaped when using my vacuum and has not gone effectively doing, perhaps this has been due to something any legislation . But I have followed some instructions of image
4 / 5 Renate
Excellent vacuum stock exchanges of storage, in amazing prize (more economic I found in an internet). Really easy to use (so easier that any one another vacuum the stock exchanges have had before). Ideal of generous measures for my winter of measure of the king duvet, and the smallest measures are to the band were dressed . I surpass quickly. It can not find any failure with these - and come with to 5 guarantee of year! That more could loves.
4 / 5 Eliza
The selection really adds of vacuum stock exchanges. Value of hood partorisca money. The durable excellent creation and is lasted well.
4 / 5 Elda
Has bought PackMate stock exchanges quite the little time on some years, never facts, has inflated always. It thought it that it would give to to these likes him to him the green of towers of the band when it knows is closed properly. One has been WELL for past 2 weeks, other bloated inside an hour. Sealed again to do sure had done correctly, has inflated again. Never again I compraventa!!!!!!
5 / 5 Ilona
These am a lot sturdy stock exchanges, easy to use, and with to 5 guarantee of year, you cant gone bad.
4 / 5 Shera
Green The good product there is a bit be before but required more. Highly recommended
4 / 5 Cyndy
Entirely satisfied with mandate and service. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Madge
Excellent element, each stock exchange are returned the quilt of measure of Rey, coverage of quilt and 2 chance of pillow with ease. Like this simple to use too much.
5 / 5 Lincoln
Stock exchanges very big and resist enough the small to seal, Directed to store all my caravan that read, towel and pillows in the small space,
5 / 5 Essie
Could not believe the one who material go in them and the one who small has taken when an air is sucked was !
5 / 5 Candra
Always buy this mark as it looks some better stock exchanges that that is supposed to. They have changed one covers in this late plus a, which does not look like this very like this leading
5 / 5 Penni
That can say, Awesome.
Can look to be the bit pricey but to good sure values he!
Has bought these stock exchanges he roughly done 5 month and EVERYTHING of still sound squashed to the equal that suppose to.
Absolutely hands and fantastic stock exchanges very fast. To good sure will be to buy more than them.
4 / 5 Hipolito
These stock exchanges are enormous, abundance of room partorisca my measure of king duvets. Súper. Amur A creation of Jack of the Union in a front
4 / 5 Kasie
has tried to buy the alternative cockroaches but they am rubbishes. These look for partorisca be facts of the strongest a lot of plastics and a focus is a lot ® 2 Big Paving Extra Vacuum has Compressed Stock exchanges of Storage of Spatial Saver (70 x 105cm) Partorisca Dresses, Kingsize Duvets, Bedding & More
5 / 5 Charlyn
thinks that this mark is a better and like have some transmission partorisca future needs. Some valves have filtered 'any' and for this remain like this very so much when in the first place I have packed things.
4 / 5 Lizabeth
Hooray kingsize Winter duvet without accidents has packed was. A stock exchange is massive. Even has taken four pillows in also.
5 / 5 Dani
Really useful to the band was winter duvets when one state some am exited. Looking forward to that it uses again when they are swapped behind.
5 / 5 Mac
You so only deflate the few days after sucking an air was...
5 / 5 Vickie
Still to see like this will do punctually more along but look robust and good quality. Much more so much that other alike products have tried. Jumbo flat Stock exchanges 10.5 tog king duvet or 9 tog súper king. Big that would expect. Very Pleased
5 / 5 Carolann
Very partorisca storage of spare clothes,and the very good 5yrs gaunante
4 / 5 Collette
would buy these again, excellent element that has tent a winter duvets is gone in the relatively small spatial which will be free of powder and moths. The daughter goes partorisca use some another partorisca herclothes and bedding when returning house of joined partorisca save spatial in his small car. :-)
5 / 5 Jae
Likes like this air doesnot full on when your management behind.
Going partorisca order more right now.
Maintains on a good work
5 / 5 Sheron
compraventa Fantastic ,and the guarantee has bought a big 2 band ,has tent 20 jumpers .
Will be partorisca order more
4 / 5 Dagmar
there is Rid a next day.
Perfecto partorisca store dresses of coverages and sentimental creature done the hand in a loft.
4 / 5 Erick
Some stock exchanges of better storage have bought partorisca date. It focuses system more effective with the key of push of the attractive more than wheel of tower. It would recommend
4 / 5 Lino
One of some stock exchanges of the jumbo there has been the hole in him so it would not remain on forming that a can not be used properly some other stock exchanges am trying so it can not say still so the times can deflate
5 / 5 Taunya
the valves of qualities Adds. 5 guarantee of year!! (Be interesting partorisca see if this does the alcohol has required .)
Able of miniaturisation of real life.
4 / 5 Christopher
Produced excellent and punctual ® 2 Big Paving Extra Vacuum has Compressed Stock exchanges of Storage of Spatial Saver (70 x 105cm) Partorisca Dresses, Kingsize Duvets, Bedding & More
4 / 5 Tiesha
Arrived in good time. Easy to use and tent. He the enormous difference to a quantity of spatial used before. Well partorisca prevention of moth when storing. It would recommend
5 / 5 Loris
using these partorisca dressed of creature and they a work perfectly
5 / 5 Ken
excellent to the band was duvets, dressed etc. When being the hoarder these are brilliant!
5 / 5 Justine
Improves sum in a vacuum fixes although a stock exchange would not seal correctly!
4 / 5 Eartha
Has arrived so that it has declared produced of good quality, although it would owe that it has ordered the big measure
4 / 5 Herman
Excellent packaging . Descriptions of this mark well for this the mine that shabby. Pleased with ease of use . Quickly rid

Top Customer Reviews: Packmate High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5 Lilliam
I have bought these and a XL slowly vacuum the stock exchanges but these have not done. On 30 mins had taken in some air. I have then seen in his web of place that no well the variety of Dyson as it has bought an adapter. It looked that it animates but hardly it has moved them an adapter of a stock exchange has begun immediately the hiss. I have tried both stock exchanges twice and in an end has had to that dip very old Sellotape in a ventilation to take an air that emissions.
In another hand some XL flat stock exchanges have done perfect, has the different ventilation.
5 / 5 Jeff
Has to that estimate like this one of a better vacuum bands in a phase. It takes the good quantity of elements and that announces. It compresses really it adds and enough sturdy obviously averting acute flanges. The nicked a focus in an of mine and has had has substituted immediately after contacting service of client. Also it uses a circle of mate of same Band on travell stock exchanges. It can take my train of mine of full weeks on-board Ryanair stock exchange to measure any question.
4 / 5 Sau
These are surprising. Like this at present we are packing to move the house would recommend this to any one. I find it so that it surprises what can compress down to such the small space.
4 / 5 Merry
Enormous capacity with the valve that reads well with vacuum to to the nozzles like to them the mine that no in other stock exchanges to draw has had to that cube. For me I have ordered too big but am using in all the chance and am pleased law well.
4 / 5 Graciela
Well of product to store the weight of double winter duvet.
Good service of Amazon - is coming when expected but has taken bit it longer that usual - been due to a current circumstnances
5 / 5 Kaycee
He that says in a description. It was able to vacuum the integer súper-measured of king duvet and can now is returned he in my cupboard. An only small defect, is that I have had to that press a focuses with my hands to do sure that it was properly zipped, after using a plastic device has comprised in a band.
4 / 5 Rima
Would not recommend , so only does not do a lot well! Poor fixing system. Two stars given likes one of some two stock exchanges is lasted vacuum has compacted for just to the long of the week. At least they maintain any powder of a bedding.
4 / 5 Jeanetta
Thses The stock exchanges do not maintain his focus and left in airing therefor useless excepts like this wrapping. Very annoyed
4 / 5 Corrina
These are fantastic, well value of the money! The product feels very durable - I trusts it to maintain my cloths in the good condition in mine loft :)
4 / 5 Brande
Very pleased with product and a technology of key of the push partorisca pressure partorisca air
5 / 5 Lyn
punctual delivery. Returned two double duvets in a stock exchange and the king sized duvet in another stock exchange. Excellent and to good sure will buy some plus.
4 / 5 Taisha
An alike product when it has been foreseen and was like this easy to use. We situate the king sized duvet inner one of some two stock exchanges and has applied a vacuum his. He exactly that it said it would do and abundance had of spatial in a stock exchange of pillows etc. The product adds and would buy it again.
4 / 5 Boris
Does not remain same pill partorisca the minute. The leaves of valve in the air and does not block anything. The guess can use likes him to him the massive stock exchange.
5 / 5 Ching
Has tried this with the double duvet. Looked partorisca do except reinflated inside the few days like any a lot well. Disappointed
5 / 5 France
These are utmost, thank you! My question partorisca be short of spatial has been solved. Some stock exchanges are very easy to use too much. To good sure will buy more in a future require.
4 / 5 Nichelle
A stock exchange have been broken reasons when I have used a stock exchange this was swollen immediatly
4 / 5 Magda
Speedy Delivery, material of big quality and the good measure. Still partorisca the band (of here so only 4 stars) but a vacuum the bands have used before it has been flimsy and rasgado but have total faith in this product.
4 / 5 Alfonso
Perfecto! It has taken a mattress of the only futon which the a lot of easier fact to store.
4 / 5 Mirtha
Volume very big, easy to use. It would recommend to any emotional house
5 / 5 Argelia
Absolutely able to dip 4 sleeping stock exchanges in and the kingsize duvet to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Gena
Absolutely essential, especially yes, taste, of the space is a subject @of house . Some stock exchanges of storage of the jumbo comfortably takes the double fat winter duvet. Closing a stock exchange is very easy and a ventilation of air is very practical: simply situate a hose of the your vacuum cleansing in the, transmission in a vacuum and interior according to a duvet the reduced to the fraction of his measure, perfect partorisca storage.

I use these stock exchanges, in several measures, partorisca spare bedding: pillows, duvets, this class of what, as well as partorisca store heavy winter woolens in a summer. They are also very partorisca wear of bulky ski. While fold attentively, the cloths is exited of some stock exchanges with the minima partorisca crease and usually so only airing them returns him to the his leading wrinkle-free state. I add partorisca maintain was moths, also, which is often the big question he alive in the city with the plot of the people that alive in prójimos proximity. I can not recommend these stock exchanges enough: they are durable and last for years, and has continued to add my collection!
4 / 5 Jeri
These are enormous. Any question to return the pillows of double + quilt with room to spare
Seal a double ziplock in a cup, using a corridor to ensure is there is sealed properly.
Pulls a vacuum value to open. Utilisation a hose of the your vacuum cleansing to suck an air was. A pair of the minutes and your bulky material has been compressed to the neighbourhood of a space.
Presses a vacuum valve. And it is sealed
And the rests sealed. Different some this air of leak and inner the day or two east of tower his original measure.
Five guarantee of year

Some stock exchanges are quite thin, which means that they require to be managed reasonably attentively to avert a risk for rasgar.

has more economic vacuum stock exchanges. But these do of the business
5 / 5 Janell
Justo deflates, like other people have said.

Vacuums On well, but the few days later is just deflated.

At least is maintaining my kingsize duvet net, but is not fulfilling his primary selling point.
4 / 5 Paulina
Following instructions partorisca compress the double duvet. All was a lot of but the next day has had deflated. Hoyo to somewhere... Too expensive so that it is.
4 / 5 Haywood
Quality really good and easily could take more than the measure of king duvet to a
4 / 5 Jeannetta
These produced has not done. Initially a stock exchange has been decompressed very small in fact. Unfortunately with which 24hrs, the air has begun partorisca enter a stock exchange. With which 48hrs was fill entirely with airing again.
4 / 5 Geraldo
Some stock exchanges were Mich main that has expected that it was the good suprise. Fantastic value partorisca money
4 / 5 Rossana
adds partorisca store súper king duvets has done partorisca treat it highly recommended
4 / 5 Mikel
has been Yes looking for the moment partorisca the way to store my cushions of external summer. A product has solved this question partorisca me.
5 / 5 Hsiu
Has purchased these partorisca store some quilts and bedding, was happy to see some elements are returned, this in spite of afterwards the pocolos small some starts of stock exchange to king-inflate even with a valve has closed. A plastic is thin and tears easily, would not recommend these.
5 / 5 Lisbeth
They are very pleased with a Jumbo Vacuum Stock exchanges of Storage, done a lot well, an order has come punctually thanks to a vendor, certainly would recommend to all my friends.
4 / 5 Elouise
Good product. Abundance of spatial left after storing the double quilt

Top Customer Reviews: Packmate High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Faustina
I have been disappointed with these stock exchanges. Have has wanted as it loves him especially after giving up in a some concealed was has has sold years that always reinflated. I have thought Packmate had broken the. In compraventa diverse the ees has found the 20 for the fault of cent. As well as I have not been concerned to start with with having registered like this each container of stock exchanges for his guarantee but of the'go emailed his two times regarding a faulty stock exchanges and any answered and yes try ringing take them of the telephones of response so that it is a point of a guarantee? They look to come with two different valves and the ees has had the failure in the each one of some valves. Some stock exchanges exit quite types for the stock exchange especially yes does fault. They are not sure it would recommend him now.
4 / 5 Josephine
These vacuum the stock exchanges are very good. I have purchased the number of different types of this type of stock exchange all have inflated partially inside the week. Honradamente Can say that these packmate the stock exchanges have any and purchased him some three weeks does to have them like this ordered again. Well a PACKMATE.
5 / 5 Precious
Mate of band 2asks Big Volume Vacuum stock exchanges of Storage for Duvets and another big bedding elements. Airtight, Hermetical, Dustproof, test of Insect - 5 Guarantee of Year.

No suitable for Duvets and another big bedding at all, much smaller and a pack which have has received been that a measure has received has suggested the uses are Utmost for jumpers, creature and clothes of external wear. Any quite the double duvet!

There is disappointed.
5 / 5 Serena
Buys 3 bands of this element entirely 6 stock exchanges, a lot disappointed, so only one of a six there is retained his vacuum, some another all reflated inner 12 hours.
5 / 5 Wilton
Thinks that these stock exchanges are some better with the fast closure that ensures that it airs it no among + a valve does not filter .
4 / 5 Simonne
No like this a lot so much has thought them would be used once then begun to the leak could have bought economic version so only to use once then the calm launcher was is where of P/L
5 / 5 Audrey
device of storage of the Quality that extraordinarily works in saving space.
5 / 5 Shella
Has bought these before. They are brilliant. Some people have has has informed questions with some focus. While run a clip by means of the little time is well.
5 / 5 Devon
Has used another vac stock exchanges these opinions to be very inner a moment. Used to dip dresses in to minimise a room in mine caravan. First use of these stock exchanges so many, like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Karisa
No a capacity has announced. The ineffective closure. A zip that loses of a band of two. It does not maintain vacuum, as not spacing saving at all.
5 / 5 Hyo
Better that other stock exchanges have used partorisca store cloths or linen of bed.
5 / 5 Bettye
The decent measure but the plan have maintained neither and king-inflated in z few hours
5 / 5 Devin
has bought many of these stock exchanges. Good quality, a good work.
5 / 5 Ashlee
Has not received an element in a picture- partorisca stock exchanges of big volume (the packaging lived) any plan like pointed
5 / 5 Yelena
has Done perfectly and a vacuum controls :) like a registration and guarantee.
4 / 5 Augusta
No like this big to the equal that has expected orderly 2 bandage has received so only 1
4 / 5 Eva
the excellent delivery. But there is disappointed that both animal stock exchanges-has inflated dulcemente. It has opened now and king-there is sealed both stock exchanges attentively 3 times, this in spite of any improvement. After the few days, the stock exchanges inflate sufficiently to impulse other elements and lid of heavy forest of @@@cofre of storage of the coverage. I have contacted Packmate directly, and was useful. They have asked it details of question and hopefully solve this subject.
4 / 5 Fernande
4 / 5 Evan
has is spent of the hundreds of books in these packmate storage vacuum stock exchanges on some years. On 80 of them his no . You lacking inclusos with which 1 use. You the plot of money of clients that is not organised enough to register for guarantee and resupplying test of his receive. As has new requirements to store belongings and has thought would try them again - as the beast was I? Both bands no . A deflated for a next morning. I am sending that it sells behind. It has opened so only another band and has fill grieves and has pressed a valve could listen the hissing his, a valve is faulty. They require to improve these overpriced pieces of worthless junk or will exit of business aims enough.
4 / 5 Marvel
A mate of Band Vacuum the stock exchanges are excellent. Really his perfectly and different some other frames, maintain a vacuum because of a valve of effective air. I have it quell'has done now three compraventa separate of these stock exchanges, in of the different measures, and is everything of a same quality.
I highly recommenced this company and his products.
4 / 5 Lionel
Has bitten pricey But has lasted like this far, where other frames have tried no.
4 / 5 Carissa
Dipped the pillow in a stock exchange when we have moved. It has done well still to it sees it does the second time.
5 / 5 Staci
Absolutely brilliant. Works as it says that it does. It was so only magic looking my cloths shrinks like this sucked an air was, enabled me partorisca store clothes, clothes of bed and coverages in the very economic way - less space has on used, and any need to concern in moths. It would recommend this product to any one.

Top Customer Reviews: Packmate Flat ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Elisha
On some years have had enough the little of these and up to now have all very good state. A lot easy to use and look to resist a vacuum for while I require it to. Ideal for travelling, any that there has it a lot that that goes in interior a moment.

Top Customer Reviews: Packmate ® 2 Large ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5 Janette
Experience the little of these and touch the mixed description. Some still holding a lot but 2 stock exchanges rasgaron already in focus of zip. The clips averts and a lot always seal same line perfectly enough. As takings some crinkling that favour the tears.

Has purchased 3 boxes and 2 out of 6 rasgó like this far and has used so only 4. As no the well. Sinister description for awhile to see those that time am lasted and his be so only on 2.5 use of month. If calm the seal and whose king-open and try to the focus again resists well. But after the pair of the stock exchanges of uses gives tear/of way.
5 / 5 Silas
These am a lot a lot well ,good value and resist a vacuum well. Thank you So much
5 / 5 Kiera
Very tried and the products have tried , add - better in a phase
4 / 5 Jannie
has had these stock exchanges before and is excellent. It had ordered a big stock exchange for the only duvet but the bit of the snug access to the equal that will maintain these by other elements and order a big extra.
5 / 5 Geraldine
Thinks this mark of stock exchanges is a better. I have had very other frames where after the air of short time resembles seep in by means of a valve. It has received quickly.
5 / 5 Roxie
Buys some of these in the retail tent, as pleased with has has loved any plus. This time has been to Amazon and found these in the a lot of prize have discounted. Like this first really happy with them and a fast delivery.
5 / 5 Alden
Value a lot well for money - that says in a focuses! I have been able to create so more spatial that storage in of the cupboards and a loft.
5 / 5 Juanita
Utmost stock exchanges like this useful, but has to that do sure is sealed properly.
5 / 5 Paulene
Bought these partorisca save spatial in our caravan partorisca duvet etc and reduced them well.
Sticks more in of the next months once are using them
5 / 5 Vickie
look excellent value partorisca of the money tried him to them have any complaint will be partorisca buy some plus like this am them moving
4 / 5 Max
the prize Adds and good measure partorisca all my storage. It would buy again
4 / 5 Charlyn
has used four of these and has transformed my cupboards entirely! Now I am ordering more!
4 / 5 Tasha
One of some stock exchanges was faulty but has informed grieves this to a vendor treated it immediately and sent the substitution. These stock exchanges were one has tried more still. Thank you.
4 / 5 Donita
These are absolutely utmost.
More some have bought still and has has tried tones of frames
4 / 5 Kacie
has used these before. They are excellent to reduce spatial used partorisca pack in chance
4 / 5 Rozella
Some so only vacuum the stock exchanges has has not bought never that in fact stay vacuumed!
5 / 5 Angelyn
Better vacuum stock exchanges the has not used never, would not go back never to the mine old one east. Used this prompt January, has not moved adds
4 / 5 Granville
has used this product before and always well of measure partorisca tshirts and small elements.
5 / 5 Gertrud
These vacuum stock exchanges of laws of the storage to the equal that has promised! The cloths shrinks down to the tiny measure partorisca a lot the storage has protected well. The valves have done perfectly partorisca me and has maintained an air was without any fuss. Has thinks that would signal was something concealed is not obvious at the beginning looked... I have required several bands of these and bought him of a vendor 'tictocwatches' (click x new of...' Down soymena buying elections' can no partorisca see them). Tictocwatches Surpasses partorisca upload for separate - I has bought multiple bands a same time but was has touched so only a delivery once, in that weaves it to them more economic that some other vendors!
5 / 5 Howard
Has pleased with a compraventa. Like other products retains a vacuum much more. One of my stock exchanges was faulty. A vendor substituted it. Certainly it would buy this product of a vendor again
4 / 5 Jerry
Good product, so only a thing this in spite of, although some stock exchanges are quite big, was the bit closes with one very big quilted coverage.
4 / 5 Macie
So only own partorisca travelling, no partorisca storage, like the air goes back in again after the few weeks
4 / 5 Kellee
These stock exchanges have has reduced considerably a space of storage I need partorisca to spare bedding. Initial questions with retaining a vacuum was solved quickly after the call of telephone to the very useful client services rep in Mate of Band. The stock exchanges are now flat and that remain that way. I have ordered more.
4 / 5 Pandora
Shining, in that tried the a lot of different frames of this type of stock exchanges. These are to good sure a quality has better used do and the stay that does how is well. I recommend these highly.
5 / 5 Beatriz
Has used this first without questions and also alternative more economic tried that has finalised partorisca leave so it would recommend these always.
5 / 5 Weldon
Still again have these and his do not look never the flatten properly and after the few months lose auction.
5 / 5 Janyce
These stock exchanges are excellent, moving the facts that read and the simple towels. Saved like this spatial in a car. Good quality, Thank you
5 / 5 Nick
Excellent partorisca a caravan that maintains ours bedding dry and fresco
5 / 5 Argentina
Excellent value, any of an air escaped how is spent in a past with alike products. It was able to return much more in my chance and the cloths have not been creased when unpacked. Some stock exchanges will be very useful partorisca storage of winter of all some cushions of garden
5 / 5 Eddy
It does not know like this I have lived without them. I add partorisca house or use of travesía. Control vacuum well.
5 / 5 Sigrid
Any one annoying . First stock exchange has done well initially, but has, after the short period has lost his vacuum. Second stock exchange there has been the hole in , like this never fact, and a stock exchange a small plus is, well, so only the stock exchange. Prpers Saves people of money. So only dipped your cloths of winter in the pair of stock exchanges of cube. Same effect.
4 / 5 Letty
Has has not used in fact this closing but looks strong and a valve looks it will do well the difference of the models has has used previously. I have bought this based in a good feedback and are pleasantly surprised by a generous measure and a quality of some materials. Esperanza bolt until a hype.
4 / 5 Margarito
An advertising is misleading. I have bought to store the quilts but these are so only quite big to store dresses. Returned and the date of repayment

Top Customer Reviews: Packmate - 2 Extra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5 Jessenia
I have found two stock exchanges with focusing them has not done the little disappointed but has not taken time partorisca send behind as I will be partorisca move punctual and required partorisca pack them two stock exchanges, well two no. of stock exchanges
5 / 5 Eliza
Ossia a second plot has bought. One of some originals is well. Another will not resist his vacuum. I will see like my elements my late plus extracted and will inform behind.
5 / 5 Loreta
These are an I MORE there is never has bought . Like this easy and a stock exchange doesnt full on calm as soon as I move one spends the aspirador which have found often spends with another has bought .
5 / 5 Rick
Easy to use. Any fuss that dips cups behind on on hole of suction. I expect that they remain like this and air any sale of transmission.
4 / 5 Douglas
These vacuum the stock exchanges are a lot good. I have purchased the number of different types of this type of stock exchange all have inflated partially inside the week. Honradamente Can say that these packmate the stock exchanges have any and purchased him some three weeks does to have them like this ordered again. Well a PACKMATE
4 / 5 Alesia
use these to store duvets to the equal that saves like this spatial. Good value for money.
5 / 5 Zelma
Is not lasted. Sealer Is fallen off and has not done a lot well and then a whole thing rasgó opened and has had so only the duvet in him.
5 / 5 Bryanna
Perfecto. These are a must there is yes the storage is limited. Has all my winter woolens is. As if the course now can require be changed with summer essentials. Ideal for the spatial small storage
4 / 5 Hong
Astonishingly effective - can resist the big double duvet and two pillows with relieving the band has resupplied neatly, and using the small vacuum the cleaner reduces it to measure that will return to the quite small cupboard.
4 / 5 Bernice
If some focuses remain then does perfectly, if some seals a lot then is so only the clear plastic stock exchange!
5 / 5 Migdalia
Good product. Arrived quickly. It would recommend a next measure on partorisca the measure of king duvet how was the tight squeeze , but has directed partorisca return he in a stock exchange. The stock exchanges are strong and would purchase again
5 / 5 Sherrill
These are brilliant. They are quite big and has directed to take the kingsize duvets in a stock exchange! To good sure would recommend and will be to buy more.
5 / 5 Zonia
Good measure vacuum stock exchanges. Easy to pack. Well to dip boxes of storage of the interior. Recommended
4 / 5 Tatyana
had bought the most economic stock exchanges and to my horror is gone down with which two weeks. This in spite of
these are so only I has has ordered so only some , and
4 / 5 Aida
ploughing is too small, my element would return a volume of stock exchange but can not take he by means of an inaugural. Shame.
5 / 5 Alix
It has dipped so only duvet the pillow and 3 cushions in an of them.
5 / 5 Vanita
Utmost stock exchanges partorisca store cloths and linen of bed. The better stock exchanges have used partorisca date and fact of strong plastic!
5 / 5 Leigh
Well But same idea although has has followed instructions repeatedly some stock exchanges unseal and the air goes back in
4 / 5 Angelique
time and produced Brilliant of excellent delivery.
Some stock exchanges are big and to good sure is returned the measure of king duvet more the pillows also is really easy the vaccum down and the tent was would recommend and will be partorisca take more!
4 / 5 Shani
Tore In some flanges and of the plásticoes that seal the mechanism was it of only explosions. System of good valve this in spite of. The stock exchanges have not been like this big to the equal that has expected, struggled partorisca direct a double duvet.
5 / 5 Zoraida
I have bought these partorisca my Mother, so only that has wanted to store his duvets very better that trying the his squash to plastic cube liners. The good service arrived inside the pair of days and any hassle to good sure will use this company again.
4 / 5 Afton
Has bought these have so be recommended by Abonos Housekeeping revised. Expósito Upper ploughing very small, and although it was gone in upper of the quilt of the measure of the king was really difficult to go in a stock exchange and a cup of a stock exchange of storage rasgó!
4 / 5 Tia
The product adds that it says and returns one all season king duvet in a stock exchange.
4 / 5 Althea
It does not resist vacuum. Reinflates At night. Expensive and looking in other difficult descriptions partorisca take the repayment. .
5 / 5 Elton
Perhaps the little smaller that has expected. Struggled partorisca take the quilt of the measure of the king has packed.
.... But it has taken there finally .
4 / 5 Lawanda
Excellent value, very easy to use, those shines partorisca questions of big storage.

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