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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5 Eugenia
Amado the transmission but the new cookeries are expensive likes paper of contact added and these bosses. They are surprising and it has done the dramatic difference. Classy Still traditional look, easy to clean and does not aim muck or frames of water
4 / 5 Sharda
has Bought this to substitute a boss aged and blurred in the cupboard of bath. Wanted with a quality and look of a product and looks sum in a bath. Very reasonably priced for two of them
4 / 5 Candie
These look like this classy and expensive - has transformed our again painted cookery - in fact looks the again returned cookery. They are such incredible value for money. Absolutely delighted.
5 / 5 Song
Good bosses but some two period of the rays come with him does not return a depth of our doors of cupboard as it will owe that buy fulmine additional that is an inconvenience and has added side. You will see of an image has uploaded that a ray of the prime minister is not long enough for a door and a second is too long and does not go far enough to a boss.
5 / 5 Mckenzie
Has surpassed my expectations and they have been rid earlier that has expected
4 / 5 Lawerence
Lovely arrival to my cupboards of cookery. They have come quickly and it was easy to return with some rays have resupplied
5 / 5 Lindy
Absolute joke, obviously comes via the china like the delivery is on three weeks and when it arrives is rubbishes . It has to that be fact of baco the foil how is like this light. Rubbish how is gone in a cube .
5 / 5 Robyn
Esees Has ordered this together of 5 @@@knob. 4 Of them they were utmost and exactly like this described and 1 has suffered harm, probably does not paint correctly. As it excepts that one, a rest is very good.
4 / 5 Hunter
Looks good and easy to return... Shame some of some bosses have been lined... Happy has ordered more than has required just incase... Very happy
5 / 5 Danette
sleeves Very good. Well packaged - individually - and well-has appointed. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Iola
Arrived in the Times, very pleasant, perfect For the mobiletti there is which have applied him. Only 'negative Note' is he done that he bolts In endowment did not go well for the already present forums to the antine, little viril, have maintained he old bolts has given precedents pomellini.
Material for real Resisting and fact well, without sbavature.
5 / 5 Jacqualine
Wir haben The harp given für unsere schwarz/Broken Küche genutzt. Abstand von Lake zu lake stimmte überein. Versand schnell & sicher. Absolute Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5 Kena
Good-looking maniglie, Simple gives trace, he have used for passage a small restyling of our cookery now already dated. Optimum effect
5 / 5 Bertie
have substituted all He maniglie has given my pieces of furniture has given cookery Announce a good price and with an ease has given only setting.
5 / 5 Ahmed
Nach etwas mehr als zwei Wochen erhalten und sofort montiert. Passen perfekt und sind qualitativ sehr Gut.
5 / 5 Roselle
Good-looking, solid. Here I have renewed A cupboard and now looks new.
5 / 5 Cecelia
Ich Cube sehr zufrieden mir Preis und auch has dipped dem Peodukt
4 / 5 Dimple
has used pieces of furniture of games of month of the games of cookery partorisca go back to give a small swipe of youngster. Well the result Touches a very looked prize modique

Top Customer Reviews: Probrico Brushed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5 Cassey
These are fantastic. They have come with delivery of next day, and give you an option of two different ray measures partorisca each @@@knob. Very pleased with these - was a cherry on partorisca my DIY shelf and @@@cofre of project of drawers!!
5 / 5 Waldo
Produces really good and good value partorisca money.
Has required so only 10 and 2 out of 15 was faulty have had like this enough! Need of imports of the bear 15 but still would recommend this product.
4 / 5 Jaclyn
These sleeves add the stylish & the contemporary look my cookery the master!
5 / 5 Alfreda
Plots and utmost prizes for your money. Looks And feels quality. Highly it would recommend to purchase.
5 / 5 Lu
Some of some rays are not returned 100 perfectly in some bosses, because some of some bosses have had the question with an edge. When screwing In these bosses, I stipped some bosses of ray and has had to take another boss. This in spite of, have bought the band of 15, has had 3 defective bosses, and has required so only 12 total of sleeves... How it was well for me. I still dipped 4 same stars with some 3 defective bosses, reasons a prize for a value is point and averts.
5 / 5 Mardell
Excellent quality, as it has described. Although the edge is not universal. Some rays were too many courts and could not find a right edge here in Canada. I have had to drill to the mine dresser 5or takes him to do. A lot of extra endeavour.
4 / 5 Ellyn
Is the very very looking produced for a prize. They come exactly like this pointed. A question with then is that some rays are too many courts so many therefore it does not close to plant and some turns of @the @@knob once installs. Has has not felt likes the hammer out of my drawers are returned like this a product and has used some same sleeves as I have had in some doors of cupboard that in fact looked better in a long career.
5 / 5 Jordan
Hallow Inner, has bitten looks exactly one like solid steel. Elegant, light.
Would be better has distributed also with some longer ray, specifically, for drawers. I have bought to persist rays of dollarama.
4 / 5 Odelia
Is sturdy and well has drawn. We really like a look and appreciate that has had 2 elections of period with some rays. We use a shorter some. Easy to install also
4 / 5 Maximo
You take as it pays stops. They have done utmost partorisca me because I have required so only 9. This option was way more economic of tents. The average of some bosses has required to to different rays like him some distributed has not done. Another that that, adds compraventa
4 / 5 Adalberto
there was so only 13 pieces in a container and some rays are not returned some holes - my contractor has had to that go the compraventa new some to install some bosses .
4 / 5 Vicky
The quality is not until pair. Rays Too many courts.
Well If I do not want to spend too much in a current gold decor the tendency and knows will be to update your attractive the few years or so many.
5 / 5 Veda
Global good product, so only a quality and the consistency is being missing of. Good value for a money.
5 / 5 Jean
More brass'and that gold. It liked really partorisca of a prize.
4 / 5 Hyon
I rays could to be of the better quality but reward it add
4 / 5 Deedra
The element is quality a lot well , exactly like this described and extremely fast nave.
5 / 5 Michelina
There is wanted REALLY give these manages 5 stars because they look a lot of-facts and is exactly that has wanted to add some decorative hardware to my cupboards BUT a question is two-fold.
1. A hardware (rays) is too small for American cabinetry and think that a costruttore knows of the longest rays are offered (of course in an additional prize!)
2. @It gives it Can require purchase other rays I orderly closings but BUYER BEWARE- you will not find some rays of pertinent measure in your Imposición of House or Lowes!
Like this now have these sleeves and I have to that go to the tent of hardware of the speciality for some rays. That the waste of time and money. It could have found other bosses on Amazon or Imposición of House for a same prize and less question. A costruttore would have to offer the election of the rays give you a measure of a depth of cupboard a buyer would know as to buy. I seat I have purchased these.
5 / 5 Wendolyn
Some attractive are not solid! They are empty and has gathered. Also they use the metric ray that has been equivalent to 1 thumb. With his inset the die impounds will be too many courts partorisca to 3/4 thumb doors of fat cupboard. They are there was perfectly to sell you the longest rays
5 / 5 Nestor
These are like this horribly has done! It was like this disappointed in a quality of them. Literally celery to like is plastic. Have shopped For a same type of hardware for all the city, as I felt them, felt a weight , has assumed to order on-line would be a lot near of a same product. It does not think never when something is to describe like stainless steel, comes mine and hanged roughly 2 ounces! On that, some rays are economic, and any long enough for any cupboard! Terrible quality!
4 / 5 Yajaira
Purchases these bosses for a new vanity in the bath. Some sleeves are well, the holes there is spaced 3' avert and has bought the personnel to help hammer some holes exactly some same in the each drawer and door of a vanity. A question has had was some metric rays that has been comprised. They were way too courts. A measure was M4x25mm. M4 When being a diameter was a lot of but a 25mm is less than a thumb in period. Some fronts of cupboard were roughly 1-to 1/4 thicknesses like some rays no . I have had to that go to a tent of improvement of local house and buy new rays. I hate to treat metric rays and hunting them down in some drawers to the long of a ray/of die aisle. In all the chance, has bought M4x40mm which equals so only in the thumb and the half in period. They have done perfectly. Measure a thickness of some drawers or spend some rays are spending for, leaves additional period for some rays to be attached to some sleeves and factor in an additional cost of some new rays. In the dollar for the two band additional rays. I am gone in so only two-bands. I have bought many the & bands cost me roughly $ 12 more dollars to complete a project been due to of the this. Hope These helps.
5 / 5 Jimmie
These sleeves look a lot well until you go to dip them on. Some rays have sent with them were too many courts. It has been and the longest rays have bought with a same circumference. The house come and discover average of some holes where have dipped some rays to some sleeves are different measures. As some of some same sleeves have holes of different measure in a same boss. Had so only 4 bosses in this container discover that some rays are returned to. It would not recommend to buy .
4 / 5 Wilma
In the first place was, has to say really quickly that would have estimated these 5 stars three of them have not been damaged. ( I will be to achieve it was to a vendor in of the hopes to substitute a three wonky some.) BUT one some concealed was new is awesome!! They look really modern/lustrous for the fraction of a cost. (Seriously sooo much more abordable that some another some look in.) I looks take the 10! They are empty and any súper has to that weighed but with all honesty concealed does not effect an use of them. They are really-really happy with this compraventa in general!! We dipped him to knots in a cupboard in our room and his totally dipped the new look/vibe the dresser. It would recommend for the lustrous look in the minimum cost. They are utmost!! It will spend until to 5 star that estimativas once some fractions some are substituted for a vendor. (Out of 15, three suffers harm and wobble/ am free where some joints fulfil so that it is not usable.)
5 / 5 Clair
Looks Well in some cupboards, but some rays comes with this too short way. My bosses already all installed, and his wont stay in place in bylines bc some rays were too many courts. They twist all a time, and has to them to them straighten all a time. Drawers of mine and the cupboards are not fat neither. They are regular or perhaps was in a side a thin plus.
4 / 5 Gabriel
These deep red sleeves have done really my pop of cookery! Now they are redecorating in the side of random beach 50 diner way.

Has substituted my bosses of stainless steel with these and my cookery has been transformed of the barren industrial look to the warm, inviting and fun place. For real I have hated my new cookery until has transmission to these sleeves and has seen immediately some possibilities.

Control out of my attacker and after the photos of one corner of my cookery. I stick more so it adds my update, retro inspired by these bosses.

Is the product of quality , exactly to the equal that has described. No, they are not weighed as well as my originals of the stainless sleeves but those who concerns in a weight of your bosses of cupboard? These sleeves will last and no attended painting chipping or stains.

For a way, the colonial red product matches these manages perfectly.

Gives the thank you partorisca offer these bosses!
4 / 5 Rudolf
A lot of packaged And enough a lot looking. The main defect is that a two that locates the estacas are not parallel in any of them (i.et. If you saw you down a long part of a boss, sees some two estacas more courts that the estaca is gone in of the different corners). In an extreme plus some was impossible to locate in the way that has not caused a boss to look raven.
4 / 5 Roosevelt
The one who the nightmare! This little @look of @@knob well, but was such the hassle to install. A pair has not done, an undressed entirely (pictured) and has has had to that really do pliers for the take separated of a ray. Some of them am returned closely in my drawers and another am loose. Turn of desire with some rays I already had in some drawers, reasons a period was perfect. These rays are slightly different, which can affect a final result. They look well, but the little could not be quite presionado and need to be aplanada manually with which uses. It does not recommend . It pays the little more and take quality.
5 / 5 Caridad
These have annoyed. A measure required for a T-the @@@knob is M4 (the metric rays very found in the majority of walk-in of the tents of American hardware). That coming with, but some rays have sent with this @@@knob is súper courts for cupboards of cookery more American, as said for a lot of reviewers already. I have required to order M4x24mm for our doors of cupboard of drawers and cooks to regulate. It has had to use callipers to take an attentive measure. After looking for amazon for some rays, was utmost for the look and the easy installation add.
5 / 5 Elouise
Has required 13 of these, and he 15 sells would have to that be very right ? Any when your control of quality is rubbishes .
There is two undressed inner rays in this @@@knob of appeal and a ray a lot machined was properly like ray of the mountain would not insert .
Has finalised to use parts of another order of some attractive of cupboard longer to fix a faulty some.
For a prize this in spite of, look well, so only buy more than you need,
4 / 5 Marry
the value Adds. It does not expect súper heavy metal or Long rays! Only short some come with him. Like this unless has the countersink bit, will require 8mm long rays for drawers some rays are well for cupboards . But they look he is spent the once installed fortune! Very happy
4 / 5 Lisbeth
These were such the compraventa adds ! It was to purchase any @@@knob exact of another retailer for almost four times a prize when I have thought to verify here before it hands of paste in mine another order, and am thrilled has done! This @@@knob active a lot of weight to them and is described like this. They have taken for real mine IKEA dresser of something the million people owe that something that for real looks and feels more luxurious. To good sure recommend!
5 / 5 William
These are empty and gathers, no the solid piece. Some rays that come with touching too many courts for any of my cupboards. The desire had read some first descriptions to purchase! Disappointed.
4 / 5 Eloise
Am baffled in a poor quality and craftsmanship of a product. To take a @@knob @of prime minister was, has had breaks. I have imagined perhaps it was so only he fluke among an a lot of another. Chico was bad! An after another, inspection with which inspection, was all defective in some way if the be of the cracks, the empty, or when being unsemmetrical. See my photos for reference.
4 / 5 Myles
Some attractive looked of sound. They have come with rays long enough to install in my doors of cupboard. They would have done utmost would be returned. My cupboards have exist holes already. They have measured 2.5' on centre. These attractive have measured 2.5' of flange of interior of some holes of ray on board of interior of another. They were too long. As I am not interested to drill new holes in my cupboards and fill another a lot/repainting some doors of cupboard, are by train to return them.

To remeasuring, some holes to exist are in fact roughly 2 1/4'.
5 / 5 Kellye
They are in $ 1/each one that like this, like a complaining in other descriptions really is not so only. Yes, they are empty, and yes come with a measure M4 ray. Turn these to 18mm(3/4') front of drawer any question, but any fat plus and will require more along M4 rays.
Will do so only well in the number of applications. You take the variety of M4 rays, and will return him to any precise thickness (opinions: calm will not find these in some tents of big box). These are not partorisca heirloom mobile, but will do a work in owing light cabinetry or drawers.
4 / 5 Brooks
First container has opened has had an appeal in 3 pieces. It takes the star-screwdriver partorisca pour the reassemble. These attractive are well, but no those impressive. My drawers have had an additional poster, as some rays that is coming with some attractive were too many short. BEWARE: Some rays are not 8 x 32 is, how is partorisca regulate. So that he buying the longest rays, be sure partorisca spend some originals and returned him in a tent of hardware.
4 / 5 Clarine
Has had the few bosses that was hard to edge a ray to, but twisting a phillips screwdriver around a ploughing attacked out of bit partorisca paint or anything and fixed that easily. It was having the question that opens some doors of cupboard and drawers with my arthritic toes, but has not loved big bosses. These were perfect and coordinated with my dud metre-wall of tile and appliances.
4 / 5 Tana
These are very pleasant but has any way to maintain them in legislation. I screwed the to my cupboards but I still always owe that the straighten like this his entirely horizontal or entirely vertical which drive me crazy for some reason. As I have added some washers so many would return some better cupboards and be less wiggly and some of them I screwed to some cupboards too many closely that thinks that would maintain him directly. Then it is the disorder when I have been still to unscrew them reason some two pieces of the metal that comes avert and need an Allen wrench to dip them behind neighbour.
4 / 5 Luigi
I holes were the pocolos longer that has measured. It could have been my failure in measuring a distance among my old bosses. I have had to that drill additional holes to do some sleeves are returned. Some the black bosses are very attractive against my white cupboards and do the difference in mine look of cookery. Very better is that they look that my bosses of old ugly brass. It has taken the little longer for them to ship but value a same wait with an extra drilling and a prize for such sturdy the sleeves was a lot.
4 / 5 Corliss
Use for the refinished drawer of dresser. The prize adds. To good sure prendería attention when you are 1st dipping in some rays. It is easy to cross edge.
5 / 5 Chanel
Has been the professional handyman for 14 years. Utilisation these in a lot of cookery remodels. They are economic, but good quality. An only down the side to them is a threading is metric and can not use breakeaway rays for fronts of drawer. You will require to take the metric rays longer.
4 / 5 Genaro
As well as these are 'economic' but for first marries ours, was more than pertinent spend our baths to a next level! Súper Easy to install, has finalised both baths less than an hour (I has had to that drill some holes has like this took the longest way).
5 / 5 Ginger
The value adds for a money. As another has mentioned is light and feel empty, but once locates behind the one who can say? I have finalised to substitute 28 of my bosses of old dark brass in mine RV, and for $ 40 cookery besides and tank of bath upgrade the taps have done my RV the inner looks new. Note: if the rays require longer or more courts, is metric, (but the common measure).
5 / 5 Kurtis
Has bought diverse dozen of these for mine 28 new cookery cupboards. All was adds in appearance and function. They are light but feel any different of a solid some when installed. The installation of these empty sleeves can be bit it easier that a die can move the small to vary with a ray.

Top Customer Reviews: Probrico Kitchen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Inge
Amur These bosses have the just weight to them and has dipped my cookery of perfect. The good and calm quality could not beat a prize to good sure would recommend him
5 / 5 Kathline
partorisca receive this product was very impressed with that attentively each boss has been wrapped. Celery and look expensive and coming with rays of different period that is fantastic to the equal that leave partorisca use these in of the multiple surfaces. It has pleased really.
5 / 5 Dorie
Has not expected Never some bosses partorisca be like this upper-notch so that it is. It had been down pressure of some constructors partorisca buy bosses partorisca my cookery refurb; these are excellent - just some soft legislations brushed nickle sheen and feel well partorisca use.
5 / 5 Maren
Beautiful product. Looks Really classy. Very impressed.
5 / 5 Lakiesha
The quality adds. The lovely look in my doors of new cookery.
5 / 5 Danial
Has arrived punctually & exactly like this bosses!
4 / 5 Shavonne
Has been concerned in this data a prize: any reason partorisca concern . Has the good arrival, solidly has built. The prize was partorisca add, and has arrived quickly.

Top Customer Reviews: 10 Pack Kitchen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Katelin
Really like tended so only partorisca change my bosses of old cupboard to these my cupboards now look more modern
5 / 5 Joline
So only that has wanted to substitute some bosses of old brass. Transformed some cupboards and cupboards in my fourth like this now looks modern. Rid punctually. Good prize. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Zoila
Ignores a junk im renewing but looks to surprise and expensive
5 / 5 Damion
Perfects so only the one who there are them wanted, easy to return & the utmost looks
5 / 5 Evelina
Cured with these fencers, says that edges of stainless steel but concealed any one is true is aluminium cromado, the description is fraudulent and does not regulate to the reality.
Once but Hay that gives a star for obligation, active when they have dipped black star, asi ayudariamos more.
4 / 5 Michelle
Von einer Wertigkeit keine Spur, und richtig verchromt oder poliert waren Sie wie bestellt auch nicht.
Gives gibt is definitiv bessere!

Top Customer Reviews: Probrico Brushed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Mirian
We were emotional house recently and one of a removers has broken the boss in the cupboard. They denied it of course and we could not allege anything but I thought that it would be simple to obtain the substitution. I have found these some on Amazon and have like this raw that also could him buy. The bell of alarm has done coverage this in spite of reason are very economic partorisca 5 of them but some descriptions looked Or.K. And it has to that way that be advance. They are looked enough shortly after that and thought that it would be the '5 work of small' to take and substitute a boss has broken. One first what that there is remarked on some the new bosses was that they were very light ( is empty) and was slightly main (fat plus more than more along) that my originals some. Because of this I could not substitute so only a boss has broken, as it had expected and feigned, and for this have been forced to change both. Have take a boss and is returned one of this which looked Or.K. Without any real sense of rigidity and has takes then a second to do one same. How it was screwing the ray by means of a door to a new boss there is remarked that the has not looked to love ray in. Have take and restarted it the pair of the time and was still rigid and have exerted like this the little more force on that. That has spent then was that one of some 'arms' in this boss is exited - leaving a semi-detached ray but no a boss (sees has has attached photo.) A ray has been stuck quickly this in spite of and at all could do would move it. With which in an hour wrangling with him I finally directed to use TWO grips of tope (and maximum force) to separate some two pieces. That the spend on. A mote of this sad sad therefore it is compraventa economic - take - rubbishes!
4 / 5 Lazaro
Has bought two different measures in these bosses. I have been rid inside the week and I am loved with them. A quality is sum for a prize has paid. Highly I can him recommend. We had painted our cookery and has loved to update some sleeves and is very happy to take these .
5 / 5 Linnea
The substitution adds for forward, ageing bosses of cupboard of the cookery.
Looks really good and feel more expensive the one who that in fact was. Well fact and feel solid.
Done of the doors of the cupboard of old cookery bit it more refreshed.

You Also take 2 period of ray that coming with his hips. 20mm And 40mm, in the ones of chance of the fattest doors to take these by means of.

Has finalised to dip the washer in each one in an outside to complete one looks for my own preference.
5 / 5 Erick
The house of my Mother has been built in 1950 and a cookery is original still , some cupboards and drawers all have red plastic bosses (original installation) and is now of redecorate and has loved finally substitute some bosses to exist.
Has a lot of expósito difficult to find bosses of substitution with 76mm spacing around mine local DIY tents. More so only stocked main spacings, and has does not love all a hassle to drill new holes and fill some old holes.

A cookery fittings is all solid forest, and there is 3 different thickesses among some big doors (larder and cupboard of utility), down-spend of cupboard of the counter and some down-fronts of drawer of the counter. A plastic to exist boss all there has been an edge of the ray dipped to a boss, and has been fixed in an interior of a door with the die.
One has distributed the rays are too many courts to match a thickness of any of some doors. I have seen two ways to direct this:
- drill the countersink in an interior of each door to use one has has distributed rays, or
- buy the longest rays.

Has opted to buy long rays of mine local DIY tent, and he so only cost the little crux and has not risked any harm to a forest of some doors of cookery.

Some bosses are not done of solid bar - but for a prize did not expect him to be. They have arrived interior 2 days to order, as it looks that a vendor Probrico United Kingdom (the one who is clearly Chinese has based), maintains stock in United Kingdom.

(Does a bit those that the months have ordered 3 bosses, of the money, an aim and a gold - to see which have preferred. They have taken around 2 weeks to arrive of Cina. But this time when I have ordered 10 money have arrived 2 days later of United Kingdom of interior)
You a work has wanted and well of look.
5 / 5 Alana
Has bought these for our new chalet cupboards of cookery because we were in the estimativa and could not justify that they pay a prize a DIY tend where buys our cookery of has touched the paralizaciones there is so that it was almost like this for just 1 like these is for 10! 6 months on are very happy, this look adds and although when his initially arrived has think that sense very light and how has been concerned in his quality I really the need has not concerned as they look fantastic. Such value adds!
4 / 5 Candy
Has ordered 24 of these T-bosses of bar to give my cupboard of fourth & 2 insiemi himself drawers the a lot of face required-impulse. In the first place, they have arrived almost a next day (to Scozia). They are very pleased with one looks & feels they , some rays were the little shorter that some old bosses, but feel sure. That was less than thrilled with era a quantity of any-recyclable plastic packaging in that has arrived. Each sleeve and each ray has been wrapped in the stock exchanges have separated then sealed in another stock exchange. Twenty of this triplica- has wrapped the stock exchanges had left then among 2 plastic stock exchanges. Some 2 plastic stock exchanges,more some triple extras-has wrapped 4 bosses, has been dipped to this in spite of another plastic stock exchange, which in tower has been dipped to the plastic bubble in envelope ! Absolute madness. Everything of this wins has dipped put the earth-fill, of where the well can finalise in of the oceans & of rivers.
4 / 5 Polly
Has purchased a 20 band of a 50mm small bosses. They look fantastic when on but no very durable in the frequently used zone. We substitute our bosses of old cookery with these but with which so only the few months, around means some bosses are exiting or is exited and has broken entirely, especially of one presses which are used more often. It has dipped 3 of these in the unit of the room and he is to the long of the year now and is still perfect. These are quite economic as it would recommend him partorisca to somewhere where will not be used the little time the day otherwise his no last and so only will owe that to substitute likes has done..
4 / 5 Annette
Of a pointed image, has expected these to have the polished chrome/arrival of mirror. These instead have the arrival of steel brushed. Ossia Well if ossia that loves, but has loved an arrival polished. A vendor would owe that specify this in a description. A boss is not solid as declared in an of one has answered questions. It is empty both in a period as well as a piece for some rays.
4 / 5 Porter
Has painted recently my cupboards of cookery and has loved to update my bosses with something more modern. I have been pleased with a quality and they look utmost for a prize abordable. An only downside was some rays have come with. One dips was too short while another was too long. Felizmente Was able the reuse my rays of old bosses. But more a majority to house diy, that has to that it has seen some longer rays would have been impossible for me to try me.
5 / 5 Neal
These manages to good sure improve one looks of mine pasador orange 80s cupboards of cookery. Only reservation - some rays (rays??) It was the little short although this could be mine faulty measuring! In fact, this has not been to to the question likes to exist some has taken some new bosses perfectly. It is has updates to good sure a cookery and I have any complaint. It had expected one returning to take all the morning to the equal that am old and at all handy. This in spite of a process could not be more easy or more fast state - so it would recommend him.
5 / 5 Shella
His r utmost has had subject same like other descriptions - a too big ray a too small, as it has tried to the different ray likes him the interior is exited. This in spite of remarks an upper has had still the ray that fijamente and has used a big ray and he have done grear . As it has taken some interiors were all and is utmost sooo has pleased with them wonderful really recommended so only have the bit of sense
4 / 5 Merry
In £1 the boss has not been that they he. You mediate them to them have expected plastic but these are good quality the metal brushed with hole of the ray of regular drawer centres like this apt well. I have substituted all 15 bosses in mine van of camp partorisca £15 but felizmente would use him in a cookery of house.
5 / 5 Steve
Has bought these partorisca ours doors of cupboard and is very exited well and the look adds. There is remarked that they are not quite has to that like this weighed like the resemblance one has bought in our venue DIY tent but returned once never would know concealed. This has said, is perfect for a work the purchase to us partorisca and the chair sure will last with a level to use will be to give them. Well value a prize has paid for them in the so many is very pleased.
5 / 5 Glynis
Has bought these to update my cookery as it has had has had cups of new work. They are perfect, so only that has looked for. The only reason has not given 5 star is that I have not been all perfect some have had small frames that you so only can see look closely. A lot easy to return in place of an old doorknobs. A lot happy with them.
4 / 5 Margy
Fab Has helped to give my units the new clock painted him. Easy to return and look sturdy still light. A pair was bit it rough around an end has burst so only these some in cupboards to corner some opposite would know any different. The good value felizmente would recommend.
4 / 5 Louise
Value for money. It was very pleased with these bosses. Two period of rays. Some sleeves are returned perfectly in of the leading holes. It has given the lovely up to date look to my cupboards. His screwed on easily. So only an out of 40 is not exited. In general very pleased
5 / 5 Dorinda
Any Stainless steel as described, is entirely aluminium that is reason is like this light. A course of only steel is a small where a ray goes to and some rays are likes butter. A magnet does not choose on these bosses because the magnets any if they stick to aluminium.
5 / 5 Eva
Such the way adds and abordable to refresh cooks our without splashing is gone in of the units or of the new doors! Slightly concerned at the beginning like the container was a lot of light but for initial impressions whilst qualities of empty still look a lot well, any one fails in any elements and have blended seamlessly with some units to exist. Fast and effective delivery, would recommend!
5 / 5 Denice
Has had to change my cookery and add new cupboards these sleeves match a costruttore original is there there is roughly 3mm differentiates in period unnoticeable unless after the original perhaps a lot milled the same quality like original but pertinent and can not say to look in them and there 20 for the most economic cent Arrived in prime minister of next day
4 / 5 Renaldo
The one who the súper cost, look really ready, comfortable to resist and the quality of look adds, and has update our cupboards of cookery and drawers in the a lot of abordables to 5 compraventa.
5 / 5 Rubin
These sleeves are perfect to substitute old some. Much more economic that mainstream negotiate of cookery of the big street and a quality is so only some same. Wine with two measures of ray - first!
5 / 5 Gaylene
The element has arrived a lot quickly! Two rays of different measures are distributed with each boss this in spite of one was too short and another too long! Also a first boss has looked for them to attach my door of cupboard has broken of the inner half 1 minute of me ploughing a container and trying gone back to a ray that any returned!. Total waste of money.
5 / 5 Brain
Any one bad but a one on my kettle gone the bit discoloured.
5 / 5 Lourie
Quality very poor, my husband is experienced enough when it comes the DIY and some pins of the boss has not been lined on, some rays that is coming with economic and soft “era”in an end has had to take a ray broken with saw it. These are also the smallest plot that looked. Some complete waste of money
4 / 5 Kassie
has ordered another batch of the first different company but was empty steel and felt is not economic looking. They are rigid value and add for money. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Odilia
Is returned these to a Ikea Dombas the cupboard like some original bosses has taken the chunk of my skin was when I has clashed to them. A 128mm the centres of hole were the perfect access . It comes with 2 pairs of rays for sleeve for different returning wide. The a shortest rays have done a work but some the longest rays could leave returned these to something fatter (perhaps a thumb or as) One there is rounded the look of corners to be surer of some bosses have substituted. Well the compraventa global but the desire could have bought single in place of the 5 bandage as I have required so only 3.
5 / 5 Bradley
Not annoying with them. They fall it averts, so only you will squander your money
4 / 5 Chong
No sure this product is stainless steel how was the fraction of a weight of some bosses of stainless steel have substituted. But they are returned well without subjects. For a prize in general am pleased.
4 / 5 Lia
Bosses really good only question some of some rays any ray in properly so that the boss was free. I have bought 40 and he so only spent with 3-4 as no the bad really. It looks really used the very everywhere a house. Thank you
4 / 5 Brianna
Well But the rays were neither to long or to to courts likes me to him still the precise start as it goes him to shorten which has added to a work. It looks it adds this in spite of.
4 / 5 Neida
Amur These have arrived punctual look adds so only while on having cupboards sprayed then my cookery will look fab
5 / 5 Maranda
These sleeves are perfect, well of look, easy to return to a @@@cofre of drawers, and is an ideal party partorisca those already in some cupboards. I am wanted with cost of mine. Felizmente Would recommend him.
4 / 5 Marina
Each boss has been wrapped in plastic with a container situated in another plastic stock exchange. Turn this is to be situate in the Jiffy stock exchange that was, agrees correctly, situated in another behind first to be surrounded by paper and situated in another oversized box. Coming on! Oh, Some sleeves are well.
4 / 5 Corina
Has bought these to substitute old fashioned the bosses isolates returned in drawers. Received before it quotes estimated. Pleased with compraventa and as described in picture. Each sleeve comes with 2 rays with the ray of different measure begins as it will be handy. It is not it returned Him still but happy with purchasing
4 / 5 Glendora
take these bosses to substitute one some concealed is coming with a bookcases has.
Has has has attached photo of before and with which.
The one who the difference
5 / 5 Lakeesha
Any aversion has used these products to relieve a ploughing of the @@@cofre of the drawers like the drawers have has not had bosses on before now some drawers are like this easy to open he like this had an extremely useful product very happy.
4 / 5 Jesus
Really pleased with a result. It has looked for something concealed would update some drawers of doors & of the cupboard without side adds & these have done really well. Very easy to return.
4 / 5 Mariano
Excellent, operates it
To the equal that has the pair has left, cant be bad
will go in useful
5 / 5 Santa
Good value for money. No like this sturdy like some stainless solids some. But like this bosses of cupboard of the cookery entirely well and access for purpose
5 / 5 Armanda
Good quality in the reasonable prize... The centres of hole were something on ... The easy access has comprised 2 insiemi of rays in different period
5 / 5 Vickie
All the things have considered these am validate quite good . They are not the solid metal of then is very light but this is not noticeable when returned.
5 / 5 Charlyn
Fast delivery and sturdy has produced. Returning these was the piece of cake. The only thing was that some of these was smaller that another but in this prize has not gone too fussed.
4 / 5 Madelaine
Has arrived quickly and all of the sudden has had modern bedside cupboards and failures of drawers all matching and all achieved with just changing some bosses.
5 / 5 Antonetta
Measure and attentive description. Comparatively lighter in weight that original bosses but more than satisfactory. Punctual delivery.
4 / 5 Lizabeth
Bosses very modern. The lovely look. Fact very good and unbelievable value. To good sure recommend
5 / 5 Sonia
Good quality, he pricey is £14 for 10 for £10 for 5 but is good and the measures is attentive
5 / 5 Velia
A lot of my old bosses looked bit it sinister - easy to take & was very light in comparison with an old but well of look.
4 / 5 Taunya
A prize is fantastic how was the bit has concerned a quality could not be like this good. They are utmost! My cupboards have the modern feels now. It could not be happier
4 / 5 Sherley
Also like Howdens and Benchmarx, has bought of here been due to more than options of measure of hole of centre, there is Rid punctually.
4 / 5 Dagmar
The value adds and useful that these come with 2 different period rays. Lovely bosses
# Image Product Name Score Check Price
1 first Probrico Kitchen Hardware Bin Cup Handles Pull Cabinet Handles Brushed Nickel- 3" Hole Centers (5Pack) Probrico Kitchen Hardware Bin Cup Handles Pull Cabinet Handles Brushed Nickel- 3" Hole Centers (5Pack) Probrico
View Product
2 Probrico Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet T Bar Handle Furniture Drawer Pulls Cuoboard Knobs PD201HSS64(64mm Hole centers/100mm Long) 5 Pack Probrico Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet T Bar Handle Furniture Drawer Pulls Cuoboard Knobs PD201HSS64(64mm Hole centers/100mm Long) 5 Pack Probrico
View Product
3 best Probrico Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet T Bar Handle Furniture Drawer Pulls Cupboard Knobs (96mm Hole Centers - 150mm Long) 5 Pack Probrico Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet T Bar Handle Furniture Drawer Pulls Cupboard Knobs (96mm Hole Centers - 150mm Long) 5 Pack Probrico
View Product
4 12 X Probrico Cup Cabinet Door Handles Modern Shell Drawer Pulls, 76mm(3 inch) Hole Centers, Brushed Nickel 12 X Probrico Cup Cabinet Door Handles Modern Shell Drawer Pulls, 76mm(3 inch) Hole Centers, Brushed Nickel Probrico
View Product
5 Probrico Brushed Brass Cabinet Knobs 2" Overall Length Modern T Bar Knobs Dresser Pulls 15Pack Probrico Brushed Brass Cabinet Knobs 2" Overall Length Modern T Bar Knobs Dresser Pulls 15Pack Probrico
View Product
6 10 Pack Kitchen Door Handles Polished Chrome - Probrico 128mm Stainless Steel Cupboard Cabinet Handle Furniture Drawer T Bar Pulls 10 Pack Kitchen Door Handles Polished Chrome - Probrico 128mm Stainless Steel Cupboard Cabinet Handle Furniture Drawer T Bar Pulls Probrico
View Product
7 15 Pack Probrico Hole Center 160mm Kitchen Cabinet Handle Stainless Steel Brushed Brass Dresser Drawer Pulls Gold Wardrobe Door Knobs 15 Pack Probrico Hole Center 160mm Kitchen Cabinet Handle Stainless Steel Brushed Brass Dresser Drawer Pulls Gold Wardrobe Door Knobs Probrico
View Product
8 Probrico 10 PCS Polished Chrome Kitchen Drawer Knobs Hole Spacing 160mm 6.3" Furniture Cabinet Door Handles Cupboard Pull Stainless Steel Probrico 10 PCS Polished Chrome Kitchen Drawer Knobs Hole Spacing 160mm 6.3" Furniture Cabinet Door Handles Cupboard Pull Stainless Steel Probrico
View Product
9 Probrico 25 PCS Square Bar Cabinet Door Handle Stainless Steel Width 10mm*20mm Hole Spacing 128mm 5" Kitchen Drawer Knob Furniture Cupboard Pull PDDJ30HSS128 Probrico 25 PCS Square Bar Cabinet Door Handle Stainless Steel Width 10mm*20mm Hole Spacing 128mm 5" Kitchen Drawer Knob Furniture Cupboard Pull PDDJ30HSS128 Probrico
View Product
10 Probrico Pack of 10 Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet T Bar Handle Furniture Drawer Pulls Cuoboard Knobs 128mm Hole Centers Probrico Pack of 10 Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet T Bar Handle Furniture Drawer Pulls Cuoboard Knobs 128mm Hole Centers Probrico
View Product

Trend Probrico Cabinet Pulls

Top Customer Reviews: Probrico Brushed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
These sleeves are partorisca touch of good finishing to our cupboards of cookery. Unfortunately some rays that is coming with them were too many short which is reason I has taken clashes era. Prpers Having said that they are relatively good value partorisca money. I have ordered now roughly more it takes our room of utility.
4 / 5
Has wanted to update an old cupboard. It gave it a awesome new look. They do not look of the bosses for cupboards of cookery they blend in a lot of well with a decor. The prize adds and a lot of sturdy.
4 / 5
Has bought these bosses to substitute some broken manages in the drawers of chamber of my edges. They were like this easy to fix and look really well
5 / 5
One of some sleeves was slightly fraction has had felizmente quite like this the has not been the question
4 / 5
this was to substitute some shabby and discoloured managed in a bath. These are ready, easy to install, and would not owe that rust .
4 / 5
Very easy to apt, has changed a look in our cupboards amiably.
5 / 5
Was really happy with these bosses. Bought the partorisca use for the hot press and also upcycling the cupboard of shoe. 2 measures of ray have comprised. Really handy. They look good quality . It would order more I required him. It could not find anything a correct measure in some tents like this this was the saver of life .
5 / 5
Although it has had to that return these have not gone enough a shadow requires. Good quality to price a lot sturdy
5 / 5
Perfecto to substitute that it exists plastic some .The excellent right measure
4 / 5
Some sleeves are to read, any solids like this of the the expected but they a work and look well in my unit of vanity of the bath.
4 / 5
Used partorisca update and old mobile. The look adds.
4 / 5
A straight substitution partorisca some bosses partorisca exist, like an arrival of satin. They resupply two period of rays, which is a lot handy.
5 / 5
Punctual delivery.. Returned perfectly partorisca my on-cycled mobile..
5 / 5
Has arrived punctually easy to use the wise money is really good...
5 / 5
Some sleeves celery the light of has bitten this in spite of solid sound and well of look.
5 / 5
Perfecto, has taken of old and plastic mania broken in the @@@cofre of drawers and substituted him with these this will last the lifetime and not breaking calm to grieve his tones.
4 / 5
These sleeves were ideal partorisca a mark on my pieces of furniture of fourth
4 / 5
the value Adds and the new net investigation good the unit of vanity. 10/10

Top Customer Reviews: 15 Pack Probrico ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ammie
Gorgeous Brushed Arrived of gold, the much more expensive look that it is! Some corners can be the pocolos acute but in some 4 months of then when be installed the has not been the question.
4 / 5 Delmer
Has been disappointed with a colour is not partorisca like a picture and that is disturbing are house of wine and one write the one who return a cookery was returned the and has not been able to return them!!!
4 / 5 Paola
Absolutely lovely bosses- exactly that has looked for. Everything individually packed ( and packed very a lot), look far more expensive that a prize has paid. They are the gold brushed and look fabulous against my units lateralmente black.
4 / 5 Jutta
Space, does not cover he of show, but some of some dice (welded to an interior) is wonky. Orderly abundance more than required like this felizmente any discharges he of show partorisca we.
4 / 5 Tama
So only that has required, the looks adds in doors of cupboard. The just desire was slightly heavier, but proce am partorisca add like this cant complain
4 / 5 Spencer
These sleeves are colour and lovely quality , does not leave a calm bad description has dipped were is so only like a photo.
4 / 5 Alida
Some of some centres of hole were was (only 2or 3)dips directed partorisca take them all a, looks of good cookery!
4 / 5 Brendon
Perfect measure and perfect installation. They pack one for a partorisca avert that rayen.
4 / 5 Epifania
Kam Súper schnell A und sieht einfach toll & qualitativ aus:)
4 / 5 Jeanelle
paints Very beautiful, corresponds perfectly to our wait touches a very reasonable prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Probrico 25 PCS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Latashia
Good quality and look really well in of the very pleased doors with them recomend
5 / 5 Matha
the sleeves are very done, the look that surprised in some units and the contact with a vendor was excellent.
4 / 5 Samantha
Well of product, question with an engine, has said has been rid for my telephone but in fact had rid to a wrong allocution. It has spoken to a type but has said has been rid. Breast.
4 / 5 Robbi
Has bought these bosses partorisca add to the together of drawers in my cookery as they match some bosses in some cupboards. They are robust and look a lot ready and modern.
4 / 5 Shavonda
A lot of stylish, a lot of packaged and the look adds in my cookery
4 / 5 Wilburn
produced Excellent and excellent service of a vendor.
4 / 5 Janet
It gives Schiebetürenschrank kam leider ohne the harp given. Die Schranktürengriffe passen súper zoom Schrank. Sehr gute Qualität.
5 / 5 Bethanie
Harp sind wertig und Gut verarbeitet. Leider sind sie für unsere Schränke zu Dominating. Vorsichtig beim Zurückschicken: Verkäufer sitzt In Cina und Rücksendung ist kostenpflichtig! Deshalb 2 Sterne Abzug.
5 / 5 Elton
The harp given sind genau likes ausgefallen, wie ich sie mir vorgestellt hatte. Würde sie jederzeit wieder kaufen. Beide Daumen hoch.
5 / 5 Frederick
Rid In time and in now.
A lot of emballé, and complete.
Perfecto been.
Good quality, Súper gives, simple setting, and always perfect after several months of uses !

Thanks to the vendor !

Top Customer Reviews: 12 X Probrico Cup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Lindsey
Bosses of good quality, looked lovely in my drawers that I facts up.
5 / 5 Viva
Element of good arrived quality. Courts of rays and a lot the time has resupplied.

Top Customer Reviews: Probrico 10 PCS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5 Taren
Bought these partorisca substitute measure of identical/form. The leading owner of the house was the foul person the one who had not cleaned in of the years: some bosses have had caked-in grime but when I have tried cleans him some surface treatment (likes the varnish thinks) has been struck and ruined them. Shame 'cos was good heavy bosses - these in another hand ARE LIGHT.
Any deception is light but decent bosses. They are stainless and look well and once on is WELL. So only they do not have some strong heavyweight the quality feels versions more expensive.
4 / 5 Colette
Excellent element, the transmission of some @@@knob of the door of cupboards of trace of usual round. These are quite big to be able to hang the hanger on also yes has required. Nizza Brushed/arrived of money of the satin. His hips come with two period of rays also to the equal that will be able to install immediately without that has to that take the travesía to a venue DIY place. A shorter of some two rays returns the fashion to regulate is returned pieces of furniture of door of cupboard like a longer ray probably will be good for the fattest doors. Certainly it would recommend these.
4 / 5 Darrick
Well These arnt a first time ive has bought these manages a first band has been added to the fourth ive so only renewed and has added these bosses to some doors of cupboard and draws in of the totals has required them 40 bosses but the subject small 2 out of a first batch of 20 was free in a T section BUT was able of presionar up and any subject. A subject is gone in a 3rd band of 10 again 2 has required king-presionando but 1 just transfers and some edges were almost soften so that the boss is no longer very well that I that maintain ameno to my point the needs 10 more bosses +1 and looks has to them that buy 2 bands in order for my units to result complete.
5 / 5 Deanne
Has taken these so many all a hardware in my room would match and look utmost. They are really easy to install and wine with two period of rays. They are really light but still look very big to finalise like this the d to good sure recommend them. Mina a subject would be that these are gone in so only use plastic packaging
5 / 5 Deandrea
Was apprehensive at the beginning add looked really small and flimsy. But once installed look and has looked so only well.
4 / 5 Thomas
Has ordered 2 insiemi of these to substitute bosses of the cupboard in the cookery am painting. These bosses give it the really good arrival. Much more economic that the alike frames have seen in of the tents. Very easy to return. They are light weight but once screwed to a solid of chair of the door. Highly it would recommend
5 / 5 Racquel
These bosses have finalised of my cookery diy upgrade perfectly. It looks it adds in my units of cookery have painted soft ashes. They are the woman of 68 years and found the really easy to attach them the doors of cupboard and drawers.
Adds to the investigation disburses small
4 / 5 Jacquline
has Received yesterday, is returned yesterday and looking well. So much I have ordered like this a version of alone hole to match and which are due to arrives today.
5 / 5 Gonzalo
Am doing on the bedside table and has changed some bosses of originals of plastic money for this gold some. They are light but good quality. Exactly that has looked for. Now while to self vinyl of adhesive forest to complete one looks of a sidetable.
5 / 5 Jorge
Good bosses, well value of the money. I will not be using for my cookery so only reason a no suitable fashion . Celery study it and can say has used the and is easy to clean and has not had any question with them
5 / 5 Reuben
I produce it adds. Added the look adds to our cupboards of cookery and drawers. So only partorisca maintain imports a lot partorisca use any products of the cleaners on eat the coating can suffer harm because of hard chemicals. Recommend a product is thinking to add some glam and spark to your cupboards.
4 / 5 Belen
Was bit it unsure to order these like the band of 10 for a prize was extremely economic, some of some descriptions have read has not been a lot but has to that see these am a lot of sturdy, has fallen included one in a paving for incident and not even the mark, bought to modernise some cupboards of the cookery in the property has rented.
4 / 5 Branden
So only that looked for and now is in my doors of cupboard of new cookery.
5 / 5 Vinita
Good bosses, but have the tendency to move after the time.
4 / 5 Juana
Has bought these to change on my contingent drawers in my fourth and the most modern . You a work amiably and well value of the money.
4 / 5 Courtney
This absolutely lovely look in my again painted cookery cupboards
5 / 5 Rosenda
This perfect look - takings two measures of ray for each ones hips. We use him to us to upcycle of the old @@@cofre of drawers to match some bosses of new cupboard.
5 / 5 Emmett
Fast delivery. For a prize these were excellent, the look adds in the mine has painted again the units give the integer of new look.
5 / 5 Keith
Perfect bosses a lot of value of the money like this more economic that diy tent
5 / 5 Carolyn
They look well, they are empty like the hope is durable. It looks partorisca match a Bandq some have had, but have spent of finals, partorisca a prize yeah, but no a quality of bandq.
4 / 5 Margit
Lovely bosses, the look adds in our again has painted cupboards of dark blue cookery. I have ordered 15 bosses, one was faulty but a company has rectified a question immediately and has sent the new a mine, very happy with a product and a service of client, excellent prize also
5 / 5 Ellsworth
has Received quickly, was exactly to the equal that has ordered. These sleeves are simple to return and have the 'quality' well feels to them. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Alvin
Adds sturdy few bosses, as it has expected. Arrived quickly. Good prize.
5 / 5 Justa
The look adds in some cupboards of cookery. Better that my old some
5 / 5 Dierdre
Just prize, but light bosses. It has expected partorisca something more substantial.
5 / 5 Althea
The service adds. Pleased with a quality and look of some bosses.
5 / 5 Malissa
Has used this partorisca the @@@cofre of the drawers have renewed
Easy to use and good quality
4 / 5 Saturnina
Brilliant apt perfect and looks also the value adds and the value adds partorisca money
4 / 5 Eleonora
has used these partorisca renew bosses of old cookery.
Returns perfect! Thank you So many! I produce it adds.
4 / 5 Johnie
Wanted with these bosses. Exactly like some pictures. Fast nave.
4 / 5 Mackenzie
Quality very poor, any resplandor to these 'polished chrome boss' in fact the look has faced.
5 / 5 Timmy
A lot of gold in colour a batch has in the first place ordered is light gold this one is very yellow
5 / 5 Mitzie
very pleased with these sleeves and súper fast delivery

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