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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5 Delaine
Own two of these maintaining. The absolute must has irons of use of the element of hair in the regular base and need to protect the surface of table or carpet. Work brilliantly. Still it wraps my straighteners up in a to dip behind in the drawer in chance perhaps that has not cooled down quite enough. The only thing will say like the negative is a by heart black version of of the this kills that I possess is result discoloured with use and lighter in of the places. Any that the really @@subject, but has thought would mention it.
4 / 5 George
Has bought this for my woman look it in fact month after listening frequent complaints in his foreign leading (does of the material thickness did not conceal any grip a table to dress).

In short is very pleased with him, another of this desire of compraventa had thought to do does month.

A foreign is very fat and has to that weighed to the equal that remains put wherever the the dipped down, so only the shame is not really own for travesía been due to his weight and thickness – so that pode does not wrap around some finals of the yours straighteners, but this is not is feigned purpose and does an excellent protective, think you could leave your straighteners on all day and would be a lot of (any sure your straighteners would be this in spite of).

A foreign is the very good measure so that my woman can return his integer straighteners, tongs and organism, in his (measure 21cm x 32cm approx.). A transmission in colour because of hot (these go white) at the beginning so only looked the good touch but in fact is the good way to look another concealed sees a straighteners that is still hot because of a transmission by heart.

Like the simple product, but very effective. Highly it would recommend.
5 / 5 Jae
Is Light and rollable doing it easy to store and the band but is also the decent and quite big measure for the daughters of/my woman straighteners and curling wand.

A colour that the transmissions could be seen like gimmicky but has has helped in fact my daughter comprises so only the one who darn hot these things take for this the tool of good learning as well as that saves my house of destruction!
5 / 5 Loura
Following an accident with my irons of hair when I have left a undesired frames in the piece of furniture of the relative, has decided to order the foreigner of portable heat. And I am like this happy has done! These produced is fantastic! It is not so only useful for me when I use a straighteners but also for some people around me the one who can see a transmission by heart in a foreigner when an appliance is still hot but a lot into use. It is fact very good and feels a lot of sturdy but flexible. I have sewed the small carrier stock exchange where can take mine matt to heat gone and my straighteners near! Súper mega Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Edward
Could not be happier with this product! A Straightener the foreigner is done of fat silicone, which after the pair of years uses still looks new.

A colour that change the characteristic is fantastic, a matt brilliant has ascended target of turns and is quite dramatic to be seen by means of a room. This has saved my sides the little time when there is no @to @give had left a straightener is on!

A must has!
4 / 5 Mora
Has the mirrored table to dress and has been concerned could break he with a like this decided heat to purchase he to protect. They are very happy I , his the rose a lot that shines that I amour and looked well in a table to dress and looks to do a work like this far... Turning white when a heat is on that. The as well as it is the good visual aid also.
4 / 5 Antonette
Has decided to buy a foreigner of test of the heat because once or two times before some the days of automatic closed-of GHD had left his on and is exited! Heaven has forbidden the one who could have spent and especially to my cat. As I have been he advances and has ordered a Wahl silicone Rosa heatproof foreign, A foreign is quite big to accommodate an integer that straightens appliance. It is the brilliant , vibrant and hot pink funky. It changes to aim when the sound takes hot ie the hot appliance is situated on he for the period of time. It looks well in your office/to dress of the trick and simply requires the fast wipe from time to time. When I Have been he was to the pair was in the haste to verify was and there is @@give my GHD is was still warm. As it has used one kills to wrap them up and burst the in my stock exchange (any ideal but the add provisional to save). Easily it can be trace and the place was when any into use.
Also could be used for works like this of the hot tools etc (recommendations of costruttore of the control).
4 / 5 Carolann
Foreign Of good silicone to help protect surfaces, but that it is really well is a colour to heat that held of transmissions that has to the to the left know when it is cooled down. Some transmissions kill to the aim when hot and then returns behind the rose to the equal that cools, leaving know when it is sure of the place was.
4 / 5 Flavia
Has Had this for the week now and looks to be that they a work has bought he for - has liked him to be slightly of big but returns my straighteners and tongs and takes him that it burns a cup of my cupboard. A lot of rose but ossia a lot also!
4 / 5 Queenie
Does not look some pictures, or a short two at least. It is ribbed like you can so only roughly see in a third picture. One kills still looks to resist the just quantity to heat so that any I necessarily trusts he with leaving my straighteners on he more than the minute or like this, but looks better that an old fluffy one has had as it takes points for that!
4 / 5 Coralee
Brilliant product. It goes the different colour when the calm paste so that it is when your straighteners has cooled down enough to the band was. It protects a table to dress and he fab colour. Well this.
4 / 5 Claudine
Amur That these calm transmissions paint when hot taking, adds to know when I have accidently has left a straighteners on. The foreigner takes quite hot but has not burned by means of the flooring. Really impressed
4 / 5 Librada
has has wanted to something to protect my new unit of heat of hairdryer and straighteners. These produced is so only a right measure to remain was constantly and looks well in a room. One produces also changes colour when the hot elements are situated to underlying so that it is when he is quite fresh of the dipped was
5 / 5 Larry
produced Adds! Good idea that the transmissions paint when hot ! Quite big for my circles & of curlers on quite small to go in the pouch that has purchased for my curlers also ! Pleased with the product & rids very fast!
5 / 5 Rachelle
Good product, attracts to powder that glielo sticks to to him has to that the left was this in spite of me like this has to that maintain he in the draw when any into use
4 / 5 Jamila
has bought this foreigner of heat of the silicone to seat my wand crimped on and of course preserve a carpet of chamber. Work to treat it and transmissions to the white colour when hot. To good sure recommends.
5 / 5 Karry
Has purchased for use with my hair curling wand, but use for all my tools of hair now! A function of the transmission of the colour is a lot like this now can see when it is still hot. I leave it on my bedside table and he also work like the place for me to dip random things now! A rose is more muted that thought it would be, but like me concealed.
Amur That it is silicone likes bad easily can clean also.
5 / 5 Ronna
Fabulous Colour, and an aim of pink towers when the hot elements remain on that. It is quite big for both my straighteners and curling iron to seat on he immediately, and protects a surface down harm.
4 / 5 Georgeanna
Rids faster ive has not experienced never. Orderly 3:50 pm a day. Arrived 8:30 following morning.
The element is excellent quality and exactly the one who my niece has required to save sound that burns his carpets with his new straighteners.
5 / 5 Tonita
I really like this calm. It looks to stick to a table without leaving the mark. He a work.
5 / 5 Lupe
Foreigner Of silicone but much smaller that l has thought. It has to that be careful where l dipped my straighteners or dryer of hair. My failure would owe that have has has verified dimensions but yes gives partorisca protect to heat
5 / 5 Hisako
Like this described. Utmost measure. Work really well. Aim of turns where lie of irons of the hot and the heat does not spend for calm.
4 / 5 Arron
Quality very good and so only a right measure. Bought this partorisca the daughter of adolescent the one who use the hot paintbrush, as we know is sure.
4 / 5 Norma
The product adds, the decent measure that does not slip and seat surer dipping my straighteners and curlers down.
Some helps of the transmission of the suitable colour partorisca turn them was also!
4 / 5 Rita
The first brilliant of my daughter has maintained partorisca burn a carpet now she doesnt
5 / 5 Aleen
Really foreign very small. Stops My straighteners breaking my table.
5 / 5 Ladawn
No more stressing where partorisca dip a tongs go in styling
Simple creation and adds
5 / 5 Delilah
has Loved a fact was easy to see that heats my straighteners was once had turned went them. Adapting me a lot to touch an end of them until they had cooled down. The shame does not come with the chance partorisca trip the easily the use in a gone, but the easiest circles still up as it can be taken was.
4 / 5 Brittny
Acts really well and useful seeing a transmission by heart
4 / 5 Letty
is validate very good and protects surfaces to heat styling tools. It likes like this of some separates that touch an aim/of towers of curler enough, like six where to touch and where any for touch
4 / 5 Debbi
A fact that a colour of calm transmissions is very useful. When A foreign is white, know a device is too hot to choose up or the tent was. How it is silicone , is a lot of grippy and very flexible, as it would be adds partorisca use in slippier to to the surfaces like to them the forest; but also it attracts the shot adds of powder.
4 / 5 Maryland
The quell'has wanted to partorisca do. It paints partorisca change when it heats on
4 / 5 Tasia
A4 measure. He that is to suppose to. Thickness and colour of transmissions with heat. It would owe that it has bought it more I yield partorisca protect carpet!
5 / 5 Janina
Ossia The add pocola foreign of heat of test of resistant slip. It resupplies a lot of grip in my table partorisca dress of the glass & protects like this has to that. A characteristic of the transmission of the colour is the good touch also.
5 / 5 Annette
Adds partorisca protect surfaces of hot and can be taken situates like this like this light.
4 / 5 Lowell
Has dipped this in a paving in a carpet and I have left my iron of hair on he partorisca an hour and A heat does not spend stops . It is perfect, would recommend it to any one. Work!
5 / 5 Cheyenne
Is very partorisca of the money. It is partorisca me, but have ordered the expensive plus a partorisca my daughter
4 / 5 Annemarie
Ossia the Fab foreign of test of the heat to good sure recommends it
5 / 5 Hugh
Well partorisca take on vacacional as you do not spoil /burn any one is mobile
5 / 5 Janise
Done the one who the duty. Quite big to accommodate my straighteners and quite flexible to wrap around themchanges to the lilac colour to aim heat. The idea adds
5 / 5 Yoshie
the Brilliant product would recommend and is the need to have to that
4 / 5 Mitzi
Love a colour of transmissions of the fact and protects my carpet
5 / 5 Hildred
Adds if so only can take a woman has used to use he more than melting/scorching things coz has not annoyed for the use
4 / 5 Shawna
Really well, the transmissions paint when the hot object is situated on that. This especially well when few boys are around they knows is hot. Also really easy to locate and tent.
5 / 5 Wendy
Has Bought is to kill reason some mats of the cloth always looks like this dirty with the hair there is him stuck to and stains of trick. I can dry it is it kills clean. Also it turns white when your appliances are hot and returns the rose when they have cooled down enough to be dips was that it is very useful.
4 / 5 Shanta
The brilliant protects a surface of yours has has heated appliances. Aim of the turns where has been to aim you has been is not .
4 / 5 Peter
Has bought this for the relative the one who has maintained to leave his irons of hair on! This really done matt and calm work say instantly yes has changed iron of hair or no. When you Are in the haste to exit in a morning ossia really useful.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Standard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Mariana
Arrived the day late but any @@subject there. Good works!
4 / 5 Alesia
So only that has required, generic access partorisca our clippers. Now I can have the hair cut during closing down.
5 / 5 Adriene
Returns my wahl clippers of uses well. I Always dipped the bit of blutac under a paving has bitten of a comb has the light rattle. He the good and calm fact.
4 / 5 Bryanna
Is exactly to to a same mark like him to him some of east is coming with my clippers. Done treat it. Cant Complains roughly anything but a prize. More economic That the barbers this in spite of.
5 / 5 Felton
A product was a lot of so only is not returned my model and was able to return well and a company was very useful
5 / 5 Randolph
Fast delivery and the gain annex which marks that I cut the hair of the ours little boy that much faster and easier.
4 / 5 Karri
These accesses and work but is the bit flimsy has compared to some level combs that is coming with a trimmer
5 / 5 Terrilyn
Found well there is not cutting so as it would like me easy to return on like this probably would owe that it has gone partorisca the selection of measures
4 / 5 Sharla
This sabot is Compatible with my tondeuse (Wahl legend) excepts that these produced is not of any of the ways a product of the mark Wahl, contrariamente &worsens; that is indiqué. I do not go partorisca go back the transport is compatible, but the very fat soyade in Cina' do me doubt of the qualité of the product. Of the notes that the plastics is légèrement more flexible that his sabots of cause. Alas, with The Wahl Legend, he any and the step of sabot of 22mm neither of 16mm like obligé of commander these sabots &worsens; the unité. He any And The one of another side any indication to the sud the measure of cup to the sud his sabots. Justo has done in Cina, is everything.

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Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5 Allie
This clipper has taken inner spoilt 5 month. It has been so only blunt all of the sudden without any look. No the good investment does not think !
4 / 5 Lorrine
Is taking skin, is not Original element, arrival partorisca buy this car directly of Wahl put web and is entirely different, no more careers on skin and brotas last longerrrrr
4 / 5 Claretta
A lot reputable detailer and one of a better in a phase. This in spite of the mine there is prendido partorisca do after 11month. Included this in spite of clean and has maintained. Quite expensive to the equal that would have expected the little yrs use
4 / 5 Michelle
Fantastic trimmer for shaping and trimming my beard alot more effective that the level of boxes mentions grooming boxes. It will save me alot of the money that goes forward no longer require the barber for the form of beard adds.
5 / 5 Sharika
Are the hairstylist, and am not sure has received to fail it there is so only has had so only this the few months, and a lot seldom the use.

Has begun to line my client some last time used it. They are a lot disappointed like the vendor said that I have to that substitute some leaves in my own cost.

For the a short times have had this, and a very small use has had with him, some leaves would not owe that require substituting like this punctual.

Are twenty years of hairdressing experience, and has used always wahl rows of professional crew, and ossia a first time has had this experience.
5 / 5 Perla
Has paid for frames the clipper of new hair but when a delivery has come I spotted a clipper has been used and the piece of hair was visible everywhere another hand was faulty, any work has Use folks
4 / 5 Elly
Done the dangerous noise really strong , short prójimo but too acute my hair has been cut the little time . Asked the repayment with which 6 month
4 / 5 Kathlene
the boss has broken with which 2 month of normal useage. The repayment has asked
5 / 5 Gwen
Now ossia my first time that uses Whal professional detailer, a last time has ordered them an expensive plus Andis T liner (rechargable a) which has done well this in spite of has required them something with the leaf slightly wider but alike quality. Like this far these have done utmost and am them very satisfied with a closeness of a trim and shave. Like this far the has not had a lot of complaints or the questions that use these products this in spite of would have loved it to them yes Whal has resupplied more combs of annex. In general ossia the product adds and would recommend them any the one who has any doubts to buy and calm will see a difference.
4 / 5 Conception
Ossia An extraordinary tool to use . His small and light and a cord a lot really annoy me or go in a way. A detailing is very orderly, like this for a global arrival and presentation, is definately value he. My barber uses a wireless version.
4 / 5 Alice
Ossia Like this as well as your knife when you zero he. It is very acute and can easily piece by means of the skin that cause the bleed. This in spite of partorisca his purpose feigned and with the skilled person, this product is in fact very partorisca detail and would recommend in this sense.
4 / 5 Chloe
Some produced finalise partorisca be the mine rid with the socket of discharges of them the EUA, in spite of some buyers that declares that they have received a product with the socket of discharge of the United Kingdom, Any one mentions in an Ad that will have it the socket of discharges of them the EUA and any option partorisca choose the socket of discharge of the United Kingdom when purchasing. The no of state like this annoyed yes has known this, likes I of has purchased the the USA to conversor of United Kingdom for advanced. Beware When Purchasing this product.
4 / 5 Aja
My clipper is has arrived used and dirty, clearly can see that a leaf is already state oiled and has little hair on that. I am trying to achieve out of a vendor, any regime that considers now
5 / 5 Jarred
He the precise work of cutting and trimming a hair of beard a lot well.

That would have been included he better is yes the clips of different note was distributed also in a box. That finds inside a box 1/2, 1 and 1 1/2 notes clips. One 2 and 3 would have been adds.
4 / 5 Ali
My hubby disturbed a fact that does not come with a tool of adjustment. Another that that he a work. Very acute in neatening flanges around a hairline.
4 / 5 Reid
Good weight, would like me the pair more than the guards of different period have sent with him. Easy to use, the work adds
5 / 5 Sarai
Like this far like this good. Perfecto detailer so only like a one in some barbers.
4 / 5 Jacquiline
Has has used dozens of Wahl detainers on some years. One some have received is retorts it, is strong and of the one who has cut properly. I can not it believe has been scammed included a box looks different goes in. Shipped of Cina, would have to has had the clue. It does not buy Him calm will complain it. Gutted Partorisca Say a less.
5 / 5 Jerri
L The product of quality and perfect to maintain your beard and any one another hair under control
5 / 5 Sylvie
I have bought partorisca my partner like the present. It was teally delighted and useing up to now in daily base. Value partorisca buy!
5 / 5 Wendell
Has had in our tent before it was a lot of but somehow has not been happy with this at all. It would not cut hair. Any very partorisca turn
5 / 5 Harvey
This product is essential the barbering in my opinion. No another detailer includes better that a wireless version newer.
This in spite of, when a product has arrived result partorisca be faulty.
Quite lucky has had the iron to solder to solder a boss behind to joint.
When Volume he doing an east untouched.
5 / 5 Meagan
Has used daily and any falter! I add for hair tattooing.
5 / 5 Loyd
Has spent for my hubby. It has loved that. Very easy to use
5 / 5 Leila
Although so only has the little graded annexes, is the very of confidence little near. Also, ideal for hair of whole boss that short, although it takes the little longer.
4 / 5 Helga
Near partorisca add of clippers, very very acute when doing the form on/lines on
4 / 5 Tracey
A lack partorisca be able to disappointed. It has been expecting the to be remote more effective, quotes a quantity has paid partorisca a product.
4 / 5 Marcos
Excellent. It uses it partorisca shave my boss each few days. Comfortable to use and produces the prójimo rasa.
5 / 5 Marylin
My barber there has been this same model and was adds ! Utilisation this to trim my very happy beard with him!
5 / 5 Larita
Is very good to detail but is in fact too acute that hurts and run.. Perhaps one of some teeth is was, but does not feel that painful when I go to some barbers
4 / 5 Myron
A better shaving car there is never has had. Strong battery and very acute partorisca clean yard.
5 / 5 Micheline
Seriously would advise a slender line pro in these, can cause rashes if any careful
4 / 5 Ashton
This was the present partorisca my husband the day of the father my edges there is already has taken one was really add partorisca use have decided like this partorisca take a partorisca he too much! It is really enjoying it!
5 / 5 Jaleesa
Stands out partorisca buy and good shaver. I have not been able of the place partorisca shave near quite so that it would like and does not want to go anywhere of leaves of next knife because of swipes.
5 / 5 Awilda
Sound of law well! Really powerful, grieves to touch a line of beard and form with ease. Acute flanges in lines of beard
4 / 5 Cortney
Mina has bought in July 18 and glorious fact until May 19. In spite of cleansing interview and regulate, there is prendido partorisca do without warning. It has not paid almost £70 for him, I have expected the little more years of use. Any sure he is still under the guarantee of the manufacture
5 / 5 Camila
A lot of misleading, clearly declares that it comes with an extra leaf this in spite of mine a lot also, a sale is not sealed how was new to good old insurance and has been used first a lot disappointed
5 / 5 Ryann
This element has to that be the fake a. I used it two times and he no a work! It Finalising that it use to to the the leaf instead like him to him some old days. Terrible!
4 / 5 Felix
This product is has arrived broken.
Is had the pair of some teeth in a leaf that loses, which turn the harm caused when the be has used.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Close Cut Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5 Loren
The amour like heavy and sturdy is, has used the variety of clippers of hair but this one is 💯 better his creation is surprising like this also some annexes that comes with him. It is not economic but this day and age where other vendors also are selling clippers of the hair enough would pay the little has bitten more for better quality, to order a product was speedy delivery, and the communication has been full stop can no carecer of the his in any way. A company is 💯 recommendable dipping some needs of a first client.
4 / 5 Donnetta
Produces strong tactile solid. This time of lockdown a lot to use . Adapted
5 / 5 Marcie
Cut my better hair that any one another hair trimmer has had previously.
5 / 5 Collin
Looks good works well, this in spite of a fact has had to purchase to two propiciado by adapter to nail like this is coming with the two pin more than 3 discharges to nail looses the star so only as it has not been mentioned in a discription
4 / 5 Lavona
Premetto guaranteeing the goodness of the product, said this, have own bed among the numerous buyers of the product send it has given units used (presence has given film among taking), alerted gives this problematic has been my haste control own this appearance.
Today Mine has been handed, gone back the house he result is the present in photo, small the party has given hairs or present beard among taking.
Excusadas The pignoleria my treating has given a product 'intimate' mine would have liked to have been dipped common of the condition of the product.
Attention purchased He produced.
Conclude saying that He tosatore appears has had the habit of and has given quality, the my unit any one looks to have defects maquinales evident.
4 / 5 Demetrice
I decanted for his for the level of small Bronzed yard as it has had, has wanted to that rasurara enough and was desquelles more he of the warehouse. I have cut perfectly and the result is quite good.
But could a bit paste, one that something of noise (what that already has known and that the me any one imports), moves quite reason go the be by train to use to a moment well likes to of the wheels of end a bit (that neither imports me of then estimate more the quality that these details) and the question of mayor has been that in the zone of the short boss a lot well but in the zone of the with the in when it plundered a minimum grain and peel odd immediately wounds that dips the leaves to inside the skin with a lot of ease, for the perfect skins is genial but so that has the minimum more the transmissions of what and a lot of. In the accessories Any one can say at all of only the use with the leaf eats.
4 / 5 Tanya
Ich schneide mir seit ca. 10 - 12 Jahren einmal Die Woche die Haare. Habe damals Dipped ca. 6mm angefangen und mich nach und nach auf 1,5mm „runtergearbeitet“. Zuvor hatte ich zwei Remmington-SchneidegeräYou und War immer sehr zufrieden. Einziges Manko: It is waren Akku-Geräyou und nach mehreren Jahren geben has given to give Geist auf.

Daher waren meine Anforderungen: kein Akku. Möglichst kurzer Schnitt.

Dipped 1,5mm-Aufsatz und Kabel the war has given Gerät genau im Soll-Bereich. Jetzt habe ich Is seit ein paar Wochen give Gerät im Einsatz und War kurz davor is zurückzusenden (meine Rücksendequote ist extrem niedrig!). Ich habe mich jetzt aber dazu entschlossen, Gives Schneidegerät zu behalten.

Quotes Probleme:
- Give Gerät ist extrem schwer! It is muss doch nichtmal ein Akku verbaut werden, warum muss is like this schwer heart? Of the nervt echt richtig!
- Ohne Aufsatz blutet Man, gives sich Tall die verfängt. Eigentlich wollte ich ohne Aufsatz meinen Bart schneiden - Give werde ich deny wieder machen!
- Data 1,5mm scheinen etwas länger zu heart, als bei dem von mir gewöhnten Remmington-Gerät. Gerne Hätte ich sogar einen 1,0mm. oder 0,8mm-Aufsatz verwendet - Harm gibt is aber bei like this gut wie keinem Gerät.
- Give Aufsatz ist Zoom Dranklippen, Man schiebt ihn also nicht vorne drauf. It gives give Aufsatz aus Plastik ist (ist er bei Fast allen Geräten), habe ich Anguish, dass dieser irgendwann abbricht. Ich versuche ihn jetzt einfach dran zu lassen und Like this zu reinigen.
- Give Schneiden ist nicht Like this präzise wie bei meinem Vorgängergerät. Einige Haare bleiben Fast jedes Bad stehen, obwohl ich mehrmals üdrink jede Stars gehe. Ich brauche daher jetzt Länger als früHis und is wird trotzdem nicht like this ein perfektes Ergebnis erzielt.
- Data Aufsätze sind leicht abgeknickt. Leider spürt The man follows Kopf zu wenig, ob give kurze vordere Teil wirklich richtig aufliegt und daher given Haare auf give richtigen Länge abgeschnitten werden. It gives ich mir selbst give kompletten Kopf schneide, ist give nicht optimum.

Leider gibt Is für meine Anforderungen zu wenig Geräyou auf dem Markt. Nur durch Has given Umstand und meine Faulheit behalte ich give Gerät.

Update 7. August 2016:
Nachdem ich Give Gerät nun einige Viril benutzt habe, tritt ein zuvor vermutetes Question ein: it gives Aufsatz ist nicht mehr richtig fest. Ich werde jetzt noch 2-3x probieren und dann eventuell give Gerät reklamieren. WäKing ich noch Give 30 Tagen Rückgabefrist, wäking give Gerät morgen in giving Estaca!
5 / 5 Princess
He pacco has arrived A first day, thanks to the amazon come always . He produced short well and is Precise and powerful the only pecca is hanged my here yes does the habit. The box that contains it A lot is he maximum, light plastic pill comb them dream a po' leggerini. However I Use For him cut the z/the zero without comb and is a show (allocate attention use without comb a lot is a toy) . All added With small more has given 42 euro there is a product has given good quality the low price.
4 / 5 Daryl
Dream arrived The this short hairs dope a series has given other products, any satisfactory. Finally, instead, I have found one short hairs that works avenges mine likes. Effective And precise court. Maneggevolezza Suitable. Longitude Of the cut (position of the lick) fixed, my even diverse sleep comb that they allow has given to achieve one corrects regolabilit&worsens;. Had has given doubt/fears, reading other opinions, In merit to the risk has given impuntamenti and has given 'pizzicate' mine of the first utilisation have been able to ascertained that they were very justified: he short è fast state, precise and without him very minimum question. Utilisation Usually he longitude has given Minimum cut and he result è optimum of the first passage, without fail has given spent successive for rifinire. Used also For the beard, also in this chance with optimum results. Well!
Additional notes: I confirm that, all'accensione, the first swing of the engine produced -also a lot always- a swipe very avvertibile. One leaves this, forò I use it è relatively silent.
4 / 5 Chris
Dope have tried so many rasoi voters, regolabarba Wireless, have wanted to try also this. I owe that Say that any satisfied sleep. He fact has given to be always attacked was electrical net deletes the annoyance has given to find with him rasoio plea of the sud more beautiful or with calas has given power improssivisi. For real One produced that gives sense has given to be has had the habit of and effective. A po' hanged, mine is he price that pays (willingly) peel has sweated robustezza!
4 / 5 Latrina
Had purchased some do any in the United States this product that Mina had impressed favorablemente. Afterwards In Italy had preferred ( ahimè) one without edge Braun. After A po' thanks to the exterminated Amazon of sleep of catalogue gone back on my steps. He Wahl is much more has had the habit of and effective, he robustazza and he power of the engine percepiscono all'instant, alas in the fretta have purchased he give form without create lateral that is ancore better.
4 / 5 Azucena
He produced has arrived today 20-04-2020 dopes 2 weeks esatte, In optimum conditions, perfectly integrates and Can used perfectly oleato... The accessories Dream perfectly imballati And integers without deformations. Satisfied of the purchase because A lot I have One another of the same mark.
5 / 5 Norah
Has given sehr gepriesene Gerät ist aus meiner Sicht vollkommen überbewertet. Ich verwende Harm Wahl next Yard Pro seit einem halben Jahr für give Scheren meiner Glatze (bei voll vorhandenem, aber relativ dünnem Kopfhaar) zwei- bis dreimal pro Woche. Mein Urteil nach diesem halben Jahr fällt überwiegend negativ aus. Zunächst einmal fällt auf, dass Is sich bei dem Scherkopf a eine sehr primitive Konstruktion handelt, bei give to give Lockern give Einstellschrauben und give gegeneinander Verschieben give beiden Teile give Scherkopfs unausweichlich sind. Dafür sorgt schon Given extrem starke (!) The vibration gives Apparats beim Betrieb. Aber ein geringfügiges gegeneinander Verschieben Give Scherkopfs kann bereits zu ordentlichen Verletzungen give Tall führen, und give nicht nur oberflächlich! Außerdem lässt sich durch Dies primitive Konstruktion die Schnittlänge ohne Kammaufsatz nicht exakt einstellen.

Die beigefügten Kammaufsätze kann man getrost vergessen: Schlechtes und viel zu weiches Material.

Ein weiterer negativer Punkt ist Quotes Hitzeentwicklung. Zwar zerlege, reinige und öle ich Give Scherkopf regelmäßig, aber give regelmäßige Ölen führt nicht etwa zu weniger Hitzeentwicklung. Of the Wort 'Hitze' wähle ich dipped Bedacht, weil give Wahl Next Yard Pro wird nicht nur warm, sondern richtig heiß, und give schon bei meinen dünnen Haaren.

Given Vibrationen habe ich bereits angesprochen: Die sind wirklich außergewöhnlich hard und schütteln give Kopf, auch durch give hohe Eigengewicht, ordentlich durch. In the ja, wer mag.

Give einzige, was ich dem Apparat bisher zugute halten kann: Er wirkt sehr robust. Wahrscheinlich funktioniert Give Teil nach 20 Jahren schwersten Einsatzes in einer sandigen Wüstenregion immer noch.

Jedenfalls habe ich mir nach Has given Erfahrungen place dem Wahl next Yard Pro einen neuen Scheraufsatz für meinen alten Braun EP 100 besorgt (zoom Glück gibt is given noch), und freue mich jetzt wieder über einen exakten, gleichmäßigen und verletzungsfreien Schnitt sowie über give geringe Gewicht und wenig Vibrationen. Hätte ich Give nur gleich Like this gemacht!

Fazit für Damage Wahl next Yard Pro: Primitiv, Verletzungsgefahr, schlecht einstellbar, hohe Wärmentwicklung, zu teuer für has given Mängel.
5 / 5 Raul
Hab Give Teil seit über 5 Jahren und er hat immer einwandfrei funktioniert.
Quotes Klingen muss man immer bad wieder reinigen und dabei geht quotes Einstellung give Klingen flöten. Wer aber kein kompletter ist und weiß wie ein Kreuzschraubenzieher funktioniert, gives wird Give schnell wieder hinbekommen.
Give Gerät wird auch nicht heiß wie give yesterday bad einer beschrieben Hat.
Extra Of data-Aufsätze hab ich noch denies verwendet.
Fand Give Produkt Like this gut, dass ich is bereits 2 sehr guten Freunden ( bei denen give place dem Haupthaar are Kopf auch nicht mehr like this klappt) empfohlen habe. Beide sind sehr zufrieden.
Give Gerät ist chwer'. Wer als aus seinen Ärmeln 2 Bindfäden hängen Hat, soll sich etwas anderes kaufen.
Für To the Data einen Rasierer wollen give in einem Zug sauber trimmt - give kauft sich give yesterday und lacht die aus, die sich sowas für teuer Geld, von neither anderen Hersteller gekauft haben.
4 / 5 Cletus
Operation very good. Any heats to swim. I cut a lot well with combing them measures. I recommend it. I already Any turn to to hair salon. Can cut you to peel your Only perfectly. I have bought he partorisca to peel but has other uses so that has beard. The prize is well with respect L the quality. Clean a lot well. They are happy with his.
4 / 5 Julianne
It gives ich glatzenträger Cube, suchte ich eine maschine, the data gives haar ohne aufsatz likes kurz wie möglich nimmt. verunsichert War ich durch rezensionen, die von einer verletzungsgefahr berichten. It has given gefahr ist bei korrekt eingestellten messern nach meiner erfahrung nicht gegeben. eine schön schwere maschine, uses in fact. andere maschinen aus dem wahl-programm gefallen mir vom Draws his besser, aber has given bekam ich zu einem günstigen preis. ich Cube zufrieden und stars mir immer noch quotes frage aus welchem jahr wohl gives creation stammt...
5 / 5 Alonso
Ich habe Gives Gerät jetzt zweimal bei meinem Mann benutzt. Of the Gerät schneidet ohne Aufsatz kurz - sehr kurz... Of the sind meines Erachtens keine 0,6mm, sondern kürzer. Genauer: Glatze, Die sich leicht stoppelig anfühlt. Man erahnt, dass yesterday noch Haare wachsen. Wer Gives Like this , gives ist dipped dem Gerät bestens bedient. Von Schnittverletzung auf Gives Kopfhaut könnte ich jetzt übrigens nichts sagen.
5 / 5 Morgan
First has given to try this tagliacapelli have 'launched' diverse money In other leave pretty much famous, the classical giocattolini has given plastic that have always a question, if inceppano and cut the fatigue. This instead is Comes that of the barber, a past and street! It goes that it is a beauty. It is Robust and does sweat to have to, he fact that was connected always was common is an advantage. Diverse testine allow has given to select measures it of the cut, optimum also to regulate the beard. I Use To cut the hairs almost the z/the zero, 3mm and is a show! ADVISED
4 / 5 Kelsie
punctual received article, he produced presents well, robust is quite has given hanged, the only pecca aesthetic concerns the part cromata to him under slightly scortata, the thing has data little...
The rasatura: if it presents excellent Regarding the hairs, without misurini rasa as a lot, almost coming leaf...
respecto The beard dreams a bit deluso xke in the zone with the and below to the chin extends Ad impigliarsi and pungere with sanguinamento, this create was caused tile lamé too that with a bit has given the wear extends the disappear he question
4 / 5 Huey
any give but the stars weigh it that the funcion fulfils it to spare, short genial ....................... It has begun to Exit oxido in the leaf and practicamente used it 5 times and dry the product after the rasurado and the guard in his box ( that for true comprises )
5 / 5 Lena
This clipper feels extremely sturdy.

Is possible to move a leaf with 3 rays (2 in a front and 1 in a side) and to achieve an extremely quotes of shortcut. Almost 0 mm. In fact it was to close my skin of the boss and he have hurt a skin. As I have moved a leaf again to take a height of roughly 0,5 mm.

But are quell'has bitten disappointed with some vibrations. I have loved the interior of powerful engine a clipper, but some vibrations are really an annoyance. Using he hangs it 15 minutes is the ache . It has not been that the professionals that use all day a lot the time is supposition to do ?

Besides, any short faster or better that Remington simple forward. Wich Has not vibrated so much and was comfortable to use. I have bought this Wahl reason Remington model is not sold anymore, and reason has not gone quite durable. Appearance this Wahl the clipper will be at least more durable.
5 / 5 Valeria
He First that compraventa, mine the fattezza, the cure in the details and he precision in the cut dream evident signs has given a good product. Arrived sigillato And vendor Cup!
4 / 5 Tamatha
For use casalingo is optimum, there is so only undermines does not work the battery because it is very powerful I have had always the models the battery the mine dopes a pò esaurivano and mine touched adoperarli with digs . Consigliatissimo
5 / 5 Fumiko
Has beautiful data The so only he no professional,enormous weight the a lot of work find you viril have wrists
quite noisy. It buys Any hit.
Any he advise.
4 / 5 Marketta
The product is not bad, but fault the crowbar to regulate. But the company that sells it, that any one is amazon , is an external vendor. A very bad servico for returns and of the transmissions. Any one recommends it down ningun point of view.
5 / 5 Michale
You grieve bought A disaster mine cut the blood of altarpiece a Casino almost gives complaint.
Afterwards have had L Creates has given affilare taking with the jalón affila volume, now is perfect more silent has given other Wahl, scalda a po mine now goes benissimo
4 / 5 Crysta
will know You a difference among east and another schrott in a snip of a beard or hair. If you have had your short hair well, know the one who the real trimmer to sounds and seat likes him. There is not any comparison. A chance to spend is sturdy, but any organised very inner. Calm so only has to that return a boss and of the pieces like this more like this possible and the neighbours quickly. But the data of light complaint that has quality of house to notch upper.
4 / 5 Jasmine
For real optimum tagliacapelli. Purchased without Hovered in another part. For real An optimum product joints he purchase Amazon any one fails May produced guaranteeed and has given qualities purchased without questions
4 / 5 Marylyn
A totally identical product to the the showed in the web and of a lot of good quality.
Arrives precintado inside his box and in mint condition, with all his accessories, as well as it showed in the photos.
Does correctly of the first moment.
Any one has failed in ningun the moment of then begins to use.
5 / 5 Dick
LovesíSome some diagrams cortapelos with boss, with materials of qualities, that was powerful and that rasura a lot and the place sinned the doubts fulfils of too much in every aspect.
Can join up diverse comb and leave to peel very short, ademas although hanged some few bosses to form fáeyelash and the person that cut you to peel has taken little in the has owed the the well that works.
To peel of the body también rasura a lot well and después of an intense use Any heats almost swimming.
In definite one authentic cortapelos has Done in EUA
4 / 5 Raisa
Me perfectly yes that the heats yes calm the the a lot of the time that does, but look me normal, any one affects at all, rushes a lot and so that I use it go perfect
4 / 5 Antony
Apres has declares relatively satisfactory ,small bémol during the cup of is exited hairs of joined some longitude or estacas of thickness a bit to see little be some réglages to regulate, but games lucidos prize very corrected ( am professional) any too heavy compares to another whal , had not done attention to the fact that she no a step of molette games degrader a lot the yard is harm but volume that mine ;(. I advise Game his pros.
5 / 5 Annelle
Ich kenne Given Wahl-Geräte von meinem the barber gives Vertrauens und cube von deren Leistung bisher beeindruckt gewesen. Of the erste Gerät, welches ich bestellt habe, hatte während gives Betriebs von Anfang a Aussetzer, was dazu führte gives mir Barthaare ausgerissen wurden. Of the als Ersatz bestellte Gerät War leider anscheinend gebraucht und hatte noch Rückstände (Bartstoppeln?!) In giving Klinge. Daher geht auch has given Gerät zurück. Für Gives Preis hatte ich ehrlicherweise erwartet „gutes“ Gerät als Ersatz zu bekommen.
5 / 5 Treena
Product arrived in the Times And ottimamente imballato, works was lunar only perfection, for the one who use he without comb, there are tips of the lame too acuminate and risks each the turn has given ferirsi.
4 / 5 Usha
Very happy with the car. It is the second Wahl that bought and like the forward an excellent quality. At the beginning it costs habituarse the she, but is question of practice. It Likes him the joint any to have questions, never spend schemes it the contrapelo.
5 / 5 Fleta
MODIFICATION dopes 5 YEARS has given utilisation: still perfect valid Product. There is all the power that occurs and taking cut was perfection with an only past and without has launched absolutely the films. Even more Importing, reason mine concern, is that it achieves for real he minimum promised longitudes thank you have comb gives 3mm and 1,5 mm (what scarce, seen that his other a lot of regolabarba he comb designated 'gives 3mm' in reality leaves the much longer beard has given 3 mm - and that gives 1,5 no east is suitable). This regolabarba does not have the levetta lateral that would have to do fault the regulate to the millimetro the longitude of the cut: as me he done that any east have it is a pregio, reason like this takes are always on the position in which he explodes all the useful surface has given court (mine his this fate him yours evaluations). Hanged a lot, my do not see in that the way can be a question.
4 / 5 Oralee
ich kaufe bei Amazon seit vielen Jahren und dies ist meine erste Rezension. Warum? Entweder ist Gives Produkt extrem enttäuschend oder über Dies Maßen gut. Of this ist einfach nur Gut. Kein Vergleich zu Gives üblichen Verdächtigen von Br... und Phi...... It has dipped denen ich mich über Quotes Jahre rumgeärgert habe. Akku kaputt, zu schwach, Ladeelektronik defekt usw.
Amazon Karton aufgemacht, Maschine entnommen und erstmal verwirrt angestarrt. Habe ich Gives einen Akkuschrauber, eine Schleifmaschine oder eine Haarschneidemaschine gekauft? Die Maschine wird in einer schwarzen Plastikkiste geliefert, die Baumarktcharme hat und auffallend schwer ist. Als ich Given Maschine erstmals in giving Hand hatte, war sofort gives Unterschied zu gives Produkten give Konkurrenz zu spüren. Schwer, irgendwie Massiv, kein Schnickschnack wie Akku, Selbstreinigung, Ladekontrolldisplay und Was weiß ich nicht sonst alles, gives nach ein paar Monaten sowieso kaputt geht. Kabel, Ein/Ausschalter (Kippschalter!!!!) - fertig. Eine echte Männermaschine. Und genauso legt sie auch The. Ich hatte erst Bedenken, daß Die Maschine im Gesicht nicht likes geeignet ist, gives sie doch recht breit ist. Aber sie lässt sich Gut führen und Given erste Rasur meines 1,5 Wochen Barts ohne Aufsatz hat ohne Zwicken und Zwacken geklappt. Und schnell. Einmal 'drüber, fertig. Wenn Marine partorisca die place dem Teil ihre Kahlköpfe rasieren wundert mich gar nichts mehr... For a way - give Teil ist soyade in EUA', hat aber selbstverständlich einen Eurocopa-Stecker. Of the Ding ist Like echt, wie guter Rock von CCR. Gut - ich kann natürlich nicht sagen wie lange Quotes Maschine hält. Aber sie macht nicht Damage Eindruck, dass ich Sie in diesem Leben noch einmal ersetzen müsste. Und ich auch gar nicht....
5 / 5 Shelly
PRO- The short car quite well, I me rapo to the z/to the zero and rushes quite well.

AGAINST- Vibrates a bit and calm at the beginning has to that spend cure of Any to cut you . Also hanged more than the account 477 grams, but calm accustom you early the diagram to him
4 / 5 Theola
tagliacapelli has given good bill, good with the distanziatori, my dificilísimo give used without, also dope a atteta teeth of the testina dreams come spilli and is very simple that incuneino in the pella causing he sanguinamento
5 / 5 Emilee
Is a car that hastes quite that it is that I have looked for but has inconvenient that hanged a lot, vibrates quite (arrives to be annoying is some time ) and yes calms master he for the beard also is possible that calm you a bit yard.
5 / 5 Carolin
The car rasura quite but Hay that has cure with the pliegos of the flesh because it pinches of the acute that estan the cuchichas. Hanged a bit but sees very robust and with materials of qualities.
4 / 5 Carley
Excellent. It has arrived the time has indicated, perfectly packed and short exceptional. Very happy with his.
5 / 5 Ivelisse
Received With a container has given plastic closed my empty. Perhaps it was missing something?
Still pacco arrived in the Times And qualities price very satisfactory
5 / 5 Merideth
A lot rushed in body and launch less some measures more than comb for yard of beard. For the another a lot well.
5 / 5 Jayna
Too heavy. It loved it to cut very very short and Any he well. Any one recommends it at all

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl UK Plug ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5 Jeanene
Some of some teeth have been broken in a leaf I hat to bey the complete new leaves partorisca concealed has not been cheep
4 / 5 Jamee
the Good product has come this in spite of the mine has used. Steps this a lot in the trimmer and find bit of hair and powder of skin on that. He probably lack of amazons more then manufacturer. A lot trimmer this in spite of
5 / 5 Leida
Some attractive of shaver on some hair and cut the little has bitten sometimes but probably a better one has used like this far. Perhaps an individual one has is the defect. The one who knows.
4 / 5 Jacelyn
Has used this clipper partorisca almost 3years. Before this had purchased roughly 3 clippers but any one could give the clean shaves. Ossia A better. Calm promote you to buy it.
4 / 5 Marian
Good shaver! Of confidence & Dependable. I can not imagine the better shaver for black men
4 / 5 Cary
A WAHL detailer is as to any one. Like this I require in his work. Easy to use and light in a hand.
Now can me give a classical front amd the side embroiders acute has loved always have without going to a barber.
5 / 5 Marcy
Has purchased for the fellow the one who has been recommended this for his barber, has said that cut very better that his forward trimmer and has more trimming options. Packaged Well, Arrives punctually to the equal that has declared.
5 / 5 Hobert
Very light (fences in a boss of course) and a lot never look to retard down to all the cost of a thickness of a hair. It runs a lot of neighbour without annexes and an easily clip in the annexes cut the constant level and still in the thin skin there is not cutting still! I add trimmers! :)
4 / 5 Sanford
Use to spend £10 each one fortnite for the trim, now he I so it does not scare of a prize
4 / 5 Torrie
Although has the hair soufflé full trimmer, this the a lot of easier fact to dip order my lines, in a beard, a Tash and a whole face in general. It is acute, real acute which is fantastic.
5 / 5 Merry
Ossia A real shot . At the beginning it was them hesitant because it had bought them the pair of fakes in a past. Ossia Expensive but well each penny . His was a lot of packaged also....
4 / 5 Tambra
ive There was partorisca the year for the half and in that then his so only given me @@subject, ive has had to that substitute a leaf once and although hasnt done a work.
5 / 5 Holly
Used it once the week for 3 month then has broken so only down!!!! Any acceptable!!!
5 / 5 Eloy
Acute concise that detail any question with him and highly recommended
5 / 5 Velda
A good product for barbers no for personal use . Too much with which cured more any self stressing leaves.
5 / 5 Mari
Has tried a lot diferent clipers, but has to that admit this one this real quality . They are by train to use it So only for my neckline and he the very near trimming.
5 / 5 Kortney
A better Wahl the products have not bought never partorisca prójimos cutting.
To good sure will recommend by all the world looking for the prójimo cutting trimmer.
5 / 5 Tamika
Powerful, compact and brilliant of hair of the courses. Any economic but a better clipper there is never has possessed.
4 / 5 Amada
He never done well bought it of then
has not been was in lucky likes quality his
5 / 5 Long
experience Very bad. Trimmer Has arrived with hair in a leaf that obviously used before. Screwdriver And zero-gaping the also lost utility of a box. Totally it would recommend any partorisca purchase.
4 / 5 Isabell
I like an element. I have used frequently. 100 the
recommends to another is buyers .
4 / 5 Wiley
Amazing action. Easy light & weight partorisca operate. It rids an extremely close cut when required. The better clippers has has not possessed never. Well value of the money !
4 / 5 Israel
Has decided to buy these trimmers after reading some descriptions and am happy has listened. There was so only partorisca the month now but look partorisca be the compraventa very good.
4 / 5 Brendan
A next plus to a skin can take
buy it his a lot of
4 / 5 Bryan
Glorious very acute and a better quality like calm and expect of wahl
4 / 5 Fermina
Excellent detailer, less noisy,boss of extra of long power. Like this far like this good. Happy with cost of mine. And it has arrived punctually too much.
5 / 5 Christina
Amazing detailing, any look of yard partorisca peel more orderly and more professional I so only love this trimmer

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Electric Beard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Graig
Very partorisca hair along but any very at all partorisca closing of beards of period of the half. You owe that have the long fat beard partorisca do this useful product.
5 / 5 Soila
Any enthusiast in this at all. I tried it on my hair, which is very fat and frizzy/dry, and straightens so only a slightest has bitten.

I usually irons of hair of use of flat iron that gives the good smooth result. Ossia At all in one joins same so it has included an economic more the majority of irons of basic hair. Now it appreciates that it is meant like the beard straightener and paintbrush combo, but the hair of beard tends partorisca be a lot coarse and frizzy also and so only can does not see partorisca do a lot partorisca the beard neither.

A question is that straightening require partorisca press a hair among two hot dishes or at least among the hot dish and another hard surface (like when it spend dresses). With this paintbrush there is any way to press a hair to a backside of him where a heat is. There is not any heat in a bristles. The included take the light straightening the effect has to that really press your hair by means of him dulcemente whilst that resists each section in a corner. A random paintbrush by means of, has included dulcemente, swimming but detangle.

Now a paintbrush is well. Taking by means of my longitude of knotty hair without question. But this prize is not to value he for the paintbrush that so only roughly grieve straightens. I can see it is when being useful perhaps to touch on already hair of flat iron aplanado or the longest beard. Otherwise He so only a lot slightly soften out of waves or curls to less than curls and waves stagnate.

Is aimed in of the men to the to those who generally does not like to spend like this of time and endeavour in his hair and beard styling, how is supposition to be easier reason is the paintbrush with straightening, two in a. But it is not wireless that it has to that cover he in and expect the minute or two for him to heat on, which is not really like this convenient as it fast paintbrush by means of with the paintbrush regulates.

So only loves a slightest has bitten of neatening on and softening, perhaps take this. Otherwise Gives this loses it.
4 / 5 Kristin
This is fantastic product and very sure to use. The ones of the that has the long beard now same but has taken for a future.
My woman and the daughter have tried this straightener in his own hair and is like this happy with this product.
Hot on top of interiors 2 minutes and he can be used in the hair brushed previously/ beard. Straightener Is quite small, so only like paintbrush of typical hair.
Some bits to heat is surrounded for strong silicone bristles that protects user of burns accidentelles. We find east brushes very sure to use. When I straighten The hair of my woman ( has wavy-cyrly hair), simply so only the brushed dulcemente and in fact schemes work well. Obviously he didnt give to an effect likes the iron of the flat hair excepts straightens a hair that gives him a volume. The hair was smooth and looking is. The irons of hair of leaves of typical hair very flat, like this wet looking, but this leaves the full hair of volume. My ladies there is taken on this straightener for them. In fact, it is tool very convenient for them, easy to use, quickly to directly a hair on, 5 minutes and the work done.
These produced takes control of messy hair of morning, the frames looks ordered and good.
This straightener can do the hair bit it twisted in a subordinated also, everything depends likes to resist this product. If we situate it to knots down a hair (go in with the and hair) then brush it down and transfer to take a curly effect in some finals.
Think that that this material will leave the orderly long beard and smooth. A day will try it on I :)
5 / 5 Elina
Rid for Amazon.

Wahl Is the mark my husband and the edges use everything of a time, know if an element is done for them his in disposal to be good quality. Everything of my edges has beards and is a lot to male grooming like this when I have seen this straightener that the paintbrush has ordered he without the second has thought.

Has arrived in the branded box with the manual of small instruction. A paintbrush begins is quite big to return in a palmera of one his hand bristles is comfortable. A transmission to be able to is the simple on was transmission of toe in a boss . Here it is where some fun starts..

This takes roughly 30 seconds to heat on, he slid by means of my beard of edges and the softened to perfection. It has had also any question navigating by means of his thickness and kinky the hair that leaves it shiny and directly.

Thinks of to him likes to tourmaline of of iron of hair of good quality of ceramic dish but the paintbrush also, liked some results like this well can result to be the mammas that straightens paintbrush that some edges takes loaned.

Some profits are a long goodness and a totally free 360 swivel cord that bad can use you he in any corner without taking wrapped in boss.

Priced In just £16 is the subject of same barbers if you are not the barber!
4 / 5 Lien
Ossia The product adds and there are so many good things roughly that. A better thing is that it is very sure to use, and still although it takes quite hot to straighten hair, if accidentally you resist it, will not burn you unless it press your toes among some bosses of paintbrush. I have tried this in my beard, included although it is not long or thickness, but he still brushed and the aplanado well.

Now an integer of use familiarised he for hair straightens, This product is like this big like the normal hairbrush and if his was included can use like the hairbrush. This tool of hair takes no more than a minute to heat on if any less. A bristles is the really good quality and is done of plastic, but is still soft. In general, ossia the good product that the people in my family will be to use daily.

A subject only can inform while using this Straightener that the paintbrush is requires long hair to do perfectly well, is not hair-based and could not take short hair and straitened he easily.

Expect that this details the description helps other people that looks for this element or other products looked on Amazon
5 / 5 Galen
has taken this for mine hubby, to maintain his beard in shape, but is resulted to be quite useless, any that the has not done, but reason his beard is not long enough to benefit of , like this on to his better mate, the one who has long and enough unkept the beard and he have changed a game, so much so that there is has purchased now one for him. A one possesses this in spite of, FOR DECEPTION, has been used by my daughter partorisca straighten his hair, as it has assumed this WAS a paintbrush has had his sooner for his hair ( still although this one in this way smaller) Aaaanyway, in fact straightened his hair with this one any question at all, and has emigrated now permanently to his drawer of hair! LOL
Is very easy to use, hot on top of any time, and a lot especially (the difference of a straightener the paintbrush there is before state), is súper sure, like the elements are protected with silicon and there is literally any threat of burns accidentelles, which is in prize massively , the data is still the boy.
Hair of verdict and long beards ( any curly and coarse this in spite of) - perfect!
4 / 5 Stephnie
One first what there is remarked in of the this was that looked is to the paintbrush of the iron of hair has heated has, as I suppose that it has had it the dual uses and would be the shame to so only the limit to use in the beard.
A boss of paintbrush is quite wide and would struggle partorisca straighten the short beard but I suppose a lot really take unruly until they take to the longest plot.
Hot on really quickly but the irons of the different hair so only has some heats to dip.
My edges in law was unable to use it on his beard how is quell'has bitten too short as I tried it on mine curly hair and found the really easy to use so that it does not have to that be like this precise as with smooth straighteners, just paintbrush he by means of your hair.
Is an excellent prize that considers that it is of the very known mark and I can see any man the one who buys this in the loser his woman or promise when @they give that well it is.
Esperanza has found my useful description
4 / 5 Suzann
Oh Goddess, LOVES THAT!!
Ossia marketed For men to use in his beard of hair but when being woman I I a lot in fact hve the beard but I have hair in my boss. Now my hair is ultra well and produces more heated so only the fry or arrivals to burn my boss, ears and toes into use. With east is so only slightly warm to one touches, as no more in of the llamas of part of organism and uses the sweet to heat which is perfect for fine hair. So only it slips by means of my hair without doing tangles further that it is that it spends with products that takes too hot. My hair feels lovely and silky with which uses. Now my only flu is a boss is quell'has bitten short to take. Has hands of measure of the half and think the men could have the bit of one holding of @@subject this unless his grab a whole paintbrush more than just a boss. Fully it would recommend to all the sexes.
4 / 5 Shani
Wahl Electrical beard Straightener Paintbrush.

Ossia The quality has produced well of Wahl, the esees been the defender of this mark in fact a lot of years. Prpers Having purchased a lot another Wahl has produced.

A beard straightener is simple to use simply discharges in the the socket of wall, with which two minutes a paintbrush is in a correct temperature. Then all needs to do is comb by means of dry hair, and some act done.

My woman and daughters all have hair along, and has used this Wahl paintbrush in place of his usual hair that straightens irons.

In general is the product of the at present priced quality in £ in timing to write, how is value adds also.

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4 / 5 Reatha
A Wahl the looks of Electrical paintbrush to be fact a lot well, his the alike measure to the normal paintbrush, the difference when being this some discharge in the some hands.

Is marketed in a phase of beard, and is a lot very soften it bushy beard, quell'straightens perfectly and is not hot to a face, this in spite of, a paintbrush is equally well in hair along, straightens hair, again does not feel hot and is easy to use.

A boss is long, and swivels 360 terracings, as any precise to change a way is by train of the resist, very good.

A do one well adds, likes is the measure and a way feels, the value adds, 100& recommended.
4 / 5 Duncan
I do not have the beard but I have taken this partorisca do my hair as has the tendency to crimps on like this thought this would be a perfect way to do my hair and the help the straighten on top of a same time.

While he good and a shrub is very built, a bristles the quite hard as it is not one the majority of comfortable experience. This will not be the question if yours using it on your beard and so that it will do adds, for the hair is so only well.

A so only another thing would say is a boss to be able to could do with being the tiny has bitten longer. No the enormous shot this in spite of considering more than the people would owe that be long enough.
4 / 5 Fredericka
My beard has like this taking unruly lately that it had been it that considering trimming he down but has decided to try this prime minister and is solved my questions and me really happy that can look well and have the sweet beard that does and to good sure quite looking beard now. These units are a perfect measure .

Has has not loved the straightener like the flat iron for the take all directly so only more manageable and cleaner of look. This that stands out a lot quickly time of discharge. Very easy to use and compress for travelling. An idea of present adds for all a fellow beard types there.
5 / 5 Lazaro
My brother in law has tried this for me so that has the well of the long strong beard and he is him very liked.
Has found that it was much easier to brush and straighten his beard with that anything more had tried.
A bristles of a paintbrush has been his beard easily and helped to separate and neaten.
My daughter tried it he also in his longitude wavy hair and found the a lot of gain for his to still straighten his hair and the leave shiny.

-An idea adds for the pair like this where can both find the use for him.

Good and Recommended value
4 / 5 Candy
am using this in my hair and he his straighten amiably without breaking them so much.
Takes the pair of minutes to take heats and then is ready to go. I have begun to use he in place of straightener- taking more along but are down impression that does not spoil my hair at all. Very easy to use, very small- add for travelling. Fact in such the way that also massages my hair - good feeling.
I looks of prize well, the quality is there, boss along- I would recommend this product.
5 / 5 Janessa
Has bought this for the fellow the one who has the a lot coarse beard and end that has question straightening same when dampening it. It is pleased really with him and says is easy to use and so only takes the minute or two to straighten his beard and said some slips of paintbrush by means of his beard easily.

Has has used also he in his hair and has been pleased with some results, like this easy to use, the work adds and the desires had bought done some years. Like this happy to recommend.
5 / 5 Alana
This electrical beard straightener of Wahl is produced of the daily cure adds, drawn for men. Simple and light, easy to manage. Flexible 360 terracings rotating cord to be able to is a lot comfort it and the ceramic dishes are a lot the stops protect of hair. It heats on fast (around 1-2 minutes) and work well in my quite short beard and hair. I am adding the little bit of oil of beard before use. Amazing, the hard is resulted. Straight and smooth arrival. The manual has comprised. It recommends!
4 / 5 Mirian
This paintbrush can be be draw for the beards but he also can be used like the hair that straightens paintbrush and his compact sizing and the reasonable prize the ideal fact for travesía or of the weekends were.
His very basic with just an on/was the transmission and does not have a row of temperatures my irons of usual hair have but hot on quickly and is really easy to use and work well. Measuring less than 8 thumbs his perfect for my stock exchange of weekend
4 / 5 Chun
was fast delivery .
Are reviewing this after several times of the use and Do a lot well.
The quality is surprising. It is paintbrush and the good quality is a lot also. Of course, we can not use he for a small
Breard but yes is small then of course would do reason can no any grip the plot of hairs.

Considering a quality of this electrical paintbrush is total value for money. £ It is well for him
Loves that.
4 / 5 Melony
Very happy with this paintbrush.
Well of law. It can use for any types of hair and beard.
Tries to use this straightener for my hairs and his fact his good work. With which utilisation that paintbrush, my straight hairs effect last for long.
Takes less then the minute to heat on, has the good boss. Very comfortable to resist.
In general, the product adds, easy to use, the value adds for money. Definetly Recommends it.
5 / 5 Lucinda
Would require the long beard to require this, but ossia very reason are all the woman and really like like this the paintbrush has heated is of smaller that a one the crown to us take sold. It is, otherwise, exactly like some female versions - has has not used never one, really is the alternative sum to blow that dry - and handy in an at night stock exchange. It moves beardy, this one east for me!
5 / 5 Concepcion
My beard is quite hard to control when it achieves the sure period — so only goes big and bushy, but this beard straightener brushes in fact the taming a bit. It has been it bit it sceptical when that sees a measure of a paintbrush, but hot on amiably and is easy to use, and my beard looks more loans that has it on some time. Result!
5 / 5 Belkis
There is long beard, to a point im in a verge of devorce.. But ossia usless for me. Unless it has it zz upper fashionable beard, he doesnt take enough constant contact that requires to heat a hair. A bristles is too big imo, and the far better works so only the basic hair straightner. I am bald.
5 / 5 Sabra
Ossia Good electrical beard straightener paintbrush wich is done of technology of ceramic tourmaline that leaves a paintbrush to slip by means of the beard and the hair straightens without in of the llamas a face. The sound that takes heat a lot quickly, the result is pleasant and the result of easy beard straigh. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Stephane
Has taken this to try but interior a moment my beard is not long enough for the give the full test
This in spite of has tried them in in my beard of period of the half and is having some effect
Easy to use turn on and comb
Ossia more ideal for beards very long
the device done A lot of
5 / 5 Gisele
has seen this mark into use in my local hairdressers sometimes a lot of occasions and as there is taken on cup of an occasion for the try. It feels quality very big and well-has done. It could be the bit to daunt to try at the beginning but any need to concern like this punctual will take a hangs of him!
4 / 5 Kathyrn
Has used this for my hair and am pleased with a result!
Also, my use of husband he for his beard and of the works properly!
Is easy to use and to resist.
Works for any hair and is the good value for money!
Can be adds like the present!
4 / 5 Ty
Looks to do so only well in my beard but leave faces it,his basically that the paintbrush of hair has heated really.
The cord to be able to could be the longest mark or included better a wireless unit/rechargeable .
4 / 5 Valrie
Does not add at all. It is so only he animates paintbrush - disappointed

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Black Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5 Vannessa
This substitutes some clipper of old hands that has to do fault very partorisca 15 years. This short equally as well as an old a, but with a goodness of any boss that takes wry and in a way. I have not remarked any difference in a power of east a. Mainly it uses a No8 comb, using a control of paste partorisca take the different period cut of mid boss. An only drawback - is on two times a prize of some delivery powered version, which is done still, but mine, value he partorisca a conveniance.
5 / 5 Loralee
Brilliant leaves that offered resulted exceptional
qualified of Massive battery
the organism is plasticy and no a main quality
has distributed nostril trimmer is no better that alike generic some

Some clippers of the hair in this box extracted a lot well. My woman uses this box on me partorisca the stay in on duty skin of house. It is not the barber but Youtube have coached. Of the barbers were closure in a lockdown my woman has been experimenting with my hair, has insiemi numerous of clippers of hair in the house and says these have been some better (in of the terms of haircutting capacities) as far. And without the shadow of the doubt this box gave some better results so many of closings.

A subject main with these clippers and ossia a key partorisca be able to. So only I do not like him the one who last of calm has to press it. A rubberised has spent of the key feels partorisca like impinges of his use. It is odd to use too much reason when it change calm in press down and he not being able to on until emission. While when the calm management was press down and instantly the turns was.
In general a unit of the clipper does not feel particularly robust. A course of the money of an organism is bouncy when gripped firmly. A encasement around some sides is some same. I dread with one falls it could quite easily coming averts. A plastic does not look a strong plus.
An organism is plastic lustrous . It offers little grip, and is so only an ergonomic draw which resupplies comfortable and sure managing. An arrival of mirror chrome the look of effect adds when dried down, but with fingerprints and shaven bit of hair in the, looks terrible.
An adjustable paste the looks to arm to be plastic economic, and again flimsy. Although he slide smoothly and remain fixed to situate strongly.
Looks that it is paying the paralizaciones is some wonderful leaves and an extremely able battery. In three hours of continuous use these would be perfect for professional barbers. Really they are the big action workhorse.

A clip of combs of the annex on a lot of securely with that satisfies and reassuring the click when fixed. Like this easy to attach and take. These are qualities quite good . Some combs offered some flex and is not rigid. That ensures will not snap easily.

A nostril trimmers being nothing special and resemble to the mine likes them to them the generic career of a mill. It is the very small extra requires one, but would not buy this yes the calm box already has the nostril trimmer. If this was able to be touched with an included upload more than being EA the battery operated it would be the addition adds to a box.

A rest of a stock exchange of boxes looks to be bog accessories level free. Cheapy scissor That any barber to discern would not use , included with Wahl written in a side. A comb is terribly flimsy. A stock exchange of boxes is decent. Has numerous spaces and can return a whole box in (and more) comfortably. A boss is quite well, ideal for use of house in of the adults so only. We look for to use it on my edges of six years but was too free. It would benefit of extra velcro patches for measures of with the different.
4 / 5 Dylan
These are for far a together better of clippers has had to date, has not tried Wahl before but are now the converted defender.

My immediate impressions of these neighbours was a lot well, has felt a handset is the little in a big and heavy side but they am still quite light, ergonomic and comfortable to resist, a quality and arrival in a handset is excellent. Some leaves are good and acute and bounce it small of the oil is distributed to maintain a mechanism lubricated. It was able to take quickly and ran cleaned without any snagging, there is roughly adjustment in a handset and a lot of combs of drives are resupplied, ossia quite regular but is still the bit of the faff to change around to change a cutting height quickly and opportunely. Everything is easy to clean and maintain and the sale was to the stock exchange of orderly storage. Some accessories and feel bit it economic and plasticy but is in fact well and do a work.

Is the rechargeable handset like any annoying boss that among a way, touch quite quickly and comprises the characteristic of fast load calm so only loves roughly fast clipping but one full load that takes so only the few hours and hard the very long time, as I have used these on and was could not say exactly long but still has not had to touch them again still after the month.

A together of separate small clipper is the additional touch well for clipping ear and nasal hair and to to the finest zones like around some eyebrows and taking the most ordered arrival around a beard. Ossia The battery operated and he EA the battery is distributed, is also easy to use and cleaned.

My global experience of these clippers is as to any although it seats is quite expensive and would have felt the little more comfortable around one £50-60 mark for a together integer. Prpers Having said that, has had the pocolos insiemi of clippers now all duquel was much more economic and with more than the things in life take that paid partorisca, is prepared to pay bit it more thus Wahl set (at present £ in timing to write this description) a quality is very good and is built to last, calm would not owe that be disappointed.
5 / 5 Fawn
The accident is to be sincere, Wahl is one of some more & frames more than confidence when it comes the beard/of hair trimmers. And this unit is no different.

In a the ones of boxes the chance of soft zip, combs of multiple gradient, 2 combs of paste to turn and a cord of power together with the plastic comb, scissors of hair and of course a clipper. I prefer the touch & used it wireless to the equal that means calm is not tethered to a wall but same when wired a connection is strong (the boss does not fall was) when in cutting.
Some leaves are very acute & , typical of Wahl produced and has no snagging in of the hairs at all that it will take it to it you with economic clippers.

The quality of global build is excellent, feels sturdy in your hand still is not weighed too much and a creation is the comfortable access in a hand.

An eyebrow of separate/nose trimmer does not feel so that to the prize but I am not founding a this does elsewhere, is battery so only and does his good work. It is feigned so only for the nasal/eyebrow trimmer so that it does not go to be one the majority of product of prize but is the good addition & a global value quite good.

He, this neighbour is in a pricier the side but that is paying the paralizaciones is the unit that literally do calm fault for years. My dad there has been a together old roughly 15 years, has possessed the pair of Wahl clippers now this is lasted 6+ years each and an only reason I upgraded was reason some leaves are resulted the bit dulls. I have tried economic eBay clippers, Remington etc and any one has to do fault for more than 12month, directly out of some hairs of appeal of the box and like this this in fact exits value very better in a long term like calm will not owe that substitute every year.

For any the one who cut in home is a compraventa excellent. It is presented amiably too so it would do an ideal present.
4 / 5 Marshall
Whilst Any one the majority of what of entity in a world, this together of clippers is very very presented, coming inside the zipped chance (with lining waterproof) inside the box. It is a lot something concealed could be endowed easily and will not disappoint a recipient.

Inside a chance, some clippers arrive with some load, but the calm mark sure his tones partorisca among 3 and 5 hours before first use. The time run when then used wireless is around 2 hours. You are advised to the only load when necessary more than with which each use, probably for reasons of health of the battery. Some clippers also can be used whilst plugged in, although a goodness is not very a lot the time and this is not something would want to do further of chance.

Has to that focus plastic around some leaves of clipper, which is the control of the useful hygiene when new. A small boat of oil has been distributed so that you can maintain some leaves for some premiers pocolos use and an inclusion added of scissors, the comb and the small boss is the good touch. Oh, almost It has forgotten It, there is the number of different combs also, as I can achieve the row of period/of fashions that calm leave you to cut among and 25mm. You can also cut without some combs down to and this has resupplied the next yard to order hair in a with the.

Is some the better clippers have used for cutting hair, which so only looked to fall off in of the waves and, in spite of a quantity has involved, any clog some leaves how has been a chance with alternatives. A fast oil of a leaf after and has been packed was for next use.

Has used Wahl clippers before (version of pet) and has a lot of be happy with a quality of an element and also is longevity . These clippers celery equally very done and has to that well sure his hips last a lot of (his certainly cut well) and, in any case, come with to 5 guarantee of year like tranquility added.
4 / 5 Serina
Some better clippers have used is a Oster 76 which are sold on Amazon. They are hard, rugged, hard spending and used by barbers in Some States. Ossia Where in the first place find them.

In that has purchased the to him the few decades done, is always in a look was for the good contends.

This place of Wahl clippers, is certainly a lot like this expensive, but comes with the series of accesorias and the handy little nose/of ear trimmer.

Like those some clippers can do both, with and without a cord - while a Oster is fully corded, a bit touch it limiting has turned around a house.

A Wahl resists the quite that impresses 120 minutes of runtime with which to 3 load of now, and has the work of fast load that calm give you around 12 minutes of use with to 15 explosion of the minute in one load.
This give roughly 12 uses of approx ten minutes in the plenaries 120min battery.

Annoyingly, does not have the exposure of indicator of the battery, as I am left enough in a darkness has to that require to know what can have left, especially require to travel with a clipper.

A box comes with 12 drives comb which can cut among 0.8 to 25mm , the a shortest period, achievable minus some combs.

A clipper is amiably weighted and an ergonomic creation the fact the very smooth and comfortable in mine take and perfectly shaped for self clipping.

Has the pocolos other bits have comprised in a together:
comb of Hair, scissors, the boss, chance of storage, oil and cleaning paintbrush.
But any all these things are of a same big quality like clippers they. For a prize, would have preferred to see accessories of better quality.

▪︎ Final thoughts:

Some clippers am a lot well, his he the clip/shaves a lot well, cleanly and seamlessly and feel well in mine take and comfortable in a cutting period under whilst uses him.
You clip the period of hair more with a longitude of our young edges quickly that it use to comb of drive, cleanly and without causing any undue affliction. Some leaves are very good.

The difference of a Osters, any precise to purchase any accessories for separate like the majority is has comprised in this together. No a quality would expect in this prize but still the together a lot usable of accessories.
4 stars

Expect you found this gain.
5 / 5 Jarvis
When I have seen this together of clipper was up for description, was enthusiast to try am resulted like this an officious barber of a house of lockdown.
That I in the first place remarked in this neighbour is the one who the accessories is has comprised – abundance of combs – spare partorisca in home barbering and also comprise oil of clipper, apron, combs and of course, a trimmer.
This work of together with the cord or without – ossia the utmost characteristic and does a really versatile place. So only it uses this dips wireless and a power is fantastic – and last long enough to cut two boys' hair with the abundance of load has left.
A total routine is 120 minutes for cariche of 3 hours. Strangely, This in spite of, has no real way to know what uploads has left as it does not say you .
Liked that weighty this place of the clipper is, which gave it the quality feels, but has not hurt my wrists when using likes other frames has.
Some combs are fences in qualities. A question with these annexes is that a bit that the clip in a backside is prone to snap was if you are not súper careful with them.
Wahl To do combs of clipper of the substitution in the reasonable prize this raisin, but for a prize of a together, would have liked me has liked alleged more robust.
In general, the neighbour adds that it comprises quite all would require to cut house of hair of the very known mark. One 4 out of 5 near for me. It would have been 5 if some accessories were the little better quality .
4 / 5 Nevada
Is now state using these clippers for just under a month and he am spent for enough the bit of trimming, like this hubby uses he for his beard as well as contouring of his hairline in a backside, etc. Now, while WAHL is the mark expects quality to notch upper of, ossia decent, but no a class of device that calm swipes out of water and of the frames want to write home roughly the, as to say! I think that that you are paying for incredibly of acute leaves and of precision to notch upper that short, as while a mechanism is fantastically a lot of fact and one east matches your expectations, an organism leaves it down the bit, as it is not like this robust likes one can wish - do me feel concealed has to that fallen he in my paving of bath tiled will not survive a fall, likes lack of a type milite sturdiness has seen of WAHL before. They are also any enthusiast in a fact like shaky east, that vibrates in my hand, but then again - I follows no professional, like this perhaps calms once the have the habit of, calm does not seat a vibration and does not affect the one who stable yours hand is. A nose trimmer is fab, basic, but properly not pulling and will last the moment, included although it is only battery powered.

Can not say that ossia something would avert, like the real cutting power is as to any, but would not be the launching around that thinks that WAHL will survive anything and everything, like this WAHL is the bit of the sweet DIVA and need to be gazes yes is to last calm for longer that the pair of clumsy falls.
4 / 5 Josue
Has something, am expert in, is trimming my own hair. On some years have had an occasion to try and revise several trimmers/clippers, and this Wahl will join a family of description today.

Form and Grip:
In the nutshell, ossia the very solid clipper . Compared to a corded variant, has a creation and grip was. It feels a lot familiar and transmit the classical look that mimics a majority of corded clippers. It is in a heavy side, and for me ossia that the plus like the weight adds to a precision.

Some leaves are perfect to treat all the types of hair of hair. An empty among some leaves is convenient for attentive courses, while it trust your hands. This can be used corded or wireless which adds to a versatility. I have had wireless clippers in some pasts concealed no when corded, as if a battery is down in this Wahl, concerns no, game and discharges so only, or trim!

One uploads so only takes around 3 hours. Hard until 2 hours on battery, very convenient for 3-4 course. I usually dipped the to touch after each yard but this are! Has the class of characteristic of fast load that has guaranteeed 12 minutes of use partorisca to 15 load of minutes.

With extra combs, scissor and comb of hair, together with the lovely ear and nose trimmer, does not have any room for complaints! This Wahl has surpassed my expectations to the equal that resupplies to convince quality, with the prize a lot of abordable. Value very good.
4 / 5 Rachell
Is very pleased with this Wahl conjoint of clippers and ear trimmer. Thy Is packaged for separate and is paired near for a purpose of a together and gone as well as one all rounder grooming conjoint.

Some clippers is amazing quality and is comfortable to resist and an organism slims to leave for the better grip around him. It comes with a variety of directs the transmission for a perfect period. My favourite type of clippers has built he in to regulate a period in some clippers his to save misplacing any of some pieces but a row of mark of available period he suitable for all the world in a house to take a perfect yard.

Some clippers cut perfectly and because of Covid has been experimenting with courses of peel of house in our boys and my partner and have the pocolos different clippers of variable qualities that has been comparing to see that it gives a better yard. These are very precise, easy to use and have the life of decent battery to last the pocolos ran to peel first to go back in cariche.

A nose and ear trimmers the ees tried in my partner and he found it very odd hving something in his ear trimming but work well and saves plucking out of hairs that is more painful!!

A neighbour adds for all the round grooming and know a quality is always there with Wahl. I add for trimming hair, beards and any one another stray hair poking of nose and ears!! Recommended, All precise in the grooming conjoint.
4 / 5 Larisa
This clipper is good quality the plastic seat outside bit it economic this in spite of a quality of global build is a lot although has some his hanged a life of battery is very a lot he so that it is partorisca be expected...
Comes with diverse row of measures of comb of drives so much is complete partorisca all the types of hairs, an adjustable crowbar gives it that little extra precision partorisca you partorisca take all a lot of when it comes the fading.
Unfortunately, some combs of drives celery a lot economic, does not expect plastic of better quality this in spite of the appearance partorisca have the smooth access partorisca do sure does not mark a clipper one some have resupplied partorisca feel a lot odd when installing/takes chair that partorisca this prize the diverse could be better.

An ear and nose trimmers is not a better quality this in spite of is the good extra on a clipper.

In general thinks that is the good clipper has done the hair of my husband multiple time with him already and has not had any one questions, the controls touch a lot well is a lot easy to use and an oil has resupplied marks laws very better.
There would be it given 5 stars but I celery some combs of drives could be better, is a lot of entity partorisca take this legislation likes the number of calm time changes them the uncomfortable fact when it does not feel smooth to install/take.
5 / 5 Aliza
In COVID lockdown recently, has begun partorisca cut a hair partorisca my boys and I. Now I am interested partorisca learn more, and is for this that am trying diverse class of clippers of the hair also will begin the haircutting the aim of careers.

Amiably creation, black with a money chrome looks beautiful and feels durable to resist. Wahl I clippers Of hair go in the branded box with all some necessary annexes that required partorisca the yard of hair, and all some annexes return on easily. Has the slightly banded little has bitten heavy organism that give the grip in firm and the comfortable fact partorisca slip by means of a hair, hair of the fast short frames and the easy—paste has attached his, a lot handy partorisca the smallest adjustments. My clippers of the leading hair hurt my edges during a yard of hair, but this a short hair amiably and softly. With which have done four course of hair, a life of battery is less bad, and the supposition perhaps can do another four hair cut in the alone load.

Has received nose/of ear trimmer with him, really value partorisca side of car , Excellent, to good sure recommended.

The box Contains :

1 x Clippers ( can use he with cord or wireless)
12 x has measured 1 to 8 and 0.5,1.5,Right and Sinister ear Alleged of paste of Comb
1 x Scissor and styling comb
1 x Boss, Oil of Leaf and Paintbrush
4 / 5 Isabella
has been using Wahl partorisca years and, in spite of trying varied other frames, always return to them. And more use of barbers Wahl also, partorisca good reason.

Here have the wireless model, some premiers have seen and used of Wahl. Clearly a lot of partorisca convenient to use that corded, while a quality of yard is one same, and am happy to discover that it is in the pair with a regulate Wahl clipper of consumer. No like this well like Elite Pro, but has not been partorisca be never.

Is weighed more than a corded clipper, but any a lot of so much and does not cause any ache of wrist into use. And it is partorisca bend a prize, reason the battery add cost.

A nose comprised and brow trimmer is (a) battery powered; and (b) essentially useless. Not even the value that opens a blister band.

If really I love a effing the clipper adds, then this is not he - take a corded Elite Pro and will be happy has done. You will feel like the pro lumberjack that resists an epic chainsaw.

Wants decent wireless clippers then these rid. My joint is the in the first place think attentively wants to Joe half Bloggs clippers, or hardcore clippers. And so only then decide in corded or wireless.

If down a wireless street, then these are some clippers is looking for.
5 / 5 Raeann
These clippers are good quality and give the a lot of together, the acute net yard. A rest of a neighbour this in spite of is not like this good. A trimmers is feeling a lot economic and does not have a same quality like clippers. A trimmers feels likes is roughly partorisca take when using them, does not have any power, for this would not use him again. Some looks of comb and chair like sides 10of p and some scissors are poor. Some falls of stock exchange of the storage to a same economic group like his really thin and flimsy.

A main house is some clippers . They can operate for 120 minutes in the plenaries touch which is fresh and give you 12 minutes of operative time in the 15 load of minute. They can operate while plugged in or on battery. I owe that say a power of these clippers that the career in the battery is a lot well, calm would not know that they have operated on would beat like this have cut perfectly. They are comfortable to resist and one can easily trim his interior of hair 5 minutes.

Some varied annexes of measure are easy to situate in these clippers and the cleaners is the breeze although it always ensures some leaves are oiled after each use.

Fantastic clippers but ruined for economic accessories and trimmer.

Would not pay £ for this together.
4 / 5 Tressie
Has had enough the pocolos clippers now - wire fences and wireless - and these are for far some better. They are also for far one the majority of expensive this in spite of!

Spends for all the types of hair really easily without clogging and that cut a right quantity. They come with plots and a lot of guards of different note to returned to a leaf that calm mean can do the plot of hairstyles. Until it notes 8 which is fab. Oil, paintbrush and more than boss the stock exchange is all has comprised. Has the crowbar of adjustment of half measure as well as some guards of half note for some smaller notes.

A nose trimmer a lot really interest me but I supposition for some people could be the good addition .

A better thing in of the this is that it is wireless and was able to take the number of the courses to peel fact without recharging and witho the in losing tin.

Thinks that ossia excellent and value a big
cost (particularly yes has begun to do your hair of families in lockdown)
4 / 5 Tajuana
has used Wahl clippers for years, and firmly thinks that can not be bettered. With which on ten years of cutting my own hair, has to any to leave me down still.

These clippers come with the stock exchange of handy storage, the boss for when using them, hairdressing scissors and oil for some leaves. As it would expect of Wahl, is well in a hand, has built well, and give the yard really a lot of - smooth, and with the in fact cut hair more than is pulled was. Some combs of drives are also decent quality; he the a lot of years have had the disaster with another mark of clippers when a comb is fallen off mid the yard and I there is not remarked in time; there is not a lot of casualidad of that here.

Is a prize added that it can use you these corded or wireless; wireless is far easier, like this calm is not restricto for a cord.

Has pleased really with these; material add of Wahl once again.
5 / 5 Francisco
More grooming place. Has all like the needs of man to maintain he of the appeals and groomed. It is gone in the small measure stylish box, included this absolutely has promised. A groomer is has arrived touched so much was able to use it immediately. It feels he taste done of of materials of the quality of the prize has built with plastic house, the leaf is acute and effectively cut a hair and any when pulling while they are by train for the use, without burn of knife or redness. It comes with the stock exchange to spend and the plot of extra, 12 different combs with the variables of cutting period among - 25mm, scissors, paintbrush etc. A clipper of the also done nose the work adds, a lot effective take touched of of ear and hair of nose without pulling. The Easy to take averts to take old hairs and cleaned.
Are not disappointed in this together trimmer and will not be neither, fact and good prize of good product. Thank you Wahl.
5 / 5 Francis
In this band there is two for separate packaged elements- a clipper to be able to, and a nose trimmer.
A clipper to be able to beat to be used with a cord or without a cord that is that it shines are due to to be using he for the few hours to the equal that can change of wireless the corded has required. When Using wireless calm creates to 120 use of small and taking so only the few hours to touch. It comes with 12 it drives different combs which are all helpfully has numbered. Also it comes with stock exchange, scissors, boss, cleaning paintbrush and oil of leaf. Some works of clipper astonishingly a lot- is really really pleased with east and has done some courses of utmost hair.
A nose trimmer is a lot of sturdy and feels good quality. Work a lot a lot (better that the most economic games) and this takes 1 aa battery.

In general the pair adds produced for the very known mark.
5 / 5 Lessie
Everything in this clipper of hair is excellent!! A life of battery is phenomenal. It is decent to be just, very done and sturdy enough without being too heavy. It likes that it is rechargeable like this of calm of the that requires him to be plugged to some hands.

A lot that there is never has used trimmers before and that has looked the tutorial Tube, used him a lot felizmente to cut the hair of the husband and used him the neaten his new beard.

A neighbour comes with the little different guard period, boss, oil of leaf, the comb, scissor and the cleanest paintbrushes to the equal that for a way is really easy to clean and also an ease to attach some the different notes is really easy. Also have the nasal trimmer also(separate).

A chance is fact very good and gives an impression that will protect it a bit clippers against harm and is surprising for travelling.
4 / 5 Wendie
I really like these clippers, has had a lot of insiemi different and this one is for far a better.

Some clippers are quality a lot good and feel likes will last the long time, coming with 12 different annexes, cord for a clipper, the nasal trimmer, boss, styling comb, soft storage pouch, scissors, oil of leaf and paintbrush.

These are really powerful you a lot included remarks that they are not plugged in, is calm to use and some annexes am returned on easily, he such the good yard and does not pull a hair at all, feels utmost to resist in your hand and does not vibrate any a lot of.

In general would recommend these they like this do to cut your really easy and fast hair and feel a lot well has done.
5 / 5 Rosalie
Really like these clippers. We have used Wahl partorisca years without any subjects. A boss always takes twisted over time and restrict you to where can perch the trim. An option partorisca have this wireless is excellent; and partorisca my work of autistic edges adds like the boss that the touches has been always a subject. Can last long with the full load, or can do the fast load partorisca roughly 10 min the cutting time yes forgets. It is supposition partorisca retain is the load when turned was. All a pertinent trim the settings are has comprised. The volume is bearable, although the better meeting partorisca begin them up out of a boss in the first place, or at least a lot afterwards to an ear! It is the most expensive plot that a corded version this in spite of. But then, takings a nose/of ear trimmer has launched in too much.
4 / 5 Petra
Has had it Wahl hair clipping plant the one who last partorisca the years and I fully expect a service along same of this dip which comprises the ear and hair of nose mini clipper. One the main clipper can be used neither plugged in or touched and used like the wireless. It comprises all this hair and of the annexes of calm beard never comb, scissors and oil of leaf.
In the operation is quite calm different some clippers voters have has had to that which touch like him the clippers of of sheep! Some leaves slip smoothly in a skin and in general, sound the bit adds of boxes.

The Christmas adds or present of anniversary for the special male in your life!
4 / 5 Rickey
Has taken this clipper for my husband and has been using he for the while now. This clipper can be used with or without cord. My husband usually prefers without a cord like his convenient plus. It can run until 2 hours without a cord. A paste the level is adjustable, and can select and lock in a period also. His I especially adds for sideburns and trimming around some ears. His lustrous and looks very too much! It is to good sure the useful tool!
4 / 5 Augustina
Wahl trimmers With technology of ion of the lithium - quality very big and a lot well has done.
He exudes Quality and a lot of workmanship.
A faster way and easier for me to take the yard to peel plenary.
(And has there is has not tried even an extra little tool for ear and nose still.)
4 / 5 Margot
Good creation Wahl clippers of hair.
Very good working, silent and is like this powerful.
Hair of course a lot softly and amiably.
All an own box for travelling as among a lot comfy stock exchange.
Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Avis
Ossia The glorious element , that surprises quality and easy to use. Really comfortable clipping and a noise is not too bad at all. Also, very easy to clean.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Detailer Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5 Kiana
The Wahl Detailer (afro) is the new version of the Leading model (the one of the colour of logo granate). His weight is Ideal, so much partorisca small and big hands. I have bought he partorisca raparme all the boss, and earth he each one that 3 days or has taken. It leaves all the boss almost to the 0 like hasty (0,4mm).

Until the moment Any one gave questions, spends all the accessories that a schemes the characteristic can spend, and his oil for the leaf. Besides, can spend it it sinned questions of travesía in some stock exchange and no hanged at all.

If any one the ones of day of the questions with the leaf, also sell the transmission sinned questions.
4 / 5 Gaston
Arrived a piece has used... With hairs of the Leading owner. Regrettable.

On the other hand, the car is too small, and any calm door practically comb...
5 / 5 Nidia
A trimmer For finishings ultra precise. Used in the correct Way does not occur ripassare manually cabbage rasoio pleasant licks. I use it also For difuminar the net line among him short minimum of the tosatrice (0,8 mm) and he short of the Wahl Final (0 mm). Optimum purchase! Any one here have thought foreseen goes back ad order it and any sleep remained deluso. Order effected to the 20:00 With Primo, the morning dopes was already in the crumb hands. Service impeccabile Has Amazon of date
4 / 5 Frankie
has bought this tondeuse mainly touches to do his finitions (nuque, recognition of ears, swipe, drawing...) It touches that it is of the precision, the volume of 32mm is nickel, besides is that they cut is bluffant, shaves to aim! And Besides pair rapport a lot silent to mine another tondeuse. I have had he during Reward of Edges promo, is the informative the version touches the anniversary gives 100 years of Wahl. Any doubt looks for likes joins of all small tondeuse but shaves it súper well.
5 / 5 Shan
Mine have advised has given to purchase this a lot of small and In only perfect way pecca there is so only 3 comb gives 1/2,1 and 2 millimetri
5 / 5 Aiko
have purchased this product for street of the continuous capacity doing however personal uses. He First the mine has arrived guasto ( Coming he motorino did not have improves the sufficiency to do it turned ). In roughly mezz'now studies service clients a lot efficient have done a new order and the restitution of the old. The new macchinetta has arrived In planned suns days and looks to work benissimo. Produced cconsigliato
5 / 5 Fredia
wonderful Product, trimmer exceptional, Precise, clean, rigorously has Done in EUA, with three years has given guarantee, optimum to start with he short L, and also an optimum the hair says fantastic !!! I advise it animadamente The all !!! Arrived Prestissimo !!!! Thank you Prime Of amazon !!!! Provider consigliatissimo !!! 5 stars also The Company !!!
5 / 5 Estefana
Shave when has the beard of several weeks Sinned Questions that is that it has looked for. Has a lot of instructions to dip The point and do the interview of the car. Any one is a cortapelos vulgar of the lidl, the costruttore sees that it does with meticulosidad.
4 / 5 Danille
Place Haarschneidemaschinen Give Marktführers Wahl habe ich bisher von allen Marken Quotes besten Erfahrungen gemacht, und auch bei diesem Gerät kann ich give bestätigen. @Barbero auf Give ganzen Welt schwören auf Quotes Dinger. Die Maschinen sind stets sehr robust gebaut und äußerst langlebig, one gives meisten kann man zur A lot of auch selber was schrauben. Zudem findet Man leicht Ersatzteile, die gibt is bei vielen Marken tatsächlich gar nicht. Wahl macht dementsprechend Geräte Give alten Schule, Was ich sehr begrüße.
Give Trimmer ist klein und handlich, greift sich angenehm, Hat ein ausgezeichnetes Gewicht und genau dies richtige Balance. Und er sieht Dipped dem In Metall eingefassten Gehäuse auch sehr schick und retro aus. Kein billig wirkendes Plastik.
Quotes Aufsätze sitzen stabil, nichts wackelt, und alles funktioniert reibungslos. Man kann give Detailer aus give Packung nehmen, ölen, und sofort losschneiden. Ganz glatt schneidet er natürlich nicht, aber dafür ist er auch nicht wirklich gedacht. Of the Ding ist hautsächlich für Konturen, für die ein normaler Haarschneider zu grob ist, und die später place dem Rasiermesser verfeinert werden. Bspw. im Nacken, oder für Harm Bart (Hals- und Wangenpartien, Koteletten etc.). Und Has given Work macht give Detailer tadellos. Dabei gleitet er besonders sanft über The date Alta und ist recht leise, wenn die of man Kraft give Engines bedenkt.
Auch längere Bärte kann Man damit sehr genau stutzen und Forms bringen, dafür finde ich give Detailer besonders geeignet. Muster kann Man damit sicher auch súper schneiden. Er ist Also eine passende Ergänzung zur Hauptmaschine. Ich benutze ihn zuhause zusammen Dipped einem Wahl Legend, gives ich auch über to the Maßen empfehlen kann (Gives Senior hat ein etwas stabileres Gehäuse und eine minimum langlebigere Klinge, muss man allerdings nicht zwingend reigns investieren; ist aber wohl dipped gives beste Haarschneider, gives is von Wahl gibt).
Quotes überragende Verarbeitung give Kabels möchte ich noch hervorheben. It has given sind bei Wahl stets besonders dick und Upper isoliert, Kabelbruch ist gives nicht. Ich hatte schon A lot of Maschinen dipped billigen, dünnen Kabeln, auch von namhaften Sign wie Grundig. It gives letzte Schund. Yesterday wie immer Upper Qualität.
Wenn Give Trimmer jetzt noch möglichst lange hält, War er sicher keine schlechte Investition. Für mich zumindest kommen nur noch Maschinen von Wahl In Frage.
4 / 5 Zachery
Alas My sleep found obliged It restituir the article... Any one dip in discussion the quality of the product, any so much less the construction that has to that it says is for real impeccabile. I have purchased it come tagliacapelli, mine he measures (any give in description) sleep for real too yard! More than A tagliacapelli, this is a rifinitore and wanting a rule beard. It thought that All'inner of the preparation here went comb for more longitudes, mine concentrate all among 0,5mm and 1,5mm. Sin, reason is for real A bonitísimo object, my no satisfied the the one who looked for... Cause, sopratutto, has given a description absolutely any detailed.
5 / 5 Melissa
Inadmissible! The tondeuse that has bought Touches a present was already state has used! He And has had to give hairs on. The commentary is-this possible while he the packaging was nickel ?
The tondeuse The pair of summer transmitted 'Hair salon, Aesthetic and Cosmetic', partorisca AVERT.
5 / 5 Vernetta
A lot good-looking tondeuse, very effective. Etant habitué To the Volume of rasoir normal, fail me still a bit more than habit. Servants partorisca Touch all the masculine people of my commitment Perfecto. I recommend that it Touches those that want, as me, the ball to zero
5 / 5 Teofila
Auf Video vom Hersteller wird gezeigt was given Maschine kann, ich kann leider nicht alles bestätigen.
Zoom normalen Trimmern reicht Is aus aber für Konturen würde ich eher zu Was anderem greifen.
4 / 5 Renita
Is of a quality and perfect precision. It rushes A lot, the only that when quell'using given the hay gone back that has cure with sensitive skins because plug and leaves a lot of redness. It is preferable Any one spends it like this in of the wide zones and use in his place one saves, but partorisca the small zones is more than valid in every aspect. Manoeuvre in general a lot easily and design with his well, although yes it is true that partorisca the drawings have complicated is better a detailer boss of sin partorisca consolation of mayor.
5 / 5 Jolanda
Nachdem mein Transmissions Akkutrimmer give Geist aufgeben hat wollte the h mir einen Kabelgebundenen Trimmer zulegen.
Give erste Eindruck leicht, gut verarbeitet und cooles Retro Creation.
+gute Schnittleistung auch für Bartschnitt geeignet
+mitgelieferte Zubehör
+liegt gut in giving Hand
-Preis (recht teuer für einenKabelgebundenen Rasierer)
4 / 5 Georgette
The piece already has used.
Transmission hs to the Utilisations partorisca première
A lot disappointed does not comprise reason so much evaluador positive of the sud this shitty product that one side three hours partorisca achieve a melted stray.
4 / 5 Leopoldo
Ich rasiere mir Quotes Haare one gives Seiten eigentlich immer Spiegelglatt aber dipped dem Trockenrasierer dauert is immer einigermaßen lange und ist müßig. Hab mir dann Has given Wahlmaschine gekauft und sie ausprobiert. Finde, dass sie ziemlich gut In giving Hand liegt, weil sie nicht zu groß ist. Of the Kabel ist relativ dick und nervt bisschen aber ist halb Like this wild. Jedenfalls fand ich, dass Die Maschine nicht kurz genug schneidet und wollte sie zurückschicken. Hab dann aber ein Tutorial gesehen, wie Die of man Maschine like this einstellt, dass sie noch kürzer schneidet. The war dipped paar Handgriffen sehr leicht gemacht. Hab Quotes Maschine nun ausprobiert und muss sagen, dass sie schon verdammt kurz schneidet und sehr präzise. Aber Man muss dazu sagen, dass sie absolut scharf ist und man sehr sehr vorsichtig schneiden muss, wenn the man gives Kopf kürzer eingestellt hat.
Also für 80 Eurocopa finde ich die entsprechende Leistung völlig in Ordnung. Man kann sogar haarfein Striche in are Haare reinritzen, wie give Friseur is gelegentlich bei jüngeren Leuten macht. Hab ich Like this noch plants keiner Maschine hinbekommen. Von daher völlig In Ordnung gives Gerät.
Zur Langlebigkeit kann ich nichts sagen, Gives ich sie gerade bad 2 Wochen habe. Also heißt is yesterday abwarten.
5 / 5 Inez
Nutze Give Teil hauptsächlich zur Konturrasur bei meinem Vollbart und yesterday und gives auch bad zoom freihand trimmen diverser Bartstellen. It gives Wahl Detailer ist hierfür Give beste Gerät. Hatte einige billigere bereits In Verwendung, aber the war denies like this recht glücklich. Hab dann Bad gives Geld investiert und give Hat sich echt gelohnt. Scharfe Klingen sorgen für eine knackscharfe Bartkante. It gives Geräuschpegel ist echt Súper. leise, aber durchaus im Rahmen.

Kann ich Yesterday nur Empfehlen!
4 / 5 Jessenia
Optimum product quality price, arrived Prime of the planned and works benissimo. Simple gives usaere and upload. It respects In plenary the description detailed done by the vendor. Optimum vendor For seriousness and cortesia. I advise it animadamente The all.
4 / 5 Mose
The car is a marvel . It times that walked for behind his. It goes Genial. It is a lot of pequeñita, when seeing he in the hand the only that remorse is that perhaps it is worth it partorisca spend more for the boss of version of sin. More than at all reason of then is small and handy Tan takes more to the sinister sinned he. On the other hand in this way calm ensure you that the always goes partorisca the do the full power
5 / 5 Harold
The car is well, as all the Wahl, any one is robust tan like the big, but is partorisca that it is, a patillera or trimmer partorisca lines or of the outlines and rapar the with the, etc.
And the commentaries seen of people that has said that a lot it is side partorisca cut peel and said a lot of disparates and is that it is diagram any one is partorisca east...

Is quite precise, hanged a lot little, and when being of the calm boss does not remain you the battery sinned never. One hanged to leave the very good lines a lot rushes so like looks and master rasurar for real, after marking the line will owe that use a knife. Rasurar, rasurar (Shave), any rasura .

To regulate it the leaf with the accessory that spends so that short hastier, at least my accessory, any one leave the straight leaf to 100 and when quell'using left frames in the skin that lasted a pair of weeks, the goring of sin regulates sinned the accessory and simply plants the leaf with the rays released spends the leaf of longitude with respecting the the another and with a palillo of the forest takes to behind until it is is remained varied with the one of down, and now goes perfect.

Any one can compare neither say is better that another of another mark because hanged he of active had a lot cortapelos had not had never a patillera, the truth that is well but look me a lot expensive.
4 / 5 Chieko
Simple give used and volume taglienti... Powerful... Without uncertainties has given cut have catered The 'tosarmi' with good result also was the first turn, the optimum enclosed barbers purchase. Sin Any one have distanziali longer.
4 / 5 Jerilyn
So only can say, bravo, to to that would like more than out boss of sin? Yes. But it is a Trimmer fantastic. It comes with three comb of 1/2, 1 and 1 1/2 Wahl like this always any one defrauds, a lot beautiful, comes also with his paintbrush, boot of oil and a species of adapter with his screwdriver to take, clean the leaves and can square him to to perfection insertandolas in the adapter
4 / 5 Amparo
love me in all the senses: aesthetic, can, presicion and the heats of penalties .
4 / 5 Erlene
Ich kaufe nur Wahl Maschinen und lieber Has dipped Kabel, wegen besseres Engine und dauerhaft! Ich habe eine neue Maschine gebraucht, Gives meine tall schon tall war, dann habe ich für quotes entschieden gives sie eine schöne hat to draw! Die nimmt auch nicht viel Platz, gives given klein ist. It is ist to the gut gives man auch aus organism trimmer anwenden kann (für deprived Nutzung) . Súper einfach zu pflegen. Anfang Hat mein nicht gut geschnieten, dann habe ich später gesehen dass given Klinge falsch positioniert waren und gives kann man sehr schnell korrigieren (dabei kommt eine Wartungsset dipped öl und Schraubenzieher)
4 / 5 Eveline
Any one servants to cut to peel, but is a lot well car to draw and cut to the z/to the zero. Any door comb to cut to peel long, therefore I commentary that the only servants to outline or cut to the z/to the zero. Hair very a lot short. Any one servants for boys, etc
4 / 5 Kristan
Is small, but powerful and practical, that to any one likes is that any there is of a filter for behind the leaves and the mechanism of yard, with the prize that has, well could the have put at least some foams of type of the filter or something so that any one cuelen the rests of peel in the axial motriz... That looks that this detail look a crapped for Wahl.
5 / 5 Farrah
Powerful and short engine has given precision practically The z/The zero.
A first sleep of view remained a bit deluso losa dimensions, me he expected piú big, mine grieve access and used my sleep suffered ricreduto, have cut beard and hairs in planned small and without some need has given rifinire with the leaf. A po' uncomfortable the alimentatore, would have preferred was directly with the plug the 220 volt of mine this is a detail. After The recent disappointment has given a device has given mark that is lasted little, sleep for real satisfied of the purchase and he advise animadamente he the one who the needs has given a rasoio powerful and precise. In the Box is present also one'accessory to regulate the testina when it had to surrender necessary.
4 / 5 Fausto
Beautiful, robust and maneggevole, does sweats work, perfect cut, a bit uncomfortable he the edge gives to hold attacked was arrested person, would have inserted also the possibility has given operation with a small battery.
4 / 5 Tyesha
The better car that bought until the moment and spend a lot of years using this type of cars.
The rasurado is perfect and that the source of diet Mar done external that he the car hanged a lot little and his sea to use very pleasant. The Boss is the sufficiently long. Car a lot very in every aspect!
5 / 5 Jacklyn
Has tried several cars to cut peel, so only uses them for raparme and to cut the beard, is the best with difference, of the vibration and the noise is corrected, any one is wireless but has a very long boss. It fulfils his function of too much and will be amortised less than a year.
4 / 5 Micha
Bought it like this offered of anniversary for my grandson, commented that this genial, so only that has required of then consecrates professionally.
Done little noise and short Genial.
To the any one have battery any one has to that worry for the upload and at the end would beat for
4 / 5 Carroll
Frankly any one !!! 80 euro touch this but is shameful does not recommend it at all
5 / 5 Esta
the diagrams perfects. It is a bit small, consultor to choose the T-wide of the same model. Spear in failure algun Near to save it, of any professional but particular soya. It can regulate the yard He 0 with the place that spends easily, although it already had seen of the tutorial Hastes well and no of the courses. As complete The a Babyliss that have pro goes perfect. One are estimate would owe that have but accessories. It goes with Boss but prefer it reason like this there is it more can.
4 / 5 Cinderella
An expensive car for his little quality, each yard that do calm that has to that disassemble and plant oil so that it goes back for the cut well. In the lateral parts of the boss is to spend that it has not followed that short, but that insists at the end there is grazed .
Any one is a professional car .
4 / 5 Wonda
Lohnt sich ab Give 7 Benutzung, Gives wie Friseurbesuch! Auch Zoom frisieren von Kindern geeignet. Calló nicht weh.

Gerät ist kleiner als erwartet. Etwa wie eine Handfläche und nicht eine ganze Hand.
5 / 5 Gabriela
Optimum product was has given construction that has given utilisation
Exerts egregiamente sweats work.
Light compact and ergonomico,he fact that Has digs no disturba mínimamente during him short
4 / 5 Luella
Optimum quality,at all gives invidiare the leave more sponsorizzate,precise and in the times to 100
5 / 5 Agripina
With which roughly 1.5 month, has to say that these values of car each Eurocopa of the yours! Please consider that with good care, oil with which stops with which use, and it cleaning would maintain his acuteness and has done his work has built court and trim! Strongly it recommends to buy that this needs the car partorisca concern your skin, taste , because of an irritation has had after a shaving knife.
Has satisfied totally!
4 / 5 Bertram
Súper schönes gerät liegt schön In giving Hand.
Langes kabel.
Saubere Trimm Linien.
Leider rasiert er nicht auf 0mm sondern eher auf
Aber ein has PUT damit the man is auf 0mm einstellen kann ist enthalten damit soll aber gives Risiko zoom verletzen steigen.
Rundum sehr zufrieden hab mir schon etliche Friseur Arrived damit erspart. (Vollbart)
4 / 5 Ervin
Is perfect. Any one is at all economic but deserves a lot the pity. It has revised another maquinillas first to decide and Any one me arrepiento. So much to cut peel like the beard.
If the done in the failure roughly combs more, he so only ameno yard of 1/2,1 and 1 1/2. It averts of the yard to the z/to the zero.
4 / 5 Christopher
Comfortable regolabarba, losa dimensions reduced, With optimum provision. Utilísimo For rifinire the outlines of the beard and he basette.
Any acquistatelo want use he for the rasatura the altarpiece because obviously it does not achieve he measures has given a rasoio.
4 / 5 Cayla
Macchinetta Professional suitable Announces operations has given finishing has given hairs and of the beard. All'gone in here alone sleep three comb adapted only to the finishings. Still optimum instrument.
4 / 5 Marquis
The car is small, the material is of plastic. Has can and cut well, but any to the z/to the zero likes him another. It has read that it can regulate the leaf so that cup to the z/to the zero. Still Any one tried it. To use created this a lot of well. If it has achieved to regulate the leaf so that cup to the z/to the zero to do the details will be perfect. For now it gives 3 stars.
4 / 5 Ciara
Hands Súper Precise has Amazon of date also has given Sunday..... Product surprising Precise and súper tagliente and especially Any one thought like this small and maneggevole
4 / 5 Brenda
trimmer phenomenal , any sleep a barber my cure the my beard in way maniacale and can say you that will remain happy with this giocattolino . Any c is need of the z/of the empty zero in what he rasoio has sweat of data gia short for real well , personally for l ‘embroider on' on the guancie he touch has given shavette is obbligatorio, my any one seven fixed and want a clean work and piu natural this trimmer does sweats
4 / 5 Drucilla
The truth that surprised so it thinks that that it was but big but has a measure and hanged quite good.
A construccion quite had the habit of in the metal feels like a first product.

The use to spend the May rapado and maintain me the beard. EXCELLENT.

Recommends 100

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Hair Clippers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5 Sally
I trust, I my investigation in the each class and cranny of Wahl clippers. I have contemplated partorisca buy 2nd hand of a soyagic Clip' and esenior' clippers that all some the professional barbers used ( is expensive), reason has had no descriptions of confidence of this unvouched Turn Pro Model! Decided partorisca take one submerges and buy this more economic option, and return it if it was not to my level.

Two month later, this in spite of is in slope in my room. I use it each one that 10 days or like this, and could not be happier! I do not see any reason partorisca spend more in clippers when these cut my hair brilliantly. Power are add, and in fact a corner a low plus of a leaf means that it is the plot more forgiving if you blend your hair (especially in a backside)!

The accessories are row adds , width on call. I have not seen an use of some combs but probably very partorisca longer hairstyles and yes has cut the hair other people. That would recommend is maintaining all yours less has used frequently of the guards in the resealable stock exchange, so that I can locate your common has has used guard easily without that has to that squint in a focuses of note! I so only maintenances a 2,1 and 0.5 in the majority of a time, and would recommend to buy the 1.5 notes on Amazon also partorisca in £3.
4 / 5 Julee
Are not the professional but has been the short my own hair and all of the hair of my family partorisca 20 yrs +. As I have used a lot of clippers and in my opinion these are unfortunately some of some worse.
Spent him partorisca substitute the 25 stylist of the piece of Remington boxes which was very happy with until it takes partorisca do and has required partorisca substitute.
Has spent these expecting them partorisca cut more after and be more precise of Remington this old. While they will cut the pair of the millimetri the next plus takes so more with a longitude partorisca cut a hair equally. Meeting that has to that go in and a time of same zones with which time partorisca take a same cut. Considering accuracy, forget it. It takes age partorisca do sure that has no unsightly tufts of the hair has left around some ears or hairline. It have expected to be able to use these partorisca cut the models but I will not dare partorisca try reasons does not believe that could manage.
Is weighed really and with some extra time has to him use partorisca result uncomfortable to use before I have completed the yard of alone hair. This is not helped by a corner that annoying has to that be resisted in that take the long time partorisca take used to if I any never. Some leaves also snag and cut a hair if no utilisations some clippers in an optimum corner that it is difficult data my small hands and a weight of these things. Can see me in his substitute with another together of Remington is in a next pair to weeks because so only can not take used to these.
4 / 5 Rocco
There is disappointed enough in these clippers, has taken to them to substitute a pair to exist of whal the clippers and is nowhere approaches like this as well as original.
Before, one raisin was quite, two in one the majority of to take the good yard, with a new some is many more first time to take the good yard and I quite often find stray hairs that is remained untouched.
Is light and only weight calms does not take to feel he of good quality with there to the equal that would expect of Whal. Also on arrived a red colour has peeled was.
5 / 5 Krystyna
Has bought these initially for my beard but now my sister uses them when short my hair. It is the hairdresser with 24 experience of years and says that they were really well also. Well value a prize and I have recommended to many of my friends.
4 / 5 Mae
Waste of money. They are in a soldato and has has has used shavers to cut my hair suitable for on 20 years. I am spent bit it more in these that usually do so that it has trusted a mark but there is has not possessed never any one. I finalise to return of 6 spiegamento of month and am disgusted with these clippers. Of some first time used them left with courses to my boss and a lot so much cut my hair that the appeal was. Not recommending to my worse enemy does not import never to the partner.
Waste of time and money.
5 / 5 Ayako
Very heavy and vibrates like crazy. Any short like this equally like my old clippers, as I owe that go behind, attacker and lateralmente in a same zone to take a same cut. Any impressed, and certainly would not want to use this partorisca more than 10 minutes
5 / 5 Cori
Careers well , bit it weighed and bulky this in spite of ,and bit it noisier that mine rechargeable clipper, but then again was the plot more money. Well fact, the boss of reasonable period, and comes with all a numbered the annexes would require, 2 more combs.
5 / 5 Leonel
Any brilliant, the leaves have been blunt with which so only the pocolos use, find me that it has to that go in some same zones many times. Also my boys complain that it pulls his hair that is very disappointing.
4 / 5 Necole
Has bought like this present for my fiancé. You love it. Better mark of clippers of hair in his eyes.
5 / 5 Deloris
Good product but very weighed to manage like this returned
4 / 5 Sidney
Waste of money. They are in a soldato and has has has used shavers partorisca cut my own hair partorisca on 20 years. I am spent bit it more in these that usually do so that it has trusted a mark but there is has not possessed never any one. I finalise partorisca return of 6 spiegamento of month and am disgusted with these clippers. Of some first time used them left with courses to my boss and a lot so much cut my hair that the appeal was. Not recommending to my worse enemy does not import never to the partner.
Waste of time and money.
5 / 5 Raymon
Cut well , bit it weighed and bulky this in spite of ,and bit it noisier that mine rechargeable clipper, but then again was the plot more money. Well fact, the boss of reasonable period, and comes with all a numbered the annexes would require, 2 more combs.
4 / 5 Zona
has Bought like this present for my fiancé. You love it. Better mark of clippers of hair in his eyes.
4 / 5 Kathe
They are a lot any difference of any one another clipper . But on duty leaf and use it on one some have .
4 / 5 Emmett
Does really well. I use him partorisca the turn of skin on I and turn well and cut sharply.
5 / 5 Lu
There is rid punctually and easy to use with to plot of annexes. Very pleased.
4 / 5 Teena
Like this always wahl rid so only a together better, adds of clippers
4 / 5 Graciela
Good clippers, goes smooth in a boss, comes with a lot of guard, combs and oil, recommended
5 / 5 Klara
Love the, work really well and comfortable partorisca my boys, does not pull
4 / 5 Holly
The element is has arrived broken, at present am trying turn partorisca repayment.
4 / 5 Mari
Utmost clippers. The boys were well with a noise s and was easy to use.
5 / 5 Dionna
Wahl Resupplies an excellent stock exchange with the loop partorisca hang and elasticated band partorisca these clippers. Everything returns in neatly and a stock exchange are orderly and compact. Really it likes to of me! ( It goes pic).

Inside a stock exchange, has the good row of combs of clipper: 25, 22, 19, 16, 13, 10, 6, 3 & straight combs, as well as left and right ear combs of paste. ( It goes pic). They look he bit it economic and bad, and to the equal that can see in a pic, some of some teeth of some combs are bent or wry, and some alignment of some teeth of comb can be required.

Also inside a stock exchange is a clipper he, some oil, the small paintbrush, the paintbrush of more cleaned, and coarse combs and refinados. ( It goes pic). Some combs are quite well, but a bristles in a paintbrush a big plus is bent a bit in an end of sleeve. A comb end is quite thin and flimsy, also.

Some clippers is some usual substantial Wahl clippers. There is some rubberised inserts/inserts for the grip and comfort it and these clippers am perfectly comfortable into use. A boss is 7'8' longitude () and there is the hard plastic hangs it the loop formed in a base of some clippers. ( It goes pic)

To the equal that can see in a pics has uploaded, there is the Wahl ray of power in a legislation lateralmente hand-held, used to regulate a torsion of an engine (turn in a clockwise direction to augment, anti-in a clockwise direction the decrease). In a sinister hand-held side is a transmission to be able to , which shoots some clippers up with one has fallen usual of Wahl can, and in an upper has paste the crowbar to regulate some cutting leaves. I have comprised pics of some leaves in both ends of adjustment.

A paste the crowbar feels the little flimsy to be sincere, and does not think is really until a task. Frankly, I the suspect will break, late or prompt. I have comprised the prójimo-on pic of him so that it can see for calm.

Wahl I clippers are powerful clippers and have the reputation adds to be fact to the big quality with materials of big quality. While a quality of core of Wahl rests, thinks that too many corners have been cut to maintain whese clippers to an acceptable prize.

Some economic accessories can live with, but that flimsy the crowbar lateralmente annoys me. It would like Wahl to solve of the little of a cheapo accessories and dip the crowbar lateralmente better on, or dip the crowbar lateralmente better on and create a prize the little. While a paste the crowbar is removable, does not believe is available like the part of substitution. Everything says and fact, these are still powerful, clippers of qualities, but a bit has involved to live with in this point of prize.
4 / 5 Bert
Has been using Wahl produced for enough the long time now, and is not never be once disappointed with any of them.

Ossia Any exception . Mine a complains in this particular element is that it is wire fence and of the needs to be maintained plugged to the socket for the do. They are not deducting the star for that, reason some frames of the description of the product clears that ossia a chance .

In that said the one who, with which like this years of wireless shavers, has been surprised in that the hassle was the used the corded one again - just my personal preference.

This comes with load of extra - the travesía a lot-stock exchange of type, combs (plural), and some usual guards, paintbrush and oil. A 'turn the function does a lot well.

Would say that, as with all Wahl has produced, really can any gone bad with this - just be sure this 'corded' is that it loves.
5 / 5 Ozell
I have cut my own hair partorisca 20 years or more and has used Wahl clippers partorisca the majority of this time. They are used in of the tents of professional @barbero partorisca the reason. A Tour Pro emphasises is use partorisca Afro-ways of hair of the the Caribbean where has turn '' effect of bald to very short, the plus that flanges of outlines. Of course it can have the habit partorisca cut any type of hair, of the 25mm in period.

Achieves this by means of the zone partorisca surface more orders at the head of some leaves and the corner the superficial plus more than informs to as the on duty crowbar of the precision. This turns the crowbar is existed in both Wahl the clippers have possessed previously and does not look partorisca be any different here.

A clipper feels like this sturdy and well does like this never but has the modern plus styling with red upper organism and chrome sections around rubberised sections of grip. It looks good and retains his masculine fashion. A soft chance is similarly styled when being black with red trim and a elasticated closure that is better that a velcro closures in of the leading versions.

Also closed is a regular band of annexes partorisca different period of the number 1 upwards; a band comprises a tube of small oil and the flimsy paintbrush of more cleaned. These looks partorisca be the together rule distributed with Wahl clippers for incumplimiento, like the container comprises for separated the number 0.5 alleged (in green plastic!) And the very better and fashionable cleaner of paintbrush of toothbrush more rigid, two more combs. One is the normal comb , another east a afro comb with the 'flat cup' the section that does on another half.

Does not have the plot of mine of harvests of the hair like this after throughout and use a number 2 alleged partorisca my beard. After using, my boss has been shaved to good sure more after normal and the fact to any time like them to them these is powerful clippers . One turns the crowbar is handy entrance partorisca my beard to the equal that likes mid-of way among number 2 and 3 and a crowbar leave to customise a period slightly longer.
4 / 5 Chantel
This clipper comes with the very big quantity of extra, which comprise...
1 x Corded clipper, obviously!
9 x combs of Annex;
1 x comb of paste of sinister ear;
1 x comb of paste of Right ear;
1 x Big styling comb;
1 x comb of @Barbero;
1 x spent of Leaf;
1 x oil of leaf & of paintbrush of more Cleaned;
1 x marries of Storage.
Frankly, does not have any need for some annexes or combs as it always shaves my boss with one dipping a low plus!
This in spite of, an aforesaid separates all look to be the reasonable quality.
Far prefers a corded clippers of the wireless one has had has run out of the power that leave with the part shaven boss and the God of doctors for hats! And there is the reason because the barbers always use wireless cutters'...The digress but always uses the short extension with wireless shavers that gives the most spatial plot.
This Wahl the clipper gives an excellent yard but so only agree to oil some leaves before use!
4 / 5 Arvilla
Like the small boy, has detested travesías to a barber. Having to that seat still for more than 60 seconds the time, when being manhandled for the slightly creepy the Italian barber has called Giuseppe, taking hairs in my eyes, noses and mouth, any to mention all down mine behind. And my mamma have always does to have the horrid nerdy the crew cut when that has has wanted to really was the hair of the May of Brian likes Matthew better partner. Still like an adult, Scot in me objects deeply to separate with held it for a dubious privilege of having some adenoidal, fat-arsed, yoga pant-spending school sacked beauty of Perth has called Lynne steps five minutes that ran the clipper in my boss (in my adulthood there is @@give that the yard of crew was the committed gain this has minimised my time in a chair and maximised a period go in visit to some barbers). So many, there is the real appeal in doing it to me. At least, this was a theory . This in spite of, a perspective of in fact buzz that I have cut my hair typical of repente looked the small that worries when there is unpacked this together of clipper and has considered in fact a practicalities.

I needn't has concerned . Some clippers come with the together comprehensible of spacers and, in those tried that Number it Six on I and there is @@give that has been quite difficult to do very serious or embarrassing harm to me, has taken one submerges and gave the satisfyingly free Number Four yard. In fact, it has had to it assumes Lady Crookedmouth reason the DIY buzz the yard is in fact harder that achieve that one could think. My woman of lady has wanted to deftly tidied arrive me 'In a backside' (to the equal that say) and averts of the little stray wisps here and there, a result of final was, if any perfectly professional, then at least reasonably convincing.

A boss to be able to is good and long, and there has included the pair of combs, some oil of clipper and the wee paintbrush of more cleaned in a together.
4 / 5 Una
Has been trimming my hair suitable for around 4 years now. My leading clipper was the Philips wireless. It was light, quite calm and liked his portability. But no longer it is that I cut like this effectively or for while it uses to.
This Wahl is the very different beast. First what there is remarked was a weight. A main unit is the quite hefty the device with the very professional feels roughly that. One 2 metre hands the advantage is so only long enough to achieve of my landing to a bath, as I can trim is gone in front of my mirror of bath. Suspect a lot of user will be obliged to use an advantage of extension this in spite of. It comes without less than 11 clip-on attach of comb for period of hair of 0.5 mm until 25 mm. The majority of the users probably so only use the pair of these - for me is notes 2 in some sides and 3 up. There is bounce it small of oil of car of the precision, which any last too long, as you are advised to oil some very first leaves of each use.
A blurb alleges ossia calmer that leading versions, but is still the fair has bitten noisier that mine old wireless.
An inferior line this in spite of is that well yard? A response is extremely well!
Am writing this description now finalises to finalise trimming my hair and I has been impressed reasons effortless was to take good results.
Some orders of look of the unit also, with his cast of red arrival and some a lot of-characteristic of slip. A clipper and his accessories are stored in the stylish and convenient spend-chance.
In general, whilst has to that admit that I lose a supreme portability of the wireless, some results have obtained with this Wahl is certainly impressive state and am looking forward to experimenting with his characteristic (notably one turns effect) when I am feeling slightly surer.
5 / 5 Calista
These are Wahl clippers and, likes all a Wahl the clippers have not used never, of the calm more can take for your money. They are sturdily built, but no too weighed to resist, and coming with the powerful engine that it is noticeably calmer that my old pair of Wahl clippers.

Some clippers come with spending it chances (one soft raisin if this time), an oil and brushes that usually take packaged with him Wahl together (personally uses paintbrushes to flow to clean some clippers more than one some concealed come with some insiemi), and the together full of drive them that the full career 8 all a way down to 0.5.

These are corded clippers, any wireless, but ossia any hardships adds. In my experience a corded the clippers pack more punch and is more than confidence that one wireless some.
5 / 5 Elden
Has used Wahl clippers for years, and sincerely believe is a calm more can take. This Turn Pro Clippers, whilst any in a cup of a Wahl row, is still a lot very in fact. Some clippers is light but really sturdy and well-fact, gone in the soft spends chance, and have the full row of drive of 0.5 to 8; usually it uses 3 or 4 I, and has found this harm a period that would expect. A thing that is noticeable is that these clippers look calmer that mine normal Wahl some, which is well.

Costs to add that, although a reviewer said, these ARE corded clippers, and is not rechargeable; I need that cover the in to use them. Ossia Well with me -- I prefers this, so more collected does not run a risk of some clippers that career out of juice mid-cut.

Likes all Wahl clippers, these are really well, and thoroughly can him recommend. Four stars.
5 / 5 Josefine
All precise for a yard of peel of complete house, of a leader in a field. At all partorisca disturb here. I prefer corded clippers, as they maintain a power during a yard without running down, which often spends when using recharchable alternative. This together among the soft spending chance, and is distributed with all the measures of cutting annex, oil of leaf, cleaning paintbrush, and combs.
If so only are doing the number a harvest, likes I , or loves experience with shaping, lines, and ways, really can any gone bad with east.
4 / 5 Sharan
With the clippers will not go never far wrong buying Wahl, which is reason almost all the barbers use, and this model this late plus is any exception . I am not very very different of some classical Wahl clippers, some main differences when being the dish of the deepest leaf , the engine he fresh plus, but a lot especially noticeable, and the big collection of the accessories that comprises the stock exchange of soft storage.

A good user has practised will not see any profit to change, but it prime minister-the timer to good sure will leave at the beginning better with this model.

These are hands -powered, which personally prefers, but know some people has the strong preference for wireless.
4 / 5 Carisa
Has used of my husband the one who has been the short his hair suitable for years with the row of devices.

Ossia The good product , solid . It connects to some delivery how is excellent and a cord is the good period . There are six different combs and, of course, can use he without one. It have been well to have something to maintain them in when any in the use has thought.

My husband informs no snagging and the good, included, yard. It likes to of him to plot.
4 / 5 Marisol
Today, Far the Oriental production door the big quality the professional product in the prize has interested. Ossia An excellent mention clippers of hair. A blurb and the images of product have one Afro-caribbean the give form but I do not see any reason because these products can not be used on all the types of hair. Robust metal and plastic construction, alleged of leaf, and the together of comb, oil besides for interview. Reassuringly weighty. Obviously, the time will say but to arrive to this point are very impressed with this product. It comes with the good Velcro has ensured pouch.
5 / 5 Joane
I have bought this partorisca my husband partorisca Navidad this year and sleep a work of cutting and sound of mine 3I hair very well. There is abundance of has numbered alleged partorisca different notes. It feels very built and is weighed enough to resist, but in the good way as it feels solid.
5 / 5 Linnie
Ossia An excellent wahl clipper of hair. It comes with guard of variable leaf for different period, combs, oil of leaf and paintbrush. The All the tents in the easy to spend stock exchange also. I owe that say there is not any comparison among a corded and wireless clippers. Corded Is better in spite of an obvious profit of the wireless a. A product of quality that feels a lot well has done. Excellent.
5 / 5 Lenna
These clippers have been tried has gone by my grandson the one who is full of praise for his quality of build and facilitated of use. An engine is quite strong to avert those nettling and that annoy snags that advantage of the feeblest engines to, while one turns the crowbar gives excellent control for styling. A good prize also.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Magic clip ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
Acute leaf, perfects. So only a minuse is container. Arrived in the amazan dammage box where inner plades was separateed of the plastick container. It was the lack some separates no dissapear of some rooms of boxes
5 / 5
has Substituted my leaf of old clipper whilst had sent those were partorisca stress. Returned my backside of old clippers to new. It runs really well.
5 / 5
Brota Utmost new shiny partorisca my hair of 5 clipper of years
4 / 5
Brilliant!! Mark to the mine clipper likes the new mark the ones of the that thinks you will require more while
5 / 5
has liked the sleep in mine wahl vogue. It does not have @to @give so only the one who blunt some lovely leaves were.
4 / 5
Some leaves are almost identical but tiny has bitten different that some leaves that is coming with my Wahl clippers. It has not been if a small difference is causing the question but I have followed some instructions exactly and can not take some leaves to cut. Trimmer To to I Sounds like is doing properly and some leaves are varied perfectly but of him so only any court. As I am stuck with leaves that no reasons has any police of turn.
5 / 5
Has used my clipper with some original leaves for more than 10 years (beard and yard of weekly hair) how was roughly time has taken new some. This model has not gone exactly one same like original some (slightly different forms) but some holes were in an exact same place and a measure of both leaves was identical as it gave it the shot and work perfectly. It comes with 2 rays that was too small for my clipper to the equal that have had to reuse an original some but still was the perfect access. Also it comes with the small boat of oil of knife and instructions, which is always useful. I seat it likes it to me I am well by other 10 years before I owe that change again.
4 / 5
Arrival in time and form, think that any vendria with oil but yes door
4 / 5
Arrives with hairs and has used that disgust 🤮!!! I love a turn
4 / 5
produced Excellent, excellent service departe of the vendor
4 / 5
does not return my clippers, and you cant the turn....
5 / 5
I have had my wahl 5 star seniors partorisca on 4 years and his recently are not that they have cut properly and there is remarked the courses of peel is not like this crispy. It has been for partorisca purchase the new clippers but I have found some revises on-line that says that that substitutes some the real leaves would do my work of clippers like new again. I owe that say that these leaves are surprising, is acute and smooth and could be better that when my clippers were new. To good sure would recommend!
4 / 5
Like the professional barber is looked forward to another good leaf partorisca last me in lease 3 box of month has to that buy another this leaf did not last me has included the 2 weeks is leaving the longest hairs, a brota has taken partorisca dull the quickly these produced sucked took east times again tho.
5 / 5
This leaf is all precise to substitute your original/of blunt/scraped fraction Wahl leaves of clipper. It returns a description and that it is says in one has beaten. I need to be careful this although this is not mentioned anywhere on here - some leaves are súper TREBLE! And you could very easily incur the into use initial course is not versed in an use of a clipper. In general, I am very pleased with cost of mine and partorisca think of him had spent an equivalent quantity that looks for to stress my old one with the bone partorisca stress - this literarily killed an old leaf!
Especially, this is to adapt more partorisca all the hair writes partorisca comprise Afro hair where the really thrives excellently.
But partorisca a fact that these things when used in the base of use of the house - like this spends partorisca be a chance partorisca me - tend to last almost for ever, sure will have bought another like the transmission for now already.
An only thing there is remarked is that some rays that come with an element is smaller that a one for mine Wahl clippers of the academy but my original rays have done so only well and has not been to kill my joy for this thing. Improvement every day with use like excessive acuteness blends in consistently.
5 / 5
Has not taken for the compete place of leaves of substitution. I have lost on something the can not use. Wahl 2191 Thank
would have to that be 0 stars !!!
5 / 5
Are the stylist and mine 5 stars have come with the two leaf of hole. When that Goes to Sallys has been given the 3 hole . This leaf is and acute.
4 / 5
The fall of rays was and is too short and tightened. Brotar ANY COURT. So only it grinds a hair. The company will not accept of the returns. Now I have 2 broto can not use. Waste of money.
4 / 5
Right of common sense? Well, it is not that I have not tried, but it is not exactly it likes easy to the equal that could be.

Regarding a vendor: it does not buy these without being 100 insurance is partorisca your clippers, reasons can not return these.

Regarding a costruttore: Wahl no the work adds that it identifies his physical products. I have bought the clipper second hand, the thought “Adds, is used hardly and all precise is the new leaf.” It results, if you do not have a number of exact model is extremely difficult to imagine out of that the boxes of leaf will do reasons Wahl a lot in fact dipped a number of exact model on everything of his products. There have it also of the variac. Light partorisca common part, like rays. Any sure reason you spec a totally different ray when manufacturing like the part used in of the lines of multiple product, but hey, that was. Calm so only could take a name of a series or line of product, or in my chance, an abbreviation of him. I am not sure reason, considering each another professional tool focus of costruttore or at least press the name of model, number, and number of serial in the each unit. I have had a time an easy more sourcing part partorisca 10 tools of year partorisca be able to interrupted.
5 / 5
In principle prefers the products have drawn partorisca be repaired. These leaves were the perfect substitution partorisca take years partorisca use more out of my clippers. Some rays have closed inexplicably is not returned my clippers, but was able the reuse some original rays. No more the hair that tugs.
4 / 5
A Gist of him: This together of leaf of the substitution (2-hole) revitalized my Wahl the adjustable clippers have purchased in the box of big canal sure tent behind in 2000. To good sure value a cost, as opposed partorisca buy a together of integer of new clipper.
Like other clients there is remarked, takes the bit of patience partorisca vary some leaves and maintain them that way while presionando some rays. This in spite of, is distant a lot of science of rocket. Like this at least an another client there is remarked, has has had to that also use my old rays like new some any edge properly.
While your Wahl is EUA has done, and has two rays in a boss of leaf, then these would have to that be good. Bears partorisca try it. It is class of fun and calm so only can find to regulate your leaves routinely. I know partorisca maintain.
4 / 5
Has purchased 2 dips a partorisca me and a partorisca my coworker. Has thinks that has been, but when it has taken the moment partorisca ask my coworker both have adapted any one the good product partorisca the professional hair that cut. It will not be that it buys again of amazon
4 / 5
Some leaves look well, although I am sad to say some rays that sure the to a car was economic and not even long enough. Felizmente, has had one some of the mine discarded brota manually and is gone in finals. Hopefully When he tomorrow some leaves look for to be good cutting hair.
5 / 5
My magic clip the odd noise to the equal that have bought these new leaves and he have done! Any odder noise. But it is different that an original leaf. I did not try it still. Hopefully Does one same.
4 / 5
Something odd in an access in clippers of mine and quality
When I dipped it on can not regulate my boss is and is not that I have cut that well
go to buy another in a supply of beauty
5 / 5
Ossia an exact access for mine Wahl Súper Paste ii. They are happy was them able to find is one. It had ordered another and a leaf of cutter was longer an original. It would cut a skin been due to some teeth that spends for to direct a stationary leaf.
5 / 5
Leaf of perfect substitution for mine WAHL magic clip! True!
5 / 5
Is returned mine 5senior star Wahl clippers of perfect mark, good and treble. New rays and everything. Mina 2yr old snatched them was a counter and some teeth to corner broken and has broken. This is coming exactly two days later, NIZZA!
4 / 5
Has an old pair of Wahl Clippers of Precision and has substituted grieves some leaves with east a, so only is resulted the new clipper throughout again. Easy to empty zero his too much!
5 / 5
Has not said in a container but this return my wahl rechargeable pro model perfectly. The quality looks better that an original.
5 / 5
Touches horrible. Has oiled his on several times and a noice is terrible. They are not sure these are real wahl leaves of clipper.
4 / 5
Has required the place of new clipper during a 'coronavirus ' run of house , instead has taken these and the old clippers cleaned and utmost. Súper Acute and not pulling
4 / 5
access Perfecto and acute, exactly that has required easy to install and the looks well have done.
5 / 5
Calm so that it would expect it too much. At all it adds but at all bad neither.
5 / 5
Is returned my bestbomg clippers of the hair perfectly there is not had to that modify anything to do them returned to the equal that are quite the copy of a wahl seniors
4 / 5
One of my leaves has looked open and an oil and the rays have been missing has bought alot of these leaves in the amazon has not had never some missing part!!!!!

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