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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Alberta
It has to that it reads, like this around 14 or how it has been eaten when my rear garden there has been the few rats roughly, probably more than has had has thought in the first place. I do not see a lot now, forest partorisca touch, but still am leaving cheats of throat around known pursue partorisca have to that another familiar or more movement in. Poison very good a lot of. If some claim is useless, my response is that the has not been used correctly, no another reason supposes. The rats will eat it sure, as they love chocolate, the rat will die, once logical lunch , basic.
4 / 5 Tiana
Excellent has used he in a zone where has seen rodents with which three days any rodents of plus.. It is now be two rodent of free month in a garden. I dipped it/ I dipped It down some slabs likes some boys or other pets (birds) could not take to them and for behind a nave of garden. It has not bought some boxes but PLEASE be careful and gloves of wear and maintain out of boys and of the pets. It ensures it it can not be touched for your hands or the hands or the pets of the girls.
5 / 5 Addie
Tks Partorisca An email invernadero amazon, am happy to inform that a product has arrived safely although, as I have explained to the yours receptionist of Lady when oar on, was simply partorisca prpers alerts to a fact that a container had arrived slightly broken on final and down a side so that it could wish take this up with your courier company (in this chance Hermes ). Another that that, please be ensured that one produces was intact but a lot slightly the in sight external exposure during a delivery accuses which can have been of some consternation to any one managing this product. A product and a behaviour of your personnel is in fact value one 5 that estimativas
4 / 5 Adrienne
My behind garden to the field and previously actuate taken touched of of a plot of rats the year or like this fact, has seen recently the new family raiding my feeder of bird. I do not actuate more than my previously used throat, as I reordered more than that an and a time still has ordered some of a Roshield Poison & of Murderous of Mouse of Blockades of Rat of the throat of the Control has based in the plot of good descriptions. It likes to alternate a rat poisons how is reason has ordered two different classes. They have arrived a lot quickly and it has to that say that these were really well partorisca extend the bit of butter of peanut on, which had read like the suggestion partorisca try of more. I can confirm that I no longer have any rats. Very happy in fact.
4 / 5 Charlena
I alive in a country and have the occasional rat issues which am always state has treated one write the one who comes each pair of moths partorisca verify my boxes. But then a question has taken big is looked the neighbour there has been to rat infestation but has looked unconcerned roughly the, has bought Roshield boxes of throat and some blockades of wax, partorisca dip in where I have been said some careers was external my held but in private earth with which two far orders partorisca blockades think that am directing partorisca maintain HIS QUESTION Under control and for like this maintaining my free garden of rats. A blockade s is easy to dip in some boxes I always the gloves of use recommends him highly
5 / 5 Marge
Like this with many other people have feeders of bird in my garden, these also attract our pocolos fellow in a night (rats), has used some baits conceled of pets, some rats love and every night clears all a lunch, a reason partorisca a 4 is simple has to that maintain that it substitutes a lunch.
5 modification any need to substitute so that has no more takers interior a moment, the lunch has left partorisca 2 days and any sign of mine pocolos friends.
4 / 5 Tammara
HAS occasional question with rats in my rear garden - rear of property to the tram embankment. First time my local joint has deleted a question but when some rats are returned the few months more has decided late buy a bait and boxes of bail partorisca save money and also control when partorisca use it and avert inconvenience of while it visit them. It has chosen this vendor based in descriptions and has not been disappointed. Some works of product well, can open some sure boxes with some tones and monitor when a lunch is lunch . Ossia My second compraventa of the bait and I expect it will do as well as hard year.
4 / 5 Daniell
I ceba a cheat, washed in a career of rat then ignores he partorisca the pocolas days before that ploughed partorisca verify if of the substitutes of precise bait. Has not founding never rats very died in or around a box. A bait is taking in of the small quantities but never partorisca disappear, neither are partorisca feed a buggers or take a bait in his bellies and go was partorisca die and be eaten by other rats, those who in time are poisoned for an organism has poisoned eats.
Will continue so that continuous to do but also can buy a tram zapper also!
5 / 5 Dorcas
Well. I have taken this there is rid this are. To the enormous rat found to spill partorisca eat seeds of feeder of feeder of bird so it takes was and place down these blockades and has looked a rat takes him all his house under a nave. This was in 10am. 6pm Any sign of rat. Shining that it shines that it shines bad critters. The work done thank you. 😁
5 / 5 Keri
Exceptional! We were plagued with thousands of rats of then building the work down laughs last year, alive afterwards to the rice or and have chickens like the recipe partorisca disaster has tried all but to any avail, this was ours last resource and has taken the few weeks but they look partorisca be all gone now and so only 2 dead persons on earth......... awesome Material!!
5 / 5 Sharla
Well sale, good value and very very documented with information and informative instructions of full security in pertinent English ossia easy to read and comprise. We use this produces before two or three years ago and there has been sucedido total with which roughly 5 weeks. So only the week this time and the bait that is taken in the so many is sure this will solve our little question again.
4 / 5 Terrilyn
Using in the box of throat partorisca eradicate an influx of rats to my garden. It has been using partorisca three weeks now, and delighted that the rats have been taking a bait partorisca two weeks. Alive in expecting that my punctual garden will be the free rat !
5 / 5 Bernard
Has used this the pair of time because of the questions of rat have repeated. We were fed up with paying for the ‘professional' to exit every time this in spite of not dipping order a question how has been for the pair of Roshield boxes of throat and then the extra poison bought in chance perhaps. The bait is disappeared first time like this obviously when be eaten. The boxes have uploaded again and had been nibbled on but any touched for some time boxing like this dipped in storage. Any questions of rat for some time now like looks to poison to do well.
4 / 5 Frankie
Has to that leave these blockades where foxes (and squirrels) can any nick him! The rats have taken some of them I so that it has him on cctv doing so many.

Work or any is not known like this still have them exiting looking for seed of bird that the birds have fallen of some feeders that hangs on.
5 / 5 Aiko
Fast delivery, good product. It was restocking but a last plot of a leading throat has not been taken like this these will be to store for a next time. We live in the rural zone, as it is not unusual to take visiting rats when the plums and the apples fallen is in an earth. There is 1 description of star of the lady the one who has been saddened to see the rat to die that it returns to the his better. In mine dress ossia the better result that the girl that takes Lyme illness to manage something the rat has been on.
5 / 5 Fredia
Used for signs in a garden of presence of mouse, the boxes he easy and sure to use anywhere in some open or outbuildings . It looks to be doing as well as it has said the visitatore no longer are taking lunches. I have found this excellent product but also would like me the commend of a company for good delivery but more like this to take some steps to comprise instructions very detailed for a sure use of this type of product.
4 / 5 Rebeca
Used with a Roshield 10 has smiled Boxes of Clear Throat and has done exceptionally a lot of (1 blockade for beaten the box and has used 10 boxes in ours loft like this enough the question of mouse!). Very very impressed and much more effective side that taking a lot for a work!
4 / 5 Estefana
He a work .. Second week on I in fact found the big dead rat .. But I will continue to use a bait until it is not taken.. I verified it again yesterday and 1 blockade has been missing as they are still there .. Where See one there is probably enough the little.. They are still not leaving a rear door opens to a garden still!!!
5 / 5 Clare
Is poison of rat , and looks to do; some another look of frames to be less appeals to rats. A critique so only is that some blockades of the throat is not drilled entirely, and this has to that be completed so that some blockades can be threaded to boss for effective administration, control, and to prevent them when the be scattered. Arrived promptly, which is more than entity.
5 / 5 Felicidad
Alive in a country and amour to feed our feathered partner,but one there is spilt the seeds tend to attract an odd rat or two,has been using are ceba for the long time now,and is the very effective way to control this plenary a box of throat and place in the known rat of question.
5 / 5 Lue
The look of mice partorisca be nibbling in him like this hopefully will do a trick. I think some disposable the gloves would be the abonos little addition the orders of this type.
4 / 5 Santana
Has Had four rats that garden of career of round in light of day. I dip butter of peanut to hole in blockade, has dip blockades in the plan and the place down spilt. It has taken roughly 3 days replenished blocks each day . No more rats partorisca be seen. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Patty
Pesky Few rats are returned in a weekend. Bought another supply of some blockades partorisca dip down . Disappeared after a first night. This morning some blockades are still there. The toes have crossed has done a trick.
4 / 5 Barb
Rids very quickly, so only had seen never a rat in my garden approaches a feeder of bird, there is prendido diet some birds and am expecting are by train partorisca clear them but has seen any plus but also a bait maintains partorisca disappear. I so only the wait is doing his work
4 / 5 Daphne
can take the pair of weeks partorisca see the reduction in active of rodent but is very effective. Only downside is an idea that the rodents go to somewhere more to the data is not strictly true, has found them one in my paving of cookery, like being poised partorisca the situations have taken.
5 / 5 Michal
Thinks that our rats are too many ready. Has not coming near of some cheats of throat at all. I found him quite easy to dip up and liked an appearance of security, but nevertheless some granules of poison was achieved much more.
5 / 5 Alba
Looks as if to some rats like some materials but in the still see the plot of rats in a garden, the marvel yes has developed an immunity to this bait or if so only are creating faster that is to murder was!
4 / 5 Marietta
Has bought this partorisca control some rats in my garden. Partorisca Some premiers few days a poison is at night state. Now it is retarding down I so that it follows that it assumes the majority of some rats is in decline era. Like this in general I am very happy with a product
5 / 5 Ellena
No like this effective how is described! Utilisation all a container but still have questions with rats...
4 / 5 Bridget
As well as it can not find the rat partorisca ask that his this in spite of of them
5 / 5 Eusebio
It has taken touched of of the pair of rats in wall of cavity that included two different plague the companies of control could the Excellent no. -he-calm bait of rat. 10/10
4 / 5 Teddy
would recommend these pellets to any the one who has the question of rodent. They are easy to use and a chocolaty the smell promotes some rats partorisca come and research them. I produce it adds!
5 / 5 Elva
Has bought partorisca parents and has bought the rats have taken braver in yard and in his horrible ... He the deaths of rats expósitas but the constant question
5 / 5 Ta
These blockades were brilliant. It was plagued with rats, dipped these blocks down and inside the few days, rats all gone. Has the camera of security partorisca see that it is going in and now all clear.
4 / 5 Aleshia
Produced excellent. It has taken rid of our rats of a loft.
4 / 5 Becki
Shame a product is too big to return in some vertical dispensers that has been used partorisca Raco, which is no longer available.
Would not have been too difficult to copy a measure....
Too punctual to know the one who effective is in in fact killing rats
4 / 5 Jacquelyn
Some rats have taken a bait & there is so only king-baited. Up to now it does not know it it will do . I will update hardly it was more.
4 / 5 Inge
Rids very swift.
Partorisca Some premiers 6 days two blockades have been dipped in a nave daily and has been taken.
But today is still there so that I boast that they have done a trick or
has quite chocolate in a box for Navidad. Any complaint of knots.
4 / 5 Dion
Ossia My second compraventa of these blockades to a large extent in a base that reads!
5 / 5 Dorie
Has purchased are ceba before and have any question with his efficiency. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Chasity
Done treat it when we take smiled in a house. To good sure a lot priced here.
4 / 5 Sondra
So only take some blockades any one some boxes partorisca dip them I, is for this that the has not estimated easy to close
4 / 5 Pok
taste use this type of throat, is easy to use and there is not any disorder. The rats take the throat and data elsewhere.
4 / 5 Georgetta
A product has arrived a lot of promptly and was like this use this poison of rat partorisca control some rodents.
Produced and excellent service.
5 / 5 Loretta
The product adds, receipt a lot quickly of a vendor and a lot of packaged. I have purchased of this vendor before and will do like this again.
4 / 5 Emmanuel
Has ordered partorisca control unwelcome visitatore my table of bird, the next day rid and the immediately situated use like this advised in
enclosed instructions. His early days but I expect it partorisca do work as it has described.
5 / 5 Laveta
Adds has used the few years does and again now and is doing well. Information and excellent service.
4 / 5 Tandy
The poison adds partorisca rats or mice,really looks partorisca do well and quickly !!!!!!
4 / 5 Lauretta
Looks partorisca be very effective to attract vermin partorisca take a throat.

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 10 x Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5 Desire
I have ordered these have to that way that has wanted to maintain a poison out of all other containers was disposable some. They are not one the majority of OCD type of person, but in these subjects thinks that that it is wise to be. Some containers have been done with purposes of the mice that is able the nibble of them and have a lot of funds enough to prevent spillages.
4 / 5 Stephany
Very thin, economic plastic. Anything more than the crux is was it of total tears! I have had the trays exactly like this come free with a poison of mouse but has bought these to have something concealed would last the little more along how was the complete waste of money!
5 / 5 Sonny
Is economic and bad.
10 Of these trays cost me £ - the TEAR WAS!!!!!!!!!!
Pence of sides!
A bill of paper is fatter that a plastic used to do these trays.

Not even value a star!!
4 / 5 Elicia
Has bought these trays to use poison to kill rats, this in spite of some have measured 100stock exchanges of g probably does not return all a 100g the poison in a goes.. My failure to the equal that owe the pictures measured and any pasts of longitude.. Probably the prefect measured to poison mouse.
4 / 5 Eladia
Slowly simple. Work. Used his, has not turned on or movement, the rat has eaten some beats and take, did not see it again. I have tried several lids but these do a work.
5 / 5 Anya
A product has distributed is well for a jod. It enables the good quantity to poison to be deploy and is easy to see if some contents have be disturbed.
4 / 5 Len
Has required to take these quickly because of rat infestation.me likes a fact some trays are red is easy to choose is gone in of the dark corners,delivery very fast.
4 / 5 Laurence
Has used these in some nooks and crannies in my cochera and under my nave, is quite small to express to tight spaces that the box of throat any one is returned.
5 / 5 Donnie
Well and easy to see, resists the good quantity.

Essentially the plan but usefull if yours treating unwanted rodents your
5 / 5 Daniel
has purchased this element for my cochera and like this far looks for having done well, hopefully his calms.
5 / 5 Gil
Good value . They are own partorisca a work. Partorisca Mouse very perhaps quite big for rats? The mine of reuse
4 / 5 Lorrie
trays of Good quality and very measured no too small can return easily where precise.
5 / 5 Toney
Has thinks that would have been big that in fact is. My failure for not verifying a real measure before shabby.
5 / 5 Tarsha
Handy small trays to dip poison of rat in, has included some rats want to him so that it maintains to fly them!
4 / 5 Riley
These are very tiny and no suitable for a purpose has had in alcohol. I dipped him directly in a cube.
5 / 5 Kellye
Happy to say have expected like this. I have seen previously the alike product used for my control of plague local consulting how was happy to see this was that it has required
5 / 5 Marjorie
has Had to that buy these trays for separate reason do not come with a poison of rat anymore
4 / 5 Brooks
has Arrived punctually, so only a correct measure - very happy
5 / 5 Phil
Exactly as it has described. Good quality and does a work
4 / 5 Yuri
Done a work, súper fast delivery, the night adds Hassel undertaken
5 / 5 Quincy
A bit is cost down so as a bait but expect has be worth it.
4 / 5 Elfrieda
Be of the product has used, the time will say the one who this effective .
4 / 5 Agatha
Arrived promptly, amiably packaged and exactly that there is wanted.
4 / 5 Karoline
Service and utmost prize of upper client. Thank you Again

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 1.5kg Wax ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Wilton
Has the habit partorisca use bait of the professional rat and I has been disappointed partorisca discover no longer can require this a lot easily like the private character. I not having particularly of the big expectations of this product, although I , of course, record some descriptions of throat of rat partorisca discern a one this looked probably partorisca be more effective. For I have been so much pleasantly it distributes partorisca discover that this in fact looks partorisca kill rats effectively. I have gone of a bit darlings romping in my gram, the not seeing any alive rats at all and finding an odd dead rat in of the corners. Whilst Does not like Me finding dead rats, always agree me that it is of preferable to live some. They are in my second container of of the this and to good sure will be that it purchases again. Obvious point, but probably more partorisca dip in the box of throat partorisca maximum security – I like a metal some with some tones also, does not forget the replenish regularly – has pocolos baits of rat that is effective on first consumption and regulate replenishment means that they will eat enough to in fact kill them, more than developing immunities.
5 / 5 Jeff
Has purchased this product before and there has been sucedido adds of his use.

Remembers so only calm reason his aces were murdered will go back reason one is sexually actuate around 5 weeks and run like this of the rabbits! As you owe that maintain revising some blockades that looks for the evidence was activity , usually teeth of mark.

A last time looked in mine some frames of teeth were very small and so only in a fund of some blockades. This indicates mine that the smile of field has begun in his so has not seen the rat for at least 18mths.

Averts calm blockades also pellets of slug of the need like slugs eats some blockades to take in some alimentary and a poison does not have any effect on him. If it do not use some pellets some blockades take eaten a lot quickly.

Has given 5 for a 'Flavour' but there is did not try him in fact (any recommended) but based in a fact that shortly after situating them has been eaten a lot quickly and has seen the dramatic reduction in active.
5 / 5 Detra
I rats have not eaten this poison. Some rats have had the tiny nibble in him but would not eat it . You are this, as has the nest of rats under my nave of garden and has very taken in of the cheats. These produced is the total waste of time and money. These products have said that that has an ingredient to postpone animal of the eat, which also for rats of the eat.

I use a poison in the box of professional throat that animal of stops and birds of the eat and the situate down a nave, he so that has any need to have an ingredient that rats of stops of the eat.
5 / 5 Janeth
The majority of effective. On the dot in fact one of one the majority of effective rodenticides has used to date.
5 / 5 Merry
Has the smallholding and inevitably some look of rats to see that it can find. They have taken the little while to take used to these blockades, but once his , took him to feed to his young rats, is finding several dead rats was in some open, as it can assume that it hid it more was to die. Like the big success. Thank you.
5 / 5 Julieta
There is reordered these.
I use under my lodge where any pet or the birds or the squirrels etc can take.
This in spite of, months of winter some mice love the when they move under my lodge (by means of empty very small) with the sound has has extended families and of the chances for the long stay.
Has had my husband has dipped four long nails to the plank of forest and I push three of these to the each nail.
Some mice eat and disappear after the pair of weeks. Some rests of throat and is has controlled easily.
Is slow working but work.
Has to that kill some mice to the equal that have eaten separates to my car (EA has said is oil of vegetable in of the plásticoes now). To The My together car parts likes them-in the behind to forests and of the fields. My téléphonique and wifi bosses. My bosses of house of the neighbours. Like this must of need.
4 / 5 Sheridan
Any insurance that a lot ossia, or the no. has been the using reason have found some holes burrowed basses slabs for behind my cochera. Like the neighbour had gone down an old nave that had had rats living assumed it down had moved in my property. A quickly missing bait and then a consumption tailed was, as I thought it could have done a trick. This in spite of, several months on and the a fifth container still is taken when being. It has to that a lot they all have died for now? It looks like this I can it has to that I stimulate a slabs and use the big clave.
5 / 5 Shella
My unwelcome the guest there is departed. I have had the hole around the outlet for the pipe of drainage. Like the time has to that way that be that impresses I raw water had penetrated a brickwork, frozen, and left of some flanges. It was so only when my cat would seat prejudice with which night staring in a wall for behind a tank of bath, wall to find of the mine has added insulation lying in an earth where an external hole had looked that a penny sunk ( I knows... Duh!) . It looked around like this to that could buy locally, but more the products have received terrible descriptions, as because waste my money. I spotted these on-line, read some descriptions and am like this happy took him. It has eaten seven blockades in the few nights and was until the creature seen. It was scarily simple to do!. I have purchased also some boxes of throat to maintain some blockades in so many to so only aim my plague, as these are a strong plus can buy you without calling in the company of control of the plague. To good sure would recommend these, but please purchase the box with them like this was like this quickly for him to have dread gone to think that it could do to the pet familiarised beloved or the god forbid the boy!
4 / 5 Rosina
Has several outbuildings and each winter/of autumn has the procession of mouse trooping in to cover once a harvest is on. To avert vehicle electrics etc when being savaged use these poisons of mouse how is of the strong rests calmer to buy like the no professional plague controller. He a work, although we have to that ensure some blockades in pins to prevent them to be towed was the some depths for consumption later. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Santo
Has given for a flavour although any one is to me tried, and does not recommend calm neither.

But some look of rats if delight in a material because I am disappeared without trace. Wonderful!

Considering ‘value for money' when some rats are ploughing by means of a calm material can ask goes to surpass your personnel grocery bill! But some rats have gone, as it has to that has be worth it.
4 / 5 Margery
I have been using these blockades partorisca several months now and visas the marked decrease in a number of the rats and the mice that annoying partorisca visit our garden. We are together estacionar like this there'll always be rodents roughly, but these blockades ensure that we can go for ages without finding any evidence of the rats and the mice that visit. The I also uses Roshield tamper-boxes of poison of rodent of the test and the rat captures that sure mark that him him them rats come to a garden, any usually take to leave !
4 / 5 Felipe
Am seating looking some rats spend this poison stops. In some 4 boxes of throat have is simply not taking has touched. It has used poison of big cheese partorisca the years and is gobbled arrive - unfortunately this “by force the professional poison” really is not doing.
5 / 5 Lashawna
At the beginning would plant him in of the boxes of throat or so only leave them on a paving of an edifice infested, but would disappear in the daily base. I have then begun to edge the to boss and edge this by means of the piece of pipe, doing sure a boss was long enough to join near in a cup, calms that can verify daily and the substitute when necessary.
4 / 5 Kizzy
Has bought 5 x 300stock exchanges of g in trying the cull a rat or rats on my ceiling of living room.
Like him like this x3 of stock exchanges = 900g has been taken in of the days... It could listen some blockades that is moved around.
After current activity the week later, has decided to buy an old fashioned cradle-cheat of loaded rat baited with butter of peanut.
Has found to the giant rat there is wounded afterwards to a cheat in a coverage that then has has had to that unfortunately shoot with a rifle of air :(
900g of this product would not kill even a rat!
So only fed it more, and the teaspoon of butter of peanut that cost 2 pence ceba the like this well...
Included If a poison had killed a rat... Calm would not find a carcass or nest.

Has been I would buy an old fashioned cheat of rat for less than £2
4 / 5 Benny
After closing another recognition of rats around a coop of chicken, has decided to try these have so be recommended. It was appreciated for one follows on email of a vendor that has quotes clear instructions on use and that to expect. With which 5 days a bait has begun to disappear I so that it will maintain an eye and substitute some blockades as it has required.
5 / 5 Laurine
Easy to use and visible. So only I can say that this has done quickly and after dipping was 4 sachets- a for each consecutive day has begun to ask has been to be effective. It has dipped one 5 sachet out of that then remained almost untouched. I can so only it boasts the work done.
5 / 5 Malcolm
I alive in a field surrounded for horses and of the animals of park. Of course it has rats. It uses some blockades in rat boxes that I expect protects fauna and flora generally. They take nibbled hopefully for rats and smile those who then ,again hopefully, subterranean to die where is less probably to be eaten by another fauna and flora or animal created.
5 / 5 Natacha
Has revised already this product but I will repeat it technical support a lot when telephones like this informed and predicted for a provider after the pair of weeks some rats have begun to feed and could not take enough of him eating all both in a cheat and externally has dipped a last bait was done two days am t be touched he so that it boasts the rats have died, time to fill in some holes
4 / 5 Leeanna
has Used this product and of this company felizmente before. The prolonged use has required, but has cleared the big rat infestation alfresco done 2 years. After the recently pulled neighbour down the nave some rats have reappeared. Hopefully There is nipped the in a bud this time - stops the week a product has been taken, now is not and any rat seen. It will maintain a rest in chance perhaps. It has been sent a lot quickly.
5 / 5 Minna
Has Had any effect anything. Dipped the down in the each nook and cranny in a cookery, but a bit blighters still is running around. Calm import, there is dodged some cheats of mice also.
5 / 5 Gladys
We have had unfortunately the question with the rats that follows the question with the levels of rubbishes of the neighbours. It has seen frequently 5-6 rats for the together day. It has bought previously a canal of beaten and baits of blockade of them. No my zone of expertise like this returned the part to the rovescio, has called a line of support and has spoken to the wonderful lady the one who spoke by means of like this partorisca take better results. Saved the fortune that the fact , like this easy is his joint . Has the dog and of the boys of next door, totally sure.

Thank you Partorisca A+ service in the each way.
5 / 5 Suk
Ossia An only product that takes rid of my question of rat. My dogs take one or two but very enough. I discover where alive and give them the delivery of house. Obviously I owe that be careful any to leave a poison where some dogs can find it.
5 / 5 Kassandra
Has used a Roshield Cheats of Rat in some boxes to control rats around one in two spill which are used for the pony and ass. His well but some rats simply will not go to an enclosed space, prefers to eat the piece is spent for a equines. A bit those that of these blockades fallen or has pressed down each visible hole a trick. Recommended.
4 / 5 Dinah
Has been falling 2 blockades to 2 different holes/nests in a garden, two times the week for several weeks, behind fill a hole and the few days later a hole is of tower.
5 / 5 Tawana
Any sure reason would ask a question roughly flavour in of the considerations to poison of rat, for this one a star, personally did not try it and does not think some mice/of rats will be around quite long to comment.
4 / 5 Teresita
Has taken now by means of 6 stock exchanges of of the this but any sign of any reduction in scurrying in ours loft. I have been treating for on 6 weeks, is taking eaten like this obviously is when enjoying.
4 / 5 Georgeann
Produces very good deliverd punctually a lot of packaged and good prize
4 / 5 Claudio
the product is so only that says in a band. The work quickly has no noticeable smell and is easy to use. A the subject small was a packaging a time there was state very wet and when rid an external box virtually had fallen averts. The contents were easily visible and my first control was that there was still 5 interior of containers. Very poor considering contents
4 / 5 Lan
has launched the little around a loft, now is good and calm. Another have situated in some black boxes, front and for behind the mine houses which see has been nibbled. Oh And service of client a lot very
4 / 5 Jacqualine
has had the question of rat in a big garded nave/of cochera, has seen 2 active rats in dusk. Situated a poison down in several zones of a nave, as we have known very other animals or the boys could take to some spilt to situate them to us freely without a box of throat. Initially we situate 4 in the every time, morning and night and for day 4 there is prendido taking a bait!! We direct to take 2 rats in some deceives also. Highly it would recommend this product! It is cleared some rats is gone in less than timing that I have not imagined never!
4 / 5 Kaycee
Seemingly very quite one 'a recognition' the material has thought.

Perhaps sees them has taken a one with a stomach of iron of the mould.

Hes Taking it he but thinks that the dinner is to do fault.,
4 / 5 Laverna
has BOUGHT this so much some law of edifice concealed is gone in near has disturbed the nest and they have driven my crazy dog and pursued him in a garden and was able to take one has followed some instructions and baited some cheats when it verified them to them a next day had taken a bait the only time will say like this has had them a poison for the pair of days when it has opened them a container some blockades have odorato to to the the bit likes him the chocolate of any marvel some rats have taken a bait
5 / 5 Lashandra
Load of this plague roughly, very the take. Mark sure calms his still down to take hoarders taking a lot of era. I have had to subject before I shoved the ray by means of them.
5 / 5 Narcisa
Takes the moment for some rats to take used his, but ossia normal. Once they take the flavour does not take for the yearn to disappear. We have tried all the classes of humane options, but unfortunately for some rats have not done. We are finding less rat oo, as so only can assume that it does.
5 / 5 Quinton
Has not expected so much in of the boxes enough for the park but no expensive as it has not imported doing a work that control in the weekly base has not seen a mamma and dad and expect a youngster is in a way takes rid of decking in a future with which lock down.
4 / 5 Rocky
Cant Lacking .... Rodents Neither nibble went in him, or take the blockade of part was the nibble and die. Deals A lot effectively over time with infestations. Murderous of good rodent, whose doubt for the buy.
4 / 5 Tanika
A good product the stable has been built near of us and has seen rats in an end of a garden this product has helped to eradicate them well has deserved 5
5 / 5 Delinda
am no expert, but inside the week of use, a question resembles has been solved.
A ceba is now state very touched for four days. Previously a bait was eaten daily. 10 blockades have been eaten. A question arrived in a greenhouse and therefore it has controlled easily.
4 / 5 Latisha
To to Him Some mice like to of him, but did not kill him was. As I have purchased the pair of cheats of mice/of big rat, which has done a when it does not operate.
5 / 5 Christia
Simple to use, votive clocks sized.
He Kills the rats or any have not been to except to to something likes to eat his and there is more something that there used to be...
4 / 5 Kourtney
It can not comment in a flavour as it has said ANY partorisca human consumption. It has taken three days of refreshing a cheat and now four days with swimming taken, as looking well like this far
4 / 5 Cinthia
displeased partorisca swim. Used partorisca control enough weaves of rats. It produces a lot good and a lot effective. To good sure would recommend. Good update on progress of mandate and a lot speedy book of the Obliged
4 / 5 Christiane
has used these blockades before and am very satisfied with them, look to do a good work. Already 4 blockades have gone of a box is in so many something is by train to eat them. It would recommend this product and would buy again.
4 / 5 Devona
As with all pesticides uses this like the measure to control around my property. It is taken regularly and looks to be that they a work.
4 / 5 Cole
Any one sure this is doing still. We know the rats were present first of the the bait has been dipped down, but like this far I any one a lot ceba taken. We remark that the the bait is bitter to discourage anything another that the rats or the mice that takes it, any to the sure rats likes him to of him neither or have all has cleared was vacacionales.
5 / 5 Cleta
Some mice/of rats are eating a bait that is obviously the good signal, so only has to that expect that punctual stops and will have victory.
5 / 5 Bruno
Some rats have loved that, has had 10 sculking around some feeders of bird, has used this in 2 cheats of throat & have seen so only 1 rat of then, a lot effective.
5 / 5 Penelope
Is a lot some the greedy plagues ate it quickly and reapply is hid still ,has not listened they
any one his cheat a lot is where is if his the career but alive prójimos calms does not love this.
Could finalise with them lying around with which
5 / 5 Nu
A product has arrived a day with which has been ordered. A prize was a lot in comparison with other alike products. I have not had his time fully tries still but looks to be the good deterrent.
4 / 5 Ilene
I rats have not eaten this poison : these produced has not done for me- any interior or external.
Waste of money for me

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 300g Wax ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5 Myrtle
I have purchased this after looking the rats do his way of the nave of the hover of the feeder of bird of the mine another neighbour and behind again in the daily base. It was of course, somehow my failure as ' has has not had never rats in some 40 years have lived there!'.

In all the chance, in an end has spent the little of a Roshield canal of throat and the pair of stock exchanges of Roshield blockades of throat as well as the very known competitor blockades of throat. It has left at all the casualidad to the equal that have situated 4 of the each blockade in the each canal of throat.

To the equal that can see of a picture, some rodents have had certainly the preference partorisca a Roshield blockades. There is in fact the rodent has died so only was has shot, as his hips laws. A subject of whole rodent is now state has solved.

My neighbour is has not mentioned that appreciated is partorisca my swift and decisive action. When I enquired like this to a subject of rodent, has done aim it partorisca say me that a essult of a General Election was a better thing this is to spend in of the decades'. I am not like this sure in a politics, but a bait has done certainly.
4 / 5 Clementina
Been suffering the one who the Flemish dances, hob-nailed-has smiled kicked in a ceiling void partorisca weeks now. This material a trick in two nights. The things are much more peaceful now.... So only behind my woman snoring. Recommended
4 / 5 Demetria
Rats very suspicious at the beginning, some still avert it, but enough have, after the month, succumbed to his flavour of delicious chocolate (does not eat this calm!) The succumb.
5 / 5 Temika
4 / 5 Lachelle
has purchased recently the Roshield Canal of Throat and some of these blockades. It has given so only to 4 indication to star reason can not be 100 sure some works of throat. A damned rat has gone like this would think that is the 5 but a bit bugger so only can have moved house. I did not see it again with which is surfacing of low my nave of garden and having the reccie averts some beds of flower, afterwards as it has taken a canal of throat . Cheeky Little sod included had been camping is gone in my Clematis but has maintained my fun cats - has done the transmission of bird/small rodent stalking. I am pleased to say a rat has not been the view has dipped of a bait down and a bait had gone like this something has eaten he - hopefully the rat has said. Sad has forgotten to take the photo. Regarding a vendor has had to contact them with the surgery and has gone back quickly with the response - 5
5 / 5 Sophia
These blockades were easy to edge to a cane in a canal of throat and all a throat remained in a place. This in spite of Ratty has not been a lot of enthusiast on he still although has odorato of yummy white chocolate. Ratty Obviously prefers savoury eaten likes scoffed of all a throat of grain my neighbour has used.
5 / 5 Hyacinth
Has purchased this product to take touched of of mouse in ours loft, alive is gone in a Cotswold like the question from time to time in a season of rain, can a lot honradamente say this time that well is so only used it so only but will leave is quell'has bitten later but a product was easy to use and already holed for a ceba does not box any question and am them quite sure will do a work, smiled like this sad.
4 / 5 Lynelle
These blockades of the control of the plague looks for having fact, has tried another that quell'was in an expensive side and has not done likes a bit the rodents were Immune to them.
But at all has been sighted has dipped of these was.
4 / 5 Hobert
Spent with the combination other methods. It has not been a lot succesful at the beginning but this was down to find to sweet of mecer eaten meso under my new edges with falling everywhere that. The mice were feasting on that for weeks/of days ewwwwww.

A product is red and quite true to a picture. Unless some mice take the big chunk will be it hard to something is to be take.

Other products have done better for me but concealed so only could be down the regime of pot.
5 / 5 Bobette
I have very bought these on some seasons and when I have bought another branded the poisons locally are ineffective. Alive in the very far zone as it expects rats, and consistently finds this product partorisca be one the majority of effective control without the doubt.
4 / 5 Renna
There is at all partorisca disturb so only that some rats love it, one has taken already, does not like me that it has to that do this but decided it is cost trying me hacerprpers Of I and like this far a lunch is taking every time has ordered the plot and expected it the finally not being taken but at present 5 blockades gone each morning, as it can move the cheats also, the product does exactly that says
5 / 5 Gaylene
has purchased this first partorisca clear the question of rat in a garden. It has done a trick last time! It founds evidence of rats in a garden again - to to my neighbour likes to feed some birds and leaves alimentary piece during his garden that draws him in! Repurchased and used in of the boxes of enclosed throat. Any byline of then and the big dead rat founds has gone I up to the suppositions 🤢 do not like that it has to that of poison of use, but neither loves him inner my house!
4 / 5 Cliff
Has to that be sincere ..
Has not used - Because of concerning in the hedgehogs visit my garden & my dog ..
The box has dipped . Bit of breast in - did not cause it never was
there is Dismantled spilt today any sign .. So only few dice of Ape ... The few cars been roughly so much has taken perhaps a rat !
4 / 5 Ula
Has had the nightclub of mouse in our coverage that has maintained everything on at night. I have dipped this down three nights that career. First night, noisier to the equal that have gone his " extracted" it was. As it prejudices the little calmer. Tercero prejudices so only a line has listened. Fourth swimming at night. Bliss.
4 / 5 Gaston
Very effective. The interior done 2-3 days of use. Just need to install my battery has operated ultrasonic repellant my loft and is everything well.
4 / 5 Kam
A neighbour there has been his decking lifted and has to that it has disturbed the nest of rats. With these together with the cheats have taken 11 that knows of and probably killed some adults also. Produced well a work.
5 / 5 Katharyn
Has has suffered rats. Bought a box and two classes of killers of rodent. A boxing raided and ate him everything.
Has not seen the rat for the moment. I maintain baiting a box and I use two classes of poison in result of resistant chance.
4 / 5 Janene
I individual blockades have situated in of the empty pertinent around a garden, specifically where had seen a rat or where was gone in signals/to hide places. First night, a blockade of poison has been taken but a next day a rat has been view . I have substituted in a place still a blockade that is to be take and some second prejudices that the blockade has been taken also. Of then more rat! And no more the blockades taken. To good sure done a trick like this far.
5 / 5 Marcy
Fed up With the rats in a bird subject like this bought this element , is coming a lot quickly,and was very affective, raisin for big the park like this vermin is expected,but three days later any sign of some rats,like this a lot quickly doing, very pleased..
5 / 5 Arlinda
We use this but without any bait and has situated the down the cupboard in a cookery after listening the sound partorisca express and some movement. The poison has been used without throat and some mice or the rat have eaten an interior of whole blockade two days. We have listened of any or visas any one.
5 / 5 Dalene
Seats partorisca say but can have killed some Mouse, but a lot anything partorisca some rats sadly. It has had to that take some the wild cats of the farmer have taken early rid of some rats, but thank you at any rate was the good test perhaps ideal for users of house, no for field folks.
5 / 5 Lance
The product does not operate, the rat has not been never for him. There it went it down for the week now, can see a rat in my camera of house and trace to this product and of the walks were. Joke and the waste of money 👎🏻
4 / 5 Magen
is Spent the aspirador on a disorder has done, has has used gloves to dip down. A down hole the outside and two in a cupboard. Any byline of then. As the one who am conscious this product has done the work adds.
5 / 5 Maura
Does not doubt this material is adds to treat populations of rural mouse. But Londra where alive, are the fearful rodents is resulted totally that resists to this material. I have situated it blocks everything by means of our basement and coverage, as well as some in of the boxes in our cookery. The mice devoured absolutely; all this is to the left is the class of bluish powder his left behind. But if anything there is wanted to so only eat more! They have taken by means of they like it to them it was bites . It was so only when we purchase to snap cheats that was able to really treat a question.
5 / 5 Jospeh
Thinks that has done a calm work once takes another source to feed and situate them where believe a recognition of rodents
2 fed and any one the rats of mare add !!
5 / 5 Queen
No more scrabbling in a ceiling, as all happy. It averts rats, the one who has died.
4 / 5 Leilani
Has smiled in my nave, almost has eaten the stock exchange discovers of of the this and weeks later they all look well and like this numerous.
5 / 5 Meta
Has used the pair of these down cheats of mine allotment and has taken the pair of the rats that takes mine sweetcorn laws well . Well sturdy cheats.
4 / 5 Sophie
Too prompt to say yes law, but some signs are as well as the rats eat and now look to be taking them less. Hopefully This means is not alive and able to eat them!
5 / 5 Chance
Used the partorisca varied months , once some rats take his data of aim . It has Had the question of big rat, down controls now...
4 / 5 Tonie
Has bought this look it partorisca time partorisca reduce a rat infestation in my zone. I find it easy to use. It would recommend
5 / 5 Numbers
All the poison and the cheats have ignored of ours ready mice. An only thing that has done finally was tampons of glue. The question has solved now.
5 / 5 Young
With which few days some rats did not touch it and the have the big family in mine loft. It can the return this and take the repayment?
4 / 5 Hattie
Cant Comments still like this of the cheats have taken the types are doing the sterling laws! It will verify behind in the pair of weeks.
4 / 5 Phung
Has begun having questions with the plot of mouse in a garden.
Has dipped these was and has eaten each one has bitten.
All some mice have been found and no longer with us. RASGA
4 / 5 Janita
The certainly done one - living approximations the park, has a (a lot) @@subject occasional with rats under a house but east stuff really law - so that it is effectively has deleted a question inside the quite short timeframe (2 weeks-ish).
5 / 5 Felton
Any one calms until crippins level but calm smiles him the work extracted has to that be has found quickly together cheats how is a lot a lot
5 / 5 Nicole
Which more can say another that he that declares in a packaging.. Easy to use and boss. Slides Easily to a cane of metal that access neatly to a box of throat. The value adds and fast delivery. Recommended
4 / 5 Charline
has dipped down these blockades, some rats so only ignore a lot effective there is appealed to use cheats of the much more effective rat.
4 / 5 Latashia
Bought like the family of rats had decided our garden was so only partorisca they. Obviously feeding creatures to the equal that have flown a lunch of bird has the place was. It has taken two containers and the week but has gone now.
4 / 5 Lavern
Has done well has used captures first and never sure had taken the all, has used this in spite of the band fill the week and found the cobwebs that has spent some holes of rat with which 2 weeks and I have not seen or listened of any evidence of rat in some last 3 months.
4 / 5 Robbi
Up to now has installed so only so only some cheats and bait without success still but his early days
4 / 5 Samantha
Difficult to do the test still of the poison of rat takes some time partorisca take effect. Rat like this far still actuate with which some 10 days, but live in hope!
5 / 5 Shavonda
Is the poisons so much has to that be very careful with him but work of looks
5 / 5 Dani
has Used he partorisca mouse.
Has bought a green bait (laughed shaped) 9 out of 10 smiled prefered another produced and of this here has died :)

Perhaps more own partorisca rats more than smiling
4 / 5 Halina
still are while partorisca see the a lot well the the moment gives it time
5 / 5 Tanya
Vermin resembles like this of product, each unit dipped down disappears interior 24 hours. The contents of container have everything now state exhausted . Where Go of here?
4 / 5 Latrina
I rats are by train of the eat and there looks partorisca be less they maintaining. It has taken the moment partorisca arrive.

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 60 Mouse ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5 Melinda
We have had the question of rat in our garden partorisca to the long of the year now, and a lot humane the measures were ineffective. Some rats were extremely active in full day and some of them were quite big, as I have taken a joint to buy a 60 band and he have taken all some bands for him to do. But with which around the week all the traces of some rats have gone. Work really well and has taken a bait instantly.

So only the word to warn, some looks to poison to do some rats bit it docile. Had the pair of occasions where rats of presence 'drunkenly' fallen in our garden. Has 2 dogs to the equal that has had to ensure a cost was clear whilst using a poison as they would have taken him easily.
5 / 5 Carmella
Absolutely material brilliant, have so only has not bought never this and is brill, he a work, has to be patient, besiege a bait and leave, maintains to verify in a bait and maintain substituting, my garden has been infested because of the our forward lockdown, dipped that down all some holes have undermined and then the blockade on, shabby alot of him tbh to do sure, can not recommend this product enough, does not use the box of throat neither, some results are fantastic, a an I expósito died this morning and is yesterday state has covered the ticks, omg jumped like crazy, like this ticks exited him my herb and then to my dog, highly recommends a product and this company the one who sells them, a delivery was speedy aswell, his best to buy enough the few bands to do sure, his no good buying a backside he am sincere
5 / 5 Leida
This Roshield 'paste of rat' is the version produced for a lot of companies. As with all another some have sold precise the box of rat/of sure mouse to dip he in still security. GLOVES to SPEND WHEN That MANAGING! Really it is the vicious poison . Has chickens and has chickens, has rats and mice. Like this always dipped he in a box of security in a career of rat. Like the poison disappears some rats disappear. Fantastic. A light critique so only is that really it would owe that be distributed in the container sealed plastic. No quite significant to fall the star but to dip this in an enclosed in some instructions.
The material adds this in spite of.
5 / 5 Maryalice
This produces to good sure that says in one has beaten! Interior 24 hrs has had a first dead rat and after a second plot of sachets had been dipped down has not seen any sign of rodents and a sachets is still in place. Having has had to the big rat run by means of a ceiling of bungalow of mine and go down a yard now can have some plough of doors in an evening this hot time!
5 / 5 Everett
Laws of product to the equal that has suggested. They are now free of rats. It feeds some birds, so that it is reason is looked. It has not seen to rat for age now. Very pleased with a product, included although it did not like using them. Had the question the while behind, where the rodent had chewed by means of an electrical boss in a house - cost weaves it to me to research a question and the solve.
4 / 5 Vera
Has had several infections of rat in a smallholding of an arrival of CV19, one this has eaten some of a electrics and tapes of chair out of a garaged the car am restoring. Tried the row of products the majority of that has taken days to disappear but this paste the baits have been after the pair of hours - three bands later have not seen any one locates of vermin. Well it pleased it.
4 / 5 Leandro
These are exactly that requires to rid our cochera of some mice.

Originally Bought with the band of 5 boxes of throat, and then adds the pair of sachets in the each box, together with one of a Big Cheese All the blockades of throat of the Time. In this way I am covering included fussy eaters.

Has dipped also two bait boxes external and cochera and a sachets keep well for the few months
4 / 5 Kris
has used this mark of throat of poison of the first rodent, does not see the mice have died during a place, but some animal is eating a bait, and does not have the question with mouse. My conclusion is that a bait is doing.
4 / 5 Tyree
Easy to use and monitor. Some taken every day but has not seen never any organism. To good sure any more alive sighting
5 / 5 Carlee
All need the works and fast. Much better that some blockades and alternative of grain.
4 / 5 Murray
Well Ossia a second plot has bought and some rats still is eating. Like this neither it is not very effective or there is more the rat is that I have thought. I have not seen any dead rats. That suggests that they are still alive and eating a poison.
4 / 5 Lettie
Is just lunch partorisca some rats. Some waste of money and time. A calm joint touch £55 partorisca 4 visits and ive has sent £120 in this stupid lunch partorisca some rats cos thats def not poisoning in there. I have fed some rats partorisca in the wk while his eventualy has known them one uploads consultor like this little,the wud ees been my first stop in planting to squander of the money. So only among,take a 'bait' and partorisca in the wk. Waste of money and time
5 / 5 Giovanna
worse Swimming that the finding has rats in your garden and under a floorboards. These sachets has done a trick this in spite of. Always it will maintain the supply he in chance that spends again
5 / 5 Belia
has Used these many times, utmost. This loaded time 3 boxes of throat have purchased for separate, all emptied in 1 week like this refilled again. Doing a lot of

Good vendor, there is rid quickly, any @@subject
5 / 5 Marianela
easy Product to manage and place down and easily seen like his ascended. Work a lot well and does a work. They are very pleased.
4 / 5 Tomeka
Easy to use, work well. The rats are using my garden like the course of neighbours any side. LESS iV rats seen of then using are ceba.
4 / 5 Moshe
Has dipped 2 sachets is gone in my junk the cochera has fill, and in a course of two days, was has devoured entirely. I dipped it/ I dipped It it was 4 more, in of the alike locations, and remain untouched. This was to do roughly 2 weeks.
Any one some rodents have gone alimentary or is in heaven of rodent.
In an evidence like this far; well it pleased it.
4 / 5 Mauro
Very sure so his efficiency, the laws of hope have left.... A whole street is active because of a lockdown.
4 / 5 Abel
The product adds that it says. Perfect delivery,very wrapped and more than imports A PRIZE JUSTO! Thank you
4 / 5 Scott
So many has used far 30 sachets (2 containers). I dipped it/ I dipped It it was 3 to 6 sachets each evening. They are disappeared entirely in a morning! Some looks of bait to be to some rats' that like, but is clearly a lot sufficiently poisonous.
4 / 5 Shawanda
It has used these before. Do a work. No it likes Him To Him the murder anything but some rats have results too cheeky.😱
5 / 5 Leslee
Has arrived quickly , easy to use and does ossia a second quantity has bought
4 / 5 Charissa
Very easy to use produced that looks like this far partorisca be doing well in our question of mouse. Thank you.
5 / 5 Kiyoko
Some wines of rats partorisca walk in this mark of poison and has not gone included touched
4 / 5 Charlott
has used this product in mine allotment on two leading occasions and found the to be easy to use and very effective in mice.
4 / 5 Alvera
Has the question with rats has eaten all my plants the bed has put sachets in a cup of mine tubs is disappeared quickly has dipped the second batch was and like this far is still there, am expecting is has done a trick
4 / 5 Barbar
Looks partorisca do a trick ( the sad smile😪) has used he in a past partorisca rats also.
5 / 5 Ursula
Has left untouched
has Been moldy
Spend for insects and woodlouse
4 / 5 Renetta
Better product of this class, partorisca fast results, has found
4 / 5 Chanell
Fast delivery. Place out of a bait but any rat tried it. I have been perhaps murdered with a last of a leading bait. Well, appearance like this in all the chance.
4 / 5 Kamala
He that says in a band, this produces in fact works.
4 / 5 Renata
Uses this partorisca rats in a garden, so only enjoy eat he his swimming transmissions
5 / 5 Thomasine
the mice prefer a paste I ceba more than the grain bathes in my opinion the have bben using is throat partorisca the while ossia my third cost some mice want to me tbh :D:D :D
4 / 5 Evelin
These would look for having done. Some mice in my edges loft has not been listened of has dipped of these up there.
4 / 5 Lucrecia
These sachets is the useful way to kill mouse . His well and do the good work. It has not been that time some effects will last , for this some 4 stars .
5 / 5 Matha
A product is having the habit partorisca take rid of the family of rats. We have used this product before and he overtime taking rid of some rats. Ossia The new infestation in the different part of our very rural garden.
4 / 5 Leonard
The product is easy to use. The element was dispatched promptly, certainly would use a company again. Very effective.
4 / 5 Angila
Very pleased with a poison of throat/of the mouse, uses them with a lockable boxes of throat, and some mice eat it, and is an economic plus has found.
5 / 5 Chadwick
Has arrived promptly internal 3 days partorisca use no longer has had the question of rat. He that says.

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 10 Mouse ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5 Trudi
A lot of sturdy and strong, the throat does well boxes. This measure 5' long, 3' wide and 1.5' deep. Lockable The lid opens partorisca use the simple two prong 'tone.' Two tones have been distributed with this order of 10 boxes.
Tip: Sellotape a key to a lid of a box of throat. Partorisca Always has lost tones the boxes of throat, forcing me partorisca buy new every time need the throat up.
He Loses some tones to these calm still would owe that be able to open a lid with two prongs of to the the fork likes of these is not a latch type. Mayor.

Inside a box is two compartments partorisca throat, one with the head office of plastic spike partorisca anchor a throat, if it is the blockade , or the baggie. These compartments also felizmente take free bait.
Has drilled holes (2) in a base is using free bait and wants to ensure a box to a paving.
Has the corridor in a backside, separated to some compartments, those some mice can travel by means of without stepping ceba everywhere. They will not be able to spend blockades of throat out of a tunnel of corridor.

These boxes are own partorisca inside cupboards, low tanks, behind or low pipework, anywhere the mice do his careers.
Tip: utilisation partorisca focus sticky in a lid with a date a ceba has been dipped in/substituted, and the one who a bait was. It controls some contents of a box of throat two or three times the week, topping up as it has required. I am leaving mine permanently baited, especially in a space of ceiling and controls so only constantly to do sure there is ceba still in there.

These are weatherproof, as it can be used external in the puddle relatively dry/ free zone.
Am using mine indoors, in a space of ceiling, and in of the rooms where suspicious has inherited the mouse or two lately. My failure for having a rear door that is opened all day, every day often box late at night with some lovely times have had this Cradle and State (up until a last fortnight or as).
Modification: Some mice have begun to use these boxes of throat immediately of some first prejudices were down, any fear roughly going in there to eat at all.
Has has used blockades of throat in some compartments. A lot, very pleased with a creation and build of these few boxes. Recommended.
4 / 5 August
kinda fiddly To use but this maintains kiddie toes out of him.
A staggering the thing is still can live after the people those who think that that the mice are so only an acceptable part of his life .

Really would owe that be transparent , as you can verify for poison/of mouse without inaugural..
4 / 5 Giuseppe
Solid, robust few boxes of throat. Quite small for the mouse to take to but at all main like some rats, topes, rabbits, the birds etc will go in. And of this point is everything down to a compraventa to poison for separate to use. I have used it blocks and paste sachets and both have been eaten to visit mice.

Two tones have comprised in a band of ten boxes with hole of the sure keyring that maintains. Sure locks. A subject.
4 / 5 Jammie
Any one sure as to expect 10 plastic boxes for £11. Well very pleased with a product a lot sturdy a lot well estimate our local tent is selling boxes partorisca £ for 1. It was pleased like this with them that has dipped the estaca on book of face and telephoned them until the saying has been pleased with a product. 2 tones come with the each box of 10 and is quite hard to press a clip to open that it could think you ah! But calm no the master ploughing too easy to the equal that maintain the bait has closed. Very easy to situate bait in a section . There are 2 sections 1 for blockades and 1 for grain. Certainly it will be to buy of these again
5 / 5 Phylis
found quell'impossible to open these boxes manually. One maintains-need of next mechanism to be animal-drawn, or, alternatively, the tool would owe that be resupplied to facilitate ploughing of some boxes.
Update of description: I have added it comments to this description. Some commentaries describe some tones, which are required to open some boxes, and a saga to take of a provider. Some tones are in fact roughly 10 big times that some tones, which are aimed in a picture of a product. Such misrepresentation deserves a retention of mine original of the-stars to estimate of this product.
4 / 5 Idella
SHINING and economic. These do LIKE THIS WELL, baited with cubes of Big Cheese. We have had byline of nibbling and complete feasting for some premiers ten days (to the equal that has thinks that so only has resupplied eaten for a blighters) but of then - At all. For three month has been free mice - and our routine to verify a coxes has fallen to once the week (without evidence at all).
5 / 5 Herschel
These have arrived quickly, the day sooner that has expected, and is súper hard and sturdy. Easy to take to with some tones resupplied and can not be tampered with quell'I give to plot of peace to import I so that has two very curious doggies the one who would see likes the toy to touch achieve his never found one this is to hide.
The instructions are easy to follow and buy baited of Screwfix. So only while to see if our infestation soothes any punctual time now!
4 / 5 Shaquana
The product is very drawn and easy to use. More used for small rodents like mice of field but too small partorisca to rat or alike. Relatively tamper test but the easy access with a tool key has resupplied. Quickly it takes any plagues with a poison resupplied for same retailer. The device can be fixed the location or simply dipped without fixing.
4 / 5 Daisey
I aversion that has to that do excepts has to that say that it followed it all the suggestions in an use, my question has gone now
has tried each one another possible method with the only partial success that comprises so only dipping a bait down . Using some boxes of throat gave me to confidence of knots that was impossible for pets of mine to take near of a bait.
4 / 5 Pearline
The cochera has been invaded with mouse, has situated 6 boxes of throat down and almost immediately some mice have begun to eat a bait. Inside days a quantity of the throat eaten had fallen was markedly in proportion to a quantity of mouse that had died. I am continuing the throat for the pair more weeks to ensure have all gone but at present am them very impressed with a speed of effect. To good sure will recommend.
5 / 5 Margarita
wasnt The one who was them loooking partorisca didnt read a description properly the boxes of the rat required and has thought these he facts partorisca both, used him in some naves in stead and has ordered a correct some, swimming partorisca do with a product at all , sturdy few boxes and easy to fill once soiled like partorisca open them thank you very much
4 / 5 Ernie
has Ordered these cheats of throat partorisca pesky small mice in a to use and sturdy enough for a bait recommends produced
5 / 5 Terisa
A lot sturdy boxes . Key ploughing although these prob be stray punctual. Some boxes would be better clear as you could see when the the bait gone without that has to that open each one which as to verify. It produces very reasonable for a money
5 / 5 Roseann
has used these with some poison blocks no more smiled in my nave.
5 / 5 Katina
Excellent. I have loved to use the poison but I have the a lot of inquisitive the dog and these boxes maintain my sure dog and look to attract some mice the one who look to want to build the interior of nest as well as eating a bait. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Harlan
Loves these boxes of throat and find it surer to use to to these likes him to him the bait is enclosed was
5 / 5 Rigoberto
Like this of the boxes go is very easy upper opened to situate a bait in, easy to close. This in spite of afterwards 3 weeks to be dotted in my house still are that it sees this mouse! It is probably a bait as it can not see like this could be a box .
4 / 5 Hermine
Sad but l did not use him courts a smile l will maintain him if l nead in a future and l has been pleased the
5 / 5 Clarine
the solid boxing adds. Boxes of the map tried but easy harm.
5 / 5 Tana
Seas very pleased with this compraventa. Produced of good quality and very easy to use. It would purchase again . Rid faster that it was has been expected .
5 / 5 Coreen
With the dogs that the career around has has wanted to do sure there was neither casualidad of thwm taking a throat. We are careful to dip them out of achieving but am them much more sure using these.
4 / 5 Terica
The fast delivery but is not doing partorisca a porpoise. At all it is spent the mouses. They maintain partorisca run around
5 / 5 Victor
has Arrived punctual and a packaging is well. The product is build very strong and some really easy Instructions partorisca follow. If yours has thought roughly ordering these so only go advance and buy these.
4 / 5 Fausto
Really Like me these.
Good boxes that looks very sure with the tones to open.
Has done a lot well.
5 / 5 Miguelina
Unfortunately these have not done for us. An old tradional the cheat has taken a mouse in an end.
5 / 5 Ranae
Has arrived very packed and punctually.
All has done well
5 / 5 Shantelle
A sure way to dip poison down an only question is when a mouse has been in a box a poison takes attacked went to a box the taste me worry roughly having a pouch around
4 / 5 Trish
am pleased with these boxes. They are a lot amiably facts, solid but light, opened and close easily. I especially like a spike to that ensures a Roshield throat. He takes When be taken until they have eaten the majority of him.
4 / 5 Franklin
Are very happy with my mandate the very good prize and the fast rid the very good Vendor AAA+++
5 / 5 Lamont
Well to use baited around garden for mouse, after the week or so only has taken slugs and louse of forest in side, also used under unit of cookery, girls of stop of the locks messing with throat.
5 / 5 Elma
Good product. Sure of look and small hands partorisca be effective when remained with bits of Big Cheese
4 / 5 Lora
considering a crazy world-wide interior a moment, this company was ideal. Partorisca See put web partorisca order and receiving could any one of state easier. Excellent service. Highly recommend. Thank you. And
5 / 5 Katheleen
has produced adds, has spent these with beaten of poison, once has uploaded a box is closed and need the small tone partorisca open like this little rids cant go in there has to that find a
5 / 5 Jenifer
Very good and maintains poison out of our little dog a lot of sturdy but still while the Micky and undertaken partorisca visit there new houses
5 / 5 Verna
Happy with these - the good option him him of the small boys around. Interior of useful instructions also. Need of calm gentleman partorisca buy bait for separate.
4 / 5 Adriana
We have had the question of mouse in home concealed has required partorisca treat. I have ordered 20 which has arrived quickly enough. They are sturdy and easy to operate. Active has BOUGHT of then 10 more.
5 / 5 Lizzie
Looks for having done a work in our cookery down some dishes of has fallen
5 / 5 Yu
This product requires the key to open some boxes and these there is not coming with the tones - rendering all of some useless boxes. Also a lot answeres a number of telephone has resupplied.
4 / 5 Liane
The excellent lovely throat that boxes the one who next securely and is easy to open with one has has distributed tones.
4 / 5 Luise
Received it a time and as described but if some mice am too ready or too big of the avert!
5 / 5 Omer
Sturdy And well has done. It comes with key to safely and securely open and close concluded
5 / 5 Bebe
These have arrived promptly to treat the question of mouse has had. Value quite good and well has done. Instructions comprised and good Communication of a vendor.
4 / 5 Nakisha
Still sell smiled with which 6 days of use but then swimming. A lot well it would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 5 Mouse ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The must yes is using bait of poison partorisca mid infestation. Partorisca Be sincere does not like me using of bait, this in spite of, alive in the house with the thatched ceiling and whilst would want to live harmoniously with out rodents, and has eaten our wiring in a past and for like this fearful of the conflagration, the volume has measured cautelares partorisca take some mice.

These boxes are very done and is drawn partorisca resist any free bait or solid bait. Purchase ceba solid that comes with the hole inserted and these accesses of throat securely to a estaca in an of some two chambers of this box. A box in bylines securely and is closed automatically when concluded. An only way that can obtain you the access is partorisca use a tone of provider; a tone for band. If it wish to ensure some boxes, come pre-emission with two holes of ray. It does not ensure mine to the equal that prefer to move them around.

Supposes that a profit of entity is partorisca maintain an enclosed bait and sure of consumption accidentel for the boy or pet familiarised. Partorisca Be sincere, in ours loft does not have any casualidad of of the this, this in spite of, like a fact that a bait is contained in a place. Partorisca Those using a besides 'of public' places, is well, will stand up partorisca be trodden on and would have to that maintain a sure bait and sure partorisca cause harm.
4 / 5
Any mouse has been interested in these. After the week partorisca try and ensuring has had no another source partorisca feed some time the partner sadly has had to that result to snap cheats. A snap the cheat has taken after a night. A further disappointment was that my dog found this box of throat, although it was in the place has not thought never could take to (wedged among a refrigerator and a wall). It is remained for 2 hours (with alimentary and extracted!) And in that then the sniffed was, has chewed a whole thing and has eaten a poison. Like the result has had the very big vet bill and days of worry. Felizmente Is absolutely a lot now. Please maintain out of pets, a smell of a poison has to that be appeal. Better used in of the cupboards.
4 / 5
Has received these and one look very done, but has taken the bit to imagine was.

Remarks that there is the hole in a cup for a key concealed does not look to return a tone has distributed.
So only dipped a tone to a hole where a circle is, then the turn and will feel some the legs in a lock a movement of lock, and calm then can easily stimulates a lid.
5 / 5
Good product if I do not want to capture that some mice in this house usually goes of semi-detached closing to. So only dipped a bait sachet in a backside and close a lid, can not be opened without a key how is sure, place to the long of a wall or a zone infested and a ceba quickly goes only1 yours(red) as it tries any for the lose. Some boxes can be time used and again. We do not use never anything but boxes now, more economic in a long career. It would recommend.
5 / 5
These are utmost sturdy boxes. Already I have the pair of some main boxes and these are like this good. Obviously these are more for mice that rats been due to some inaugural measures. They close down with the click to reassure and easily resist I quite ceba. I have used the blockade of throat in a side and the bait of paste sachet in another. Hopefully This will help to eradicate a question of mouse in and around a house.
5 / 5
Simple to use and meeces has gone now. It had seen his regularly that careers among my pots of flower and once he ceba is gone down is slow result and lethargic. I am disappeared now altogether. It does not like that it has to that take touched of of of the fauna and the flora but they have lived under my summerhouse where there some a lot tempting cushions and I have seen a harm can do first.
5 / 5
Has arrived quickly and email of the courtesy received of vendor (produced Strong) assistance to offer and the joint yes has required. The boxes are very done and lockable, take the key the unlock and control if the ceba has been disturbed. Bait like this far has not been touched but is early days this in spite of the boxes look well.
4 / 5
The product adds - ideal for the mouse infestation. No quite big for rats, but there are available main products ossia yours question .
Adds that a bait is maintained out of an attention of birds. In general, the really good product.
4 / 5
A lot of sturdy produced! I find it the little difficult to in fact open some boxes that I use a tone, but is not insuperable. Wine with a consultor of leaflet and options for more than support, service of good client.
4 / 5
Having has Tried deceives, dipping poison in some available plastic trays by means of Amazon and these boxes, has decided that some boxes to do more. In of the situations where have dipped the poison is gone in some trays and in a box, some mice take a poison of a box preferentially. Perhaps celery surer eating in an enclosed place. Also some boxes prenden a poison that is extended roughly for some mice. Five boxes come with only a tone, be useful has had the transmission, although they are quite easy to open with other tools.
4 / 5
I add , sturdy bixes with the key to prevent other animals that obtains accesses. Some do tones partorisca press to some holes until some clocks of open box,
the toes crossed it will direct some mice infestation in ours flanges.
4 / 5
When being the little ancient has taken the pair of small partorisca exit where a tone was. After all it was simple and easy. Sad but the hope does not have to that buy more.
4 / 5
Is the shame partorisca have that orders these but is brilliant! My husband dipped him situate a day has arrived. Highly recommended. Thank you It characterise 👍🏻
4 / 5
Easy to use. Required partorisca ensure to the surface ( has used an old brick) has seen partorisca fix holes partorisca external careers, as has subject with squirrels and had remarked that has had previously tolen' two unit that was situated simply in an earth afterwards to a wall of external house. A brick also has shouted a unit of an earth to the equal that can suffer water ingress otherwise.
5 / 5
That says, sturdy the box of throat has operated key. I have been missing initially the key but the company was fabulous partorisca treat. Any work, any delay, member really useful of personnel.
5 / 5
Ossia My second plot 100 only desire wine with the tone the big plus like a first order has done . The his tomb the email partorisca experience the Tone the big plus .
5 / 5
The good boxes are concerned in other animals that eats a bait. The rodents obviously prefer a bait has left external.
5 / 5
Has bought these and a bait near and am very pleased. Some canal of diet is ordered and having the half multiple that can direct you some visitatore unwanted in the number of locations. For my house that was smiled in both a cochera and awning. Some boxes are easy to use and ensure pets or young girls
5 / 5
Fast delivery thankyou. Easy to use fantastic thank you
5 / 5
has thinks that some boxes of the throat of the mouse was satisfactory. They are at present into use and while results.
5 / 5
Nizza And compact. Totally boy and try left and very discreet. Nizza Does not have any question that goes in partorisca eat a poison as it looked partorisca do after roughly 2 days as it has not been touched of then. Nizza partorisca Know a dog can not take his access. Simple but effective piece of boxes.
4 / 5
There really well,law of just hope well,with a compraventa more has required
4 / 5
did not use him still, and look something on, so only a very light flu. . . In a description declares 'clear, like this calm whose need to open to see has anything inside' this is not a chance. Half it has expected it is judging for some photos, as he not having particularly has concerned.
5 / 5
A poison is very effective, a ceba boxes sure, can not be opened without a tone. There has Been smiled in a conservatory and aviary, all the evidence some mice gone in three days, Ossia a second plot are by train of the maintain in chance perhaps.
4 / 5
Very easy to use and now dipped his, baited in my rear garden. Sturdy And some mice have nibbled the pocolos baits like this hopefully has solved my question of mouse. Very happy with this product and swift delivery! Thank you 😊
5 / 5
Has not verified some boxes but has not seen the smile is gone in a go
5 / 5
Done a work. It has dipped these in my nave and look partorisca be that he a trick
4 / 5
Very good and easy to use, partorisca verify if the ceba has been taken has to that open with your distributed.
4 / 5
Using partorisca deter mouse of nibbling seedlings in mine greenhouse. Early days but looks partorisca be that they do like this far.
5 / 5
To the equal that has described a lot much more partorisca add so that the time will say to do
5 / 5
I add. Easy to open, easy to upload, easy to close and easy to situate.
Commentaries - does not come with throat. It spent bait for separate.
4 / 5
A lot of packaged And rid promptly. V gain to dip bait in so much of pets and of girls cant take in a bait . Easy the ipen and near has key. V pleased with them. Sturdy Plastic also.
5 / 5
Has arrived quickly and situated in cochera, with which baiting, where the suspect smiles him is trying to do the house. The boxes are directly advance and the own majority partorisca treat smiled, very happy with product and prize.
5 / 5
Cheat of regular throat, clear instructions. So only it comes with a key this in spite of.
5 / 5
Tamper Tries very good. It would have been excellent has been done of clear plastic so as to be able to verify a bait
Without that has to that open a canal of throat
4 / 5
A lot in fact seen the mouse of some cheats have been dipped as it has to that be working
4 / 5
The order has arrived promptly - the mice that explosion to and by means of some boxes, as they are doing his part. The other of an efficiency will be down to a bait of murderous of the mouse, which was the separate product .
5 / 5
Some stars was as so only has taken an emission key that is quite small. Going to try and take another correspondent and will change ossia 5 star .
4 / 5
Are extremely happy with some products have received is the quality boxes very good the did not expect them to b like this well, has had question with mouse for the few weeks but has used once a bait and the canal have seen at all more after the day
5 / 5
the product Adds that I need the key to open a box that does is the sure product for boys and of the pets.
A ceba that goes with this captive and tamper test.
Would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield Rodent ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Sheri
We were plagued for swam it rats that has caused the plot of misery as they have destroyed all some things had been storing in our nave. Have in the first place tried 2 different types of the cheats but some rodents somehow have taken some alimentary and dipping of some cheats but escaping. I have then tried an expensive rodent repel how has been supposition partorisca scare mice and rats with flashing lights and the big pitched noise, but this has had also little affect. It has after dipped down poison, which killed of some rodents for the moment until another batch moved in to substitute them. I have used finally a Roshield point, has blocked all some entrances could find (doing sure there is no to the left has included a hole a small plus that they can be able to express by means of). A result has been fantastic. No the rodent only for several weeks now. I can not recommend this product enough. So only the desire had used this prime minister and saved a time and the money are spent in of the products that has not been like this successful.
5 / 5 Aurora
Has the plague of rats of the property of the mine near that have looked for to kill using cheats and poison without real success. They have entered the void among the together wall and my cookery of state where has two thickness-walled 1 pipes of thumb of plastic water and several pipes of plásticoes voters, and there is gnawed by means of them everything.

Has has learnt of the poison of rat (warfarin) done of the rats a lot thirsty like this gnaw some pipes of water. As they are not that he that again! As I have bought this metallic point to seal a void and layer some pipes and pipes. That has a lot of fact effectively.

This metallic point is done of final-gauge boss. As it will cut your hands when managed. He like this the mark sure spends hard working gloves. I have cut easily using meso-sized shears of beat it used for the metal that read. I have used thin-gauged boss to armour plate to join band around some pipes and pipes. A point is very flexible and can be pressed to holes to form to focus. Also I have used cement to tile that dry fast to ensure spent of pavings against some wall of brick.

His early days, but can not see like some rats can penetrate my void now, and although his , will not be able to gnaw some pipes or pipes. This point was easy to relieve and would look to be a perfect solution.
4 / 5 Simonne
Has had the question with rodents sneaking to a pipe of central heating ducting of my cochera and in hablador chaos with his nibbling and gnawing. After the extreme of the execution of mass has ordered this circle to signal to armour plate to block points of entrance. It is very malleable and easy to cut and form. A circle of 6 metres is enough to cover three holes with enough on to resupply extra sections to return bosses and uncomfortable pipes. My contractor of the extermination of the rodent has confirmed that it had done a right election of material thus purpose and has suggested to inject developing foam to a point like an extra precaution against gnawing, doing sure all the empty small has been fill. Has all has done well like this far and am very happy with a value has received of Seahaven.
5 / 5 Windy
Has purchased to try of rodent the base of nave and done the work adds, the installation was easy because of a product that is manufcatured in this width like any acute (yard) flanges to the long of some flanges some long plus. Material easily cut with snips or pliers, stapled in place and there is sotterrato down has registered. Material is bent easily and cut to form around obsticles.
Where He couldnt be ensured has been directly the multiple time has bent to creat the rigid basket and pressed to situate which is resulted in the sure installation without requiring access to ensure he with staples.
Happy with product.
4 / 5 Isidra
Promptly Rid and a lot of packaged. It is easy to cut and curve. I used it to prevent rodents burrowing under my summerhouse. Another period will be use to seal under my neighbours am spilt.
5 / 5 Rosalva
Has used to biock empty in of the cupboards of cookery where the recent career of the rats in a zone there was able state to jump and accesses of profit the cookery. Easy to cut curve ready and staple to the interior of units was able to resupply the sure barrier that wins hopefully maintains rodents out of some cupboards and cookery - and save my poor shredded nerves and levels of anxiety!
4 / 5 Brande
Has arrived sooner that has expected. It has used paralización under my compost cube to the equal that has had to cut 3 x 90games of cm and (90cm x 90cube of base of cm) and join near like the circle is 30wide cm . I have used a boss that resisted it near to do this and the together edge. Fact a lot well and happy to have the resistant plague compost cube and peace of alcohol.
( Will requires cutters of boss - but probably know this!)
5 / 5 Lyn
Has bought this product to use point for feeders like this metallic of bird and is not to use announced . But it is exactly that it was with which. Measure of hole of metallic point a lot of round in 5mm hole. It looks to be galvanised/stainless as not going paralizaciones to rust. I create it it would do the good work to maintain the rodents was also. It is coming a lot quickly in the compact gone in upper of spool.
4 / 5 Markita
Ossia He fines-element of use for me on mine smallholding. Good element in the good prize
perfectly satisfied with cost of mine of Place of Phase of Amazon, always can buy with
confidence of Amazon.
Acclaims and Beers
4 / 5 Dawna
has used this boss to rodent-try ours naves of pigeons (the rats killed some of our birds last state) and to do the lid partorisca to cage of ours hamster. In both functions has treated admirably and think that ossia in fact tries of rodent. Value of the money.
4 / 5 Shae
Required this product partorisca return under a overhang in to my extension likes them the mouse has looked for to do the house, this has done a work but be warned some flanges are very acute so much door of the fat gloves when managing
5 / 5 Renda
has Used this to close empty go in planks of the fence and a fund of a planks with an earth. Easy to cut to form and apply with gun of staple. The orderly and orderly looks, and no too obtrusive.
4 / 5 Lanita
Is perfects enough the puzzle to gather but are well in that is very sure and excellent for a work creates a lot the very thank you
4 / 5 Jonas
produced Excellent. Enough substantially fact and easy to bend around pipes partorisca seal the empty that prevents the rodents that takes house.
5 / 5 Muoi
Has used a product to fill any empty to the long of subordinated of fence where the rats take to a garden. A product is of the big quality and is easy to do with. A result has been maintaining so only see a solitary rat the one who traces in a cup of a fence. Highly recommend Seahaven Ltd., You despatched an order immediately. It will use him again.
5 / 5 Shani
Using like this plaster king the application on describes broken previously so that the time will say is been the success . Easy to use .
5 / 5 Eloy
Erm Has expected the big circle,my failure for not reading some dimensions fully,oh well will go in useful, will buy of the tend next time
5 / 5 Melani
are some like disappointed in this order to the equal that have paid £ takes less point that the circle of full measure. The sad my support for this order is so only 2 stars.
4 / 5 Carmelia
Excellent to cut.
Has dipped this up in a wall among our neighbours and our property likes them the mouse is gone in are prendió with which repasted. Recommended.
4 / 5 Tyrone
That some absolute waste of money!, I Look in the descriptions and this have looked to promise he so that it has been exasperated to take touched of of these plagues and has ignored some negative critiques. Cheats and or the poison is The ONLY WAY .
4 / 5 Marleen
Works a lot albeit the bit fiddly partorisca use,taking taken on quite all this in spite of.
4 / 5 Rose
Amazing - this in fact works. I have been that tries to take a rat and his family out of a compost heap for month. It has dipped down 3 discharges of this point and dip a compost heap on the, and - any rat! Thank you, Roshield.
4 / 5 Holly
Produced excellent and there is sealed all my bricks of air with these and self touching rays
5 / 5 Edythe
has not been able of the use still. Time too bad of gone external.
5 / 5 Leroy
For a brother in cabin of laws. Doing a trick. Recommended.
5 / 5 Ezequiel
Is quite scarce to find the product that fulfils fully a description to the equal that has announced. This product there is matched to good sure a description. It has arrived neatly gone and compact, and is very easy to manage and cut to measure. It is both sturdy and malleable. Really it felt that it has taken value for money.
5 / 5 Maia
Quite easy to form to block zones where the rodents go in.
5 / 5 Madie
The sake of the strong metallic point has the place funds of round of a nave & of garden of the cabin.
5 / 5 Bart
Good product, any to a lot to say. He a work, the mark sure spends fat gloves although He sharps around some sides.
4 / 5 Jacelyn
Has thought a point was bit it thin and flimsy but after returning in a zone that was attacked more for rats, has found a metallic point has been cloth like this afterwards joint that they could a lot of gnaw by means of, like this quite pleased with results
5 / 5 Arvilla
The product has had the habit of bricks of air of the point and holes of accesses partorisca take the squirrels that enters held. It is perfect partorisca an industry of control of the plague and value partorisca money. I will be partorisca buy this produces again.
5 / 5 Marla
Has bought this partorisca control of rodent, very easy to apply like this in compact circle.
Was very impressed with a service of Strong Products, has been rid quickly and with accuracy.
Chose him reason his information said that all have required partorisca know.
5 / 5 Bethany
Are sure this product will prevent the rodents that enters our new nave
5 / 5 Victoria
has Arrived quickly. Easy to cut, ideal partorisca use I stops of need.
4 / 5 Melita
This product was so only that there is wanted and more economic that some tents of products callejeros big adds.
4 / 5 Lilia
Used this partorisca cover some bricks of the air of the house & has been cut partorisca return them, with which two weeks there is the discharge of surface rusts partorisca aim,
Adivinos so only take that paid partorisca & would have to that it has gone partorisca the stainless steel any galvanised.
5 / 5 Austin
A metallic point is easy to cut. They are by train partorisca use it partorisca protect bulbs in planters of rats, mice and also the squirrels and is one of a bit those that produced that it is suitable partorisca this use
4 / 5 Fatimah
has read a bad piece has thought 30 mtr long like his on priced
4 / 5 Oda
has Ordered three a lot this point , easy to cut and the curve and the service add.
4 / 5 Gus
Used it partorisca return around a base of the garden spilt partorisca take mouse. Easy to cut to measure and access to an empty ensured with rays the joints of base. The abundance taken still left and has not seen any mice partorisca weeks
5 / 5 Breann
Was smaller that required but was my failure . Cleaned am partorisca add this in spite of
5 / 5 Dustin
has been just right partorisca dip around a fund of my nave.

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 15x20g ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Micha
A rat has entered our cochera and chewing in ours has has stored potatoes
1) has tried the humane cheat (cage) and has taken a bait and is exited a cage - I thinks a cage was too much small partorisca a door partorisca capture a visitatore hairy
2) has tried the traditional cheat and an alimentary burglar has directed partorisca take a bait, travesía a cheat and somehow take his' with the without accidents. Needless Partorisca Say a furry fiend would not go anywhere approach a cheat the second time.
3) has decided to look in the bait and has chosen Roshield. Like this without accidents can exclude cats, dogs, foxes and hedgehogs etc of a cochera has dipped a bait in an open and afterwards to the partly chewed tatter...... A whole blockade was carted was inside the day.
Has dipped another blockade down and this is to be go at night...... Then two blockades have been taken a following night . In all five blockades were probably take went to a hideout of a beast.
Some two blockades in interior to plant a moment has not been touched in 4 days have dipped of then.

I any one where a nest of rats is but am sure is now empty
This material is clearly irresistible to rodents - I suspect a smell his crazy pipe

NOTE: it was 100 insurance that the only rodents would be exposed to this bait to the equal that have done sure a door of cochera has been closed at all times partorisca prevent the intruders lost main. PLEASE USE A TAMPER BOX of THROAT of the EXTERNAL TEST Or INDOORS IF OTHER ANIMALS Or KIDDIES READ in the VICINITY
5 / 5 Esta
has had the rat that has had to that one houses has seen a place of edifice spends next. Tried the different type partorisca poison first without success because of a rat having the alimentary source elsewhere. Ordered this product to the equal that inform where like this good. Used he for three days and a question of rat is solved. A product is coming with good notes on like this to use a poison. Gloves to spend when managing some blockades of poison. It will continue to leave a poison down for the while longer in the chance there was more than one.
4 / 5 Bee
Well. Ossia My experience . House of the next door is not to clean at all and while tidying our rear yard, has listened and has seen the little smiled probably looking for lunch. I have had a fear to have soyamigos of past' those explosions owe that way that has had to that do quickly.

Used him so only so the bait without a device but, has bought 2 different products and some premiers 2 days, any of them resembled has been touched. For one 3rd day, some pills have begun to be eaten quite fast.

Has known was the game to expect so it has expected. Like this far it looked mine that the done reason have not listened neither seen anything for some last 2 weeks. (Bears in importing that has protected all some ventilations of air in walling also).

Situated inner more compressed some naves but has not been touched, so only a some hid in a backyard as it guesses a work. (And a fact that nextdoor has cleared finally his rubbish) yay!

As it would recommend it.
4 / 5 Dennise
Has expected before posting this description to ensure efficiency, baited for 5 days- all gone! Verified again bait of next day a lot almost intact will continue to control with 'throat of test'. It is not tried to use Difenacoum treatment to the equal that are resistant in this zone. Excellent service of this Company, the one who besides will resupply any precise joint.
4 / 5 Mason
Looks for having done a work so only the few rats left but has had the serious infestation 30 more
5 / 5 Carroll
These works of product absolutely. That I not having @@give is that a poison a lot instantly calm a mouse or rat. He his calm in a agonising way on that that can be hours or same days. I have seen this because of the mouse that had eaten a poison. His organism jerked for age... It has done then the tentativa fracasada to jump and his little paws clawed in a brickwork tried to jump by means of. I expected it then die. But he no. so only locates behind to the tight little ball. And it is remained that way for an hour or two until it could resist it no longer and has asked my husband to help. It has used the altarpiece to kill it. Now the desire had used an old fashioned mouse or cheat of rat - at least a death was instant . I know these works of the product but I will not forgive never I to cause such agony to the living creature - so much to the equal that despises mouse and of the rats.
5 / 5 Caroline
All can say is some blockades maintain to go I so that it follows to assume some rats love this product I just hope they all aim the data and I can take dipped the down is very easy to use so only burst the down some joint to walk without disorder or fuss and some covered in of the cheats for some external mice is really easy to do. Had any question with a vendor at all to the products likes him announced and is coming inner of a time of spouse
4 / 5 Vivan
has had the sudden appearance of mouse and rats in a greenhouse and adjacent nave. Tried the bait of external pair blocks concealed has not done. In the camera of character dips up in a greenhouse some mice took was. Probably to build the house!! Like this so that it is to say guaranteed to kill the rats thought it would be a solution. Some rats are by train to enjoy them also he like this looks. Moved on to a next option now.
4 / 5 Vicki
Has had the question of rat in coop of mine of chicken but having some chickens, 2 dogs and cats of neighbours in and out of a garden has been concerned roughly taking to a poison. I have used the box of throat and also fenced in of the little section approaches a coop where had seen rats and has situated a bait there (ensured to an earth with the metal he wry plus as it could not be tugged was where other animals could take his) and with which in
10 days to do is, has not seen to rat of then.
4 / 5 Marie
A ceba has cured our question of rat! It has taken the few tentativas but to good sure do. We maintain to situate now in chance perhaps.
5 / 5 Mai
These produced is fantastic. Had the family of the rats that eat all a seed of bird. Place 6 blockades was on day 1, around holes in garden of next doors, some blockades have been taken in 20 minutes. Dipped another 6 was, these was disappeared a next morning. Filled in all some holes. No more rats.
4 / 5 Ute
Has smiled cookery where the the laws were not there state partorisca long so many has wanted to them dip the stop to them multiplying inner 2days to use this produces all the signs of mice have been goes situated 4 cubes in different situates this is surprising now our cookery is opened again would recommend repeatedly
5 / 5 Penny
has had roughly 10 rats of creature with 2 big parents in a garden that walks around a time of day that looks for lunch.. Applied this down his tunnels that had built of garden of next door to the ours. With the day has not seen anymore rats and has been clearnow for 2 weeks. Work done like this good.
4 / 5 Dewitt
Some blockades of rat and murderous of the mouse was so only that is to be require, in that has been to visit for some few devils looked to eat a normal bait, and attended for more.
A portion of some blockades, and , has has changed restaurants, hopefully for abonos. Material adds!!.
4 / 5 Angelita
Much better that a BnQ counterpart and also more economic. Any prenderá the rats that enters your garden like this at all takes him foraging so only dips was some each pair of month to maintain some numbers down so that it does not urinate in greenhouse etc.
4 / 5 Gretchen
Find are ceba of particular rat so only the small that the worries so only uses it when all more fails. Search prpers having done a trick like this far like this maintaining my toes have crossed some few creatures will take a message and disappear for good!
5 / 5 Elliot
I the plot of first on-line investigation to purchase this product.. For rodents in my cochera, alive in a field.

A vendor sent the comprehensible, the leaflet that describes exactly like this to use a product, and follow up.

Like this far any visitatore of more east.. Sincerely I can recommend this product Roshield.
And a vendor..
5 / 5 Kenneth
This does really well ! Some rats ate it actively and has died later. A lot of entity to any one I under ceba. It maintains to dip bait down until it is not eaten anymore. If alive in / around reading, United Kingdom, precise use this in preference to some to see / of to Blue Blockades likes him to him the population of the local rat there is immune to a blue / green type..
4 / 5 Anh
HAS two rats that career around. Situated 1 blockade down each hole of rat [two hole is] for two days, a third blockade has been still in poster a third day, any rat!!
A product done for me. Ideal product.
Thank you.
5 / 5 Justine
I have situated 3 cubes under a decking, has ensured a place and left him for 7 days. On before inspection after this time, all some cubes had disappeared. A process has been repeated 3 more time until there is remarked partially gnawed cubes. A process takes as to do, is a lot easy and a lot effective.
5 / 5 Boyd
The product has arrived a prompt day ,thank you .
Has begun to use following day , two days and there were positive results ,dead rats !!
Dipped him extended in of the holes egress and points of accesses , has seen rat(s) daily , now
has not seen the rat for four days .
Strong has Dip instructions and paper of contact with product ,thank you Strong , will be of tower the
there is a bit manually owe animal-arrive.
4 / 5 Katy
Loves a smell. The desire had ordered the main tub. I used him everything now.
4 / 5 Teodora
When that Builds the next door has been attacked down has released the plague of mouse. My account like this far is 16 has smiled like this the knowledge reads.
4 / 5 Orlando
Has been recommended for like this fellow like the product that the fast works and effectively and the agreement is the fab has produced, killed some rats the few days more visas or anymore he ceba taken still this in spite of has transmission of abundance to do !! To good sure recommend like poison of better rat!! Fast delivery and resulted fast!!
5 / 5 Quyen
Certainly an activity of looks of rodent to reduce after using this poison but I have has not had never concrete test of his lethal qualities in a form of dead organism. This product there is enough the pleasant sweet smell and could be attractive to boys.
4 / 5 Jettie
Does the side but a tub is an expensive option when you can take bend a quantity of throat and some cheats for just on twice a prize of a tub.
4 / 5 Gilberte
Thank you For yours a lot speedy delivery and second that it can see work like any tax of then. Thank you
4 / 5 Herman
Just helps to maintain a critters in control. Easy to use, weatherproof, resembles has been taken up ...
5 / 5 Elroy
Does not like that it uses any class of the poison but had the rat in a wall of extension so that it could not take in a house but could listen it lining in a night it pensa in us gone in under an awning of a ceiling. It has dipped 2 blockades in a wall were a stop rap was,had gone the next day like this dipped 2 more in but is still untouched,so only maintain to verify to do sure at all more has in.
5 / 5 Carolyn
Because it was a product would owe that it reads, has used looked in a past like this hope these do also! The time will say! Compared to another these are the fair has bitten more expensive but could cost hope....
4 / 5 Irmgard
Has ordered 2 a lot this element because it could listen them the big quantity of activity a alot of squeaking in my cupboard partorisca air, an around boxed in of the pipes in mine living. It has dipped roughly 6 blockades in my cupboard partorisca air in mine living room has them pipe which are boxed in has had the small gab that has broken them on a shredded 2 blockades the time at least two times the day because a lunch was like this fast. Anyways Has had there is rid one 19th a maintaining in a 23rd a supposition the one who any activity. Highly it would recommend this product
4 / 5 Ellsworth
One uploading of the box of the throat resulted in something eating a blockade a lot quickly. As uploading was untouched and when I have substituted a blockade with new some after the week his hips remained untouched. Any sighting further. Result!
5 / 5 Carolynn
In a process partorisca use this product, there is nailed 5 blockades down in a loft zone. All 5 has been eaten and all the leading cheats were fooled for rats of ready/mice.
Situates another 4 in the place and looks very calm. I am expecting that that has done it to him. One a thing can say that they are is attracted to a waxy extracted.
5 / 5 Daina
When has in the first place orderly east was them skeptical. But once the dipped the to use, inside the few days has given some am resulted was them while to. Each blockade is fat in measure and has the good chocolaty fragrance partorisca attract a apresamiento. Total value he.
5 / 5 Sherly
The toes have crossed that read. Like this far some rodents are gone in vacacionales as not being able to say sees him era. They owe that it has listened it roughly the and decamped.
4 / 5 Moira
Excellent and easy value partorisca use ossia my second purshase
5 / 5 Margit
left it everywhere, any the nibble in some blockades, while it smiles droppings around that. Ossia 'irresistible To mouse' except any one has forgotten partorisca say a bit furries this. It would not recommend .
5 / 5 Melynda
Unable to give the interior of description a moment because of bad time . It has dipped a poison down together with peppermint oil , hopefully his goodbye to mr rat .
4 / 5 Refugia
The interior a moment looks partorisca be doing a work the little better that a big cheese some.
4 / 5 Dedra
Any sure he is like this deadly as announced or if a concentration is enough. Three days now and still listens smiled where a bait is situated.
4 / 5 Anamaria
Hopefully Is doing but still the little nibbles in of the blockades. Fast service a lot of the vendor with the instructions of separate email has sent.
5 / 5 Olen
His very calm! There is has not had he for too much long like this cant really say a lot.
Now has had them he for 6 month the to good sure can say the mouse of the good compraventa never state seen again with which has had them this dips was little something in a house
4 / 5 Broderick
the rat so only will eat this like this last resource. The rats still are in the slope around a garden ate him has included. It is on be 3 month now.
4 / 5 Shalon
Has come without instructions, does not know the time have posh the rodents but does not touch them never still to this date
4 / 5 Chung
The one who the tear was.
Small Cuba with around 15 pieces.
Whose Shabby and avert like a plague.
5 / 5 Takako
Fast book,good packaging,good quality to be working.

Trend Roshield Rodent Control

Top Customer Reviews: Roshield 2x Rat Box ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Karri
Had the pair of the rats that use my garden and is resulted the little concerned could be do the nest under my nave. I have bought this after seeing some descriptions and are súper happy with some results. A cheat is quite small to be hid easily but a lot of sturdy. It has taken the few days for us to be sure had done, but with which spotting some of a poison had moved has known had taken the winner. We havent seen any rats for weeks!
4 / 5 Rodrigo
Speedy Book, good value but really required enough to plot to take touched of of some 2 rats has had them in a garden. Found 1 dead persons but another east nowhere to b view. I have spent on dipping a bait was and for until 3 weeks are remained where the dipped that but is disappeared yesterday like this am them guessing another rat is there. It will owe that purchase some plus.
4 / 5 Jamika
These were easy to gather, and look sturdy enough. A lock was bit it fiddley but ossia well .. It means that he wont the open fall or some boys cant among his - and his not liking will be to open the every day!

I cant tongue for an efficiency of a poison .. But hopefully 'basil' will have gone early enough!
4 / 5 Seema
follwed Instructions--looks for having done--to the big fat rat is disappeared--give the little more days and the patients that begin that it feeds some birds again
4 / 5 Rogelio
the box done Well, easy to dip up without that has to that touch a poison. Additional information so much content with an order and on-line also very useful. Very impressed for a company to the equal that look to want to do sure everything is GOOD and a buyer is driven fully in the plus to use a product.
5 / 5 Mertie
Waste of money a lot yours fail but situated where the rats have run fallidas that jump some no. of boxes An of some baits be touched. It has it it has seen on its own name jumping them.
5 / 5 Birdie
Easy to use and place up. The only question has had was one concludes. It is really hard to close and unlock with a plastic tone is given . But still it would recommend it.
4 / 5 Juliann
Easy to dip on lovely good and hopefully will take an instruction good company to treat
5 / 5 Maude
the product was announced like this and good quality. The service produced and very arrived first of a time has declared, service like this effective in general. I can not comment up to now the be be achieve how is too prompt to say if some boxes have been used.
5 / 5 Daron
Rats all gone - could see a lunch there was state eaten - the question has solved!
4 / 5 Adah
A lot of sturdy easy to use the access of element adds partorisca a purpose has them has wanted to
5 / 5 Garnet
the element has arrived very quickly and am very impressed with the takings, the value adds partorisca money.
4 / 5 Sharee
Has been used out of my backyard follow some work and simple principles
5 / 5 Wayne
Arrived a lot quickly inner 48 hours have pleased with a service to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Rebecka
Rats and his a lot well with in the pair of days a material in side that is coming with some deceives ive already topped on top of alimentary trays hopefully some the bloody rats are now value adds dead partorisca money
4 / 5 Takisha
A really good quality has produced, very easy to dip up.
4 / 5 Brendan
The element adds, looks for having done a work a lot quickly.
5 / 5 Krishna
Easy to use, clear instructions on animals, poison.
Tamper Test, test of water, robust plastic, the prize adds.
5 / 5 Wade
The vendor was partorisca add and a help has been offered in a begin but never require the use but thank you partorisca this good to see worry roughly there produced and that the clients are happy with all
4 / 5 Isis
All like this declared in a writes up. Easy to dip on just hope he a work and taking rid of ours rodents.
5 / 5 Frida
Exactly to the equal that has described. I add partorisca be sent a booklet like the pdf
5 / 5 Floyd
has Arrived the few days, very easy to dip up. So only be in place partorisca the week but looks partorisca be working.
5 / 5 Karen
Any value of the money. It has not done
Easy to dip on this in spite of
4 / 5 Celestine
the data of Full information with product.
Produces very good.
The communication adds of a vendor.
5 / 5 Leeanne
The rat is and the mouse is easy to use but of then dipping on any seen the or listened him but will leave him dipped on 👍
5 / 5 Wilbur
3 days down, a rat frequented long the day and then no more Rat.

The work done
4 / 5 Shelli
The box has arrived quickly and the elements were described like this that. Thank you
4 / 5 Blair
Two boxes of throat and two containers partorisca feed correctly partorisca intiaiting a treatment of plague. Simple and easy instructions partorisca dip on
4 / 5 Janna
the Effective products. Activity of rat decreased significantly after the pair of days.
4 / 5 Denisse
Thank you Partorisca One follows on top of then purchasing your product.
Sturdy Produced and easy to use.

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